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Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 4

Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 4

Around lunch break she got call from Mahesh. She tell him about the journey of his parents. Then he know that she will be alone in night. So he tell her to ask Mani to stay with her. Finally she agreed. Then she went to Mani’s class and tell him to meet her after class. Evening Mani went in staff room. She asked him to stay with her in night. He agree and tell her to inform his mother. She called her mother. His mother agreed that. Evening they went to her apartment. She took key from her bag and open the door and enter in. Mani walk backed to her. She close door. 

J : Mani I will take tea. You just fresh up. 
M : no miss I will prepare tea for you, it’s my duty. 
J : No Mani not like that, today you are my guest and it’s not a big job. (then he font say anything, when she walked back to kitchen he called her)
M : miss… (she turned back and looked at him. He making a pleased face and lift his left hand and raise his little finger to signeled her that he need to piss. Seeing his face expression she smiled at him and said)
J : ahmm OK Rahim, come with me. (she walked towards her room and opened the door)
J : Mani you can use my bathroom. 
M : miss common toilet is not here? 
J : no Mani, only attached toilet is here one is in my in laws room and other is here. You can use this no problem. 
M : OK miss thanks. (he went in the bathroom she walked back to the kitchen. His face expression come to her mind, she smiled herself. While thinking of him she remember the show that he pissed in the school compound. She felt something on her body while remember his dick. Rahims lund also come to her mind. She hit on her head herself and smiled and concentrate to prepare tea. But in bathroom Rahim took out his 6″ dick out and pissed in the closet and looked around and see cloth in on one corner and one bra is hung on the edge of the bin. His mind said that’s your teachers bra. His heartbeat increased. He hardly finish it and shake his lund and moved towards the bin and took her white thin silky bra with his shaking hands. The smoothness of the bra makes some feeling in his body. His lund started to grown in his underwear. He took the bra towards his nose and smelled. He got her body smell. He closed his eyes and enjoys the aroma of her body and rub his dick over the pant. It’s the first time he felt and smelled a women’s bra. He looked inside the bin and find more clothes especially her white panty. He took the silky panty in his hand and looked the area where her pussy rubbed. He can’t find a single public hair. May the that was a new pznty so there is no any dirty shades. He took it in to his nose and inhaled the smell. He got the smell of her urine and love juice. That makes him honey. He liked the panty by thinking that he licked his teacher Jaya’s pussy.

 (FYI: later you know how he got these ideas)

Her panty became wet with his saliva. It’s his first experience. She wake up from his dream when he heard knock on the door and sound of Jaya. He drop the bra and panty in the bin and press the button of flesh tank and wash his face znd opened the door. Jaya was stood there. She smiled at him. That’s the first time he watched her by a lusty eye. He looks at her rosy puffy lips. His heart beats increased. Her fair neck with her mangalsutra make him mad. He wake up from his Dream when she talk to him) 
J : Mani tea and snaks is put on the table. 
M : OK miss. 
J : OK you just wait, I will come after bath. 
M : OK miss. (he went to hall room. She close the door and bolted. He was thinking, “ohh what a beautiful lips she have. Her skin is fare. May be her pussy and boobs also beautiful. Her aroma was very good. Ohhh” she was he rubbed his dick. In his mind it’s the first time the devilish thought come about her. In bedroom she remove all her dress except bra and panties. Then take a towel and went in bathroom. Then romve the bra and panty and put it in cloth bin. Then move to near closet to piss. That time she found yellow drops of his urine on the closet. When she saw it, she was disgusted. She suddenly put some lotion over closet and brush there and then wash the topside of closet. But she ever think that in future she will taste the yellow drop of Mani. After pissing while she wash her pussy she felt hair growth on there. She rub there with her soft hand and confirm the hair growth. She took the razer and foam. Apply foam over her pussy and ass then started to shave.
[Image: Kajal-Agarwal-Full-Naked-In-Shower-Posin...me_001.jpg]
 Then after bath dry her body with a towel and went in her room apply some body lotion and wear a pink bra and panty over that wear a nighty which length was just above her knees and Sleeveless. Then over that nighty she wear a full length robe and tied around her waist. The she went to hall. Mani was watching the TV. Seeing her he stood up to show the respect and ogling at her beauty in that dress. The water dripped from her hair which was tied with the towel.
J : Mani don’t you need shower. 
M : yes miss. 
J : OK did you have anything to wear? 
M : no miss…. (he pause a second and said) ah hmm miss my one set of clothes are in Sharma sirs flat. Last Sunday I was kept that there. I will bring now. 
J : that’s good you go and bring it. 
M : mmm (he went to Mr Sharma flat to take his dress which he wear in home. He close the door and walked to Sharma’s flat and press the bell. Mrs. Sharma open the door) 
Girija : ahmm Mani you? 
(he explain everything to her. Then she tell him to take his clothes. After that Girija also went with him to Jaya’s flat and press the bell. Jaya opened door and see Girija stood there with Mani.
J : ahhm Girija aunty come in.
G : sorry Jaya, morning sheela tell me that they will go to there. But I forgot about that. When Mani come there I remember. Sorry. 
J : eyy it’s OK aunty I don’t have any problem. 
G : hmm but it’s good to take Mani here. He will help you for anything. 
J : ya.. Mahesh tell me to take him here. That’s why I ask his mother and she agree. 
G : that’s good. Did you have dinner. 
J : yes aunty. 
G : OK Jaya, I need to go now. May be he come after bath. It’s his dinner time. 
J : it’s OK aunty you can go. 
G : OK, if you need any help call me or send Mani to there. (she looks at Mani and said) I Mani you must obey Jaya and did what she need. 
M : yes madam. 
J : OK aunty good night. 
After Girija left Jaya close the door. And turned towards Mani and looked him with an angry face. He can’t understand why she looks angry on him. He was frightened “did she know that he took her panty and bra” he don’t say anything and kept the cover which was kept with his cloths to the table. That time she shouted at him. 
J : Mani…..!!! (he looked at her with sad and feared face)
M : ye.. Ye.. Yes miss…. (his words brake with fear, she walked towards the table and took his bag in her hand and took something from bag. Seeing that he felt that his heart beat was stopped and his throat become dry. He stood there like a statue.)

