Joseph wants to impregnate his young bride

A month before my wedding I told my fiancé I didn’t want us to be intimate again until after we were officially husband and wife. I liked the idea of letting the sexual tension build up over time until we were finally alone together on our wedding night. The other reason was we had decided to try for a baby as soon as we were married – I needed a month to come off my birth control pills and restart my menstrual cycle and just for tradition’s sake I didn’t want to conceive out of wedlock. My fiancé Joseph reluctantly agreed my arrangements but it was a really difficult time for both of us.

Joseph and I fell in love five years ago, when I was eighteen and he was twenty-three. Our relationship flourished because we had fun together and shared values, but also because of my insatiable lust for his strong, athletic physique and throbbing eight-inch shaft. Like any strong and virile young man, Joseph relished my naked body and we maintained an exciting and fulfilling sex life long after the initial lust wore off. We’d always been a very sexual couple and since moving in together eighteen months ago had been in a satisfying routine of making love every evening, most mornings, and often in between as well.

In the month before the wedding there were a few times when I had to disentangle myself from Joseph’s strong muscular form and take some deep breaths to avoid being overcome by lust and letting him take me on the sofa or the kitchen counter. At night I kept myself covered up in my least sexy flannel pyjamas and stayed well over on my side of our double bed. I suspected that Joseph was having regular cold showers and jerking off when I wasn’t around but I knew he understood my reasoning.

Our wedding day went without a hitch and we were so busy with friends and family that my thoughts didn’t turn to making love until my new husband carried me over the threshold into our luxury hotel suite that evening. Joseph’s strong arms cradled me close and I leaned up for a gentle kiss as he carried me over to the large bed and laid me down on it carefully. He leaned over me on the bed and kissed me again, softly and slowly, then sighed with a mixture of contentment and lust. I stood up and pushed him down onto the edge of the bed then, keeping eye contAct with my new husband, I slipped my simple wedding gown down over my shoulders until it fell in a pool at my feet.

Joseph groaned when he saw what I had been wearing under my dress all day. I usually made an effort to wear nice lingerie for him but for my wedding night I had planned something particularly arousing. I was wearing a very skimpy white bra made of transparent lace that completely exposed my stiff pink nipples. As I stepped out of my dress and straightened up my small perky tits bounced gently inside the stretchy lace cups. The back was tied with a white chiffon ribbon that matched the bows at the sides of my tiny white thong.

The thong was made of the same see-through white lace, with a tight elastic edging that dug into my pussy lips and kept it tight against my flesh up past my vagina and over my little anus. The small surface area of the thong and its transparent material meant Joseph could easily see that my genitals were waxed completely smooth and that my pink labial lips were beginning to redden with sexual desire. I was also still wearing my white stiletto heels as I pulled my dark brown hair down and let it fall in soft waves over my delicate shoulders. My little tits wobbled gently as I arranged my hair then climbed onto the bed on my knees, straddling Joseph and noting his prominent erection with satisfAction.

Still straddling my new husband, I pressed my tits into his face and rubbed them up and down as I gyrated in his lap. His hands clutched are my bare arse cheeks and he groaned with desire as he kneaded the soft flesh left exposed by my skimpy white underwear. I leaned back a little and looked him in the eye.

“I belong to you now, my darling. Are you ready to consummate our marriage?” I giggled at the novelty of these words and leaned in for an increasingly urgent kiss, pressing my tongue past Joseph’s lips and moaning into his mouth. “I want you to take me, darling, and penetrate my tight hole. My body is ready and waiting for you to make me pregnant. I can’t wait much longer.”

Joseph grabbed me by the waist and threw me down on the bed underneath him, planting kisses all over my body and mauling my tits and my arse as he pulled of his clothes. I squealed in jest and scrambled away from him but he grabbed my ankles and pulled me back towards him. Now he was completely naked and I could see my husband’s huge throbbing member dangling over me, perilously close to my juicy little vagina. He cradled my face and reached down with one hand; before I knew it he had roughly pulled my underwear aside and thrust his hot organ deep into my receptive vaginal canal. He immediately started thrusting hard, pushing his cock further and further into me until he was buried to the root in his gasping bride’s tight pussy. I could feel Joseph’s turgid cock completely stretching and stuffing my hole and rubbing pleasurably against my cervix.

