John’s Dream Come True: Lauren by Schlitz

John’s Dream Come True: Lauren
by Schlitz

16 years later


It had been sixteen years since that wonderfully fateful day. Sixteen years that John had been thrusting his 7 inch cock into his wife’s cunt. Sixteen years of pure bliss and erotic pleasure. And all this pleasure had blessed them with an adorable daughter. She had her mother’s rich brown hair and sweet innocent eyes that seemed to always be looking for more than a girl her age should be. However, she had her father’s gift for making others enjoy themselves and be happy. And this is the story of that very daughter.

His daughters name was Lauren yet, her friends called her Laura. She was now ten years old and beginning her first day of fifth grade. Like most kids excited for a new year of school, she woke earlier than most would ever think of on a Monday morning. She happily swept up her towel and began to walk down the hall for her shower. She wanted to be extra pretty for today. As she walked down the hall she noticed her parent’s bedroom door was open and thought they might be awake so she walked in.

Both her parents were soundly sleeping so she moved closer. In the moonlit room she gasped at the sight in front of her. In front of her eyes was a seven inch pole jutting out at the sheets. All she knew was that it was jutting out at the place where guys had their thing and that she was very attracted to what it looked like. Although she had just hit puberty and her body was already producing the hormones for sex drive which gave her this strange feeling. (Lauren had been and early bloomer into puberty yet she developed much slower than you would think.) She then looked over towards her mother. All she saw was the rising and falling of her mom’s c cup breasts. This excited her even more. So much so that she couldn’t stand it.

She ran down the hall into the bathroom. She turned on the hot water stripped off her clothes and stepped in. She let the warm water run over her body. The water made its way down her front over her barely budding breasts dripping over her small protruding cunt lips. Laura moaned as she thought of the poll jutting out from her father at the sheets and her mother’s rising breasts. She slowly laid herself on the shower floor. She, instinctively and unknowingly, moved her hand toward her cunt.

She gasped. An overwhelming sensation of pleasure rushed through her young body. She was immediately addicted to the feeling. She moved her hand right back down and began to explore her body. She inserted her index and middle finger into the depths of her cunt. She loved the feeling of the soft, warm, wet flesh but loved the feeling it produced even more. She began to thrust her fingers in and out faster and faster until finally she had her first orgasm. She laid motionless, fingers still inside her cunt. She lay there amazed by her new discovery of pleasure. However, now she was more curious than ever about that pole jutting out from her father.

-The Request

When Lauren was done in the shower she walked back to her room, dried herself, and put on her clothes. Walking downstairs she overheard her parents talking… “John what are we going to do about your cock? It has been getting quite stiff whenever I’m around lately.” “HAHAHA. Yea I guess you’re right. I just can’t help it. You just seem to get so much more fucking gorgeous every day.” “John, you’re so sweet.” With that they locked into a passionate embrace raping each other’s mouths with their tongues.” Lauren stood there realizing what she had seen that morning. “That was my fa…father’s co…cock? It was huge…and so beautiful.” Now she had developed a lust for her father.

When Lauren had finally come to terms with it she decided to get what she wanted. She slowly walked into the kitchen and slowly gave her dad a body check paying close attention to his cock. She sat down next to him at the table while eating her breakfast. She slid her hand onto her father’s jeans and massaged it gently. John looked down shocked by his daughter’s actions. “What’s the matter dear?” “Oh…nothing. I just remembered I have a presentation to give today at one.” As he said this he gave his daughter a sharp glance signaling her to stop.

“Goodbye honey. I’m going to take Lauren to school today.” “Ok dear. Good luck on your presentation.” “Wha…? Oh yea, thanks Hun.” With that he took Lauren to his car and drove off.

“Lauren, what do you think you were doing this morning at breakfast?” “Besides rubbing your cock?” “Lauren! Where did you learn that!?” “You daddy.” “What???” “I overheard you and mommy talking about your…cock. And well…I saw it this morning and seeing it made me really…um…happy! And I was wondering if you will let me…see…it?” “What!!! NO! You should not be talking like that young lady!” “But dad!” “No buts. I hope you know you know your mother will hear about this!” With this John dropped Lauren off at school.

