Wilma Meet High Class Woman

A week or so after my first “money for sex” job while at the Gym there was a call for me. “Hi I am Rama, Someone told me about you who spoke very highly of you. Meet me at Hotel ZZZZ tomorrow at 11 o’clock for lunch in their Room Exclusive. See you on the morrow. Bye Take care love. Looking forward to meeting you.” With that the telephone clicked.

It was a monologue. I neither said yes nor no. The voice was very rich and well modulated and accented. I imagined her to be highly sophisticated and very prim and proper. I decided to go considering the money I would get. I dressed with great care. I shaved my cunt hair absolutely clean and as a further precaution used the hair remover.

I decided for a change to wear my tongs with it’s matching Bra – light mauve with flora design and very lacy, on it a tank top and a short matching skirt, Small heel shoes completed my dressing -of course not to talk of a substantive dose of perfume at all the correct places. At the hotel I went to the Exclusive room and found a nice table for two.

The people there seemed very posh. About a quarter past our meeting time I saw a lady in a trouser and jacket walk in and headed towards me. I had imagined her to be absolutely in the top echelon but she seemed way above that. Others in the room turned to look at her. As she came near me she put out her hand and shook hands with me and settled down.

After ordering her and mine drinks we had an unimportant conversation. Soon Lunch was ordered and quickly finished. After a substantive tip to the waiter we left the room and went to the valet parking supervisor. Soon a Merc rolled in and we got in with her at the drivers seat. We reached her absolutely top-end society and got off and got into a lift to take us to the 14th Floor Penthouse.

I was shocked to see the opulence of the house. There was nothing casual of the place – all the furnishing was formal. She asked if I’d care for a cup of coffee. She took of her jacket and went to the kitchen. After a while she returned with two cups of coffee and instead of asking me to sit down took me to her bedroom – the same size as my two bedroom flat.

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Need lees to say it was beautifully furnished. She sat down her and mine coffee on the side table and pulled me to her and gave me full kiss on my lips. As her tongue entered my mouth and started to suck my tongue, she started to undress me. With a little help from me, I was soon down to my panty and shoes. She then stepped back to admire my body.

And commented that my breast were nice and big. She then stepped forward and took my nipple in her mouth – first one and then the next. As she steeped back she left perfectly rounded lipstick marks around my areola. She started to undress. I watched as she removed her clothes. Her slip, bra, panties and nylons all matched.

Her body was soft and a little full but it was still a very attractive figure. Her pubic hair was trimmed and only about tree inches above her cilt. Gravity was pulling her breasts down and the areolas were stretched into ovals. The nipples were pointing slightly towards the ground. The woman sat me on the silk bedcover and it felt cool and it was very slippery.

She knelt down and removed my shoes and then she pushed me back onto the bed. I had expected her to remove my panties at that point but she didn’t. She lay down next to me and tongue kissed me on the mouth and sucked my saliva into her mouth. She also transferred her saliva to my mouth. We were both getting more and more horny.

I could feel my precum trickling down my thighs. She pulled me closer to her to the extent we were stuck with each other. She had not said a word since we had arrived except for asking me for coffee and then appreciating my breast. She loosened her grip on me only so that she could toy with my nipples with her finger tips.

As she continued to suck my tongue she ran her finger tips down, I felt her long manicured nails running down my body; When she reached my tongs, she started to stroke and squeeze my cunt. I felt my own juices making the material wet. She played with my crotch for a while and brought her hand to her nose to smell my cum before licking each finger.

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She then took my nipples into her mouth and started to lick and suck them while moving her hand downwards. This time she inserted her fingers under my Tongs waistband. I spread my legs for her and moaned when one of her fingers slipped between my crack of my heavenly gate. She resisted my attempt to press her hand on my pussy. She was clearly teasing me.

She moved her finger from my valley all the way to my arse-hole. She then retraced her downward trip and came back to my breast. My tits were so taut that they were paining. She started to lick my body and moved downwards while at the same time watching my reactions. I started to knead my tits and she quickly moved my hand away.

She reached the waistband of my tongs and caught it with her teeth and gently started to pull them down. I raised my arse little high so that she could easily pull it down. The problem was not my arse but my cunt -it had been leaking so much that the tong had got soaked and was sticking to my skin. She then used her fingers to pull it down and took it off.

She licked me all the way to the sole of my feet and then like a hungry man eater tiger she pounced on my slit and started to lick it. She would suck the cilt and then lick all the way down to the arse-hole and back again. Just when I gave an involuntary indication of my climaxing she left my cunt and came up and started to French kiss me.

I could smell my cum off her. She put her finger into my pussy and then into my mouth. I now my little strength and rolled over her. After sucking on her globes for a while, I rolled onto my tummy and moved into position to inspect her vagina. The labia were like two pink rubbery lips. As I parted them I was able to look directly at her hooded clit.

I licked it I slid the hood away with the tip of my tongue and then kissed her clit and sucked on it until I could feel it swell. She moaned in appreciation I lifted her legs and spread them so that I could fully appreciate her cunt. I could see her all the way to her asshole. Surrounding her anus was a dark ring almost gray in color.

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I could not resist sucking and tonguing her clit while I inserted my finger into her puckered asshole. It went in easily. She then uttered her first words after a long time. ” Pyari, do ya teen ungle dal meri gaand me” ( Lover, put two or three fingers in my arse-hole) Her switching to mother tongue shocked me more than the orders she gave.

She pulled my legs over and across her. Soon we were both reaching a climax. I had by now put in three fingers into her arse hole and was furiously pumping it while sucking her cunt. She was playing with my breast and was sucking my pussy. As she drew closer to climaxing she started put pressure on my ears with her thighs. Soon we simultaneously climaxed.

I pressed my cunt into her mouth while I stopped my pumping action in her arse hole but did not remove my fingers. I continued licking her and she climaxed again so strongly that she threw me off her. I had also had a second massive organism.

Her silky cover was soaking wet as we lay down in head toe position, breathing heavily. After a while I turned around and lay in her arms. We made love again after a while. “Teri Choot magnificent hai” ( Your vagina is magnificent). We both had a bath together and then we changed I put my panty into my bag.

She gave me a thick envelope containing quite a few thousand Rupees notes. She told me she would call me again as she was expecting a friend from Russia to come and also she wants me to meet her husband. I did not reply.

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