“Christ Serena, you’re so tight. It’s unbelievable. You made me wait too long for this. I’m gonna pound my new wife all night.” Joseph’s weight and strength pinned me to the bed, and he held my wrists as he grunted and continued to penetrate my little vagina forcefully. My elastic thong was gathered in my groin at one side as my husband’s large sexual organ pushed into my body. My swollen labia were slick and shiny with sexual juices and were being spread wide open by every stroke of Joseph’s cock. My pussy had tightened after a month of no sex and it was now stretching pleasurably around Joseph’s swollen member. My pert little tits jiggled with every penetrative thrust and my ineffectual lacy bra had been pushed down to expose my hardened nipples, which dragged across Joseph’s muscular chest as he moved above me. My squeals grew higher pitched as this forceful intercourse stimulated my clitoris and drew me towards a shivering climax.

Before I could orgasm, my husband pulled out of me and roughly tugged at my bridal lingerie until it was torn off. He turned over onto his back and positioned me right above his pulsing penis, then slammed upwards into my slippery pussy. I settled down on top of him, my thighs splayed wide over Joseph’s strong firm body, allowing him the maximum depth of vaginal penetration. I sat up straight and groped my tits as I bounced on his thick cock, staring my new husband in the eye and gently biting my lip. Joseph’s hands found my waist and he manoeuvred me up and down on his shiny shaft, looking between my face and my pussy lips.

When Joseph looked down he could see his wide organ stretching open my smooth bald labia and disappearing up into my rippling vaginal cavity, and I could feel my husband’s loaded testicles slap against my bum cheeks as we writhed against each other. I tingled with arousal at the thought of his hot sperm pouring into my unprotected vagina. He moved one hand down to my clit and stimulated it slowly with his thumb while I continued to wriggle up and down on his engorged member. After a few moments, the gentle tickling sensation of Joseph’s hand at my clit, combined with the relentless invasion of my tight vaginal canal, tipped me over the edge into climax.

I threw my head back and let out a guttural moan as my pussy twitched and convulsed around my husband’s huge cock. I leaned backwards on my hands and as I was swept away by intense sexual pleasure, Joseph could see my sexual secretions dripping out from between my labia and coating his pubic area. I collapsed onto his chest, panting, and held him tight to my sweaty body as I recovered from an incredible, all-consuming orgasm. My pelvic muscles continued to spasm involuntarily as I settled down in my husband’s arms, still straddling him, and sighed with contentment.

“So baby, was it worth the wait?” Joseph chuckled as he pushed my hair out of my eyes and tipped my chin upwards to look at my flushed face. “I love you so much, Serena. And I’m glad we abstained for a while because now you’re ripe for impregnation. I’m going to fill you with my warm cum until your pussy overflows with it. My strong sperm will enter your womb tonight and you will carry my child.” My quivering pussy made a quiet squelch as Joseph withdrew his thick, erect organ and pushed me off him. Still in a daze from my shivering climax, I slumped face down onto the bed. I felt the mattress shift as he climbed on top of me, his knees on the outside of my thighs and his hands by my shoulders.

I was lying face down and my husband lowered his body down on top of me, with his legs pushing mine together and his arms holding my hands tightly by the sides of my face. I was completely overpowered and pressed deeper into the bed as my husband settled his weight onto my body. He wasn’t uncomfortably heavy but I could hardly move at all as his thick erection pressed between my arse cheeks and slid gently up and down, lubricated by the copious vaginal secretions released during my orgasm. Joseph kissed the back of my neck and his breath tickled my ear as he whispered to me.

“I hope you’re ready for my cum, my darling. Once I’ve filled you up there’s no going back.” I was overcome with joy and love as my husband adjusted his hips, pushed my thighs open slightly, and slid his thick cock back into my hot little pussy. Slowly at first, he pulsed in and out of me, still holding my arms very tightly and resting his face in the nook between my shoulder blade and the back of my neck. At this angle, Joseph’s cock pressed deliciously against the front wall of my vaginal canal and I shivered in his strong arms as his toned pelvic muscles pressed into my pliable buttocks. I managed to stretch my lower back upwards and adjust my hips a little in order to straighten my vaginal passage and allow my husband to penetrate me even more deeply. He sighed with pleasure as he claimed his new bride and increased the pace of his thrusts as his climax drew closer.

