Jennifer’s Pizza Dare – Sex Stories

Jennifer wanted to be a naughty girl. But only sometimes. She sometimes rubbed herself on webcams, when she knew her roommates were away. She once changed naked in front of her window at night and once a day. So one time Jennifer heard about naked pizza delivery dares and decided to try it out.

She had her camera setup all proper. The pizza was on its way. Her roommates were asleep. Her little towel was ready to fall off and expose her fine curvaceous frame. She put her hair in two braided ponytails to give her a more innocent girlish look; it works with her round eyes. She was 5’4″ with natural full D tits and slim waist. Behind her 36” hips was a round booty with a cute jiggle. She hardly hit the gym but just maintained a round ass at 21.

She thought she would do the usual dare. Hand the money over and lose the towel during the hand off. Holding only onto the pizza while standing embarrassed naked. She would look silly, close the door, and then turn off camera.

But that’s what Jennifer thought was going to happen. Instead, she was standing naked in front of pizza parlor employees. She had cum in her hair and some on her forehead. The bright white lights of the store kept Jennifer’s young naked tits and ass exposed. Her hands were zipped tied together and Jennifer choose to cover her pussy which makes her arms squeeze her big tits together for the male employees. Jennifer was breathing hard because this was way beyond the humiliation she planned for. She never planned to leave the house like this. She didn’t plan to be near more strangers.

“Check it out boys! We got ourselves a sweet ass treat!” He slaps and squeezes her ass while in front of everyone. She squirms and squeals to the hard smack, even her tits jiggle. She shifts her feet nervously. Jennifer wishes she could cover herself.

“Oh my goodness, why am I here? I sucked your dick like you wanted. Please let me go home. Please untie me. Please I’m completely naked!” Jennifer pleads to her pizza deliverer. He spanks her ass again several times. She squeals and the employees chuckle.

“Yo! so Frank how you pulling this off? How much is she?” One of the employees finally ask Frank.

“Not like that gents, this young slut right here is going to thank us for our hard work and entertain us with her fine naked body. For free.” Frank said with a big grin. Jennifer looked very nervous. She naively wondered how she was going to entertain them, they have to work. She stood sheepish in front of the men.

Frank told the employees the story of how Jennifer got naked in front of him. “The pizza went in her hands. And then her tits came out. But I heard of this naked pizza dare shit! I done seen these before. I knew it was a setup. So instead I grab her and spanked her in front of her webcam and slapped pizza in her face. Then I took her by the arm and brought her into my car. At my car, I slapped on the zip ties from my toolbox.” Frank continues on.

“So then, I tell her to do right what I say and then get your ass home. I drove off and get her to suck my dick. So I’m with this silly fine young ass and she’s sucking my dick! I’m driving and she’s bobbing away. And then you know what, I even got her to do the last 3 drop offs! It didn’t take much to convince her. Man was she red in the face. This little naked body running up and down driveways was great. One house sounded like a bunch of young men, cause I heard some hollering when she came back once. Her body has a great bounce guys.” Frank holds Jennifer’s arm and shakes her like a trophy.

“Ok, so I’m going to do some more work. Have fun gents. Her ass is ours. She wanted to be a naughty nude girl remember! See you sweet cheeks.” Frank slaps her ass once more. She yelps again and rolls her eyes to his brute strength for that slap on her butt. Frank yanks her ponytails and tells her “You’re going to get it”

Jennifer can’t believe that he is leaving her with them. She doesn’t know them at all! She only knew Frank for the past twenty minutes as she sucked his dick during drives. But at least he can get her home. Now she was tied up in front of 3 sets of hungry horny eyes. She had to take deep breaths to keep her balance. She was so embarrassed to stand naked in this pizza delivery. She was also so mad at herself for wanting to do something naughty in the first place. She regretted doing the webcam dare so much as she heard Franks footsteps leave behind her. Now she was miles from her apartment, naked and hands tied together in front of three strange males.

