Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 6

Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 6

J : Rahim I am going to sleep. 
R : please Jaya don’t cut the call. 
J : please Rahim. Understand me. I told you. We will meet tomorrow. 
R : OK Jaya. I don’t compel you. I will wait for you. 
J : OK thanks Rahim. Good night. 
R : good night dear….. Love you. (after that she cut the call and wear her nighty went sleep.

Next morning 5:30am Jaya wake up early while rings the alarm she set last night. She went to bathroom and freshen up. After that she went to kitchen. Mani was not wake up. Jaya prepare Tea for both of them. She poured Tea in to two glasses. Then walked towards the room which Mani was sleeping. She opened the door. Mani was deep sleep. He was shirtless and wear his pant only. She looks at his crotch area and smiled herself. Without making sound she place the tea on the table and come out and sat on the sofa and had her tea. After 5 min she finish her tea and went to kitchen and start to prepare breakfast and lunch for him. While she making dosha Mani come there and stood near the door and said.
M : sorry miss. I was waking up late. (Jaya turned back and smiled t him) 
J : it’s OK Mani. I need to go early. That’s why I wakeup. (Mani walked towards her. Her panty less ass shape can easily visible to him over the thin silky nighty. She wanted to press there. But he was fraid to do that. He helped her for preparing food. Around 7:30am they finished cooking. 

J : Mani I am going to to bath. I need to leave from here at 8:15am. May be our school bus will come at 8:45. So you go with school bus. My rout is opposite to our school.
M : OK miss. (she went to bathroom and close and had a body bath and come out after wear blue Bra and panty. After that wear a salwar kamiz

[Image: Pics-Art-01-26-05-21-54.jpg]

After dressing she come out from the room. Mani was sitting on the sofa. Seeing her he stood up with respect. Now she is not his mastrubates partner she is her teacher. Jaya place the bag and mobile on the table and go to kitchen and come back with breakfast. 
J : Mani don’t you eat now? 
M : no miss after a while. 
J : OK before u go to school give the key to Girija aunty. 
M : OK miss. (after finishing food Jaya took her bag mobile and key then say bye to Mani and went. She switch on the GPS and set the destiny. The rout shows 45 min of driving. She started the car and moved out of the compound and drove to the destiny.)
(in flat, m as a no went to her room and search her used bra and panty and smelled that and stroke his dick. Then he finish his bath around 8:30 he left the flat after givig key to Girija aunty and tell where Jaya is gone.)
(Jaya reached her training center at Charo time at 9:00am. All people were waiting in class. After 5 min training started. All teachers put silent mode before start the class. After two hour the training was finished. They signed in the register book and give detailsto the to for certificates. Then Jaya took her mobile out to turn off silent mode. She see miss call from Rahim. Seeing that her heartbeat become little high. She come out from the classroom and walked out to the car parking area. She found that Rahim is stood near her car by holding a cover. She call him.
R : Jaya I am waiting near your car.
J : I see you Rahim. Please move from there and wait me near road side without anyone noticed. 
R : OK Jaya. (Rahim moved out from the compound and walked to the roadside. Jaya see him and started the car. When she reached near him. She unlock the door and tell him to get in. When he get in she drive the car away from there.)
R : ohhh finally I see my beautiful friend (Jaya smiled) 
R : Jaya go strait and take first left. 
J : where we go now. 
R : I will tell you. First you go the way I said
J : but tell me where? 
R : you don’t trust me? 
J : OK I am going. (she take first left and see one board, road is closed two drum is placed there. She stop the car there.)
J : Rahim road is closed. 
R : no Jaya you go forward..(she obey him and change the gear and get inside the road and drive away from main road. After 300m the road become narrow and trees are thicker on both sides. After around 2km Rahim tell her to stop the car. She apply brake and stop the car in a side under a big banyan tree.) 
J : why Rahim why we stop here. (without saying anything Rahim give a kiss on her cheek. Then said) 
R : because there no any other space get this much privacy. 
J : privacy for what…? 
R : for what we decide early…. For that one.
J : what are you saying? 
R : don’t you remember Jaya? 
J : tell me Rahim. For what? 
R : you agree to me that we will mastrubates together.
J : but here…. How….? I can’t? 
R : why Jaya… nobody come here to disturb us.
J : no Rahim it’s not safe. It’s roadside. 
R : yes Jaya it’s roadside but nobody will come here. So please Jaya. We don’t get any other chance. In your home your student is there. Other places are not secure.
J : you are right Rahim. But here I can’t do anything. 
R :……… 
J :………
[i][b]R :……… [/b][/i]
[i][b][i][b]J[i][b] :……… [/b][/i][/b][/i][/b][/i]
(they bath together, but Jaya not agree to do there. Finally Rahim got angry he caught her both hand with one hand and caught her face with other hand. Sudden reaction of Rahim make fear on her.)
R : look Jaya I can do anything to you. Nobody will not ask me. Nobody will know about this. But I don’t want to force you or bang you. I want you with your full of mind. How many times I beg you. But you not agree. Now I know you don’t believe me anymore. So we can stop here. You go your way and I am going to my way. I will not call you or meet you again. I will quit my job there. Buy. I (saying this Rahim release her hands and face and opened the door. The walked out without saying anything. Walked back to the main road. Jaya was stay some second like a statue. She looked back and see Rahim is waked back to the road. She suddenly opened the door and come out and called him.) 
J : Rahiimmmmm please stop…. I don’t go…. I have trust in you…. don’t go…. I please… I (hearing that Rahim become happy. Now he knows she is on the track. So he play a drama. He don’t stop continue walking. Seeing that she run back to him and caught his hand. He stop there and looked at her. She taking breath and looked in to his eyes)
J : Rahim don’t go.. I am believing you. Do what you want. 
R : but how can I believe you now. (she got sad and angry. She removed the dupatta from her chest and move forward and give kiss on his lips for some second. He don’t do anything. After some seconds she stop and said with filled eyes.)
J : if you don’t believe me. Go now. (she walked back to car. He knows that she is very serious. She is she reached near the car he run back to her and called her. Jayaaaa….. She turned and looked at him. He hugged her tightly. She hugged him back like lovers.)
R : I am sorry Jaya. I am really sorry. I never think you have trust in me. 
J : it’s OK Rahim. Me also say something. 
R : OK let’s go from here. 
J : why? 
R : because you don’t like this place. 
J : it’s ok Rahim we can stay here. You tell nobody will come here. 
R : yes Jaya. Actually Gov: started to make bypass road through here. But forest department give stay. So that stop. So now it’s and isolated area. Nobody will come here. Now you and me here only.
J : are you sure (she again make sure no body will come there) 
R : yes Jaya. 
J : OK Rahim. I am OK. We can stay here. 
R : then let’s start (he giggled) 
J : I felt shame Rahim. (he moved his lips to her lips and started to suck. She responded to his kiss. “mmmmmm……. mmmmmm….” now her back hit one car bonnet. After some time he spared her. She looked and smiled at him with shyness. Rahim unbuttoned his shirt and removed then started to udid his pant along with underwear. Seeing that she felt shame.)
J : Rahim what are you doing….? Don’t you felt shame to do it publically. 
R : why shame Jaya. It’s our private place. Only you and me here. He removed the pant and took shirt and both put in front seat and stood naked in front of her. He is not much black. Not fair. His body is look like this.

