Kajal agarwal fucked by old beggars

Kajal agarwal fucked by old beggars

Kajal is working as a ceo in a multi national company is a beautiful woman and she lives with their family consists of dad mom and grand mom.kajal is a traditional woman which she used to wear sarees and would go to temple daily and she lives in own house.
Kajal like to do social service and she is a member of some local social service charity it and she used to give some money to beggar daily while she visit temple and donate some dresses to poor she used to do that.
Kajal company members used to admire at kajal beauty and her body and the colony socity members near her house also admire the raw beauty.
kajal used to give money to the beggars and one beggar named mari of age 88years and he is having lond beard and his body is full of mud and dirt looking ugly wearing a lungi which is torn in some places and he used to beg near the gate of kajal colony kajal while going to office she used to give some change coins which she have and left to company and later on he used to beg near temple which was in hill

one day kajal along withher family went to temple in evening and after somme time spending time in temple she came out of temple and while they move near their car they saw their neighbour family consists of a oldman and his wife and their rand daughter then kajal and their famil chated to them and later they asked them to join and travel in car as the car was packed and kajal was not having any space o sit they kajal said to dad that please drop them in home and come baack and pick me and later she said if any auto comes she would come by auto then he said ok and they left in car leaving kajal and kajal went to near by tree and sat on the rock placed their and after some time a heavy air started to blown and clouds were came and seeing seeing the entire region turned to dark and it is looking like night.and kajal thinks heavy rain is going to be fall and tought to call her father but she forget her mobile in car.

later she looked for telephone booth but the booth is closed and later she prayss that her father should pick up her before rain comes and then after some time rain started fall heavily and due to heavy rain all the shops were closed and went to home and temple also closed and the hill was emptied and kajal thinks that except kajal no one is there later after some time due to heavy rain and wind the rocks and trees on the hill was broken and fall o the road and the road was entirly blocked and the road was damaged kajal was full of fear and due to rain the road become muddy and kajal saw a shed near a shop and kajal tried to move towards the shed and on the way she was slipped due to mud after few steps and later she got up and went back near tree and she saw her body was full of mud and she was all wet and her saree sticking t0o her body

so kajal looked all surroundings there was no one so she removed her saree pallu and started to wash her body with rain water and beggar mari who was watching all the act near bushes was stunned to see the beauty kajal and her big boobs and her fair body annd belly and waist andcute navel on her pure fairy white stomach he got instand hard on and removed his

dick out and started to do mauster bath by looking kajal body and how she is rubbing her waist and removing mud from her body and her waist presses of her body and he released his load of cum quickly

with in minutes and he waited for some time till it come to normal position later on mari the old beggar saw her from the beging and her parents left so he went near kajal and said beti daughter what happened then he saw beggar and said every thing and beggar said there my home near temple if u want u can stay till u father come then kajal said no at first but beggar said look beti dont afraid look the is near and u can have a clear view of the entire hill u can see u dad come u can go and the rain is so heavy falling and kajal has no choice so she accepted and asked how could reach their it is looking like it was far then he pick up small plastic cover and placed the cover over their head and invited kajall near kajal hesitedly went near the beggar and kajal coult feel the ugly foul smell of the beggar she feels like she would vomit but she controled her self and with struggle she started to move towards his house while moving as the covr is small kajal moved near to the begar and her body touched the beggar and the beggar could fell smooh ness of her body parts like waist and some times he could fell boobs touching him he got hard on and started to saw kajal beauty and feel her beautyful body.and her parts then they both reached home kajal was full of wet then they reached house which was small consists of single room and a bed and gas stove .
then beggar went inside and closed the doors and kajal asked why r u closing the door then he said beti if could not close the door my room will be full of water then kajal said ok and if u want u can see through window and he went kept tea for kajal and offered kajal at first kajal said no but later she accept drank that.

then kajal enquired about his family, he went silent. he told us that his wife died long backnobody caring him he started crying kajal felt bad for that and
kajal came forward and said him“don’t worry. i am there. I will take care of you tell me if you want any thing just contact me then kajal gave him her visitig card” she patted him with sympathy he felt better. kajal placed her hand ovre her shoulder He was feeling that he was touched by a woman after years and that too beautiful woman like an god of sex he was thinking in his mid simpley admiring her beauty Due to that he felt excited It was all silence
there for some time and he was looking at her with lot of lust.