Chapter 2

Time passes, the stores reopens. Eventually, Jennifer was handing off pizza to male customers. When a male customer would walk in. Jennifer would reluctantly emerge from the side push door and greet the customer. She would hurry to get behind the counter. In glorious display was this brunette with exposed tits squeezed together. Her brunette pigtails were holding but looks roughed up. To any wise enough male, you could notice there were gobs of cum in her hair and on her chest. Some on her chin, forehead, left face cheek, right shoulder, neck, left shoulder, right arm, back of head, and upper back. She operates as if everything is normal despite looking like a ravished slut.

The customers tell her their order and she turns around to reach out for the pizza. The pizza is always loaded in the lowest slot for Jennifer. This was a favorite moment for the employees watching because whenever Jennifer turned around to bend over for the pizza the customer was in full view of many flour hand prints covering her naked ass cheeks. Seeing her full round behind treated in such a way brought amused faces from the men. Knowing her ass was getting grabbed and spanked by the employees was exciting. Some would whistle and catcall her exposed curves. She worked right through it and handled the money but she felt so humiliated during the whole thing. She hated being naked in front of these strange men. Jennifer hated even more having her ass covered in hand prints to mark the slaps. She felt gross that she couldn’t wipe the cum off that employees shot over her.

Then every customer would Actually ask about the flour hand prints on her bubble butt. Jennifer reluctantly gave an answer back. The employees told Jennifer exactly how to answer such a question. And she hated it because it meant more humiliation. She only agreed because she thought hardly anyone would ask such a specific question.

“Oh teehee, those hand prints on my ass are for you! To remind you where you can put your hands before you leave.” Next, Jennifer was instructed to walk onto the customer side of the store. Then she bends over with feet together. Her ass looking round and glorious, and embarrassed. Jennifer couldn’t believe she was actually doing this, as she stared at the tile of the pizza delivery store. She gulped at trying to push herself through this. The employees were so mean and sounded so serious on doing these exact directions. She gave in because she didn’t want to get hurt. Jennifer just wanted her first pizza man to come back already and take her home. She was hoping this humiliating terrible night would end. (It wouldn’t.)

Another whistle, catcall, or comment would be said once Jennifer fully bent over with an ass covered in dusty white hand prints. She stayed in the middle of the store bare ass facing the door while grabbing her ankles with tied up wrist. You could sort of make out her naked ass from the parking lot. Normally the men would grab her ass, rub her butt, and spank Jennifer’s cheeks of course. Hands would grab it hard too and spank hard which caused Jennifer to yelp even more and stumble forward sometimes. The men chuckle at the sight of the reluctant slut. Her body was beautiful and vulnerable. Some men gave it a few slaps and left. Many others took their time and enjoyed her fleshy ass globes.

“oh oh ok. Th-thank you. Good night.” Jennifer would nervously say to customers who took a long time to grope and smack her behind. She remained in position as she said Thank you because she was too timid to move. She just hoped saying Thank you would end the torment. Customers couldn’t believe their dumb luck to have a dumb brunette giving up her butt like this.

After the first five customers, Jennifer was flustered and wanted this to all to end. After receiving one final firm ass squeeze from the 6th customer. Jennifer walked to the back and said “Hey! I’m not doing this anymore! These guys are all asking about the flour! Their getting rough on my ass. I don’t like it. It’s so humiliating to be out there in front of them! Please, I don’t want to be seen like this. You’ve put cum all over me!” Jennifer’s plead was a fail because the employees decided to spank her ass red themselves and Added flour hand prints to her bouncy round breast.

“Now customers can grab those too.” They chuckle.

“No! Ow! My ass stings! Please no! Its so embarrassing!” Jennifer squirms in front of the three amused males. She is glistening in sweat. Cum stains over her. Hands tied and tits squished together. Two obvious white hand prints over her beautiful perky tits. Behind her, her round ass was glowing red.

“Hey next customer is coming! Get some flour on her booty and send her out!”

Jennifer was grabbed, spun around, and then she yelped when she felt several hard smacks land on her butt. Her ass now had a fresh set of hand prints to highlight her vulnerable round behind. Then the ravished young brunette was shoved outside to handle the customer and let the customer handle her naked ass and tits.

