Wilma Initiated Into Lesbian World

This is the second part of Wilma’s recall – the first being Wilma becomes a lesbian. Hope you all keep encouraging me to write my experiences as I recall them. Soon after I left old college, I joined a new college in a different town -a big metro. Accommodation in the hostel was not available so I stayed as a paying guest with a very sweet old lady.

The only problem with that accommodation was that it was about an hour and half from college one way so I was spending three hours commuting. After about four months of college I saw a notice on the college board of another student wanting a girl student to share her accommodation. I met up with the student who put up the notice.

She was from Karnataka in the same year as me but a different stream – commerce to my arts. She had been sharing the two bedroom accommodation with another girl but she left college as her father had been posted abroad and she got admission there. The student – Navedita (Navvy as all her friends called her )

could not afford to pay the rent alone and had therefore wanted a housemate. The monthly expenditure we decided to split both ways. The place was walking distance from the College and it suited me. I took up the offer and moved in. The place had two bedrooms but one bathroom and a little kitchen and sitting room. It was on the seventh floor -the highest floor.

We soon became comfortable with each other. Both of us had off days on Saturday and Sunday, so every Friday evening we went to a video shop and took a VCP and a tape to watch a movie. We paid Rs 50/- for 24 hours hiring the VCP and Rs 15 for the tape. Navvy had a TV in her room which her father had placed for her.

We also bought two bottles of beer to have at night while watching movies on the VCP. Normally Tandoori chicken and some rotis were also bought which was consumed during the movies with our beer. So on Friday night our plan of action was that after making our purchases we returned to our flat, had our bath changed into our night dress and settled down for a movie on Navvy’s bed.

We both started to smoke then also -but our smoking was restricted to only Friday Nights. Navvy was a very pretty lanky girl, about 5ft 6in tall with a figure one could be proud of. Her long hair she neatly kept tied in a bun. She seemed a very modest girl- no bad language for her or dressing with sleeveless blouse when she wore a sari which in the college was once a month.

She always wore a very light makeup. She did wear jeans and trousers though but never to college. Even at night she wore a night suit and had her panty and bra on, unlike me who at night wore a pair of loose shorts and T Shirt without any under clothing.

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One Friday evening we went and bought our beer collected our VCP and an English movie tape and something to eat. At home as usual, we had our bath and changed into our night clothes and settled down to with our beer to watch the movie on. Navvy went and fixed the VCP to the TV and when she was inserting the tape to her surprise she found a tape inserted there already.

We were happy as we had two movies to watch. Without taking out the tape she rewound it and pressed play. What followed shocked us; it was a blue film. “Should we watch it or put it off? She asked. After a little heehawing we decided to watch it. It was the first time for me. As the story (?) evolved of lesbians and then heterosexual things started to hot up in our bed.

As the lights were off -though a little stream of light reflected from the next building was coming in – and we were covered by a common bed sheet I could conveniently press my cunt very discreetly as action was hotting up on the screen. I felt my pussy starting to leak. I also saw Navvy first stretching her legs and then crossing and uncrossing her legs.

Her hand disappeared under the bed cover. I could reach my naked pussy by just putting my hand under the leg sleeve as also my tits which now had got taut as I did not wear any bra. Raj had a problem as she had on pajamas and panty so she would have to put her hand through the elastic/ string and as she had on her bra to reach her tit she had to unhook it from the back.

I realized that that Navvy was getting very turned on when I saw her raise herself slightly and then I felt her naked thighs against me. She looked at me just when I switched on the bedside lamp. The bed sheet had moved of our legs. “I am sorry, Should I go to my room?” I asked. There was a silence and then she said, “Would you like to see my Panties?”.

I kept quiet for a while and then pretending to be shocked, said,” Certainly not, I see them every time I go to the toilet where they are drying”. I saw her blush and look down. After a couple of seconds with a loving voice and a smile and lifting her face by the chin, said, “But I would like to see “chaddi ke peche kya hai” (What is behind the panties?).