[[ flashback :: when Mani went to Sharma’s flat she walked towards the TV to change the Chanel. At that time she see his bag on the sofa. She took the bag to kept in another place. That time she don’t felt any weight. She was surprised the weightless bag on a 10th standard student. So she decided to check the bag and open it and find two book. She took both book outside while the book come outside something fall frome one book. She took that in her hands and she shocked. That was the magazine of sex stories and naked pics of pornstars. She was thinking that Mani is an innocent school boy. But seeing the sex book she got angry on him. “Why he read this dirty books in this age? His study will spoil this books. Cheese how he get this books? That’s why he don’t get good marks in exam.” is a that time heated the doorbell. She suddenly put the books in bag and kept on the table and opened the door]]

J : Mani…. Tell me… what is this…? 

[Image: aditi-agarwal-in-nightwear41.jpg]

M : miss… I… I…. I am sorry….
J : what sorry… Why you read this dirty books… Chee… I was think you are a good boy… But now I know you are not good… That’s why you get poor mark in exam. You go to school not for studying… I will tell this to your mother…(Mani frightened and he become very nervous. He don’t know what to do. If his mother know about this what will happen. He can’t think about that. He suddenly kneeled in front of her and pleaded to her.)
M : miss please don’t tell this to anyone. I will do anything for you. Please miss. (saying this she fell on her feet and took her smooth foot and pleaded) 
J : hey what are you doing. Stand up. Maniii stand up. (she bent down and took his shoulder and pull him up. Seeing the tears in his eyes she felt sorry to him. She think “OK give him a chance. If I said to Sharma uncle or his mother; may be it will spoil his future. May be he did this with his curiosity. I am a teacher, it’s my duty to lead him in proper way. So I will help him.”)
J : Mani… (she call him with low voice. He looked at her face with tear filled eyes) 
M : hmm
J : it’s OK Mani. I will not tell anybody. (he become relaxed for a second) 
R : ohh miss thank you very much. Thanks a lot. I will not forget this. I will do anything for you. I am your servant. 
J : heyy what are you saying? You are my student, not servant. 
M : but. 
J : no… Don’t worry about this. I will not tell about this to anybody. But promise me you will not keep this with you. 
M : yes miss I swear. I will never do this. It’s my promise.
J : OK good. Be a good human being, be a good student. Study well and make a good future Mani. I will help you; how much I can. 
M : miss you are great. You forgive me and now said you will help me for everything. Thanks miss. (he give a smile, he think a second and said) I miss I apologize you one more thing, but don’t angry with me, now I have believe in you that’s why I tell this to you.

J : hmm OK I will not angry on you. 

M : promise me you will not angry on me.

J : no. I will not. you tell

M : hm when I use your bathroom I found your bra and panty in the cloth bin. I smelled that lucked in your panty. When I see that I can’t control myself. I do it automatically. I swear I will neve do it again. Please forgive me miss. (hearing those words she felt something strange in her body. There is stimulation in her under stomach.)

J : chee how can you lick those dirty dress.