[Image: bears-of-india-hung-indian-mature-man.png]

(seeing his dick she felt wetness between her legs. He started to stroke his dick and looked at her.)
R : Jaya now it’s your turn. Why you stay like this. Remove your clothes. 
J : Rahim please I felt shame. I never undressed in public. (he know that she can’t do it in outside. She he oved near her and kissed her again and with one hand opened the back door of her car and pushed her inside. Now she lay on the backseat. After some time of kissing he waked up and stood near door. Jaya looked at him.) 
R : Jaya now its not outside. Now do it.. Please… Do it for me.. (she know if she reduce again he will get angry and go. She she lift her butt up and lift her salwar and remove through her head. He see her round boobs in blue bra. She looked at him and smiled with shy. The undid the knot of the pant and raise her butt and pull down the pant and slide down till knee. Rahim caught that and helped her to remove through her legs and put on front seat with his dress. Now Jaya is sat inside the car with her blue bra and panty. She have some fear for the surrounding. That shows on her face. Rahim slowly moved in side and hugged her. She close her eyes and feel his hairy body. Both were sitting on back side and hugged. Rahim kiss on her neck and bit there. He never think he got Jaya like this. He lick her neck and the same time press her boobs over bra. She moaned slowly. “hmmmm….. Mmmmmm…” he unhooked her bra and remove through shoulder and pinched her light brown colourd nipple… “Ahhhhhhh… ” the sqeese her both spongy boobs. After some second Rahim whispered her ear)
R : Jaya why we waste time. Remove your panty and show me your pussy. I want to lick there. Drink your juice. (she was so excited that Rahim is going to lick her pussy. She repaid with shyness)
J : Rahim you remove it yourself. 
R : are you sure? 
J : hmmm… (she smiled. Rahim got green signel. He place his both hands on her waist band and pull down. She raise her ass to do it easily. He removed her panty and sniffed. She giggled.) 
R:”wawoo Jaya it’s good…. Hmmmm” (she don’t say anything)
R : spread for my mouth Jaya. 
J : I felt shame Rahim. Please you do it. 
R : OK my dear. (he kissed her lips and moved his right hand between her legs and touch her wet pussy. Wawoooo…. He pushed her and makes her lay on the seat and spread her legs. Jaya close her eyes. He is seeing her cute tight pussy in first time directly. Before he see many times through mobile. But it’s different feeling. That a high class girl’s pussy is open in front of his eyes. He bent down and take a breath and got her pussy aroma and started to lick and suck her pussy. Rahim was not like Mani. Don’t have patience. He sucked fast. Jaya was moaned. “ahhhhhhmmmmm mmmmmmm………….. Oghhhmmmmmm……” pull his hair caught tightly. He got pain on his leg because of the uncomfortable position. He stopped and stood there. Jaya opened her eyes and asked by rubbing her pussy.)