“You want to see my choot (Cunt)?” she asked. Yes and everything hidden by you”. We put off the VCP and she got of the bed and stood in front of the TV and like a strip artist stared to take off her dress slowly. First came off her top and then her pajama. She was in only her Bra and Panty. She then took of her bra and threw it on the floor.

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Her breast looked bigger than what I thought they were. Large and pear shaped with her dark tits at least an inch or so long and her areolas were about the size of the old silver rupee coin; She was a neat 36D which for a girl our age was enormous.-Compared to mine just 36. She started to play with her tits.

My cunt had started to gush with all the pre-cum and I was pressing it to quiten it. Navvy then took of her panty and threw it at me. I picked it up and finding it wet started to lick it As I took of my clothes to play with my tits and cunt she walked up to me and pulled my hand out of own cock holder. She told me to watch her finger fuck herself.

First she started to finger her cunt with her legs widespread; with every thrust of her finger she would gyrate her hips to make my choot more wet. Every now and then she would lick her finger; then sitting on the only chair in the room she spread her legs so that her legs rested on the arms of the chair. Her beautiful cunt was now fully stretched and wide open for me to see.

“Oh Wilo this is lovely. You like to see my choot. See it. See how my finger moves like a piston. Do you like this my Wilo? “Yes yes, Navvy this is wonderful Your choot is awesome” I said. She had her right hand at the top of her cunt and was slowly rubbing circles around her cilt while rubbing her tits with the other hand.

She was alternating pinching her nipples and then running her hand down her crack. My own cilt was twitching crazily and nipples were tingling. Navvy was now rubbing her cilt with one hand and finger fucking her pussy with her other hand. Her pussy was dripping girl juice. Her legs spread wider she was giving me a magnificent view of her soaking wet hole.

Her moaning was getting louder as her hand started to move rapidly back and forth over her cilt. Her head was tossed back and her eyes were partially closed and beads of sweat had started to form. Navvy hand was just a blur now on her cilt and her breathing got erratic. “I am almost there oh yea almost there just for you Wilo. I am cumming. Navvy was almost screaming now.

Her head was thrown back and she was thrashing it from side to side. She pushed her legs down on the bench and lifted her butt up and arched her back. I watched as first her face and neck, then her shoulders and chest flushed a bright red. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssss. I’m cumming. Suzy, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmming!”

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she screamed as she pulled her left finger out of her Choot and I watched it start contracting. The first contraction actually spurted a small glob of clear female cum, followed by another, then another, and another, slowly oozing out of her crack. She collected all the juice in her cup of her palm. Her legs remained spread as her contraction slowly stared to diminish.

She then wobbled up to me and after putting some in my mouth which I welcomed greedily she rubbed the remaining on my face and then started to lick it off me. I brought my left hand down now to join my right one at my pussy. I spread my lips and inserted one finger of my left hand into my pussy. I was soaked and it slid in easily.

My intensity of action on my clit had now increased tremendously. I was rubbing it rapidly with my right index finger and fingering my pussy furiously with my left. I pulled out my finger from my pussy and now inserting two fingers, curling them up to hit my G-spot. I was now reaching my organism.

I was rubbing my cilt with greater pith and with the other hand’s two fingers I was fucking myself mad. My hips had started to move up and down. ” Are you there ?” Navvy asked Yea, Yea my lover, there for you.” She suddenly pulled me of the bed and lay down and positioned my choot on her mouth. Within a second I yelled and bucked like a bronco.

Navvy held me firm as I discharged my cum into her mouth. What little split over she licked me off by licking me from my cilt to my arsehole. I got off her and lay down besides her. It was earth shaking experience. Navvy told me she was hoping I was a lesbo and the tape she had put in the VCP was hers to see if I would get horny.

For the next four years of our college we lived as lovers and slept in the same bed in the nude. We were up to other thing like watersport. More of that in my next story. Hope you all liked this one.

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