Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 8

Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 8

She went near the door and slowly open and search there. But not find anyone there. She think may be Shekhar uncle will go back. She come out from her flat and walk towards shekhar door. Soddenly someone caught her from behind and close her mouth. 

J : mmmmmm….. She try to scream but sound not come outside. She really frightend. She try to escape from his grip. But he grabbed her to darkness and whispered in to her ear.

He : Jaya it’s me Raim.

She felt a relax feeling. She reduce her resistance. Rain releasehis fans from her mouth. Jaya turned towards him.

J : Raim how you come back.

R : I will tell you everything. Let’s go to rooftop. He pull her hand. Jaya stop him.

J : Rahim wait. Mani is in my flat.he is not slept. I will come after he slept. Ok

R : OK Jaya.

She ran to her flat and close the door. Went near Mani’s room and call him. But there is no reply from him. She open the door and find he is sleep on the bed snoring. Because of tiredness he slept. Jaya smiled herself


 She closed the door without making any sound then went to her room and stood in front of the big mirror and watch her curvey body on the mirror. She know something will happen this night. She felt shame. She bit her lips. Then switch off the light and took the key of her bedroom and main door. Then locked the bedroom and then come outside her flat after lock the main door. Then kept the key under the floor mat. Then went to upstairs.


But Rahim was waiting in the stairs. Seeing her he lost the control. He hugged her and started to kiss her. She don’t resist him. She know how much he controlled in these days. Jaya kissed him back. After 5 minutes of kissing he become calm down and looked at her. Again he hugged her.

J : Rahim please not here let’s go upstairs. He stopped and they went to rooftop. 

Rahim Hugged her from behind. His hard dick pressed on her soft ass.


J : why you come here Rahim. I told you it’s risky. 


R : Jaya I can’t stay in my home. I want to see you. That’s why I come here. 


J : why yu don’t call me. We can chat through phone. 


R : but Jaya yesterday while charging my phone blasted. I don’t have a phone now. And don’t know your number. Then it’s the only one way to get you.


J : hmmm Rahim it’s OK. But it’s risky here. 


R : what risky Jaya. Please I am hungry for you. Please allow me to put my lund in your pussy. I need to know the pleasure when play with my lund in ur pussy.

(she felt shiver on her spine. Actually she really want a cock in her pussy. She kissed on his lips and hugged him. Rahim press Jaya’s soft ass. A hmmmm….. She closed her eyes. Ahhhh…..both are enjoying each other.

Rahims hands raised up by holding her salwar. Then he insert his hands inside her leggings and squeezed her soft ass. She responded with pleasure by give kiss on his lips. Rahim slide her leggings down with her panty till middle of her thighs. Then place his hands over her pussy and rub over her wet pussy.


J : ahhhhhhh……. Her hands roamed in front of his stomach and moved down and caught his erect dick over his pant. Rahim unbutton his pant and slide down. His erect dick is coming out. Then took her right hand and place over his naked hot dick. 


Rahim took his hands up and began to rub her breasts. After a while of kissing, she separated her lips and breathed. Rahim bent down and lowered her leggings. Jaya raised her legs and separated them from the body.


R : Jaya This is my time. I want to enjoy it today. Give me your vagina. 

Jaya said nothing. Rahim took off his pants and spread it on the floor. Then he push down both her shoulders. Jaya lay on the floor on her back. Rahim set himself between her legs and positioned his lund over her pussy and rub over her wet unsatisfied tight pussy. She felt shiver through her spine. Ahhhhhhhh… Jaya closed her eyes with ecstacy. 

He caught his cock with right hand and slowly try to push in her vagina….. 

“Bbooooooommmmmmm…….” they heard big bang sound. Both of them looked each other with frightened face. Don’t know what is that. Rahim know something is happened. He stood up and ran the corner and check and see one of the electric transformer near the flat building got fire. Some people and run towards there. He understand the situation. He know may be someone will come over the rooftop to check the sound. He suddenly come back to her. 

R : Jaya wake up. One electric transformer is blasted. May be if anyone will come here. Let’s escape from here. You wear your dress and go to ur room.

She pick her dress to wear. He took her panties from her hand and smelled. She smiled at him and wear her leggings and ran towards the steps. Rahim also walked back to her. When she reached her floor Jaya looks back and see Rahims sad face. She went back and hugged him and give kiss on his lips. 

