Jaya – Young School Teacher

Jaya – Young School Teacher

Here I am trying to write a new story of a young wife named Jaya Mahesh.

Name : Jaya Mahesh
Age : 28
Height : 5’6″ (168cm)
Weight : 54 kg
Measurement : 34C-26-36
Color hair : long black
Skin : fair
Shoe size : 8

Hairless body and keep her private part also without hair.
Using light shade nail polish and don’t use makeup. Her lips are hard rose without lipsticks.

Loyal to her husband Mahesh Sharma and her in laws. She was the favorite teacher to her students.
Special nature : helping to anybody as she can. Love everybody.
She is a high school teacher were teaching Computer science. She normally wear saree without showing her navel and stomach area. Also hide the boob side by using safety pin. Without showing anything she was very beautiful. Her body structure increases her beauty when she wear saree.

Seeing the opened box on the table of watchman ; Jayas face become red with blushing. She felt her heart beat become stop. Society watchman Rahim giggled to her. She can’t say anything for some seconds. She then regain her mind and shouted at him.
Jaya (J) : how dare you open this box? I will complaint against you.

Rahim (R ) : madam, its not my mistake ; its was the rule of this society for safety. If anybody give a bomb in this box what will happen? You are new to here, thats why you don’t know about this rule. And also I am helping you.

She looks at his eyes. He pause a second and continue.

R : If I give this box to your father in law; then how you will face him. Now you go and complain against me. Then they will investigate against me and after all people will know what was in this box.

J : she think about a second and said. Ohh I am sorry bhayya, I don’t think about that. You said the truth, if my in laws see this I can’t face them anymore. Thanks for that.

R : its OK madam. I know your situation. Don’t worry about that. He giggled.

J : She smiled with blushing face. and said bhayya please don’t said about this with anybody.

R : don’t worry madam I will not share this to anyone. Before anybody come here. You keep this in your bag and go.
Jaya take the materials from the box and keep in her bag.

J : thanks bhayya, please dump that box in waste box. Thank for your help.

R: you are always welcome madam.

Jaya come out from his cabin and walked to the building with blushing mind. Rahim looked at her swaying ass and glupped the saliva.

R : ohh man what an ass.

She was thought what he will think about her, is he said about this to anybody. Thousands thought passing through her mind. Finally she reached in front the door of her flat and press the bell. An old lady about 65 years old opened the door and smiled at her. That was her mother in law named Sheela.
Sheela (S) : come dear. Jaya enter inside and greeted to her father in law and went to her room. She closed the door and sat on the bed and take a long breath. And opened the bag and took out the materials which she take from watchman. Seeing that she smiled. She keep that on the bed and read the cattelog. Then she take that 5″ length and 1.5″ girth sized skin colored dildo with the shape of a perfect cock.

Jaya Mahesh born and brought up in an orthodox family. In her family she, her father, mother, and her elder brother. Her elder brother was married and settled in Kuwait. After completing MTech in computer science. She got a Job in a software developing company. After two year she got married to Mahesh Sharma a Civil Engineer. He was worked in a MNC as a structural designer of buildings. His native place was from Mumbai. And he was worked in Pune. In his Family he has an Elder sister who settled in UK with her husband.

Name : Mahesh Sharma
Age : 28
Height : 5’6″ (same as Jaya)
Shoe Size : 8
Weight : 71 kg
Skin : fair color
Body type : non muscular with little pot belly.
Hairy chest. He is a workaholic. Not use any drugs. Always keep his body clean.

Mahesh Sharma also from an orthodox family. So he was also a virgin before his marriage. He always respect and obey his parents. His father was a principal in XXX high school. He had a good Salary in India. About 80000 per month.

Their marriage was an arranged one. They got married before one year when they are at 27. Because he was looking good and he had a good Job. So she agreed to marry him. But he don’t like to send her to do work. So she resigned her job before marriage and stay with her in laws. Their honeymoon was in UK. His sister arranged the visa for them. After one moth they comeback from there and he joined in his job. She stayed with his parents in Mumbai. They lost their verginity at in their honeymoon. At first night both of them was very nervous. So they can’t do anything. Then after some days they tried but because of her tight pussy and pain he can’t enter his dick in her pussy.

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Finally on honeymoon days he penetrate her pussy with his 5″ dick. After that they started to sex daily if they get chance. But their sex life was normal. When they enter in bedroom. Both were slipping to nude and she were lay on the bed and spread her leg for him. He come between her and put his dick inside her and fucking her. While fucking her he leaned towards her and kiss her cheeks, boobs only. After 5 or 8 min of pumping he will release his small amount of cum inside the condom. Because they don’t want a baby now. Both of them are new to sex. So these short term sex was satisfied them.

She don’t have any sex fantasy. They don’t see porn movies or dont share the sex the sex things to their friends also.

After honeymoon he went to work and she stay with her in laws. She helped her mother in law in kitchen also do other household works. Her in laws love he a lot and she also love them like her own parents. Every weekend Friday evening Mahesh come back to Mumbai and stay with them. And Monday morning he went back to duty. In those two days they enjoyed their normal sex. More than sex they love to talk their daily incidents and shopping outside etc. Four of them are lives very happy. After 8 months they sell their property from Mumbai and brought a 2 BHK flat near Pune.

