Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 7

Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 7

S : Jaya did you take notes to teach Mani in night? I (she knows what he said about) 
J : I forget uncle. Tomorrow he will ask his friends. 
S : hmmm no Jaya you can teach him today. Nobody is there to disturb. May be tomorrow he got more to study. He (she felt shame on his words) 
J : OK uncle I will try to guid him. (she give a naughty smile) 

(then Mani and Jaya left from there. They reached in her flat. After enter inside she lock the door from inside.


Mani walked towards his room. Jaya went to her room and come out by wearing a short length nighty. Mani was in his room to change his dress. Jaya went to kitchen. She prepare for dinner and call Mani. 
J : Maniii where are you? 
M : I am here miss (he went to kitchen she serve the food on the table. He helps her. Then they sat on chair opposite to each other and started to ate. All these time Mani not looks in to her face. His head was down. She noticed that. He not behave normally. He dont talk her. He talk her only after she ask anything to him. She asked him.) 
J : Mani how is the food? 
M : it’s good miss. 
J : take more. 
M : no miss its enough. 
She don’t say anything. They finished food at 8:55pm. He took her plate also and went to kitchen and washed all plates. She was watching TV in living room. She was waiting for Mani. After he finished cleaning come out from kitchen and directly walked to the room which she allow him. She called him. 
J : Mani come here. (he walked near her) 
M : yes miss. 
J : sit here. 
M : it’s OK miss I will stood here. (she caught his hand and pulled him and make him sat on the sofa. He sat next to her. His head was bent down.)
J : Mani what happened? 
M : nothing miss. 
J : noo something is in your mind. 
M : no madam nothing. 
J : then why you don’t talk to me? 
M : no miss I talk to you. I don’t have any problem. 
J : no Mani your behavior is entirely different now. You talk to me, but I felt something strange. 
M : hmmmm.. 
J : I think you don’t forget that slap I hit on your cheek. (he suddenly looked at her. His eyes are filled with tear and flowed through his cheek)
M : hey Mani why are you crying? (she wiped his tears. He suddenly sat on the floor in front of her and caught her legs and cried) 
M : I am sorry miss. I am really sorry. Please forgive me. That day my behavior is hurt you, then you slap me. Now I know I make mistake. You give me money, shelter and help study. But I do bad things to you. I peeid in your mouth. I know how much that hurts you. That’s why you slap me. You are like my goddess. But I……….. (he cried. Seeing that she felt sad to him. She caught his shoulder) 
M : hey Mani I already tell you that I forget that. I don’t have any problem. Don’t worry. I am not angry with you Mani. (he still in same position. He raise his head and looks at her. She smiled and said) 
J : come Mani sit here. (he slowly wake up and sat next to her. She old his chin and smiled at him) 
J : Mani look at me. (he looks at her) Mani I forget that. I will not angry on you. Ok. 
M : mmm
J : you help me a lot. I was very lonely. But you help me to forget that. But that day when you piss in my mouth I was lost my control and slat you and say something badly. Now I say sorry to you Mani. 
M : no miss don’t say sorry to me. I am your servant. 
J : servant. I am not see you as my servant. You are my student but I consider you as my friend. (he looked in to her eyes) 
M : friend…..? All really….? 
J : yaa Mani. Don’t you believe me? (he smiled at her.)
M : good boy. (she smiled him back) 
J : are you happy now. 
M : yes miss. Actually I was really frightened. 
J : why? 
M : if you kick me out from here, I don’t get any other shelter. 
J : don’t worry Mani. I am not cruel. 
M : thanks miss. (he again smiled) 
J : OK Mani take your text. I will teach you today’s portion. 
S : please miss. I don’t want to study now. 
J : then? 
S : nothing miss. (he become silent) 
J : tell me Mani. 
S : you got angry on me. 
J : no Mani I will not angry on you. 
S : promise? 
J : yes promise. 
S : I wish to see that movie. 
J : which movie. 
M : that porn movie that CD I give you which I taken from Raghu Bai. 
J : you naughty, your teacher tell you to study, but you ask her to show the porn movie. (he pinched his left ear playfully) 
M : ahhh miss please. You tell me you consider me as a friend. That’s why I ask you, and you also promise me that you don’t angry on me. 
J : hmmmm. (he looked at her) 
M : sorry miss, if you felt bad on my behavior. 
J : hey that’s OK Mani. I know you are a naughty boy. Ha ha. 
M : mmm (he smiled) 
J : but you promise me you will studied later and score good marks. 
M : yes miss I will studied well and score good marks. 
J : good. Come with me. (he followed her she took the laptop and place on bed and take the CD from shelves and put in laptop and played the movie. Then she started to undid the over coat of her nighty.)
M : miss you watch with me. 