Just as my toes tingled and I felt a delicious warm orgasm flooding through my belly and clenching in my genitals, I felt my husband stiffen on top of me and press his organ deep into my pussy, all the way towards my little cervix. He groaned and exhaled quickly as his hot cum shot up through his lengthy shaft and into my eager vaginal cavity. His swollen bell-end was pressing tightly into my cervix, ensuring the potent seed had the best chance of entering my womb and impregnating me. Joseph stayed very still and held me in place tightly as his semen continued to squirt into me, flooding my passage and swiftly travelling into my reproductive organs. I could feel hot spurts in the depths of my vagina and I knew his sperm were coursing upwards into my fertile womb. I gasped as more semen pulsed into me in ropes, splashing inside my tight pussy and eventually leaking out around the thick root of my husband’s shaft.

Pinned underneath him, I was in ecstasy as Joseph thoroughly inseminated me. As his heavy testicles emptied themselves into my receptive sexual organs, Joseph clenched his buttocks as if to expel as much potent semen into my vagina as possible. Excess cum frothed in my perineum and around my groin, mixing with our combined sweat and dribbling down onto the bed to form a large round wet patch. Joseph sighed quietly as he slumped over my small frame and ejaculated the final remnants of his fertile semen towards my unprotected womb.

After a moment, Joseph pulled me sideways and I was more comfortable as he spooned me from behind and his muscular body was not weighing down on mine. With his hands gently cupping my slightly sweaty tits, he snuggled into me and we fell into a deep sleep with our sated sexual organs still tightly entwined.

When I woke up the next morning, the events of my wedding night were still fresh in my mind. Joseph and I had moved apart at some point and as he slept peacefully next to me, I admired his athletic naked physique. My thighs and groin were still slimy with semen; my new husband had propelled such an enormous quantity of his warm seed into my fertile vagina that plenty had leaked out again over me. In fact, the slippery sensation over my smooth bald pussy lips, combined with memories of our passionate love making, quickly made me horny for my handsome man.

I looked over at Joseph again and quickly formulated a plan. Luckily he was lying on his back, and when I peeked under the covers I saw that his long floppy cock was slightly turgid. I wondered if he was dreaming about me and resolved to wake him up as gently as possible. I reached over and lightly stroked his lower stomach and inner thighs with my fingertips, and Joseph murmured quietly in his sleep. Trying not to shift the mattress too much, I got onto my hands and knees and crawled over under the covers to face his big shaft. On all fours my pert tits were dangling down, and I took the opportunity to drag them across Joseph’s rapidly swelling bell-end, and to press them around his shaft as I moved up and down.

After a few moments I was desperate to take my husband’s organ back inside me but I thought my pussy might still feel a little tender after Joseph’s energetic impregnation attempts the night before. Tucking my tousled hair behind my ears, I leaned down and ran my pointed tongue from the base of his shaft up to the shiny tip. I continued to lick my husband’s cock like this, depositing saliva as I went and occasionally dipping my tongue into his cute little opening. I recognised the musky flavour of Joseph’s ejaculate and it sent tingles down my spine as I imagined how potent and powerful his sperm was.

I couldn’t control myself any longer so I sucked my husband’s shaft between my slippery pouting lips and began massaging my tongue around the head of his cock, slowly at first but sucking firmly to encourage his shaft to thicken and swell. I felt Joseph’s hand in my hair and grinned up at him. Without breaking eye contact, I took his cock slowly back into my mouth and pressed it as far down my throat as I could. I hadn’t mastered deep throating all of my husband’s long shaft but about six inches gradually disappeared past my spitty lips and into my warm, wet mouth. Joseph stared at me with an expression of amazement.

“Serena, baby, I still can’t believe you’re my wife. I’m so lucky to have you. And I thought women didn’t bother with blow jobs after they’d dragged someone down the aisle?” I looked up at him again and carefully rubbed his cock over my chin, my lips and my cheeks. A shiny mixture of my saliva and his dribbling precum coated my face, marking me as his and showing my commitment to pleasuring him in this way. Chuckling, Joseph took my head in his hands and pressed my face down towards his groin, driving his engorged member deeper into my throat than ever before. I held my breath and concentrated on pleasing my new husband. I rippled my cheeks around the length of his cock and maintained constant pressure on it with my soft warm tongue.

“I still think you should ejaculate in my pussy, darling. I love taking your semen down my throat but I want to become pregnant as quickly as possible.” After a moment I looked up at my husband and he nodded in agreement.