Chapter 3

Jennifer quickly managed a smile and proceed to take care of the customer. She couldn’t believe she continued to do it, that she was serving this other guy completely nude. She just wanted to try to do a webcam dare for one night. Now she has to be a naked cashier for strange men at a fucking pizza joint. She is so aware of her big butt because of the harsh spanking she got, she feels it glowing. Glowing in embarrassment. The red cheeks were contrasting nicely with the white hand prints. Jennifer’s head starts to spin again thinking of her turn of events. She can’t believe her body is being used this way.

Again, she bends over for the pizza and the man whistles at the hilariously sexy sight of hand spanks printed on her ass. On cue, he asks about the flour on her booty. She gives the same response.

“Its there to remind customers where to grab.” She gulps realizing it means her tits are literally now up for grabs.

Jennifer then nervously walks over and gets into her bent over position. Hands grabbing ankles, ass pointing to the door. He indeed gropes her naked cheeks. Jiggles and spreads her ass, then a firm slap. Jennifer gasps when he reaches down to squeeze her tits. He actually spends a lot of time on her tits. She breathes rapidly as he mauls her chest. The humiliated brunette has a hard time keeping her hands down, allowing him access to grab away at her naked body. She couldn’t believe she was doing this.

“Oo oh ok. Thank…thank you.” She stutters out. The customer cums back to reality. He grabs the pizza. He spanks and grabs her ass one more time and she yelps in surprise. Then he leaves with a smile while adjusting his crotch. Jennifer slowly rises up. She rubs her ass and then her chest to rub away the strangers molestation. She slowly walks to the back and sighs. She wishes she never did the pizza dare.

“Damn girl you look so good out there. I’m sure the customers are loving you and your booty!” The employees chuckle.

“Well I’m not loving it! I want to go home! I’m not this type of girl! Please let me cover up.” Jennifer again pleads as she continues to cover her chest and keep her legs tight to hide her pussy.

She didn’t notice the employee sneak behind her and grab her shoulders to shove her down. Jennifer is pushed to her knees.

“You talk too much girl. Here.” And the dirty employee pushed his dick in Jennifer’s mouth for a second time this night. She had no time to speak and as he rushes his cock in her mouth once she was kneeling. She gags a lot and loudly. Jennifer’s two braided ponytails are coming in handy as the man pulls her ponytails while face fucking her. “Stupid ponytails” Jennifer thinks to herself as she feels the hard dick pump in and out her wet mouth. Her mouth starts to drool.

Suddenly, Jennifer feels herself picked up and pushed out again to greet a customer. She couldn’t believe they ravished her mouth right as they sent her out. She felt dumb and dazed. And worse it was four young males waiting for the order. Four frat boys coming to pick up. Four boys! Emotions of being mouth fucked so hard was replaced with standing naked in front of four new strangers. She came out gasping for air from the ravaging her mouth just took. She tried to wipe away some drool from her lips as she walked to the register in her humiliated state. It was obvious that Jennifer was being a slut sucking dick.

Chapter 4

The boys marvel at the naked sexy chick in front of them. Their eyes bug out even more when Jennifer turns around to get the pizza. They love the sight of her round ass being red with white hand prints covering it. They order a soda just to watch her cheeks some more. They pick a bottom shelf soda so Jennifer once again bends over to retrieve it. She does it slowly cause she has no urge to rush, unwittingly doing it at a wonderful teasing pace.

Again on cue, they ask about the many hand prints over her body. They also asks if she is some dumb cunt being punished. She ignores that second question and answers the first the same way she always has.

“Oh y-yes. teehee. Those handprints on my ummm…ass and umm tits…are for you to enjoy. It-its to remind you wh-where you can put your…your hands b-before you leave.” She struggled to speak out to the customers because she was so nervous on what could happen. She was dreAding the thought of having all four touch her. And touch her at once. This was so humiliating and overwhelming for Jennifer. She had a moment of thinking of just running out the door. But then she wondered what she would do next. She couldn’t just run home humiliated and naked. That sounded extra mortifying to Jennifer.