J : sorry Rahim. Will see u later. Go now. 

R : love you Jaya. (she smiled, don’t say anything and went to her flat. Enter inside without making any sound. She locked the door and went near Mani’s room and open the door and heard snoring sound. She know that he is sleeping. She don’t want to disturb him. So Jaya close the door and went to her room.she changed her dress to nighty and lay on her bed with unsatisfied pussy. She put her finger in wet pussy and rub. But she don’t get pleasure. Finally she slept. 

Next day…

Jaya wakes up when the alarm was ringed. After freshen up she went to Mani’s room. He was in deep sleep. She smiled and went to kitchen. Then prepare Tea for both of them and came back to his room. 
J : hay Mani wake up. (Mani slowly open his eyes and looks at her beautiful face) 
J : it’s your tea. Wake up. (he sat on the bed and took the tea. She sat next to him) 
M : thank you miss. 
J : Mani I am going to prepare breakfast. You go and take shower. 
M : I will help you. 
J : no need you go and get ready. 
M : please miss. Then I can stay with you in kitchen. 
J : hmmm naughty boy. She smiled and went to kitchen. Mani finish the tea and went to kitchen. He helped her chopping vegetables. After one hour they finished making breakfast. 
J : Mani I am going to bath. It’s already late. That’s why I tell you to go first. 
M : miss why can’t we bath together. 
J : ohooo… That’s its your idea. (he giggled) 
M : please miss… Allow me to bath with you… Please…. 
J : hmmmm OK. Come… She smiled. Both of them went inside the bathroom. Mani close the door. She smiled at him and lift her nighty and remove dthrough her head. Seeing her sexy tender naked body his heartbeat increased. His dick grown inside his shorts. She winked at him.
J : Mani take your shorts. She open the shower and stood under the shower. Water was makes her body more shiny.
Mani removed his shorts and went near her and stood under the shower. Jaya took the body lotion and apply on her body. 
Mani took the body lotion and apply himself. He wanted to touch her. But don’t have courage to make a move. Seeing his innocence she smiled and rubbing on his chest with her soft hand. Mani looked in to her eyes. She again winked at him.

J : Mani I am helping you. Why you don’t help me back. Saying this she caught his erect cock and stroke. He took the chance and cupped her both boobs and massaged. Caught her erect nipple between his fingers. She felt pleasure. She caught his dick more tightly. Mani’s hand moved down to her belly and reached on her shaven pussy. He rubbed there and slowly inserted his middle finger in her pussy. She closed her eye. I ahhhhhhmmmmm…… 

He moved close to her and by using other hand rubbed her soft ass. Then her hands moved between her ass crack and reached her asshole. He slowly insert his slipped finger to her asshole. She was in more pleasure. Mani’s one finger working in her pussy and other one is in her asshole. She remove her hands from his cock and hugged him tightly and kissed on his neck. Mani continued his act. Jaya’s pussy leaked more. Her unsatisfied pussy produce more juice. That continues around 5min. Then he removed his both fingers from her both holes. Jaya also separated from him and looked at him. He raise his head and moved towards her mouth. She caught his face and kissed on his mouth. Both hot tongues played together. Their moaning was filled in that big bathroom. 
Mani’s cock was rubbed between her thighs. He wanted to pleasure her. He stop the kissing and kneeled on the floor and moved his head towards her pussy. Spread her pussy lips with his fingers and started to lick her wet pussy. He got the taste of the soap solution. But he don’t care and suck her pussy. Jaya roamed her long fingers over his hair and enjoy the pleasure by closing her eyes.
J : ahhhhhhh Mani….. (her moaning sound given more energy to proceed. He lick her pussy very madly. Suddenly the pleasure stopped when they hear the door bell. Both of them alerted and looked each other.
J : Mani stand up. You finish bath and check the door. Mani was disappointed. He wash the soap from his body and wipe with a towel and wera the shorts and then went to his room.after wearing a shirt opened the door. Girija was there.
G : ahh Mani where is Jaya. 
M : miss is going to bath madam. Please come I was prepare to go to school. 
G : OK Mani I will see her later. Girija went back Mani close the door and ran to Jaya’s bedroom. Jaya come out from the bathroom wrapped a towel on her body. 