M : (he looked down and said) sorry madam I read the same things in this book. When I see your dress I remember that and I can’t control. Sorry miss.


J : that’s why I said this is not good book. Don’t read this again. Or don’t do any dirty things. 
M : no miss I will never do it again please forgive me. (he again fell on her feet and beg her. She bend and hold his both shoulders and said) 
J : heyy Mani I forgive you. But don’t do this again. (he stood in front of her and said) 
M : thank you miss. You are a real teacher. You know how to guid a student. I will be honest to you miss. I will never lie to you miss. (hearing his words she felt proud herself.)
J : OK good Mani. (finally she smiled at him) and ok now go and take a bath. I put one new towel on my bed.
M : than you miss. (when he walked to the bedroom she said) 
J : Mani my dress is there, don’t do any dirty things again. Ha ha.
M : never miss…. 
(he went in bathroom by taking the towel. She again took the book and open it. She found Savita bhabhi episode-5 “Manoj ki Malish” she started to read the servant guy Manoj give massage to Savita bhabhi and finally she fucked by him on her bed. While reading and seeing the pussy licking scene her pussy become wet and she rubbed her pussy over the night. “ohh what a dirty story. But how she sex with this young servant other than her husband. Is it not sin? But I felt something better feeling on my body. My vagina became wet and nipples become erect. Ohhh… And may be the same feeling got to Mani. May be he will mastrubates after reading this.” She skip to another pages and see blowjob pics of beautiful girls sucked the big black cock and the black studs licks the pussy. From the face expression of girls she read the pleasure were they felt while licking pussy. She massaged her boobs automatically. Bit her lips and wet with tongue. On next pages she see interracial fucking pics in various position those she never tries in her life. (only her sex life was with missionary position) at final page she see a beautiful girl’s face covered with thick semen. Seeing that she felt vomiting. She ran to wash counter and spit. “ohh how they do such dirty things. May be it will give pleasure. Rahim always said dirty things give pleasure in sex.” when finish reading she think to keep the book with her. She ran towards the bed and keep the book under bed. Then untied the towel from head and wife her hair by stood in front of the mirror. After some minutes she heated the bathroom door is opened. She looked at there. Mani come out and she found something in his hand. Before she ask Mani said) 
M : miss where I put this to dry. (her two set of washed panty and bra in his hand) 
J : why you take this again Mani? 
M : sorry miss while I was bathing I remember that I was lick your panty and it wet with my saliva. So I decided to wash myself. I dont do anything wrong miss.
J : hmm OK, put that on the plastic chair. (he put her wet panties and bra on the chair and walk backed to the hall room with a smiling face. He was thinking something in his mind. [[flashback : when he enter in bathroom. First he searched her bra and panties. Then he found on other bra and panties which she dropped before half an hour. He took that and smelled. Wawoooo he got her urine and sweat smell. He lick her panty and put her silky bra over his dick and mastrubates. 

[Image: 0673f8c4920088e8a6c2186db1553246.7.jpg]