[Image: Pics-Art-02-25-12-16-09.jpg]


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J : yes Mani what’s the problem. Before we watch this together.(she undid that and put on the chair) 

M : but miss I…… I….. 

J : what’s the problem Mani? 

M : miss I want to mastrubates while watching this. 

J : so what mani. I am also. (she really want his mouth on her pussy and she got this chance to seduce him without give him authority on her)

M : miss are you sure. 

J : yes Mani. What’s the problem. We know each other. We see naked each other we touched each other suck each other. Then why I felt shame.

M : ohhh I can’t believe this miss. (he become more pleasure) 

J : ha ha I know what you are thinking my naughty boy. 

M : sorry miss. 

J : don’t be say sorry. Be free now. But remember every time. It’s our secret. 

M : yes miss I will. Can I remove my dress? 

J : you can do anything here Mani.

M : ohh thank you miss…. (he become more happy and in a jiffy motion he undid his dress and sat on the bed without any dress. Seeing that.) 

J : you are too fast Mani. (he smiled. She sat on the bed next to him they watch the porn video. The white girl suck his black dick. Mani stroke his dick. Jaya put her hand in her nighty and rub pussy over panty. Mani looks at her and she looks him back. Both smiled each other. He asked her.)

M : miss can I help you. 

J : mmmmm (she give a smile, that’s green signal for him. He moved near her and sat in front of her. She looks at him and smiled. Put his hand inside her nighty and reached near her pussy and touch over her panty. He felt the wetness of her pussy.)

M : miss… 

J : mmm…. What Mani? 

M : you are wet here. (she felt shame) miss why you allow to stain in this panty. Can I remove this?

J : mmmm

M : what mmm miss. Can I remove it or not. 

J : mmmm

M : tell me miss clearly. I don’t want to get another slap on my cheek. 

J : mmm you remove it

M : ohhh thanks miss. Can you raise your ass. (she did it what he ask her. He pull down the waist band and removed her pink wet panty through her legs and smelled. She felt shame and goosebumps)

M: wwwaaaawwooo what an aroma. I like it. Can I get it directly?

J : mmmm… (she smiled at him.) naughty boy.

M : thank you miss. I am your naughty boy. (Saying this he moved his head near her pussy. Now his head inside her nighty between her legs. He moved out his head and asked)

M : miss I can’t see your love hole. Can you remove this gown? Please miss get out from this dress be free from this. (she don’t said anything just smiled) 

M : please miss. I want to see you fully. (Jaya comb his hair with love and smiled. He slowly lift her gown up. She don’t say anything and raise her hands. He removed through her head and keep on the side of bed. Now his beautiful young teacher is sit in front of him by wearing her pink bra. They looked each other. He smiled and said.)

M : I will drink this later. (she keep her smiling. Mani move his head between her legs and reached her love hole. This time she spread her legs to access his head. He smelled her pussy. Take long breath in. Then extend his tongue out and lick from bottom to top. A loud moan escape from her mouth “Aaahhhhhhhhhh…” She closed her eyes. But he don’t get balance to stay in between her legs. He stop licking and pull her both legs and make her lay on her back. Now she lay on the bed by spread her legs. Now he can see her leaked cunt clearly. She spread her pussy with her hands. 


[Image: 1408904941.jpg?end=1582933915&secure=0f0...e1a6407887]


Seeing that he become happy. He know his teacher need his tongue in her pussy. That’s why she invite him by spread her pussy lips. Mani place his nose hole between her pussy lips and inhale the aroma of his beautiful teacher’s pussy. Seeing that she giggled. Then he makes a globe of saliva in mouth and spat on her tight pussy; then place his hot wet tongue on her pussy hole and started to lick. His tongue speed gradually increased. Her body heat also increased by the speed of his tongue action. Slow moans come out from her mouth. “aaaaaaahhhhhh….. Ohhhhhh……  mmmmmm….. Sssshhhhhhh……..” he twisted his tongue over pussy… “Uuuffff…..” love juice flowed out through her pussy lips. He lick every drops of her juice and swallowed. Then he started to lick her clitorires with the tip of his tongue. The high speed motion of tongue on her clitorires take her pleasure to seventh Heaven. She raise her butt in air to access his tongue more in her pussy and moaned highly by pushing his head to her pussy. “aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh……. Maaaannniiiiiii……” hearing that she call his name with pleasure he become more happy. Before one day she slapped on his face with angry. But now she push his head towards her pussy with pleasure and calling his name with love. That give him more energy to proceed. He increase his speed. She moaned loudly. 