[Image: Jaya-after-bath.jpg]
J : who was that? 
M : Girija madam, come here to looking for you. 
J : is she here? 
M : no she left, I close the door and come back. 
J : OK, Jaya smiled at him and unwrapped her towel from body and dry her Hair. She stood in front of him without any dress. Now Jaya is comfortable to stay in front of Mani without any dress. Seeing her sexy body his dick again grown in his shorts. Jaya looked in to the mirror and watch her own body. She see through the mirror that Mani stare on her body. She turned and asked. 


J : Mani why you looking. 
M : nothing miss. 
J : then go and get ready to go to school. Jaya looked back to the mirror. 
[Image: Pics-Art-10-17-02-08-13.jpg]
But Mani don’t go. He went near Jaya and kneeled behind her. Then part her ass cheeks and plave his mouth and nose over her ass. He started to lick her asshole. Jaya never expected this move from mani. Ouchhhhh….. Uffffff…… 
J : Mani what are you doing? It’s already late. But he don’t care. Mani continue licking. Slowly Jaya become hot and caught his hair from behind. While licking on her anus Mani insert his finger in her pussy. That made her more pleasure. She lost her balance. Jaya leaned forward and hold near the dressing table. Now her ass cheek more opened and he can lick easily. Jaya’s pussy juice flowed over her inner thighs. After continues licking and finger fucking she got an orgasam. 
J : ahhhhhhmmmmm maniiiii….. Jaya moaned loudly and released her love juice. She taking deep breath. Mani lick her love juice and clean her pussy. After some minutes Jaya stood up and looked at Mani with partially satisfied pussy. 
J : you nayghty boy, I need to wash again. She smiled at him and went to bathroom. Seeing her ass swaying he wack back her ad give a soft slap on her ass. 
J : auuchhh….. Maniii….
M : sorry my dear miss. I Jaya don’t say anything and went inside the bathroom. Mani went to other room with a smile. After dressing up, both of them come to table for breakfast. 
M : sorry miss, did you get pain while I was slapped? 
J : hey Mani. Don’t worry. I was enjoyed that. 
M : he looked at her and smiled. Jaya winked at him. 
M : miss you are looking so beautiful in this saree. 
J : thank you Mani. Finish your food. Otherwise we become late. She went to kitchen by taking the plates. Then they went to school… 

@School…. LUNCH BREAK Time. Teachers room.

Mani come to Jaya’s cabin with a sad face. Seeing his sad face

J : what happened Mani. Why your face is dull. 
M : my mother is come here miss. She tell me we go with my uncle. He will take care of my father. 
J : where you go? 
M : ********. It’s 200 km from here. 
J : then how you can studied here. 
M : I don’t know miss. He said he arrange an admission in New school near to his home. 
J : did I need to talk to them. 
M : no use miss. He is very strict. My mother is waiting outside. 
J : OK I will come to there. Jaya went outside and see Mani’s mother. 
M : mother this is Jaya miss. She helps me a lot. 
J : hiii…. 
Mother : hello miss. Thanks for everything. 
M : can’t you leave Mani here till he complete 10th class. 
Mother : no miss. My brother is a strict man. Now he is retired from army. He don’t married and live alone in my native place. He decided to care me and my family. He tell me he will take care of the studies of Mani and medical expenses of my husband. If I said no, my son don’t get a better future. If we agree he will help us. 
J : ohhh yaa that’s good. For his better future. Mani it’s good. (Jaya also get some pain in her heart. Her eyes filled) 
Mother : miss we need to take his material from your house. 
M : mother I will collect and come back to our home. Now you go. 
Mother : ok Mani, ok miss bye…thanks fore everything… 
J : bye… 
After Mani’s mother left Mani with a sad face. I really miss you Miss. 
J : hey somebody will see us. You take your bag. Let’s go now to my flat. I will talk to your class teacher. 