he tought for a wile and wanted to enjoy her and decide to rape her as there was no one arountd and no one is going to help her so then he moved towards kajal and kajal was stading near windoe looking for her father soon he cought kajal saree pallu and with full forcee he pulled kajal saree and kajal saree came of with her blouse torn slightly as the saree pallu was pined with a pin kajal was supried with that and she shouded at him and went near the beggar to him then he hold of kajal hand and hugged her kajal tried to move away but his tight hug and power made her not to move so he placed his hand on kajal ass and started to press harder kajal started scream and cry louder by saying u barstard leave me leave but old beggar started to kiss he neck earlobes and some times he started to bite kajal and kajal cryed louded later he wanted to kiss kajal on lips but kajal moved away soon beggar gt angry and beat kajal on her cheek kajal started to cry even louder soon he placed his hand near her pussy region and started to remove her saree kajal tried fully to stop that she sucessfully he cant able to remove her saree and but beggar could feel beggar could fell kajal boobs through blouse and he was coninouly pressing kajal ass with full fore that kajal started to screm louder and louder later on kajal relaesed from hos hug and started too beg him to leave her but beggar laughed and said bloddy bitch come on just have me and cooperate with me if u cooperate with me u will be treated well if not i will beat u or may be kill u and i will kill ur dad also he will come for u now he showed his knife and placed on her neck kajal was horrified with this and was weeping and said please leave me then He stood up and dropped is torn sleeve vest on the floor. kajal watched his dirty chest, full of dirty mud and white hair sticking to each other due to sweat. He had strong chest

with and his body was full of sweat.
he was only left with torn dirty lungi he was wearing… He told kajal if u allows me to fuck he will not force her or he will tear hear ass apart with is dick and kill her with the knife he had as well as ur dad which will come now. She was so afraid and fearing for life of her as well as dad then she again started to cry and said please let me go please then he again lose his patiance and slaped her kajal scremed and beggar said r u ready then kajal stood like that and shake her head

He then took her in his arms and took her to the bed and dropped her on the bed
He pushed her saree and petticoat from below with his rough hands and started kissing her on her legs with sticky spit leaving behind. kajal was not able to believe that she was going through this and that too with a dirty old mari beggar.He was mad looking at her fair legs with small glimse of soft hair. He was licking her like a mad dog that hadn’t had sex for a decade.

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Slowly slowly he pushed her saree upto her thighs and went on to smell her pussy by putting his head inside her saree above her panty.
Her pussy smell was making him go mad imaginin wife.
He came out of the saree and grabbed her boobs from blouse she was wearing and was squeezing them like anything.
kajal was cyring with pain and agony for the torture she was going through, he then lowered himself and started kissing her on her neck and licking them.
He kept on squeezing her boobs while he was licking.
kajal could feel the pungent smell coming from his body and dirty long beard.
kajal cried and said “ please leave me, he started to get angry and said “ u bloddy sult bitch just shut ur mouth and just fell the pleasure which i am giving u ”…. Saying this he started kissing her mouth vigorously.


kajal was caught by surprised the way he was kissing her, she could feel the dirty saliva and his bad breath from his mouth. He was kissing kajal cheeks, eyes and mouth.
He used to lick and spit on kajal face sometimes while kissing
His dirty thick beard was all over kajal face.
As he was kissing her, he tried to push his right hand inside kajal blouse.
She was having a massive boobs and mari was not able to put his hand inside her blouse… He got hold of her blouse and removed her blouse
kajal was not able to do anything as and he was vigourously kissing her.
Now kajal was left with black bra and half pulled saree towards her thigh.
beggar eyes grew bolder and he tore her 34C bra with one pull of his hand.. and started sucking her boobs…. Vigourously.
beggar knew that kajal is in no position to defend herself and he released some force on her body.
late on kajal was so tired with all those force that she was hardly able to defend.
As beggar stared to suck her sucking her massive boobs over her, and kajal watching helplessly saw old beggar mari was doing with her body.
Half an hour as already passed by and old beggar mari felt a hard on inside his lungi.

He pushed kajal hand above and saw her fair armpits with hair.
Loving the position of her old beggar said “ u have shaven armpits i should smell and lick it now”……saying this he went on to smell her armpits which was sweaty and having pungent smell.

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Now kajal could feel that there was something hard on which was touching her thighs, but not able to see due to begar was lying on her and licking her armpits.
Her pungent smell of the armpits gave sexual desires and he could feel that his cock was hard like a rod. He slowly saw kajals eyes and sat above her navel which was deep like well and sat on her pussy.
kajal could see now the hard like structure forming his lungi and thought that it cannot be his dick…. Which she imagined was very fat and long.

mari removed his lungi and threw it on the floor in lightning instance…. kajal immediately closed her eyes, but was dying to see what that hard object…was.

When she slowly opened her eyes,,,,, she was taken a back looking at hard dick of mari
It was 9 inch long and 3 inch thick circumcised dick with lots of hair covering his dick and his fat balls hanging like a bag. She could see the dick standing strong below his fat navel targeted towards her face.
This was the first time kajal saw a man complete nude….
Her mind was flowing now with sexual desires forgetting about her religious culture, her family background everything

mari slowly came near to her face and instructed her to lick it. kajal could see his dick clearly now, there was lot of dirt patch near his dick,,, urine smell was oozing out of his penis, she could see the white patches of dry cum on his thighs and near the penis head. White rashes can be see above his penis due to the scratches and dirty pimples around his thigh corners near penis.
Suddenly mari grabbed kajal hair and inserted his filthy dick in her mouth… stroking it in and out…..aaaaahhhhhhh, lee yaaaa,oooosuck meeeeaaaaaaaaa dickuuuuunnnnnmmmmm
Aaahaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah
kajal was almost choking due to the force of beggar….she could feel the dick almost hitting deep inside her throat…