[Image: 9cbcfcef95722cd77c7e568b523dbd3d.jpg]


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His action continue around 15-20 min. He give a small bite on her clitorires. That makes her pleasure doubled. 

She screamed with pleasure and at the same time she squirted by hold her butt in air. He don’t stop his duty. Still he enjoy the licking of her pussy while she squirt. His face fully drenched with her love juice. He open his mouth and access the Lava maximum and swallow. Mani rub his face over pussy vigorously. The bedsheet also wet with her juice. Jaya takes long breath. Mani took her gown from the bed and wipe his face and lay on bed by place his face on her thighs. They don’t speak anything. Only the sound of their long breath. The video already end and screen were off. After around 10 min both were calm down. Jaya rub his hair with love. He give a kiss on her thighs. Mani’s dick is in erect position. He don’t care about his little boy. He was busy to helping his teachers pussy. She rub his hair and said.


J : Mani….. Thanks… (he raise his head and looked at her face) 

M : miss did you like

J : yes Mani…. Enjoy a lot. Thanks.(he give a love bit on her things) 

M : miss can I give you a kiss on your lips. 

J : yes dear come. (she raise her hand and welcome him with smiling face. He become happy while seeing she invite him to kiss with pleasure. Mani rolled over his teachers naked body and lay on her body. His erect Lund rubbed over her lower stomach. His chest is crushed her spongy boobs covered with the pink bra. Now Mani’s face is over her face. Their hot breath hit each other. Mani and Jaya looked each other on eyes. Their eyes are filled with lust and love. Their nose tips touch and he press his lips on her pink lips. She open her mouth and caugh his upper lip and chewed with love. He also suck her lower lip. Their kiss was more passionate. 

[Image: 12.jpg]