There was only one building with 8 floor surrounded by a big compound wall. Each floor have 3 flat. In front of gate there is watchman’s shelter. There is a kitchen bedroom and one bathroom.
Total 16 family can stay there but there was only 10 family. Most of them are same like Mahesh’s family. The city was 10km from there and also have high cost for flat and rent so people refuse to stay there. Mahesh and his family was on the top floor. There is only one old couple was in the next flat and one flat was vacant. The old couples name was Mr and Mrs Shekhar. They are about their late sixty. Their children and family was settled in US. A maid will come daily and help them and go after 12.00pm.

So in the new place Mahesh’s family got friendship with Mr and Mrs Shekhar. After one week they become friends. Exchange food outing together in Mahesh’s Honda City car. All of them very happy to live there. Now Mahesh can come daily in home. So they have sex daily except her periods time.

One day while they went for outing Mrs. Sharma suggest to allow Jaya for working. Finally the discussion end with positive response from Mahesh. But he don’t like to send her for IT field. Then Mr. Sharma suggest that there is an English medium school, if they are OK try there. Mahesh was OK with that. He agree for her teaching field. Then they try there and recommendation from Mr. Sharma she got a chance for teaching there in high school and higher secondary school.

Then she started to teach there. Daily morning Mahesh drop her in school and she return back by school bus. Only 10 km distance from her flat. In these days the Rahim the watchman noticed her. Before he never see her. Because she always go out and come back in car. The glass was coated with black paper. And she also watched him when passing through the gate. But don’t mind him.

About Rahim.

Name : Rahim Khadar
Age : 44
Hight : 5’9″
Weight : 89kg
Colour : not black or fare in between them.
Body type : not muscular, but have strong body with pot belly.
Always smoking and drunk daily only 2 peg. He was an ex-military. Bald head and non shaved face with little white hair. He was stay there every time. He also looking for other small works like plumbing, electrical also. His main hobby is that enjoying porn videos and watch beautiful women. But unfortunately there is no beautiful women in that building except Jaya. All others are old or middle aged couples.

[Image: Security-Madras-Courier-Slider-1.jpg]

Days went normally. After 2 months they got a good news that Mahesh got a chance to work with a US based company in Dubai for two year project. Because of his efficiency the company recruited him directly. But the problem is that he can’t take Jaya with him. Because that was a project in an island. To make a luxurious hotel in that islands. So he must be stay in island till the project end and they allow 20 days
Leave in every 6 months. Company offers 2.5 lack salary per month.

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After discussing about these all in family by the presence of Mr & Mrs Sharma they tell him to proceed this best opportunity in his life. Jaya also agreed with half minded. He consoled her that after this he may get chance to settled in US. she also happy but have some pain to live separate from him. Then he move the procedure and after 27th day he is ready for fly to Dubai. All of them went to airport. While returning jaya was very upset. That night she can’t sleep. Next day morning they got call from him that he reached there safely.

That day she take leave. Next day he call her in local mobile number.

Mahesh (M ) : hello dear
Jaya (J ) : hiii Mahesh love u… Are u all right there. Did you had food? Climate is OK there?
M : everything is good dear. But one problem. I can’t call u every time. This is an island. Here they don’t provide any internet or social media call. So we can’t see each other only this phone call is allowed.
J : ohh nooo how can I stay here without u dear.
M : please understand my situation.
J : hmm OK dear. I know ur situation.
M : how is dad and mom?
J : they are OK here. Wait I will give the phone to them.
M : OK dear.

After talking about one and half hour they ended the call. Daily he call her at 9:30pm in India. Which is 8:00pm in Dubai. She is also waiting for him. They talk daily incidents over 2 hours and ended the call. After about fifteen days she was very frustrated due to urge of sex. Because they have sex daily. No she felt very lonely. At night time while sleeping she was fingerling herself. One day while calling.

J : Mahesh I need to see you now. I am felt very lonely here.
M : me too. But what to do dear. I miss your Holly hole between your leg.
She felt shame.
J : me too miss your Holly rod also.
M : hearing that Mahesh laughed. My naughty girl. Don’t you use your finger by thinking about me.
J : hmm but I need you. Not finger.
M : hear I am also using my hands to release my urge.
J : hmmm anyway I need u dear.
M : OK dear, if I can I will be there. he know that she was very honey now. But he can’t do anything.

That day call ended with sadness. Next days also like that. She express her loneliness. Next weekend Friday night

M : hello dear… Love u
J : love u dear.
M : dear toady we went to Dubai mall for shopping. There I see an advertisement in a paper.
J : what advertisement?
M : may be that is good for you.
J : what I don’t understand?
M : it’s a dildo. Like male organ. Normally women used instead of fingering. I got this idea from my front here. He brought one for his wife. She was in India. If u need I will brought for you.
J : but how it help me?
M : dear in that dildo have a vibrator which help you to make pleasure when you use in your love hole.
She felt shame
J : hmmm OK.
M : OK dear next week I will brought and send to you in courier.
J : OK dear love u. Miss you.