J : what happened Rahim? 
R : my leg is painting. Can you come outside.
J : no Rahim I can’t.
R : in inside I can’t do it properly. Please Jaya. (he caught her hand and pull her. Slowly she moved outside and stood near door. Seeing her face Rahim know that she have fear. He took his shirt from front seat and speed on the front bonner. There is not much heat from engine then lift her up.)
J : hey what are you doing Rahim. 
R : Jaya just be silent. (he make her sat on his shirt and speed her legs. Now she knows why he doing this. She smiled. He again started to suck her pussy by holding both hands on her both legs. This time he can access her pussy more deeper. That increase her pleasure. She cried with pleasure.) 
J : ohhhhhh…… Mmmmmmm Rahim mmm that’s gooddddd……. Mmmmmmm….. You knooow^ww….. Mmmmmmm…. (that make him crazy….. I he insert his tongue how much as he can…. With in 5 minutes she ejaculated her love juice on his face and his shirt. Time was around 12.00pm.she hold his shoulder and stay there by breathing heavily.)
R : how was it Jaya….? 
J : ohhh that’s nice Rahim m…. I am tired…. 
R : tired…? All then who will help me mastrubates? 
J : ahhmmmm…. I need some water….
R : wait Jaya I have one bottle Pepsi. 
J : OK Rahim. (she stay on the bonnet by rub her pussy. Now she don’t have any tension about surroundings. Because she enjoy the pleasure. Cool breeze hit on her open wet pussy. That make good bump on her body. But Rahim was busy with something. (that will explain later) finally he poured Pepsi in one glass and come near her and give to her
She drunk that. After some times she moved down and stood near Rahim.)
R : Jaya now it’s your turn. Please help me with your beautiful hands.. Please stroke my lund… It’s my dream…. (she smiled and become bold and took his dick with her right hand and looked in to his eyes and said) 
J : no need my hand Rahim. (saying this she kneeled in front of him. Her knees keep over the green grass. He can’t believe his eyes. She hold his 7″ black dick and give kiss on the head. It’s first time she felt a circumcised dick in her mouth. She open her mouth and accessed his dick in her mouth and started to suck. Now you see the situation. A high class young married, educated women kneeled in front of a low class watchman in the middle of the road and suck his black dick without any hesitation. The view of her rose lips around his dick make him mad. He caught her head and said)
R : ohhh jaya I never thought you will do this for me. I was think this was my another dream without happened in my life. But you did it. Thank you Jaya thanks a lot. (she smiled at him by holding his dick in her mouth and resume sucking. Because of not washing well she got the smell and salty taste from his dick. But she is not care about that. She try to make him happy. She took out his dick and lick entire length of the dick.)
R : ohhh Jaya you are awesome. How you learn this? You are better than my wife. Before you said you don’t give this to your hubby. (she pause a second and took out his dick. That was shined with her saliva. Then she said) 
J : Rahim it’s my first time suck a real….. Errrrr…. 
R : real Lund? 
J : ya that one. You teach me to suck by doing on that dildo. That’s how I learn this. 
R : ohhh that’s nice Jaya. So it’s your first lund….?
J : ha Rahim it’s my first one. 
[Image: x-art_alex_kenna_kenna_the_next_lucky_ma...16-sml.jpg]

