Jenny’s Breast Torture – Sex Stories

Jenny’s Breast Torture – Sex Stories

Jenny shivered and gripped her elbows tightly as she felt him move
behind her. His warmth caressed her bare back as his hands caressed her arms to
her elbows then trailed up her ribs to rest under her breasts. Slowly, almost
tenderly he cupped her undersides. “You might feel some pressure.” His voice
taunted her as he began to squeeze her breasts. The soft pliant flesh tried to
accommodate him by bunching high up on her chest and sliding between his
fingers. Soon no more accommodation was possible and waves of pain began
crashing through her slender body in time to her frantic heartbeat as the tender
flesh was compressed. Jenny’s mouth hung open gulping in air for screams she
was too afraid to voice and sweat burst from her chest. The cool breeze coming
through the window created an almost unbearable contrast between the chilled
flesh it could reach and the burning flesh covered by her tormentor’s hands. As
the grip tightened past her wildest dreams of endurance Jenny’s quiet moans
turned to high pitched whimpers. Finally he released her and stepped back.
“Turn around”. Jenny slowly, carefully pivoted, her favorite pair of old pink
panties were stretched between her knees and intuition told her it would be bad
if she let them drop. As she came to face the full length mirror she saw an
approving smile and felt an inappropriate surge of pride that she had guessed

All feelings of pride vanished when she saw the reddened hand prints on
her tits and the pain came rushing back. The detailed print of a large
masculine hand was clearly visible against the pale white flesh of her breasts
and purple bruises were already beginning to form where his finger nails had dug
into her. Morbid fascination caused her to compare the creased red flesh to the
usual perfect white mounds that greeted her gaze and she shuddered at the
punishment her poor tits had endured. Still they had recovered well, the
throbbing pain was starting to subside and they were just as firm and round as
before. Once again pride rose as she realized that even at only fourteen years
of age her breasts were more than big enough to hold the hand print of a full
grown man. This time when he moved behind her she stood straight and thrust her
breasts out, daring him to overcome their youthful resilience.

His hands covered her front, nestling her small flat nipples in the
palm. He pulled her back against his body his hands forcing her breasts flat
against her chest wall, fingers spread wide to grip as much of her as possible.
Again he began that long slow squeeze and she felt uniquely feminine pleasure as
his hands struggled to master the fullness of her breasts. The budding pleasure
quickly turned to pain as an invisible line was crossed and his hands became her
master. Soft flesh was once more forced between crushing fingers. The pressure
quickly passed the previous level and all the blood in her breasts was forced
into the small bulges that had escaped and the perfect white flesh blossomed
crimson. As the agony became unbearable she fainted.

Jenny stared uncomprehendingly at the little girl in the mirror. White
blond hair hung in disarray to her waist and framed the pale slim body. The
full rounded mounds of her breasts covered her thin chest and turned the girl
into a woman. A narrow waist flared into similarly feminine hips that trailed
away into long graceful legs sculpted by years of gymnastics. The legs were
bisected by a dainty cleft closed by full lips and lightly covered by nearly
invisible wisps of white blond hair. A thin trail of clear fluid spilt from the
cleft and trailed down her right leg to the turn of her knee. As Jenny focused
on the trail the smell hit her. “Oh god, no!” she whispered almost inaudibly.
Her gaze lifted to the man behind her.

He was holding her upper arms in that intimately familiar firm grip to
keep her standing. She could tell by the small amount of pain that he had only
been holding her up for a few seconds since she had fainted from the pain in her
breasts. She could also tell by the deep feminine musk filling the air that she
had orgasmed in those same few seconds. Seeing her awake he released her arms
and she straightened. After taking a deep breath to steady her nerves she stood
again as he had first placed her, legs slightly spread arms behind her back so
her hands touched her elbows. After trying to look his reflection in the eyes
and failing she swallowed and stared at her nickel sized nipples and pushed her
shoulders back offering herself to him. His hands took her offering, this time
from the top and slowly tightened.