-Confused: Again

As John drove home he couldn’t believe what he had heard. “Did she really ask to see my…? NO! There is no way she could’ve.” Although he tried ever so hard to suppress those words they kept coming back into his mind. Was it true that he liked to look at his daughter in a sexual way once in awhile? Yes it was but, he would never act on these temptations…

He drove to work and wondered what he was going to do. It was a Monday and his boss was letting everyone leave at twelve and he said he had a presentation to give at one!

“Damn… I havn’t been this confused since me and Alex first went out. What the fuck made her think to say that? Ugh, guess I’ll talk to Alex about this.” John avoided doing any work and just sat in his office staring at the ceiling. The day went by very slowly and when it was finally twelve John decided to go to Quizno’s and grab a sub for lunch. He had to waste about another two hours anyway. He bought a double BLT sub and sat down wondering what he was going to say to his wife about this.

“What do I say…? Hey, Alex, guess what? Our daughter wants me to fuck her ten year old brains out. Like that would go over well… Man what the hell am I supposed to do? And fuck, this I’m not going to wait another hour to go home.” With this John got up from his seat and drove home.


When John got home he went into the kitchen and went straight to Alex with what just happened. “Alex?” “Yes dear?” “It’s about Lauren…” “What about here? Was she worried about school?” No…It’s…well…” “What is it?” “SHE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH ME!” “That’s preposterous John.” “SHE ASKED TO SEE MY DICK!” “John, calm down sweetie. If she wants to see it then let her see it.” “What?!” “You don’t seem to understand. Girls of that age get very curious. They hear things and want to know things. Also I know you have a little fetish for her. I’ve seen the way you look at her. Well honey? How about you fuck her?” “Are…do you want me too?” “That’s a silly question. Of course I do. Teach her what you taught me sixteen years ago.” “I will dear.”

With John’s dream starting to become reality he embraced his wife and locked his lips on hers. He moved his arms up her shirt and grabbed her breast, squeezing it. “Thank you.” He ripped her shirt off and threw it on the ground. Alex ripped his shirt off as well. They both stripped themselves of their cloths, their underwear. Now, naked in front of each other John took his wife’s head and guided it down to his 7 inch cock. She slowly closed her lips around his cock and began to mover her head up and down his shaft, moving deeper ever time. She gave his cock an occasional lick on the head and deep throated his pulsing shaft. John was now leaning against the fridge holding Alex’s head pushing it down his shaft. His wife never gagged, never chocked, just kept on going on her job at hand. “Alex…I’m about to cum.” Hearing this Alex held the head of his cock against her tongue allowing his sperm to shoot and cover her mouth. She held his sperm in her mouth and showed it to John. Then, she swallowed and licked her lips, savoring every last drop.

Now it was John’s turn. He picked Alex up and placed her on the island. Then he went to the freezer and too out three, very large ice cubes. He took them and slowly pushed them up Alex’s ass. She let out a loud yelp as the cold cubes entered her ass. He then bent down and moved his mouth toward he shaved cunt. He took his fingers and spread her cunt lips revealing the soft, wet, pink flesh. He moved his mouth toward her cunt inhaling the rich aroma. He began kissing and licking her cunt with his warm tongue. The two sensations, hot from his tongue and cold from the ice cubes in her ass, made Alex’s body quake. In no time at all she had and orgasm and the sweet liquid pouring from her cunt was lapped up by the cunt hungry man.

Now John stood up, and readied his 7 inch shaft between her legs. He gently parted her cunt lips with the head of his cock then, with a violent thrust, rammed his cock straight into her causing her whole body to shake with pleasure and pain. Alex began moaning, very loudly in fact, and began moving against John’s thrusting cock causing a faster and more pleasurable effect. Not too soon after she had another orgasm.

John had made it his mission ever since their first fuck to make her orgasm as many times as possible and doing anything he could think of to do so. Alex had given him permission to do whatever her wanted to do to her all those years ago and never once did John not take advantage of it.

