Jenna so wants to fit in at the country club – Hot Wife Initiation

Jenna so wants to fit in at the country club – Hot Wife Initiation

The next week Jenna was ordered by the ladies to go to the porn shop and stand around and make eye contact with the men who were there.

Jenna did the best she could. She was dressed in a short white skirt that was semi transparent. Her top was a pink tube top that covered her breasts. No other clothing was allowed.

She had been told that after making eye contact she should go to the back and choose a booth to enter and wait.

She put some money in the slot and choose a movie that showed a large black man fucking a pretty white woman. Jenna noticed that she wore a wedding ring. Jenna realized that the wife was fucking another man other than her husband.

Jenna was transfixed on the black man’s huge cock and kept watching the man fuck the white wife. She watched until she could tell that he had just cum inside her pussy. The cum began to run down the wife’s legs.

Jenna was getting very wet and as her eyes adjusted to the darker light Jenna noticed a large black cock sticking from a hole in the wall.

Jenna began to suck the cock. After all, no one would know. She just had to experiment. It took all she had to get his cock in her mouth. She sucked on it until the man told her to turn around. Not until she did so did she know why.

The man’s cock was long enough to touch her pussy and even go in a little.

He ordered Jenna to push back, and naïve as she was she did it!

“Fuck me, ho!!” He ordered.

Not knowing what to really do, she did as she was ordered. It hurt at first, but as Jenna adjusted to his size, she fucked him hard as he pushed his cock deeper into her pussy.

Jenna realized he was about to cum and turned around just in time for his cum to splatter her face, hair, and tits.

The man just laughed. As she was leaving, he spoke loudly to her.

“You better come back and fuck me whore! Be back here tomorrow.”

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Jenna pulled her tube top back over her breasts and wiped the cum off of her face and wiped it on her tits. She walked out of the booth and two of the ladies were standing on the outside of the door.

The ladies from the country club met Jenna and promptly took her back into the booth. She was ordered to suck every cock that was stuck through the wall. Jenna sucked ten men by the country club ladies count. Jenna told them about the fucking she had taken. They applauded it and made her do some more.

Jenna saw a large black cock sticking through the wall and backed her pussy into it. The man began to fuck her hard and she was pushed back by the ladies so his cock was mostly inside her pussy. The man kept fucking her and soon Jenna felt his cum shooting into her pussy. The country club ladies held her and pushed her so that the man was even deeper inside her. The ladies held her tight as he completely finished depositing his large load of cum deep inside her pussy.

After that Jenna was allowed to leave but was told to keep her top pulled down. Jenna had to walk out with her tits out showing for everyone.

The men just stared at the humiliated wife. A few even applauded and approached her. One large lady just took Jenna by the hand and led her back to the video booths.

Once they were there the lady began to suck Jenna’s tits and then she went down on her . The lady sucked and licked the cum from Jenna’s pussy and continued to eat her until Jenna came. The lady asked for Jenna’s phone number and then Jenna and the lady left.

Jenna was so conflicted!! She had done so much she never thought she would do. But she had now sucked stranger’s cocks and swallowed their cum. She had been fucked by strangers through the glory holes in the video booth!!

She had also let the men cum deeply inside her pussy. She was used to have men’s cum running out of her pussy and running down her legs. She had gone home to her husband with strangers cum running down her legs.

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The next day she decided to call the lady she had met at the video booth. She called Sue, the lady she had met. Jenna came over to Sue’s house. Jenna was dressed in a short peach skirt and white tube top.

Sue answered the door wearing only a thin white long negligee. Jenna noticed that her husband sitting in a large brown leather chair. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, his hairy chest showing.

Sue introduced Will, her husband. He nodded. Then Sue ordered Jenna to take her tube top off. Sue just stared at Jenna until she took the top off.

Jenna began to get wet, not knowing what would come. Sue took her negligee off and tied it around Jenna eyes.

“My husband’s cock is out, get down on your knees and find it with your mouth,” Sue ordered.

Jenna couldn’t see a thing so she headed to where she thought his cock might be. Sue and Will were loving how submissive Jenna was. They loved watching the naked wife crawl around.

Will’s cock was hard and sticking out. It didn’t take too long for Jenna to find it. Using only her mouth Jenna began sucking on Will’s cock. It tasted a little salty, but Jenna kept sucking and licking Will’s cock and balls.

Sue then ordered Jenna to crawl up on Will’s lap. Jenna knew she was about to be fucked and relished the thought!!

Sue took Jenna’s blindfold off as Jenna lowered her pussy down on Will’s cock. He began to fuck her facing her and sucking her tits.

He marked her, giving her hickey’s all over her neck, and tits. Too soon for Jenna, she felt Will’s cum filling her pussy.

Sue then began to slap Jenna’s ass and Will followed. Soon her ass was a deep red and burning hot!!

The three began to explore each other’s bodies, drank some Margarita’s and beers. They finally fell asleep, still naked.

The door bell rang, and the three awoke. Jenna began to quickly gather her clothes to cover herself, but Sue took them away.

With Will and Sue watching, Jenna was ordered to open the door. Jenna knew that anyone could see her standing there completely nude.

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Couple after couple came in, Jenna welcoming them all standing naked with a smile on her face.

Jenna was not allowed to put any clothes on. Drinks were served, and appetizers.

The guests were told that they could use Jenna in any way they liked. Soon the guests began to kiss Jenna, feel her tits and ass and present the men’s cocks to her lips. Her sucking skills were well used.

Many of their wives ate Jenna’s pussy, along with several of the men. She was in heaven!

Soon the men were divided into two groups. The first group began to fuck Jenna, first in her pussy and then in her ass. With a pussy full of other men’s cum, and an ass full of other’s men’s cum, the second group was ordered to lick and suck the cum out of Jenna’s pussy and ass.

Sue couldn’t wait, and pleaded the men in the first group to fuck her. They did with gusto!!

The second group continued to keep the ladies pussies and ass clean.

Jenna noticed that the men in the second group had much smaller dicks. However, Jenna also noticed that their little dicks all got hard when they were ordered to eat the cum from the ladies pussies and ass.

Jenna called her husband to come over to Sue’s. She greeted the door naked to her husband’s astonishment!

Jenna welcomed him in and then said,

“Honey let Sue show you to group two, I’m going to be busy.”

Her husband was speechless as he watched his naked wife on her hands and knees, sucking one man’s cock while another fucked his wife’s pussy and filled it with another’s man’s cum.

Sue, still naked, said, “Will one of you in group two please direct my little cuckold to my pussy?”

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Jenna so wants to fit in at the country club – Hot Wife Initiation

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