The pain came quick this time since her already delicate female flesh
had been tenderized twice now. The jolt of pain flared in her breasts then slid
out of her dry lips as a squeal of pain. A heartbeat later a sharp spike ran
down her sternum and burst at the top of her cleft. A hot tingle and buzz
erupted across her lower abdomen and across the skin of her buttocks. The
squeal slid into a deep moan and her consciousness wavered under the crash of
conflicting signals. She oscillated between the agony tearing her young breasts
apart and the strange hot pulses erupting deep inside her. The torment
continued as the vise like grip on her breasts tightened until she jumped
between almost passing out from the pain again and cumming for the second time
in less that a minute. Finally, as if he could read the swings of her confused
body, her tormentor released her breasts just as the pain flopped to pleasure
and she climaxed. Hard shudders racked her slender body as inexperienced
muscles deep inside her treasured depths clenched, trying to tighten around
their nonexistent counterpart. Lubricating fluids were released and slid out of
her unused.

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Regaining her breath, Jenny looked at her reflection. A thin line of
viscous fluid hung from her lower lips halfway to her panties. Her young
breasts were completely red and covered with creases where the pliant flesh had
been folded in on itself. Dark bruises marked the areas his finger tips had
pressed. Still they stood defiant of gravity and her tormentors mangling hands.
Poorly understood pride surged through her, pride that she was still beautiful
despite the mistreatment, pride that she was a woman, pride that her body had
compelled such desperately harsh longing. Once more she stood and offered her
breasts. His touch this time was even gentler as he cupped and held her up for
inspection but the pain flared higher. “When will you stop?”, she whispered so
softly that for a moment she was unsure if she had actually spoken. “When you
cum on the floor.” His voice held such condensed cruelty that she marveled at
his ability to control it and just for a second she loved him for protecting her
from it.

He took a pinch from the underside of her breasts between his
forefingers and thumbs and squeezed gently to separate it from the general mass.
Then feeling the silky soft flesh beat gently with her heart he pulled it away
from her and held the selected portions in his hands. Slowly he began to
tighten down. It felt like her breasts were being torn in two and as she looked
in the mirror at the two grossly distorted globes it looked like that too. The
pain was so intense that she didn’t notice she was close to orgasming until the
climax rushed through her and the dangling string of cum between her legs grew
rapidly and fell only to be caught by her panties. A moment of despair flooded
through her followed by admiration for her tormentors foresight.

This time he didn’t let her go. His hands began to ripple as he
tightened fingers in succession forcing the trapped blood back and forth in the
bit of her breasts that he held. Her mouth opened to scream but he warned her
with a quick “Don’t” and she held it back. Her lower muscles released where her
mouth could not and three quick splats signaled the end of her fourth orgasm.
The cum began seeping through the thin worn fabric of her panties and a second
pendulum formed below her. Seeing her close to the edge he began to pull down
on her breasts stretching the delicate tissue and digging his fingers in even
harder determined not to let any of the flesh he had captured escape.

Jenny began to lean forward but then dim instinct once again asserted
itself and she forced herself upright using her unfortunate tits in a twisted
version of tug-o-war. Her breasts were two distorted globes of suffering as
they were pulled apart and crushed at the same time. The skin at connecting the
mangled flesh to her chest burned as it was stretched to the point of tearing
and something inside rebelled against the harsh treatment by overloading her
senses with a burst of pain that her insane womanhood interpreted as pleasure.
As once more she slid into a dead faint Jenny’s virgin muscles clenched at
nothingness and forced the last bit of female juice out of her before collapsing
into a tangle of cramps that would leave her insides bruised and tender for a

For the few seconds she was unconscious Jenny’s tormentor simply held
her up by the tortured flesh he had already so thoroughly abused. When she woke
up he let her go, reached down and pulled her panties up high into a full wedgie
that can only be given to a girl and walked away. Jenny was left to stare in
the mirror at her breasts swelling unevenly with bruises to half again their
normal size and then squirm uncomfortably as she realizes that chance had put
the cooling pool of her cum right against her anus.

A week later Jenny once again offered her delectable young breasts to
her unknown tormentor. She stood proudly in front of her mirror arms behind her
back fingers gripping her elbows shoulders back breasts full and vulnerable
before her. She wore the same faded pink pair of panties, the thin cotton clung
tightly to her feminine curves dimly revealing her twin entrances. Air slid
almost soundlessly through her slightly parted lips. A thin covering of neutral
lip stick coated them, her long white blond hair had been combed until it fell
in perfect silky waves and her skin smelt lightly of roses from the long bath
she had taken only hours before. Her tormentor smiled at the subtle but obvious
signs of preparation. She had either correctly guessed the time of his return
(when the bruises on her breasts had faded to minor discolorations) or had
prepared every night waiting for his return at two in the morning (the
anniversary of his first assault). Either option was pleasing as was the fear
evident running beneath her skin. The mind blowing orgasms and natural
hornyness of a teenager had obviously excited her but now she was remembering
the pain that came with it. He played on the memories of pain and once more
stood close behind her caressing her slender arms. His fingers slid lightly
over her narrow ribs and waited beneath her trembling breasts. The warm silky
skin and hammering heartbeat woke the darkness in his soul and he released it.

