Irfan quenching sexual thirst of Aunty

Irfan quenching sexual thirst of Aunty

I am Irfan 20, introduced by Razia in one of her posts. I thought I will tell you a little more about me and proceed with my work. I belong no north Malabar from one of the richest families. three or four generations back, once an Arab businessman wanted to marry a malabari girl and the kazi organized with my family and the arab left a part of his riches with his indian wife.

He asked her to go with him to Arabia. But she refused and she asked him to come and stay here. He stayed with her for quite a long number of years and raised with her a huge family. The girls were exceptionally beautiful and the boys were very handsome with typical arab features like, long nose, brown hair, blue eyes, extraordinarily long genital. I was one such blessed children.

I had dozens of female cousins who were all fond of me and I grew among them, ate with them, slept with them, played with them. My mother had four sisters and my father three and most of them had daughters. Those who married they married only gulf boys. Only those who are financially sound took their wives to gulf and the rest of them left them at home and visited them once in a while.

My father was a businessman and my mother a teacher and hence I was brought up well disciplined and well educated. After I did my graduationI was wondering whether to go for MBA or for other prof. courses. I went to Kannur, Calicut and then Kochi where they have innumerable courses for study.

I went to Razia only with the hope that she will help, but she taught me new pleasures in sex hitherto unknown. She introduced me to her friend who was crazy after sex. Both these ladies took me for their insatiable thurst. I just had to oblige. They too were very good beauties and their young bodies were firm and supple in my hands. From there I moved to Calicut.

The University was far away at Thenhipalam. I stayed with another uncle of mine in Calicut, who had two daughters who were studying in local colleges. One was Kulsum, 18 and another Masum 17. They were very beautiful and were doing well in studies. They had lot of things to tell me about courses. They had a three bedroom apptt. where one bedroom was allotted to me.

Aunty was a good cook. She too was quite young may be 39 or 40 and had very good features. Uncle was exporting vegetables and meat to Dubai by airfreight and had to travel frequently. Kulsum and Masum spent most of their time with me in my room. They over solicitous and were prepared to even bathe me. I said no, I will take bath myself.

They just wanted to have a glance at my large tool whose image was quite visible from the pyjama I wore. In the company of young girls it tood a semi erect posture, which is not my fault. If it were a dhothi I could have hidden it from the public view, but in pyjama, I was quite helpless. Girls sat on either side of me when we sat in the drawing room and their hands were most of the time on my lap.

Their mother who sits opposit to us used to keep her eyes glued to my crotch. Girls will be very playful and forgetting their age they used to hug me and try to snath something from my hands. They will climb on me and rub all parts of their body against me, sometime playfull touch my cock as if by accident, making very embarrassing moments for me because you know his condition when he is touched by such beautiful girls.

Once I ran to my room to avoid them catching my fully erect cock, but Kulsum came running after me unaware of the danger of catching me. When she saw the erect cock at 90 degree, standing like a iron rod, she was frightened, and told me in my ears that she wants to sleep with me and urged me not to bolt my door from inside.

Her mother who was watching this game knew what would have happened. She cleverly arranged to see a movie in the TV so that the girls will sleep off before the movie is over. After the movie was over she will guide the girls to their room and them come with me to my room and in a surprise move she came forward and touched my cock and wanted to see it.

When I took it out she was amazed at its sheer size. She told me shyly though she was my aunt, she would like to have just once the taste of my cock. I said yes, she squatted on the floor and tried take my cock in her mouth but she could not.

She undressed herself, murmuring all the way that she did not have any sex since last six months and that her husband is interested in making more money and not in sex, She slowly undressed me and removed my clothes and when she pulled my boxer down she saw my cock in fully erect condition. She wanted me to insert my cock in her pussy. But I needed a fore play before the act.

I just kissed her and sucked her nipples. I got ready and made her lie down and opened her legs widely and placed my cock at the opening of her hole. She urged me to push it in and it was going in very slowly. Her vaginal walls tightened around my cock and made it difficult to move in. I fucked her with deep thrusts.

She was oozing more fluids than usual and hence her vagina was well lubricated. I hugged her and sucked her nipples and went on fucking her. She was reaching her orgasm and she was taking deep breaths and was shouting incoherently. I just asked her to get on to me and to straddle me.

She did it willingly and within a short time we both reached our climax. Aunty kissed me on my face and we both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. My fucking her daughters will be in my next story.

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Irfan quenching sexual thirst of Aunty