Seema: An Ambitious Maid – Pt. 7

She knew exactly what it meant, and the thought chilled her.

She went over and over, searching for some sign of forgiveness, some glimmer of gentleness, but there was none. She knew she was going to suffer, and she trembled at the thought. She had disappointed him, of course.

Seema understood that. She reached his office at 5pm, most of the people had left the place and it was nearly deserted. The peon asked her to wait in the reception. At 7 pm – nearly 2 hours from the time she came, he arrived.

He stepped through the doorway and stopped upon seeing her in that favorite of her wicked garments… and she saw the smile spread on his lips… a smile of relief, of satisfaction and of pride. But quickly he stifled it, pulling on the mask of sternness once more and moving toward her. “Come with me” he said simply.

She rose, keeping her hands clasped in her womb and followed him. Once inside his office he pointed at the chair. “Sit down”. She lowered herself onto the soft upholstered seat, sitting well forward, her back straight, now desperate to please him.

“Lean back” he retorted. He got up instantly and reached with a single fingertip brushed against her nipple, which poked through the opening in her silky garment… teasing it. Instantly it responded drawing up into a tight knot and sending a tingle through her throbbing chest. But before she could close her eyes and enjoy the sensation, his hands moved and she felt the bite of the thick nail as it slid around the nub of nipple flesh.

Seema had never felt so utterly weak, so vulnerable or so completely humiliated before in her entire 27 years of life. The emotion was so intense, that there was almost a bitter sweetness to the moment. She knew that she would remember this moment for all time to come.

As she was thinking of all this, she felt his left hand as it was lightly placed on her back, between the shoulder blades, the fingers lightly tracing the outline of her blouse with the black bra inside, and he applied a slight pressure to pull the upper body towards him, she knew that he wanted to kiss her and knew that he wanted her to kiss him back. She felt the need to resist and pressed back away from him, but not too hard. Gangaram removed her saree from her body and quickly followed with the blouse and left her in the black bra and the white panty. She looked the whore she was meant to be unknown to her Gangaram was getting this entire episode recorded on the camera.

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Once in that state of dress, Seema lost all her modesty and reached for his fly and was surprised to see him all ready, 6 ” cock straight and turgid. She licked her lips and slowly wet the lipstick laden lewd lip set, looked lovingly at Gangaram, ” Kyon ji bahut gussa the mujhse- main kya intni burri hoon? (What my love, you were angry with me – am I really so bad? “.

Gangaram caught her hair and with the other hand inserted his turgid dick into the slut’s mouth totally. Seema felt gagged and started whimpering and ejected the tool immediately, ” Aisi bhi kya jaldi hai- maar daalna chahte ho kya (What’s the hurry, you really want to kill me)”.

Gangaram realized his mistake and patted her on her lips and forehead, this time allowed Seema to take her own sweet path to eternal heaven. Seema cooed, slipping on the sofa close to the red-faced middle aged man and reaching her lovely hands behind her back, Seema removed the black bra and shoved it into his face, moaning “Mmmmmmm … just stick out your tongue and lick my nipples. They’d really like that.”

Gangaram practically choked but he did exactly what Seema asked. His shivering tongue tip touched the soft, sweet slopes of her tits and he groaned loudly. He couldn’t stand much more of this. His cock was almost popping right out in front of her. “Chew on my nipples,Gangu darling,” Seema suggested, watching the lusting expression grow on Gangaram’ face. “Chew and suck and then we’ll do something that will make you jump all over, Gangu, have more fun.”

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Seema let a soft moan escape her parted lips as Gangaram began to lick and suck on her nipples with a wild abandon. “A little more sin will not bother you na Gangu, it will not hurt anyone. Can I ask you, I’d love to have your nice hard cock between my tits, Gangu? I’ve never done it that way.” Seema was leading him up the garden path.

“OOOOOOH, AAAHHHH!” Gangaram groaned, as Seema’s shaking, warm tits touched his sensitive cock. . All he could think about was Seema’s sweetly swelling curves and the way her nipples brushed over the aged head of his prick. “Now I’ll just hold you tight, like this,” Seema said her voice low and husky. This was turning her on too. She liked the feeling of Gangaram’ huge cock between her swelling tits. It felt hot and hard and full of sexy power.

Gangaram groaned again as Seema held her wheatish tits together encasing his cock in a blazing embrace. Then he was pushing his cock up and down, fucking the lovely globes of her sweet flesh.

Seema moaned a little as Gangaram moved faster and faster. She knew exactly what she was going to do when his hard cock exploded. She was going to rub his cum all over her body like lacto-calomine. She could hardly wait to feel the tremors rush through her tits when Gangaram’ prick began to pump. “THAT’S IT, Gangaram,” Seema gasped, feeling much more aroused than she had thought she’d be. “FUCK MY BOOBS, HARD. SHOOT, START TO SHOOT.”

This was a dream come true and there was no way that Gangaram could hold out for long. He was fucking Seema’s gorgeous, quivering tits with his cock just as he had imagined. . It felt like as if his cock was enveloped in a blazing sheath of hot satin, her skin was so smooth. And every time his dirty dick top peeked out of the top of her tits, he felt her warm breath creaming against the old but still sensitive flesh.

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“MMMMMM … I THINK I CAN JUST REACH IT,” Seema moaned, sticking out her heated pink tongue and giving the head of Gangaram’ cock a lick as he hurtled back and forth. “MMMMMMMM. Gangaram! SHOOT IT ALL OVER ME. CUM ALL OVER MY TITS AND FACE. I’D LOVE THAT!” Seema’s words were just too much for the perverted little old man.

He couldn’t hold it any longer. With a howl of pure anguish, Gangaram’ cock began to throb urgently. His balls tightened and pulsed and then he was shooting, splattering cum over the heated globes of Seema’s breasts and aiming some of it right into her open, eager mouth!

Gangaram thought he’d never stop shooting as his cock exploded again and again. The cream shot straight out against Seema’s lips and she giggled and licked, driving him wild with lusty frenzy.

She liked his helplessness.

She had planned this ‘act’ carefully, she did not have to suck him or allow him to fuck her, she just had to try something different to get him be ‘her slave’. The bastard old man was going to remember this for sometime.

Seema got up, pulled on the dishelved saree around her and walked off the sofa set and down to the adjoining wash room. She washed quickly, changed into another set of clothes which she had brought along, clothes, a churidar -kurta, did her hair, dotted her forehead with a small ‘bindi'{colour dot on the forehead} and left the office.

She reached her home and quietly slept off, no dinner that day.

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