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Jenny swallowed nervously as she felt his hands stop beneath her
sensitive breasts. Each beat of her heart brought her closer to the pain and
further eroded her resolve. She had intended to stand proudly and take what
ever he could offer but now pain seemed to radiate from his hands. The pain
from their last encounter and the pain of the numerous victims she was sure he
had. The ghosts of other tortured little girls rose in her minds eye, some
proudly taking it, some crying and whimpering and begging for it to stop, all of
them learning that their desires were subservient to his. Just as she was about
to speak his hands moved and gripped her breasts hard. Her thoughts stopped
then fled as he lifted her lithe body directly into the air until she was
dangling by her tits.

The abruptness shocked her and her body had no time to adjust, for the
first time she felt pure pain. Each shuddering breath, each heartbeat inflamed
her flesh further and she succumbed to her first scream. It ended abruptly as
he dropped her and she crumpled to the floor. Her dark blue eyes snapped wide.
She had just violated the unspoken rules that had protected her in the past and
sudden fear for life slammed through her. The breath stuck in her throat and
she was unable to draw air as she waited for him to act. Finally as her vision
started to turn dark he held out his hands waist high. Trembling almost too
weak to move she knelt and placed her left breast in his right hand. It snapped
shut like a steel trap. The pain was almost a relief until she realized he was
still not moving. Seeing his other hand understanding came and she shuffled
right stretching her left breast until her right just brushed his palm and once
more he held her. The double pain soothed her and she relaxed knowing as long
as he was hurting her she was safe.

He lifted her again using her breasts until she stood on her feet. He
released her and stood back. Her breasts were barely discolored despite the
rough treatment. Bruises were forming where his finger tips had pressed but
other then that they were still the perfect full rounded mounds of a well
endowed woman on the chest of a fourteen year old girl. “Bring me two metal
hangers.” She blinked at the odd order then hurried to obey. She walked back
quickly holding two hangers, her large breasts swinging and bouncing lightly in
her haste. After he accepted her offering she resumed her stance and stared as
he slowly straightened them. Multiple scenarios ran through her head about how
he would use them and she began to get wet as her fertile imagination supplied
all sorts of inventive uses for the long metal probes.

Leading her over to the bed he had her lay down with her breasts hanging
over the side. Pillows were used to prop up her hips and legs so she lay at
more of an incline. He moved a chair over to support her head. Soon the full
globes of her breasts were the lowest point in her body and they began to swell
as the blood settled. Minutes later they began to throb and an answering throb
woke deeper in her body at the combination of mild pain in her tits and
anticipation of more to come. Taking her hands he moved them to her left breast
and placed them around the meat of her breast. “Pull.” Jenny pulled distorting
the globe into a long cone. Smack! Her right breast bounced against the chair
leg as he hit it. “Harder, bitch.” Her face burned in embarrassment at the
foul language and she yanked down only to have her tit slip from her grasp.
Smack! Her right breast bounced again and she hastily fumbled with herself
trying to get a good grip. Twice more her right breast bounced off the chair
leg until she held her left breast firmly away from her body.

He inspected it. “Good.” A surge of triumph rose. She had pleased
him. Bending one of the hangers in to a loop around her distended tit he
settled it tight against her chest wall. Pulling slowly he began to constrict
the loop around her breast. As her grip started to slip he yanked the loop
tight trapping the blood in. Now her breast looked like a fleshy balloon
rapidly turn in a deep purple as her heart pumped more blood in but was unable
to pump it back out again. He completed wrapping the hanger tightly around the
base of her breast as unasked she held the other one out of his way. Now that
she knew what he was doing she did her best to aid him taking pride in her
ability to help. Soon both breasts were tightly captured, the ends of the
hangers digging into delicate flesh. Blood filled them to bursting and each
heartbeat was agony. He pushed her into a sitting position and she winced as
more weight settled onto the pointy tips. He gently brushed the hair out of her
face pulling it behind her and moved the mirror so she could look at herself.