Finally cum in her bra cup.tgen clean his dick by rubbing over the panty where he pussy rubbed on panty. After that he washed her PANTY and make reason for washing.]] he sat on the sofa. After combing hair she went to kitchen. He also followed her.)
M : miss what help you need now? 
J : nothing I just heat our food only. Ahmm you wash this plates. (he took the plates and washed and placed on the dining table. Then they had dinner together. After that they watched TV in hall. That time her mobile rings. She went to her room and attended the call. That was Sheela. Jaya talk to her and tell about Mani is with her. Hearing that Sheela becomes happy that Jaya got help from Mani. After the call Jaya went to kitchen and come back to hall room.)
M : miss….
J : hmmm… 
M : now I feel something better. I got a best teacher, best owner… Thank you miss for helping me. You are great. You understand me. I will help you for everything miss. 
J : ha ha it’s OK Mani. You must be a good boy at all the time. It’s your age to study. Don’t think any other things. Just concentrate on your study and make a good future. 
M : thanks miss… 
J : Mani.. Remember one thing, I you are just a 10th class student. If you read or keep these types of dirty books; it become big problem because you are not an adult. So don’t do this again.
M : miss I am 18 now, but I was change school 2 times and studies two times in 8th and 9th,thats why I am studying in 10th class at the age of 10th.
J : hmmm OK. But you are a student, and I if any otge student see this. If anybody caught this, they will take action against you. 
M : hmmm sorry miss. I dont think about that. 
J : hmm OK, forget it, concentrate on your studies. 
M : yes miss I will. 
J : hmm Mani lest go for sleep.
M : I will sleep here miss. 
J : where  ? 
M : on this sofa. 
J : OK I will give blanket and pillow. 
M : thank you miss. (she went to her bedroom. He looks at her back and swallow his saliva. She come back with pillow and blanket and give to him. He keep that on the side of the sofa.)
M : miss I need to piss.
J : OK Mani you go. I will take a glass of milk for you. (he went in her room and enter in bathroom. She was poured milk in two glasses. She remember the pissing view of Mani on the ground wall. She herself hit on her head. “chee… What I am thinking.” Mani come back and lay on the bed. She come with glass and give to him. He thanked her and drunk the milk. She said good night and switch off the hall room light and went in her room with milk. And close the door and bolted. Then drink the milk and undid the robe which she wear over the nighty. The time is around 10:15pm. Due to the effect and cooling of A/c Mani went in deep sleep. Inside room Jaya lay on the bed and took her mobile. She checked the Whatsapp. There is no message from Rahim. Only 3 messages from school group. She opened the video of Rahim and his wife’s blowjob. She become horney. She rub her pussy over the panty. Soft moan come from her mouth. “hmm…” after some seconds she see the video paused and turn on the selfie camera. That was video call from Rahim. She was in mixed mood. She attend the call. This time she see Rahim clearly because Rahim was in front of light.)
R : hii my dear Jayaa… 
J : hii Rahim…
R : how are you Jaya.
J : I am fine Rahim. (she smiled at him) 
R : wawoooo what a cute smile dear.
J : thank you Rahim. How is your wife? 
R : not much better. Same condition. You know because of pain she also refuse to suck my lund. Today I am dry. 
J : hmmm
R : what about you? Don’t you treat your pussy. 
J : chee you are very bad guy. Always thinking about these things. 
R : what bad Jaya. You are my best friend. It’s my duty to enquired about your happiness. 
J : but why you ask about these things?
R : because I love sex. But now a days I don’t get that and also frustrated. But yesterday you help me a lot Jaya. 
J : yesterday finish it. No more help from me. Ha ha… (She giggled playfully)
R : ohh that’s why you wear dress today. 
J : hmmm 
R : so you don’t use dildo today? 
J : nooo. 
R : but I was prepare for you. 
J : what prepare for me. 
R : see this. (he moved the camera to wards his black dick. Which was clean shaven and shines with olive oil. Seeing that her pussy become wet and her mouth become open.)
R : see Jaya I am shave here and make it clean and massage with olive oil. 
J : hmm (her throat become dry.)
R : but you said you don’t interest in it. My effort don’t work. (he making sad voice) 
J : hey Rahim why you worry. 
R : no Jaya today full I was thinking of you, that how can you give pleasure. Then I shave full and cleaned and massaged with olive oil. I think you get pleasure after seeing this and you enjoyed yourself by using dildo. But my effort become waste.
J : heyy Rahim. I don’t think that. Sorry. I don’t think you do it for helping me. 
R : yes Jaya. Because of concentrate this I forgot to give medicine to my wife at proper time. (he make emotional situations there) 
J : ohh sorry Rahim. I am extremely sorry. Please don’t angry on me. 
R : no Jaya I will never. You are my best friend. I love to see you happy at all the time. 
J : thank you Rahim. 
R : OK Jaya, good nit, go and sleep. (without waiting for her reply he cut the call. She became sad. “he always helping me but I?” she think for some times. Then took the dildo from table and come back to bed. Then call Rahim.) 
R : ahhmm Jaya. don’t you sleep.
J : noo… (she showed the dildo with a smiling face) 
R : Jaya why… Why you take this now? 
J : for using. 
R : but before you don’t show any interested in it.
J : yes Rahim. When I think of your efforts for me, how can I refuse. You forget your wife’s medicine because. But I don’t know it’s sin or not. But today night I am ready to do for you. (saying this she place the mobile on the bed supported by pillow. The moved back by kneeling on the bed. Then slowly lift the nighty up and removed through her head. Now she kneeled on the bed with her pink bra and panty. She then unhooked her bra and removed. Then squeezed both boobs and bent forward and said him to show his dick. He was double happy. He showed his dark shined dick to her. She took the dildo and started to kiss and suck. He started to stroke his dick. She suck the dick and make him happy. After 15 min he signeled her to remove panty. She was hot now and obey him by pull down the panty and removed from leg. Again kneeled down and rub her pussy. He tell her to put the headphone in ear by showing hand movements. She put the head phone in ear.)
R : Jaya you so beautiful today.. 
J : thanks Rahim (she giggled) 
R : show me your pussy and suck the dildo. (she move closer to camera and shows her pussy and suck the dildo.)

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Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 4

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