So she sheepishly walks to the customers side. once again she stands in the middle, turns around to present her backside, and bends over with tied hands grabbing ankles, legs straight (most of the time). Jennifer’s ass is so well rounded and poking high in the air. The boys shout and holler at the sight Jennifer puts on. They can’t believe what she is showing. Her naked butt is presented to the customers with embarrassing white hand marks all over her cheeks and her pussy is poking through her tight legs. All the young men agreed on that her fantastic ass deserves a spanking. Jennifer feels so humiliated and is holding back her tears. Jennifer tried to reason its only four quick touches on her butt. She thought, each frat boy would grab her naked butt cheek one grab and one spank. Well, she was wrong.

“Yo yo yo wait up. So you’re saying those hand prints on your ass and tits means we can handle your ass and tits?”

“hmmm y-y-yea. I guess s-so.” Jennifer was nervous on what to say.

“So answer the other question. Are you a dumb cunt being punished?” a frat boy remembered to ask again. Jennifer hated they asked her that question. She didn’t want to say yes but was scared to oppose the frat boys. She didn’t want to cause more trouble she thought.

“hmmm y-yes I am. s-sir.” Jennifer looks back with innocent eyes and gives her submissive answer. She needs punishing.

The boys spank and grope away at her ass. Jennifer squeals and yelps many times as the boys roughly handle her ass cheeks. She quickly learns they want more than just one spank. It suddenly all starts feeling too intense for Jennifer. The many hands touching her bent over behind, legs, back, stomach, and tits was a shock wave of embarrassment for Jennifer. She felt humiliated because she was older than these young men and now their hands were all over her ass.

Then someone grabs her arm and stands her up. They yank her hands over her head and bend behind her head. Jennifer is shocked for someone to reposition her for the first time. She can’t believe she gave in to it, giving in to being a pose-able naked slut.

With Jennifer’s arm’s over her head, there was a clear view of her round D tits. Breast were jiggling as Jennifer squirmed from the spanks. The frat boys switched to mauling her fine tits. Now Jennifer was really overwhelmed at having so many hands touch her whole naked body. Her pussy starts to pulse and feels massive tingly.

She grimaced as their young hands squeezed and jiggled her ass and tits. She yelped and would do a little hop when they spanked her ass really hard. Jennifer groans and squeals as the many hands grope her body. They order her to wiggle her ass and she listens to them.

“Hey bring that chair over here! Let’s punish her right.” The lead frat boy sits down on the chair and pulls Jennifer over his lap. She offers no resistance and only whimpers as she puts her butt on new display. Jennifer lets her naked body lay over the customers lap, she was too flustered from the intense groping. He spanks Jennifer right over his knee. He gives her naked tushy many slaps and she hates all of them. Jennifer feels so shocked and humiliated to have her ass spanked over the knee by a stranger.

Eventually all four boys spank her sweet round ass. She felt so embarrassed to be punished by these young men. Each one took time to spank, rub, and squeeze her ass cheeks while the other hand cups and mauls her tits. Jennifer felt so used and her butt was stinging so much. Jennifer didn’t know how she got through all the frat boy spankings. She couldn’t believe so many hands have touched her naked body.

To make it even worse, each frat boy spanked her differently too. The first was over the knee, then bend over the chair, sit reverse on the chair, and wheelbarrow. Jennifer hated how the last two positions put her pussy so spread out and exposed. She felt so dumb and humiliated to be in this crazy situation to get spanked by strangers. Still she listens whenever they order her to arch her back and wiggle her butt. Jennifer’s ass cheeks bounce to the boys delight. With every slap to her bum, she twitches, kicks, squirms, and/or yelps. When the final frat boy stood her up. Jennifer couldn’t say anything because she was immediately grabbed again and flung over another lap.

Chapter 5

It was one of the pizza employees that had the naked beauty over his lap. She couldn’t understand why. She couldn’t understand much at the moment. Her body was tingly. Her head dizzy. Her ass feels hot. So many hands have touched her. She feels so exposed and groped. Jennifer tries to regain her breath as the men talk. Her hands are on the floor to keep balance. The employee has her face very close to the floor. Jennifer’s ass is thrust very well in the air. Round red naked humiliated butt for all to view.