“Of course. But this feels so good, Serena. Keep going for now and I’ll tell you when I need to penetrate you properly.” With this assurance I sucked his cock with renewed vigour. With his hands on the back of my head guiding me, I bobbed up and down at an increasing pace. My saliva was dripping all over my husband’s genitals now and I quickly spat on his perineum before reaching down to stroke him there as I continued to blow him. Joseph’s swollen organ completely filled my mouth and throat now and I felt my pussy clench when I imagined being claimed and used for my husband’s pleasure like this. I was out of breath from having my throat invaded so regularly by Joseph’s cock and I started moaning breathily with every penetration. At my chin, his testicles were large and tight and I recognised the signs of my husband’s imminent climax. However, his strong hands remained in my hair and I let him continue to pound his cock past my lips over and over. I love my husband so much and I trusted him to keep to his word.

“Now, Serena! Turn over! Take it in your pussy.” Joseph grunted and quickly withdrew from my mouth. However, my husband had succumbed to the pleasure of my oral ministrations, and it was obviously too late. As I leaned up to reposition myself, his erect sexual organ stiffened completely and shot out a thick stream of creamy cum straight towards me. I was startled by spurts of warm gooey semen on my chin and my neck, and as I shuddered, copious squirts hit my chest and my tits, dribbling down over my nipples and running in rivulets between my small breasts and down onto my stomach. I had been amazed at the volume of semen Joseph ejaculated the night before, but his supply seemed to have been completely replenished as more and more slippery sperm shot towards me. I kneeled up and looked at him, cum dribbling over my jawline and glistening on my small perky tits.

My husband leaned back, panting heavily, and crossed his arms behind his head as he appraised his new bride. I knelt in front of him, arms by my side, letting his warm ejaculate coat my soft young flesh. I stuck my tongue out and savoured the hot cum splattered on my chin. Joseph quickly reached over, grabbed his phone from the bedside table and took a number of photographs of me perched like that. My face was flushed and radiant with arousal and love for my husband. We had made a few sex tapes before we were married, to tide us over during business trips et cetera, and it made me wet to think of my husband collecting pictures of me at my sexual prime, revisiting them later to imagine my presence as he jerked off alone.

“I’m sorry, baby. Your mouth felt too good, I couldn’t help it. You look so fucking hot covered in my jizz. And I did leave a lot of cum in your pussy last night.” I was slightly deflated when I realised the copious amount of Joseph’s semen which hadn’t reached my fertile womb, and I looked up at him with a mixed expression as I started massaging the semen into my skin, grasping my slippery tits and tweaking my pert nipples.

“I’m ready to carry your child, Joseph,” I said, with a serious expression. “But I sure was desperate to taste your cock this morning. Let’s not think of it as a waste of sperm but just a pleasant diversion.” I smiled at him and he looked relieved.

“I’m so glad, baby.” Joseph beckoned me and I snuggled down into the nook between his shoulder and his arm. Holding me tightly, my husband kissed my head and assured me he would make me pregnant soon.

After we had showered and Joseph gently washed his ejaculate off my face, chest and tits, we got dressed and spent a blissful day together exploring the town and basking in the sun. As we were arriving back at the beautiful hotel that evening, I walked up the steps to the front door ahead of Joseph. I hadn’t realised, but from Joseph’s position behind me, he had a clear view up my little cotton sundress, which was already quite short and had a flouncy skirt that stuck outwards and exposed my whole arse to my husband. Under my dress I was only wearing a tight white lace thong. My soft ass cheeks were fully exposed but at the front the thong was relatively modest. Joseph likes thongs and I had imagined that later on he would enjoy peeling it off, but I didn’t think anything of it as we went in the door.

Inside the hotel the elevator was waiting, so I walked in with Joseph behind me and nodded politely to two middle-aged men already inside. As we rode the elevator I felt Joseph’s hand reach under my dress and start to fondle my ass roughly. I looked up at him quizzically but he was staring resolutely ahead with a blank expression. I shivered as he pulled my little elastic thong tight and let it ping back repeatedly onto my clit. He gently stroked my bald pussy lips and spread my ensuing wetness across my perineum and swirled his finger round my anus. We were standing behind the other men in the elevator but all four walls and the ceiling were mirrored, and as I looked around I could see my own exposed ass cheeks reflected from several angles. The other two men were facing forwards so it was impossible to judge if they were watching us, but my jittery suspicions were confirmed when, just before they stepped out on their floor of the hotel, one man turned back and winked at Joseph, grinning. At that very moment I felt my husband’s finger press past my snug little sphincter and penetrate my anus. I stood there speechless, my mouth slightly open, as the elevator doors slid shut again.