The image of a slim young woman greeted her. Pale pixie like features
stared out at her. Perfect ivory skin, flat stomach, slender sculpted limbs,
two large breasts swollen with blood and bondage that led to a tight crease at
her center. From her ribs down to her knees a liquid sheen of vaginal fluid
glittered wetly. Her ignored womanhood begged for attention by releasing a
steady stream of lubricant. Thick feminine odors filled the room. Jenny’s
attention was riveted to her breasts. They looked abused, distorted, perverse,
swollen and utterly sexy. The knowledge that she had helped make them that way
filled her with illicit pleasure. Her mind filled with a pleasant buzzing and
she dimly noticed a small container being placed beneath her dripping opening as
she came. The climax rose in long slow waves that washed away all sensation
except her deep liquid warmth. When the wave trailed away she luxuriated in the
throbbing of her chest until the next wave carried her away.

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Reality returned and Jenny smiled in languid pleasure at the man behind
her. Instead of returning it he placed her hands under her breasts until she
cupped herself then ordered her to raise them. “Drop.” She released the
swollen flesh and her tits flopped down onto the points of the hanger. The
sharp pain cleared the last of the mists from her mind and woke a strident
yearning in her innards. “Again.” She lifted and dropped. A few times more
and she had developed a measured rhythm. Desire made her want to increase it
and she moved too early. The orders stopped with her hands holding her female
treasures high. She realized her mistake and froze, waiting for him to
continue. As the pause drew out she squirmed eager for sensation to return to
her crotch. Her outer lips were swollen and were no longer fully covered by the
narrow strip of her panties, glistening rounded flesh left its privacy and
begged for attention.

“Continue.” She let her breasts drop and once again her sole focus
became the heated mounds of her breasts. He increased her speed and force until
the pain caught up and then passed the pleasure and she descended once more into
confused ecstasy. Franticly she grabbed her swollen flesh and pushed it upward
until it pressed against her chin the her hands slid up to grasp the front part
of her breasts and she pulled the downward and ground them back against the
hangers then up again. Her orgasm was harder this time and still sore inner
muscles spasmed out of time with her inner rhythm so her cum squirted out in
short uneven spurts and left her unsatisfied. Her second attempt faltered as
her hands slipped from her sweaty flesh and she stopped. Her hands twisted and
pinched at her heaving tits and she looked at him with desperate pleading eyes.
Smiling grimly he moved her hands and harshly grasped her eagerly offered
breasts. He waited a second until she guessed his game and asked him to lift
her. Her hesitant demands became louder and stronger as she quickly rose toward
her peak.

Jenny orgasmed rapidly and then begged him for harsher treatment as she
sensed once more the massive climaxes he had forced on her before. His hands
mauled her tender breasts and she rocked her chest back and forth to compliment
his movement. She practically shoved her tits into his hands as he pushed
towards her then leaned back when he pulled away. The tips of the hangers dug
shallow furrows into the tender undersides of her breasts and she twisted so new
flesh was marked with each thrust. Finally the building pressure inside her
crested and burst out in a spectacular shower of cum and her inner muscles
locked tight. Still the orgasm rode her and they clenched tighter trying to
force every ounce of fluid out of her juicy young body and doubling her over in
pain. He continued his hard rhythm as little tremors racked her and watched
with cruel pleasure as her inexperienced vagina torn itself apart. Her now
soaked panty crotch hung down so he could see her female entrance and watch as
each spasm caused minute amounts of fluid, sometimes only one drop, to be
squeezed out of her tight hole. Finally she knelt, head down between her knees
panting for breath and crying in pain. He pulled on the back of her panties
forcing them up between her swollen lower lips using her tight body to squeeze
the fluid out of the crotch. Satisfied that he had gotten most of it he lifted
the small Tupperware container he had placed earlier and moved around to lift
her chin. Tears streamed down her face and he caught them in the cup as they
dripped off her chin. Finally the spasms stopped except for the occasional
tremor if she used her stomach muscles too much. When her tears stopped
dripping he capped the container and set it in her limp hand. “Warm this every
night with your breasts until I come again.” He bent down to look her in the
eyes and grabbed the tips of her still flat nipples between a thumb and
forefinger. “And if you touch these at all until I say you can I’ll make you
bite them off and swallow them.” Then with a cruel smile that said he would
enjoy watching her do just that he walked out.

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Jenny’s Breast Torture – Sex Stories

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