“Great job guys. You did a fine number on her” he rubs her butt as he calmly speaks to the customers. He gives a great smack to jiggle her ass. She yelps in her tired voice and kicks her feet.

“Now go ahead and circle jerk on her ass. I know you’re a frat so don’t pretend like it ain’t a thing” The employee orders without even considering Jennifer. She makes a shocked sound and tries to look up.

“Hey! hey wait a minute. Why you telling them that? Let them leave. Let me go! Don’t jerk off on me! Please!” Jennifer pleads while wiggling her behind for all the men to enjoy.

“Shut the fuck up!” the employee spanks hard after every word he said. She whimpers in defeat, trying to hold back tears. Her ass deepens in red hand prints again.

The frat boys do as predicted. They pull out their dicks and begin to stroke their hard-ons. The employee continues to spank Jennifer until the first boy jizzes on her ass. Minutes go by as Jennifer squeals to her spanking in front of horny jerking off frat boys. Watching Jennifer’s round naked butt bounce to every slap and turn red was enough for anyone. Finally, all boys have shot their load on Jennifer’s full round ass. She is shocked the night has become like this. She gasps as her ass is being covered in semen. The boys chuckle to blowing their load on this slut.

The employee orders Jennifer to thank the boys.

“Thank thank you guys. Thank you for stopping by. Thanks for p-punishing me….and… and Thanks for cumming on my ass.” Jennifer sounds so defeated. The frat boys are loving the dumb look on her face as she stays laid over the employees lap with loads of cum across her behind.

The employee whispers in Jennifer’s ear. Jennifer says “oh and enjoy the pizza! ow!” She winces because he pinches her tit to humiliate her some more.The boys leave finally, and another employee locks the door. But not before Frank pushes in with a rush.

“Frank, you just missed it. this bitch was helping the customers punish her sweet ass. Now she’s about to rub customers cum like its lotion on her ass.” The employee holding Jennifer begins a belly laugh. Jennifer’s eyes go big as she realizes what is implied.

“oh yea?! Well sweet. The store is closed now. Show us how you lotion that naughty ass, sweet cheeks.” Frank says as he cuts away the zip ties. He did it so casually that Jennifer hardly enjoyed being free. She was still confused as to what was going to happen next to her. The rest of the employees emerged and soon four men were watching Jennifer.

She stood up and reluctantly turned around. She parted her legs and bends forward. Her hands reached back and she began reaching for the frat boy’s semen over her ass. She slowly touches the cum all over her sore round ass. Smearing the strangers cum on her ass was so humiliating. Jennifer couldn’t believe they wanted this from her. She pouts as she gets it on her hands. The men were loving this image of the embarrassed naked brunette presenting a cum covered ass.

“Ew! This is so gross guys! It’s so much cum! It’s all warm! Ew! Oh my ass stings so much! Please can I stop?” Jennifer pauses after barely rubbing anything. The men collectively yell at her, someone even throws his shoe at her, and she returns to rubbing semen over her displayed ass. Her fingers finally touch it and she smears it over her ass cheeks.

After enjoying that wonderful sight, the men get to closing up the store without saying a word to Jennifer. She’s left there with her ass thrust out and rubbing it in the middle of the store. She’s told to stay there as the men pack up things. Jennifer is nervous that late night passerby’s might see her naked display.

“Hey on second thought. Hey sweet cheeks! Stop standing there looking like a stupid slut! and help us close up.” Frank shouts and snaps at Jennifer. They have her mop the floor, wipe the windows, and take out the trash. Her timid body frantic trying to get everything done while feeling humiliated to be naked. Even worse was all the dried cum on her while she chored away for the males. Watching her naked ass walk around the store was still a great sight, just like when she first got here she looked like a girl in desperate need of clothes. The men would slap her ass whenever she worked next to them. They would smack her ass or flip a tit when they walked past her during the cleanup.