“I’m surprised by you, Serena. Here I was, just enjoying my honeymoon with my beautiful, innocent young wife, and the whole time your sweet little ass was practically bare under this dress,” Joseph murmured in my ear as the elevator approached our floor. He withdrew his hand and we walked smartly along the corridor and into our room. I wasn’t sure if Joseph was annoyed with me; I had worn the thong for his benefit and after all, he was the one who exposed me in the elevator.

“I thought we’d go for a swim before dinner. And as it happens, I brought a gift for you which will be perfect for the occasion.” Joseph handed me a small, soft package wrapped in tissue paper and, after pulling on his own trunks and grabbing a towel he went to leave the room again.

“Get changed now and meet me down by the pool. I’ll head down now to save us two loungers. Don’t be too long.” After the door shut behind him, I unwrapped the package and found a black bikini inside. I still wasn’t sure what mood Joseph was in; he didn’t seem angry but his instructions were quite abrupt so I decided to just go along with what he said. I had thought after feeling me up in the lift he might want to have sex but I shrugged off my slight disappointment at his swift departure. I pulled my sundress off over my head, my small tits bouncing gently, and rolled my sticky thong down over my hips then kicked it off. I paused for a moment and admired my body in the full-length mirror opposite the bed. After a day in the sun my tall, slim figure was covered in a slight sheen of sweat which glistened on my bronzed skin. My little tits were a perfect handful as I squeezed them and turned sideways to admire my pert ass. I ran one hand down my flat stomach and onto my soft, smooth pussy. I was really looking forward to falling pregnant and carrying Joseph’s child but part of me would miss my supple, sexy young body. I turned my attention to the bikini Joseph had given me and pulled on the black bikini bottom.

I stared at myself in shock. The thong bikini was cut so low at the front that my slit very nearly peeked out over the top, and was so narrow underneath that it nestled mostly inside my labia, covering nothing. The thin string disappeared completely between my peachy cheeks before joining the waistband with a little black bow. Viewed from behind I only had a thin black string around my hips and disappearing into my ass crack, and even from the front the tiny triangle of fabric, held in place only by flimsy ties, clearly exposed my smooth labia. I was shocked at what Joseph had chosen for me to wear to the shared hotel pool but I could also feel myself becoming slick with arousal and desire for my husband. I tied on the bikini top, which was at least as skimpy as the bottoms and consisted of two tiny black triangles, which I had to carefully position to cover my nipples. The slight crease underneath where my breasts meet my ribcage was still blatantly visible. Before I lost my nerve, I grabbed a bottle of tanning lotion, slipped on my sheer kaftan, and made my way down to the pool.

I sat down on the sun lounger next to Joseph’s and stared at him. He looked back at me with a quietly amused expression. There were about fifty other people in the pool area, mostly lying on loungers but some in the pool. The majority of them were slightly older than us and were wearing conservative swimwear and cover-ups. There were no under-18s allowed in this part of the resort.

“Take off your kaftan, Serena. You need tanning lotion on your beautiful skin or you will burn.” I continued just staring at him so he stood up, lifted the lotion bottle and took hold of my kaftan at the waist. I lifted my arms without protest and he pulled it off over my head then tossed it away. In the short walk downstairs my bikini top had been dislodged from position and both my small pink nipples were own show as I held my arms above my head. When I saw a grey-haired man nearby gawping at me I looked down and quickly covered myself up, but Joseph pushed me so I was lying on my back and gently but forcefully laid my hands by my sides.

“This bikini is really rather small, Serena. I wonder if I should have bought the size up… Never mind. I will have to rearrange it a little to make sure I don’t miss any of your skin with the lotion. Just close your eyes and try to relax.” I felt my husband’s soft hands start massaging the sun lotion into my stomach. When he moved up to my breasts, he moved both triangles of my bikini top aside and exposed my nipples again, but reminded me not to move. He spent what seemed like minutes pouring out more lotion and rubbing it between his palms, while I lay there with my little tits on full show. The straps at the side cut into my tits slightly and emphasised the youthful firmness of my flesh. As Joseph rubbed the creamy lotion onto my tits, my nipples hardened and I shifted slightly on the lounger, stretching my back and sighing at the pleasurable sensation. It was only when I heard Joseph chuckle that I opened my eyes again. There were at least five people now staring at me: the grey-haired man from before, but also two more men in their forties, and a younger couple who were gawping in unison. One of the men was awkwardly rearranging his erection inside his swimming trunks.