Mani extend his tongue and lick her lips. She open her mouth and allow him to take his tongue in her mouth. He lick every nook and corner of his teachers moth. She like the feeling for his hot tongue in her mouth. She responded him and suck his tongue. Their saliva mixed and she swallowed. Now Mani moved his hand on her boobs and press over the bra while they kissing. She moaned but the sound not come outside. He release her mouth and lick her upper lips and moved his tongue towards her nose and lick there. He try to enter his tongue tip to her nose hole. The foul smell of his saliva hit in her nostrils. But in that moment that felt as a pleasant smell to her. While taking breath the saliva smell went inside her and the smooth touch on her nose with the tip of his tongue make goosebumps on her body. Then he started to lick her cheeks and went to her eyes. She closed her eyes. He licks on her eyelids. The same time she kiss on his neck. He again make globe of saliva in mouth and slowly give out over her lips. She sense the hot liquid flowed over her eyes. He lock his saliva and spread all over his teacher’s beautiful face. Now Jaya’s face is shined with his saliva. He again kiss her. This time she hold his face and kiss him back. He turned and lay on his back. Now Jaya comes over him and still they were kissing passionately. He moved his hand to her back and undid the hook and pull the strap from shoulder. She sense that and help him to remove the bra through her hands. Now her boob is free from bra. He started to squeeze her both boobs with his both hands. That make her crazy and kiss him and suck his lips. Mani’s recent dick was massaged by her lower stomach and he can’t hold anymore. He never felt this much pleasure in his life. By the movement of her stomach he lost his control and ejaculated his sperm. Jaya felt the wetness on her lower stomach. She stop kissing and looked at Mani. He blushed. She smiled at him. She teased him by asking. 
J : without touching there you released? Ha ha
M : sorry miss. 
J : hey Mani don’t be say sorry. I will help you. (Jaya moved down and see his spent black dick covered with his sperm. She give a naughty smile to him and moved her face to his lund.)
M : no miss….!!! (she wondered while hearing no from his mouth. She raised her head and looks at him why?”
M : sorry miss, if that happens again you will slap me and I never get you again. I need this much. I need to see you and give pleasure on your body. Nothing more. If I did anything those you may not like, you will slap me and lost this again. Sorry miss.
(hearing his words she become worry to him. She moved up and lay beside to him and looked in to his eyes.)
J : I say sorry Mani. Now I know you hurt a lot. I again say sorry. Please forgive me. I will not slap you again its my promise. 
M : really? 
J : yes Mani. I will not slap you or angry with you.
M : ohhh thank you miss. (he hugged her and kissed. Then she moved down to his dick and give a naughty smile and ask) 
J : Mani… Can I? 
M : yes miss its yours. (she took his wet dick in hand and started to lick. She got the taste of his sperm. She lick his spent dick and clean from his sperm. She swallow the cum. Seeing that he asked) 
M : miss… (she looks at him) 
J : mmmm
M : miss now you swallow my sperm, but that day when I piss in mouth you slap me. Why?
J : I told you Mani. I lost my control. When I get the urine smell and salty taste, I felt nausea and very bad. Then I become angry and don’t know what I did to you and tell to you. Now I know you hurts a lot. So I say sorry again. (she give a kiss on the tip of his dick.) my naughty boy. You can ask me anything you want. Don’t worry about anything. Be free with me. Trust me like a true friend.
M : miss not like a friend. 
J : then? 
M : like a lover. 
J : lover?? ha ha OK agreed.
M : can I believe this? 
J : yes my dear little lover… Ha ha… But one condition. 
M : what miss? 
J : we are lover only here when no one is here. Outside and front of others you are my student Mani and I am your teacher Jaya. Agree? 
M : 100 times agreed miss. 
J : ha ha my little naughty lover. 
M : I love you Jaya. 
J : Jaya?? 
M : ya I call my lover. Her name is Jaya. 
J : you are too fast Mani. But don’t call my name, continue as miss. If you call me Jaya here, may be you call my name in front of others and in school also. So avoid that. OK. 
M : sorry miss. I don’t think about that. 
J : it’s OK Mani. It’s for our safety. OK. Love you. 
M : thank you miss. 
J : can I continue this. 
M : yes miss I am waiting for your mouth on my lund. 
J : naughty. (she smiled and put his half erected dick again in her mouth and started to suck. Suddenly Mani stopped her.)
J : what happened Mani? 
M : wait miss I will stood and you suck. Then I get your mouth fully on my lund. 

(he stood on the bed. She kneeled in front of him and caught his black dick and started to suck. Give long lick on entire length. Mani moaned with pleasure. “Ahhhhhhh…… Missssss…… iisssshhhhhh……. Mmmmmm…..” Mani caught her hair and push his dick deep in her mouth. “gluu…. glluuu… glluuu…” her saliva flowed out from her mouth. He took out his dick for a second. She got relief and take her breath. But she like his action. Her saliva covered on his lund.)

[Image: Pics-Art-02-28-02-28-52.jpg]

(Jaya looked at him and smiled. Again took his lund in her mouth and started to suck. “ahhhhhh miiissssss…… Mmmmmmmmm…… Suckkkkkkk….” he push his dick deep in her throat. He took out his lund again and rubbed on her face with his wet Cock and said)
M : miss suck my balls like you did in last day. (he hold his lund in vertical position and showed his balls. Without any hesitation she open her mouth and access his balls in her mouth and started to suck. Mani is in seventh heaven. He caught her hair tightly. She uck his balls like lollipop. With excitement she try to access his balls fully in her mouth. After five minutes he again put his black dick in his beautiful teachers mouth and hold her hair tightly and then move his hip forward and back word like fucking her mouth. She felt difficult to get breath. But she enjoyed that. Finally he reached his climax and ejaculated all his sprem in her mouth with a loud moan. “aaaaaahhhhhhh miiiiiisssssss taaaakeeee myyyy ccuuuummmm….. Aaaaahhhh……..” Because of taking breath she gulp all his semen and took breath through her nose. He pull out his dick and sprayed exces semen on her beautiful face.)
M : aahhh misses that was awesome…. How was that….? (she don’t say anything. Just close her eyes and enjoy the feeling of hot cum in mouth with a satisfied face.)
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Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 7

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