Then finally, Jennifer was told to wash up in the bathroom. Jennifer was relieved to hear that she could finally wash all this cum off her. She had four guys on her top and four guys on her ass cheeks. She wash her hands and wiped off all the dried cum from her skin. She finally showed a small smile because she felt this was the end of the wild humiliating night. She was clean and so ready to go home. She glimpsed at the clock, it was almost 3:00am! Jennifer was glad it was over. Her humiliated naked night was finally coming to an end. She walks out the bathroom to find the four smirking men huddled at the middle of the store. Jennifer’s face hints confusion as to why their not at the exit door.

Naked Jennifer softly says to Frank. “Hey…ummm I thought we were leaving.”

Chapter 6

“Oh, We are going to go. But first we need to cum.” Frank casually rubs his crotch. “So before we leave, we really want to thank you sweet cheeks for giving us this fun night. You have such a nice round ass, I totally understand why it should be on a webcam. So because of your wonderful service, we all decided to give you a gift.” The men start to smirk.

“um what kind of gift.” Jennifer says while shyly covering her tits and pussy. She tilts her head to the side waiting to go home. She really thought the night was done.

“We’re giving you our cocks. All at once.” another employees shouts.

Jennifer has big eyes and in shock says, “You want to gang bang me!” She’s can’t believe this is what they want. She slowly backs away.

“Well yes, we do. Thank you for asking.” Frank walks up to Jennifer and grabs her arms. His other hand slaps down hard and firmly grabs Jennifer’s round ass cheek. She groans and tiptoes her way to a prep table. She didn’t notice yet but the other men were unzipping their pants.

Jennifer is forced to bend over a metal table that is meant for making pizza. Now it’s meant for fucking Jennifer. They kick her legs apart. She whimpers and pleads to let her go. She reminds them that she has done so many humiliating things and should just go home now. The men can’t hear her though. Seeing her moist pussy lips between her red ass cheeks was calling out.

“ow my ass! oh oh oh. please please. don’t do this. Let me go home! You’ve humiliated me so much! What you going to do? No no! Please don’t tie me again! ow ow! You guys please don’t do this to me.” Jennifer tried to escape and then Frank put new zip ties on her wrist and tied her hands behind her back this time. The men push Jennifer down to bend over at the waist on the table. Her head was right at the end on the other side. Jennifer knows the men are staring at her naked behind and gulps for what might happen to her. Jennifer doesn’t know Frank came back with the little blue pill for the guys.

For about the next two hours, Frank and the other three pizza employees gang banged poor o’ Jennifer. She was split roasted almost at all times. Someone would pound her pussy and someone would face fuck Jennifer. She never felt so constantly fucked before. Two dicks were pumping into her nonstop. The men were so horny to finally fuck this sexy young humiliated girl. Watching her humiliate herself at the store and submit to all these demands was driving them crazy. Their dicks were raging to fuck this dumb slut. The employees already were thinking about how they would enjoy the camera footage of her naked display to customers.

They didn’t care how Jennifer didn’t want to be there. They knew her ass fucked up and now she was paying for it. She was paying for it with four dicks pounding in her pussy and mouth. When the dick was out of her mouth, the guys did enjoy hearing Jennifer moan and groan for them to stop. The men fucked Jennifer so hard her ass cheeks held a nice ripple over her round bum. Balls were slapping on her naked skin, over and over as she muffed over a strangers cock in her mouth.

Jennifer could hardly understand anything during the whole gang bang. One moment she was pleading for them to not fuck her. The next she was gasping for air as they force fucked her mouth. Her pussy getting stretched for all employees. Her young tight pussy griped all of their cocks, even if Jennifer didn’t want to.

At some point during the gang bang. The men decided to lift up Jennifer’s waist so her feet would dangle off the ground. They shoved a few pizza boxes under Jennifer stomach to raise up her ass. Ultimately her round ass was thrust higher in the air and her feet dangled. With her arms pinned behind her back Jennifer couldn’t fight back any of this. She looked like a helpless fuck doll, hands tied behind the back and dangling for a fucking. With her hands tied up that meant every blow job was only her mouth. She couldn’t stroke it to get it off. She couldn’t control how much would go in her mouth. Men were thrusting in her mouth again. Jennifer didn’t know how she was keeping up with all the dicks shoving in her mouth. She was hating it and wanted it all to end.