John began to thrust much faster now. Knowing he was reaching his climax he grabbed Alex’s breasts squeezing them quite hard causing her to have yet another orgasm right as John erupted inside of her. A mix of sperm and cunt juice poured out of Alex’s cunt. She was panting heavily not remembering the last time John had been so turned on that he had fucked her like that.

“God John that was incredible. Please fuck me like that more often. And where did you get the idea to shove ice cubes up my ass?” “Uh… I’m not too sure it just kind of came to mind.” I guess me giving you permission to fuck our daughter really turned you on. Huh?” “You are damn right.” “Well, why don’t you go pick her up then if you’re so excited? School is almost over for her you know. And maybe give her a little present too.” “Will do Hun.” As he said this he walked out to his car with a grin on his face.


John couldn’t wait until he picked up his sweet ten year old daughter from school. His wife didn’t care if he fucked the living shit out of his daughter, and he might do just that. As he pulled up to Lauren’s school he could see her running toward the car.

“Hi daddy!” “Hello Lauren. How was school?” “It was wonderful. I met this girl, Kathleen, and we are already best friends!” “Huh…this could get very interesting… Calm down John let’s just get to work on giving your daughter everything she thinks she wants. That’s great Lauren.” “Hey, dad? Have you changed your mind about letting me see your…cock? Cause it sure looks like you have.” “Sweetie, I have done much more than changed my mind.” “What do you mean?” John unzipped his pants just as they began to drive away. “I was thinking maybe you would want to touch it as well.” “WOULD I EVER!”

With this Lauren bent over and stared at her dad’s shaft. “It’s huge. I can see the veins and…it’s twitching!” “Only because I’m excited for you to be looking at it. Why don’t you hold it?” Lauren took her hand and wrapped it around her father’s pulsing shaft and gasped. “I can feel it pulsing! It…it smells g…good.” “Hold on sweetie we will be able to do much more at home.” As he said this he zipped up his pants and continued driving with his cock pitching a massive tent in front of his ten year old daughter’s face. This didn’t help the situation as his daughter kept trying to pull his pants off.

When John finally arrived home he took his daughter by the hand and walked into the house. He had already prepared the house by letting all the curtains down as to not let anybody see what would most likely be one hell of an afternoon. He locked the door behind him to insure no interruption and picked his daughter up carrying her to the kitchen.

“Daddy…I want taste your cock.” “No problem sweetie.” John pulled off his shirt and pulled down his pants and his boxers letting them all fall to the floor and sat in a chair. Lauren slowly walked over to her fully erect dad and knelt before him. She leaned forward allowing the smell to waft up her nose. She gasped as she shuddered from a small clenching of her cunt. All this from just the sight and smell of John’s cock! She slowly bent her head done, the head of John’s cock now touching her lips. She gave his head a small lick and was delighted by what she tasted. She gazed up at her father, her eyes sparkling with pure happiness of what was happening. John just looked down giving her a warm gentle smile, eyes looking lovingly at his daughter. He had decided to take it gentle with her as it were her first time, unlike his wife were he preferred to be as rough as he could be.

It’s ok Lauren. Most girls do like the taste.” “Bu…but I just want to please you…and…I don’t know how…” “Well, I’ll help you. Take it in your mouth and just do what comes naturally for you from there.” “O.K.”

Lauren once more lowered her head this time taking the head of her father’s mouth. She gently sucked on it while occasionally giving quick licks across it. John’s cock twitched in response. Lauren, now overcome with lust, lost all sense of the real world. She began taking his cock deeper into her mouth; however, she was only able to take about 5 inches into her mouth before she choked. She guided her mouth up and down the erect shaft using her tongue to lick the sides and head.

John now reached out and placed his hands on his daughter’s barely budding breast. He brushed his fingers across her, quite stiff, tits. Lauren groaned at the touch and swallowed the pulsating cock deeper into her mouth. Pleased by the reaction he took his fingers and gently pinched his daughter’s tits. Lauren was now moaning in pleasure and began swallowing the shaft even deeper getting to about 6 inches now. John began to feel his cum working its way from his balls through his shaft. “Lauren, I’m about to cum. You can keep sucking but if it becomes too much you can take my cock out of your mouth.”