R : thank Jaya thanks a lot please finish it. (she again took his dick in mouth and stated to suck. The same time she heares mobile rings. She become alert and looked at him and looked to the car. She stood up and walked to the car. Rahim shouted) 
R : who is that basturd…. Come in middle of our pleasure…. Idiot.. Mother fucker…. (he looked to backdoor. He can see her round ass. She was bent to back seat and an open her purse and pick her mobile and looked at him and said) 
J : shhhhhh…… Rahim it’s my hubby… 
R : maaa ki bhosadi…. Why he call now…. (Rahim whispered, but she hear that. She felt sad on her hubby.) 
J : Fahim please silent I am attending the call. (she attend the call) 
M : darling where are you. Why you don’t took my call. 
J : ahmmm Mahesh I was in training class. It’s just finish and I was waiting outside for my coligue. 
M : OK dear. Now pappa call me. They reached there safely. They try to call you
But don’t get. 
J : thank God. Ahhhhh……. 
M : hellooo Jaya…. I what happened… 
J : hmmm
M : are you OK? 
J : ha I am OK. One ant bit on my shoulder. (she looked back on the ant which bit on her shoulder. Rahim give a smiled and hugged her from behind and squeeze her boobs) 
J : ishhhssss….. 
M : what happened Jaya….? 
J : nothing Mahesh. I think one more ant is there. I need to check. 
M : OK Jaya I will call you tomorrow. Ahh one thing I will send 1 Lk to your account. (Mehesh cut the call. Hearing that she become sad. She is thinking “poor Mahesh stay there to earn money for me and his parents. But here I am now enjoy myself with a low class man. How I change like this in these number of days. I can’t believe. But I know one thing. I got the pleasure which I never experienced before. Mahesh not give me this pleasure, Both Mani and Rahim give me. I can’t go back from here. I need this pleasure. Rahim is correct. Why I lose these pleasure. I will not tell to Mahesh about this.” he wake up from her thought when Rahim bit her shoulder.)
J : “ahhhmmmm……”
R : what are you thinking? 
J : nothing… (boob squeeze) ahhhhhh….
R : what he tell to you? 
J : my in laws reached there safely. 
R : Gandu…. Why he disturb us in this time. (he again whispered. She heated that clearly. This time she got angry. She repaid him in angry tone.) 
J : Rahim why you using bad words on my husband. He loves me more and I love him. Don’t repeat it. 
R : sorry Jaya.. I just say because he come between us while we pleasure each other.
J : it’s OK. Don’t say this again. I don’t like to degrade my husband.
R : OK Jaya. (both were stood naked near the car in open place and bath together like they stay in room. Rahim caught her shoulder and again kiss her on her lips. This time her anger come down and she started to enjoy and respond him by moaning. He know that she is ready again. He stop kissing and whisperd.
J : Jaya you not finish your job. (she looked at him and smiled. She move back to back seat to keep her mobile. Rahim took the mobile and said) 
R : Jaya please put it in silent. I don’t want to loose this pleasure between us. (she again smiled and took back his mobile and put in silent mode and keep in backseat and again kneeled before him. And took his dick in mouth and resume sucking. The same time Jaya rub her pussy with her left hand. She took out his dick and place straight over his stomach and moved down and suck his balls.)
R : ohhh nooooo Jaya. I can’t believe… You are awesome… (Rahim hold her hair tightly. His ball drenched with her saliva. One of pubic hair stuck under her tongue. She stop sucking and spat on the ground and resume. After ball sucking she again put his dick in and resume sucking. This time her spee  was increased. He was in seventh heaven. He caught her head and fucking her mouth. His dick hit on her throat. Tears flows from her eyes. She arched for breath. But she like that feeling. Rahim pause a sec and pull out his dick out. She coughed and spat salive on the ground and smiled at him. His dick was fully drenched with her saliva. He caught her hair with left hand and hit her face with his drenched dick by holding right hand. She open her mouth to access the dick. But he move dick to other direction. She moved her head to there to caught his dick. But he agai move his dick to opposite. He teased her for some times like that. Finally she caught his dick and nodded to him to say No. And again put it in her mouth and suck again. Rahim was wonder by seeing her interest to sucking his lund. He just bend down and cupped her spongy boobs and squeeze hard with his strong hand. That make pain on her but she was enjoy that pain and suck his dick madly by rubbing her pussy. She don’t know she felt more honey today. Her pussy leaked more and more. Jaya’s saliva flow through her chin. Rahim release his hand from her boobs and hold her head and pumped in her mouth. And finally he reached the climax before that he instruct her that he will cum now.)
R : ahhhhhmmm ooohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh…. Jaya I am fuming now (he try to pull back his dick. But she hold his ass tightly and continues her job. Finally with a loud moan he released his full spearm in her mouth. After some seconds he release his dick from her mouth. His sperm with her saliva flowed out from her mouth. That Lava fell on her boobs. Her fare boobs become red because of Rahims squeeze. Her pussy leaked more. She become little tired and sat on the grass with her bare ass and she looked at him. Rahim was very happy. Seeing her sat on the ground with fully naked he think. “saali, what was the show before. Don’t do anything in public, felt shame, now look.. Sat on the grass at side of a road without wear anything. High class bitch.” Jaya spread her legs and rub her pussy.

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Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 6

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