The men very much enjoyed their new sex position on Jennifer as she grunted loudly on another man’s dick. All the men were eager to pound this naked brunette into the table. Each one entered her pussy were fierce thrusts. Jennifer felt so used as the men ravaged her body. Their dicks showing no mercy on her innocent pussy. She could only kick her dangling legs as the men continue to abuse her cunt.

Jennifer was in extreme shock to be servicing four men like this. She lost all control and felt so degraded. Her ass was upturned and pussy being pounded into the table. Her mouth is slobbering over dick after dick. Her ass and tits are mauled at constantly.

As the fucking went on, the men started to poke their fingers in her butt hole. Watching that sweet butt jiggle from the hard fucking, the men felt inclined to penetrate her back door. Jennifer did scream more for the intrusion but none noticed because her mouth was full of cock. She did notice the intrusions pushing into her anus. She hated them for it. She couldn’t stop them from getting their finger poked into her ass. Still, she wiggled her butt a lot as fingers rested inside her tortured asshole. But before anyone could think of fucking Jennifer in her vulnerable asshole the pizza employees began to climax. When they did cum, they shot it all over Jennifer.

Once again, Jennifer had cum from four strange men on her. The men shot cum on her face, neck, tits, back, hair, and ass. Jennifer was so numb after all the fucking but she could tell that this was more jizz than the frat boys left on her. She was all covered again in cum. She felt so used and so dumb for doing the pizza dare. The men stand Jennifer covered in cum.

Everyone actually had such a great time fucking (except for Jennifer), that it was around 5am when it all end. When Jennifer had finally took the last load of cum on her body. Everyone was gasping from such a great long fucking.

“Please. Please please. Can I go now! My ass is sore from the all the spankings. My pussy is sore from being fucked so rough. My mouth is sore from all the deep throats you made me do. Please Frank lets go home. I just want to go home.” Jennifer stares at Frank hoping this nightmare dare night will end.

Frank is quick to reply. “What? I’m not taking you home slut. You’re walking sweet cheeks. Get your fine ass home yourself. Better hurry too before the sky gets any brighter.” Frank glances out the window then back to the sweaty naked women.

Jennifer shows a panicked face. She could barely understand how Frank wanted her to leave the pizza parlor with no clothes. She was expected to make her way home in the complete nude! Before Jennifer could say any more, Frank cut off the zip ties and shoved Jennifer out of the pizza palor. She gasps and covers her big tits and cunt. She shivers as the cold wind breezes through her legs. She also shivers because the wind reminds Jennifer of all the cum over her naked body. Humiliated and vulnerable, naked Jennifer embarrassingly makes her way home.

She puts her arm over her tits and a hand over sore pussy as she crouches behind a bush. Jennifer can’t believe Frank would do this to her. She looks back at the pizza place and the men are all outside and Frank is locking the door.

“Better think twice about doing a pizza dare you dumb slut. And better get home too before more morning people come out. See ya sweet cheeks.” Frank enters his car.

Jennifer hates this so much. She’s been so humiliated all night long and these embarrassing unfortunate events keep happening to her. She looks around the dimly light parking lot and streets around her. She feels like a complete slut covered in cum. Much of it spread across her body by now as it dries leaving cum marks on the young body. Jennifer figures which way is home and begins to quickly walk that direction in the nude.

“oh my goodness. oh my goodness. I’m naked. I’m naked! it’s cold. I’m outside. I’m so fucking naked. Oh fuck oh fuck!” Jennifer stops and yelps as cars pass by and honk. It was the pizza employees honking at her as they left her dumb naked ass there in public trying to cover her big tits and pussy. As the sun rises and people hit the streets, Jennifer takes a long embarrassing naked walk home.

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Jennifer’s Pizza Dare – Sex Stories

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