Next week on friday he brought one dildo with the same size of his penis. And send to her through courier. Saturday which was reached in India. Sunday was Holly day. So next day on Monday courier boy come with box and meet the watchman. Reading the adress from the box he understands that is for Jaya. He got an idea. He tell to corrier boy

R : sir this madam is a teacher she will come after 4:30pm. If you keep this here I will give to her in evening.
Courier boy (CB) : OK bhayya, it’s better for me. If you give this box I can save my time.

R : no problem it’s my duty to serve the people here.

Cb : thanks bhayya. Then he give the boxt to Rahim and went to other places.

Actually Rahim think this is the chance to talk to her and watch her closely. That’s why he keep that box with him. He is waiting for evening. But after some time he took that box and read the bill details attached near the address. Because of the tax problem the details of the product was printed with stamping.
He read about the product. “Dildo Consolador Vibrador Vaginal Anal Control Remoto Chupon – $ 48.000”

Reading the words Dildo, vibrator, virginal, anal something stuck in his mind. He know the words because he watching lots of porn movies. Thinking of that a devil smile come on his face. Now he fixed what is in this box. He decided to open that box. Without wasting time he tear the cover over the box and open it and took out the toy and smiled

R : fuck, that bich also use this. Ha ha. He imagine that she using that dildo in her pussy. He think how I give this to her? What can I say if she ask about this open box?
Then he make a plan to answer her about her question. Then he waiting for her till the evening.
At 4:15pm he see the school bus was stop near the gate and Jaya was step down. After the school bus went she walked to wards the gate. He was watching her beauty cuved body in that schoffon saree. When she come near the gate.

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R : excuse me madam.
J : she looked near the watchman cabin.
R : madam please come here you have a courier for you.
J : she know that what was in that courier. She walked towards the gate. When she enter in the cabin he took that opened box from bottom and placed on the table…

Location: bedroom scene : Jaya enjoy the smoothness of the toy by pressing over that.

Suddenly she heard knock on the door. She keep the dildo and remote keep inside the drawer and open the door. Sheela was stood there with a cup of hot tea.

Jaya : thanks mom.

Sheela : betti first you take a bath and come to kitchen. We needs to prepare for dinner.

J : sure mom. Then she had her tea and then pic the towel and salwar kamiz and went to bathroom. She open the shower and stood under that. Cold water flowing over her head. She felt relaxed. She apply body lotion on her body and scrub her silky skin. Her hand slowly moved down to her pussy and middle finger touching on her clitories.

[Image: bryci-shower2.jpg]

J : ahh mmmm

Slowly enter inside the hole and slowly move in and out. One hand on her boobs and squeezed herself. After 5 min without orgasam she stop her play and resume her bath and come out by wearing a salwar kameez.

That night after dinner she clean the plate and went out from the kitchen. Her in-laws are in their bedroom. They may be slep now. (everyday they slept before 9:30). Then she switch off the light from living room and went to her room and close the door. Then change her salwar and undergarments and wear a silk nighty. She was waiting for his call. The time was around 9:20pm. She open the drawer and took out the dildo in her hand with a smile and feel the softness. That time she heard the mobile ring.

J : hello dear… Love you
M : love u dear
J : Mahesh….. Errr… Today I got the courier.
M : ohh good then you try that one?
J : no I don’t get time. Now I just come to our room.
M : where is dad and mom.
J : they were sleeping
M : then you try that now.
J : hmm, but I don’t know how to use.
M : read that catalog and use.
J : OK.. She just read the catalog. And switch on the remort. She felt vibration in her hand.
M : now you place on your love hole.
J : hmm OK. She lift her nighty and spread her legs and placed over her pussy. Ahhhhhhmmmm
M : what happened dear?
J : nothing I felt tickled.
M : that’s OK try again.
J : hmm I can’t do it while calling you.
M : OK then after call you try.
J : hmmm
M : then tell me.. How was your day?
J : that’s good.
M : when you got the courier?
J : she felt shame by thinking about watchman. But she don’t said about that. I got this in the evening.
M : hmmm ok
…………………. Bla Bla………
M : OK dear, now I am going to sleep. Call you tomorrow. Love you. Ummmaaaa
J : love you dear, take care

After that call she lay on her back and switch on the vibrator and place over her pussy.
J : hmmmm ahhhh……but she have some fear about that. She switch off that and fingering herself.
J : hmmmmm ahhhhmmm but she was not satisfied.
After a while she slept.
Next morning she wake in the morning and get ready to go to school. She come to ground floor by lift. Then walked towards the gate. She see that watchman was sat on his chair. She felt shame. She don’t look there. But she heared his sound

R : Good morning madam
J : she looked at him and said Good morning. She don’t say anything further and walk fast towards the road.

Evening when she return back.
R : good evening madam
J : good evening. Same like morning she waked away without saying anything.

This will continue about one week only say good morning and good evening. She started smile to him also. Now she felt comfortable to him because he don’t say anything about dildo. So she was OK. One Monday evening while she walk towards the gate, she sees the watchman was sat on the chair. She was expect his “good evening” but he was call her.

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Jaya – Young School Teacher

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