“I’m so proud of you baby. You’re the sexiest woman here by far and you’re all mine. I’m going to flood you with cum tonight but I’m going to enjoy your body out here in public first.” Incredibly aroused, I lay frozen on the sun lounger and tried not to make eye contact with any of our growing audience. After finishing on my tits and placing the bikini carefully back over my hard nipples, Joseph poured out more lotion then pulled my bikini bottoms down to mid-thigh level to coat my shiny waxed pubic area with sun protection. His hand only lingered on my slit for a split second but I couldn’t stop myself from groaning quite loudly. I looked over at the couple nearby who had been watching us and saw the man had positioned himself behind his girlfriend and slid his hands inside the cups of her bikini top to slowly massage her pillowy breasts.

“Turn over. Don’t touch your bikini yet.” I rolled onto my stomach and felt more tanning lotion dribbling down my spine. Joseph took his time working the lotion into my shoulders and my back, while leaving my thong bikini bottoms down around my thighs. The position of my lounger meant that my ass crack and a little sliver of glistening labia were exposed to everyone using the pool area. Eventually Joseph’s hands reached my buttocks and I moaned in bliss as he firmly worked the sun lotion into my peachy flesh. He rubbed my ass cheeks in circular motions, and each time as he pulled outwards, my cheeks were pulled apart and my small brown anus was on show to everyone in the pool area. I heard a few quiet gasps when Joseph poured the last of the tanning lotion directly into my ass crack and spread it up and down with one finger. The lotion mixed with my pussy juices as I became more and more turned on. My husband was exposing my supple young body to a bunch of strangers, and one old man actually had his hand inside his swimming trunks, sliding up and down his shaft as he kept his eyes fixed on my ass. The couple next to us were making out enthusiastically and the attention of everyone in the pool area was now centred upon us. Joseph was laughing quietly and I knew he could tell how aroused I was.

The lotion in my ass crack had acted as a sort of lubricant, and as Joseph’s finger slid up and down, each time it dipped a little further into my anus. I had decided to save anal sex for my husband and Joseph knew this, but I didn’t think he would be taking me up on the offer in these circumstances! I arched my hips slightly to encourage deeper penetration of my anal passage. At this point I was completely oblivious to our surroundings, and completely desperate for sexual fulfilment. I was not even aware that a crowd of onlookers now stood watching as Joseph worked his index finger past my anus, then after slipping it in and out a few more times, added his middle finger and continued to claim my virgin hole. I was in ecstasy as my tight back passage stretched pleasurably around my husband’s fingers and I felt warm and full. I was about to reach down and start tickling my clit when Joseph’s ministrations stopped abruptly. He pulled my thong bikini bottoms up round my hips, then stood up and helped me to my feet.

I was in a daze as Joseph took me by the hand and led me the long way round the pool back to the door into the hotel. My tits bounced in the skimpy bikini, and my waxed labia were glistening prominently. My thong was not arranged properly around my ass cheeks and people in the pool who looked up at me from below might have caught a glimpse of my slightly gaping anus, still quite dilated from Joseph’s digital penetration, as I walked slowly past. From behind my oily buttocks jiggled ever so slightly as I followed my husband back inside. My pussy was sopping now and I could have screamed with pent-up arousal. Eyes followed me all the way round, with admiring stares from men and jealous, scornful looks from older women whose husbands wanted me for themselves. Inside I blinked as my eyes readjusted to the darker hotel from the bright afternoon sun and let Joseph led me upstairs to our room. As soon as we got inside, Joseph whooped in delight and lifted me up in the air, spinning me round and laughing.

“You should have seen their expressions! I truly cannot believe how sexy you are. I have the most achingly attractive wife in the world and I am the horniest husband.” Joseph put me down again then kicked off his trunks. His long, hard member popped out, bouncing slightly and leaking sweet precum from the tip. I was regaining my composure and pressed myself against him, kissing his mouth hard and feeling his erection press into my stomach. Joseph’s hands reached down to my bikini and quickly untied both parts, which dropped to the ground. My skin was slick from the sun lotion and I rubbed myself against Joseph’s hard chest, feeling my tits ripple over his musculature. Now we were both naked and in the privacy of our room I was sure Joseph was about to grant me my sexual release.