They left from school. She took a taxi. 
Driver : where madam? 
J : ******** textiles 
M : why miss? 
J : nothing I need to purchase some clothes. 
M : hmmmmm
They reached there and she tell the driver to wait. The enter in to the textile showroom. She take him to the gents section and take 5pair of shirt and pants for him. He become happy. Then they come back to her flat around 4:50pm. No one was outside. They enter inside the flat and she locked the door from inside. Both Jaya and Mani don’t speak anything. Jaya walked to her bedroom without saying anything. Mani ran towards her and hugged her from back.
M : miss I can’t go miss. I really love you miss. Jaya also felt cry. She turned back and kissed on his forehead. 
J : I love you Mani. I really miss you. Mani kissed on her lips. She responded and both suck the tongue each other. Jaya caught his face and Mani hugged her tightly. Suddenly they broke the kiss when doorbell rings. Both separated and Jaya adjusted the saree,wipe her lips and went to near the door and open. Girija aunty was there. Jaya don’t know what to speak. 
G : hi Jaya betti. Morning I come to meet you. 
J : hi aunty please come in. Girija come inside. 
G : betti thanks for everything. You help us a lot. Now I am little ok. 
J : it’s OK aunty. 
G : where is Mani, don’t he come? He was also a help for us. 
J : he is here aunty. But he will go today? 
G : why……? 
( Jaya explains everything to Girija) 
G : Ohhh OK its better for his future. 
J : yes aunty. His uncle will support him and his family. If he go with his uncle, may be he get better education.
G : ha that’s right Jaya. 
J : hmmmmm
G : then betti how can you live alone here. 
J : that’s not a problem aunty. I can. I don’t fear to live alone.
G : OK betti. If you need anything don’t forget to contact us. 
J : sure aunty. Girona smiled at Jaya.
G : maniii….. 
J : maniii come…. Girona aunty is calling you. Mani come to there and smiled at Girija.
G : mani when you go? 
M : now madam. After some times. 
G : OK good. You must be go. It’s good for your better future. 
M : mmmmm OK madam.
G : OK mani get ready. I will come now. Girija went to her flat. Jaya close the door. Mani hugged her. 
M : I will miss you miss. 
J : it’s OK mani. Don’t worry. You can come any time.you can call me. If you need any help you can call me. If I can, definitely I will help you. 
M : thanks miss. He give kiss on her cheeks. 
Jaya then turned back and lift her dared with petticoat till her waist and shows her ass. 
J : mani slap here. You may don’t get later. I know you got pleasure while slap here. 
M : ohh no miss. I can’t give pain on you. He kneeled and kiss on her ass cheeks. Without saying her pull down her panty till her knees. And lick her a us and pussy after spread her ass cheek.
J : hmmmmmm…… 
After licking 2,3 min. 
M : I will miss this miss. Miss your taste. Suddenly doorbell rings again. 
J : mani may be Girija aunty.  Jaya try to pull up her panty. Mani stopped her and pull down till her foot and removed from her leg. Jaya looks in to his eyes. 
M : I want this. She give a smile to him. Mani give a last kiss on her ass and pull down her saree. She adjusted correctly and open the door. Mani keep her panty in his pocket and looked towards the door. Jaya went to near the door. Mani went inside his room.
Shekhar uncle and Girija aunty is there. 
J : aunty, uncle come in. Both of them enter inside.
J : mani Shekhar uncle and aunt is here to wee you. Mani comes out of the room.
Shekhar : Mani are you going? 
M : yes sir. My uncle Vikram is come back to our native place. He tell to my mother he will take care of us. So…..
S : hmmm OK Berta. That’s good for you. Don’t worry about your miss. We will take care of her. Shekar looked at Jaya and give smile. Jaya was understand really what he meant. But she don’t respond with smile. She really felt sad about Mani. She will miss his tongue play on her body. Shekhar and Girja waiting there. Jaya prepare tea for all of them. Mani pack his material in a bag and wear the new clothes which she gifted him. 
G : hmmm Mani it’s good dress. 
M : miss gifted me this madam. 
S : come here. Mani went near Shekhar. Shekhar took an envelop from his pocket and give to Mani.
S : this is the gift from us. Mani looked in to Girija.
G : take it vetta. It’s our gift to you. You was very helpful to us. God bless you. Mani took the envelop. 
M : thank you sir. 
S : it’s OK betta. After drinking Tea Mani is ready to go.
J : Mani I will drop you to the bus stand. May be direct bus will not get from here.
G : that’s good betti. 
Then he say bye to Shekhar and Girija and enter in to the lift. When lift is closed Mani hugged Jaya and give kiss on her lips and they apart when the lift was stopped. They walked to the parking lot. She start the car and reached near the stand. She took some money from her purse and give to Mani. First he rejected. But she compel him and he take money from her. Then took his bag and said. Then she took a pen and paper and note her number and give to him. 
J : Mani for anything, contact me to this number. 

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Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 8

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