Lauren didn’t quite understand but knew she didn’t want to stop for she knew she was pleasing her father. Soon after the warning John began to shoot an abnormal amount of cum into his daughter’s mouth. It hit the back of Laurens throat causing her to gag, cum sprayed out from her mouth and began dribbling down the sides of her mouth as John shot his load into her mouth. When John finally finished he leaned back. “God Lauren, that was one of the best damn blow jobs I have ever had. Lauren simply looked up with her beautiful and loving eyes and smiled, cum dribbling down then sides of her mouth and over her barely budding breasts. Her eyes screamed to him, “I want more!” and that is just what John was going to give her.

He picked his daughter up and laid her on the island in the kitchen. He bent down, looking intently on his daughter’s cunt. He noticed the now strong aroma of arousal, the pubic hair free cunt, and how wet his daughter had become. He cunt was seeping the sweet liquid that he couldn’t wait to taste. He took his fingers and softly parted the soft virgin lips and licked. The sweet liquid touched his tongue arousing John to the extent where he just wanted to ram her sweet virgin cunt like no tomorrow. He continued licking pushing his tongue deeper with each lick. He then moved toward his daughter’s clit. He flicked his tongue over it and his daughter moaned and squirmed in pleasure. Her cunt was now soaking wet. John continued his ravenous assault on her clit. Lauren began squirming uncontrollably, her cunt squeezing tight. She gave a load screaming moan of pleasure, sweet liquid pouring out of her cunt.

“Jesus Christ Lauren! That’s the most cum I’ve ever seen a girl cum before! Well besides your mother of course.” “Well that was the best anyone has ever made me feel. It was awesome. Can you…Fuck me though?” “Hang on sweetie you will get everything you want soon enough.”

John then picked up his naked daughter and carried her up the steps and brought her into his bedroom. He laid her face up on the bed legs sprawled open. “Okay Lauren this is going to hurt a little.” “I don’t care I just want you in me!” John spread her legs once again to reveal the very wet cunt of his daughter. He positioned himself in front of his daughter, his cock touching the cunt lips. Her ten year old cunt was a little smaller than his wife’s and his cock was almost as big as Lauren’s cunt. He slowly eased his shaft into her cunt stopping just before the hymen. Just as he bumped her hymen Lauren reached her second orgasm. Just the feeling of her father’s 7 inch cock in her ten year old cunt sent her over the edge.

John seized the opportunity of his daughter’s orgasm and broke her hymen, the orgasm dulling the pain. Lauren gasped as he entered her. Jon began thrusting in and out of her, starting off slow but building up speed. When John was thrusting in and out slightly faster his daughter passed out with her third orgasm of the afternoon, her juices soaking the bed. However, he did not stop. He kept thrusting in and out, his daughter’s body shaking with each thrust of his cock. Shortly Lauren woke up with another wave of pleasure flowing over her.

“I’m about to cum!” “Me too daddy!” John had finally cum, this time with his daughter at the same time. They lay on the bed, slightly tired, yet John was going to continue either way. He began pinching his daughter’s nipples causing them to erect, Lauren moaning in the process. He then turned Lauren on to her stomach. “I’m now going to fuck your ass. There should be enough lubrication from all those times you’ve cummed.” “Uh…ok…? But won’t it hurt?”

John ignored what his daughter said. All he wanted to do was ravage her young body. He positioned his cock in front of his daughter’s ass and rammed it in. Lauren screamed as the thick shaft tore into her ass. John now trusted faster and Lauren’s pain was now being overwhelmed by pleasure. The feeling of the 7 inch cock ramming into her ass was unbelievable. It was much tighter then her cunt and John could feel it. Lauren couldn’t hold it in and cummed for the fifth time in that afternoon. She was soon followed by her father who collapsed beside her, cock still inside her ass.

“Would you to like any help with anything?” “Mom!!!” Lauren yelled as she looked up. As John saw his wife enter the room he knew what was about to happen and a large grin appeared on his face.

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