In fact, instead of pulling me onto the bed, my husband pushed me out the double doors onto our balcony. We were on the tenth floor, right on the seafront, so we weren’t immediately visible up here, but if anyone came out onto an adjacent balcony, or even looked up from the street, they would have seen Joseph and his young bride, completely naked, cavorting on the balcony of their honeymoon suite.

The front of the balcony was a sheet of thick transparent glass about five feet high, and Joseph pressed me into it, facing outwards over the resort. My oily tits were mashed into the glass and left smears of lotion as I writhed underneath my husband. Behind me, Joseph lined up his large erection in my ass crack and slid his cock up and down, teasing my little anus but not penetrating it. The sun lotion provided plenty of lubricant and I could feel my husband’s shaft rubbing faster and faster over my anus. It pushed apart my soft ass cheeks and I could hear Joseph’s testicles slapping against my pussy as he thrust. Obviously at this point, I would have let Joseph do whatever he wanted to me but thankfully he remembered our aim of conceiving a child on our honeymoon. Placing his hands on my hips from behind, Joseph manoeuvred me into the right position then slowly slid his thick, veiny cock up into my juicy vaginal canal until his heavy testicles pressed against my perineum. Joseph held me tightly and nestled his face in between my shoulder and my neck. After a short pause when I was speared by his cock up to the root, Joseph began to pulse his hips back and forth, massaging my vaginal canal and creating delicious friction between our genitals.

After the long, intense run up, to be stuffed full of Joseph’s cock was a huge relief. I was moaning and sighing loudly until Joseph reached round and hooked three fingers inside my mouth, using them to tilt my head back and realign my spine for optimum depth of penetration. As his thick, slimy erection slipped rapidly in and out of his gasping bride, Joseph took a moment to admire the sight in front of him, of a supple twenty-three year old who had given herself to him completely, and who was now stuffed with his fingers at one end and stretched open by his cock at the other. I was so in love with Joseph that I was happy to let him use me however he wanted, including showing me off to other men. This afternoon’s events had also confirmed for me that I was keen to feel my husband’s penis slide completely into my rectum as soon as possible.

“I’ll take you anally tonight, baby. Every part of you is so delicious. Right now your tight little pussy is stroking and squeezing my cock so nicely. I’m going to inseminate you soon.” I pushed back against the glass balcony wall, spreading my legs wider and allowing Joseph to really pound into me. My labia were gaping wide and my little vaginal hole was stretched obscenely around the circumference of Joseph’s throbbing member. Sweat, sun lotion and sexual juices were slipping around inside my legs and on my upper thighs and I knew I was on the brink of orgasm.

“Clench round me now, Serena, I’m ready. I want you to come first.” As Joseph reached round and pulled my legs even wider apart, I let go completely and slumped against the glass as an orgasm tore through me. I would have been satisfied at that, but a whole new level of bliss was triggered when I felt Joseph stiffen behind me and press his organ as deeply into my vagina as possible. My husband’s hot stringy cum blasted into my spasming pussy, propelling copious amounts of his seed past my cervix and into my fertile womb, and coating the walls in thick warm goo. I heard Joseph groaning as he held me tight and his testicles continued to expel his seed into my sexual organs. I was warm and slick with sweat and cum and yet more ejaculate travelled the length of Joseph’s member and entered my vaginal canal. Joseph’s turgid cock caused soft sucking noises as it pulsed more seed into my sticky, swollen pussy. I was already completely stuffed with my husband’s massive erection so several streams of excess fluid dribbled back out of my vagina and ran down my legs.

“That’s just what you needed, isn’t is darling. Right now your womb is flooded with my potent semen. You’ll be pregnant with my child soon enough.” Joseph lifted me gently into his arms then walked inside and laid me down on the bed. I was weak with exhaustion and hoarse from moaning in pleasure. He placed two pillows under my hips to prevent more semen from escaping from my genitalia, and to encourage the seed inside my vaginal canal to run down and enter my awaiting womb. Joseph kissed my face softly as I drifted off into dreamless sleep.

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Joseph wants to impregnate his young bride

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