After 10 min of immense blowjob, mari moved downwards…. He pulled her black panty in one stroke to witness the beautiful pussy of kajal…
His eyes couldn’t believe what he saw, fair pussy with trimmed pubic hair …..
Without wasting any time he started licking it…… pussy juice started flowing from her pussy each time mari inserted his tongue….. kajal was moaning in desire aaaaaaaaaaaa chaaaachaaaaaaaaa aaaaaur andarrrr aaaaaaaaur morrrrrr. Yeeeeeeaaaar eeeeeeha aaaaaaaaap
mari licked her and left her pussy lubricated with his saliva…… he got up and started kissing kajal on her lips very hard…….. kajal could feel his hard dick touching her pussy now.
In the next moment old beggar stopped kissing her lips
she felt that something going to happen….. before she realised, he thrusted his dick in one stroke inside her pussy…….

Tears rolled down from kajal eyes as beggar kept on pushing his dick inside and out with big thrusts following with even bigger thrusts….. kajal kept on murmuring aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai, assssssssssssss slowlyeeeeeeeeeeeee daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalo,,,,,,,,,,,,, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ufffffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaa….
mari started to enjoy each thrust as he was fucking her relentlessly…. Now he started fucking her even faster and felt kajal was shaking fears fully…. With a huge moan kajal came hard aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah… ohhhh…. beggar mari stopped immediately and went down to lick her sweet cum oozing out of her pusssy…… kajal now was in her seven heavens as she never went through such hard orgasm as it was first time having sex……… mari after few minutes again started thrusting her hard……… both were drenched in sweat and mari roller coaster ride was even fiery than earlier….. kajal coming to her senses realised that she is about to cum again…… within seconds she came heavily once again for the second time now with ahuge moan

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah uffffffff maaaaaaaaaaaaah…….
mari was almost fucking her now for 20 min……. as mari was enjoying this fuck of his life ….. he whispered in her ears that he said i want u daily and wanted to fuck u kajal do u also want this kind of pleasure then kajal didnt replied then he pressed her boobs hareder and kajal shouted ahhhhhhand agaon beggar asked did u like it want it and she said s then he released his semen inside kajal pussy.
kajal realised that unprotected sex with this beggar but she tought that it doesnt matted and started to enjoy the pleasure she was getting. kajal said to beggar that fuck me ahhhhahahhhahahahh fuck me harder please fuck me throuth out my life fuck me.”
Hearing these words… beggar mari stroke became more wild and kajal could feel the thrusts deep inside her pussy walls. mari was about to climax with huge moans, aaaaaaah aaaaaah, eeeeeeeeeeeee, aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah, ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaah iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaaaliiiiii.
And he cum inside kajal pussy……….. kajal could feel the hot semen deep inside her womb.. Each spurt of his semen hitting harder…………her pussy was filled of so much cum that it was oozing out of her pussy to her thighs and to her bed.
mari dick has become limb by now…..
They both slept together for some time….. when mari woke suddenly and saw kajal still in naked condition dead tired…… his dick again got erected with the scene and he turned kajal like her face facing down on the bed.

Her plump ass was now facing beggar… as kajal was still not able to recover from the hardcore sex she had. mari took this opportunity to fuck her ass.
He spit on her ass and lubricated well with his tongue….. the smell of her ass was making him mad……. As kajal gained conscious slowly she saw back that beggar mari was about the tear her ass. Before she could stop him, he got hold of her hand and with one big thrust he inserted his dick in her ass… and started to fuck her harder…… her ass was too tight and mari could feel the tightness on his dick….. waaaaaaaaaaaah yahhhhaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa haaaa.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaah u dirty bitcccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……

kajal could feel her ass would be teared with such hard core sex. She pleaded to him…. ssssssstoopppppppppppp aaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaai, aaaaaaaaaaaahooooo aaaaaaaaaaaahsssssssssssss a. As beggar mari was not able to bear the tightness of her asssssss, he cum inside her ass with her huge thrusts. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaani..
He came for the second time…………….. the old beggar was filling with so much cum that the entire bed was wet because of heavy cum…..
Now mari was dead tired and took his dick out of her asss.. they rested for couple of half an hour.
kajal got up and cleaned her self with some cloth given by beggar mari and helped kajal from dresseing. and later on kajal sat beside beggar which beggar was naked and placed his hear on kajal thigs and looking kajal face and sais did u like the pleasure u had kajal sat silently and beggar agaon asked her then kajal came to sense and said yes and beggar u want it daily this kind of pleasure then kajal hesitate and said yes i want it daily After almost 2 hours of hardcore sex rain get stopped and there is sound oh horn she tought that it was her car and said i need to go and hugged beggar and kissed him and said i will come tomorow and left his house.

while leaving the house beggar caught hod of kajal hand and said please give me a quick hand job kajal said no as her dad id waiting down therethen he said please later on kajal said ok and went inside his house and started to do handjob it is going for 5 minutes it is not cumming cum so mari said remove ur blouse andshow mw ur boobs this may work soon kajal removed her blouse and showing her big tits soon after 5-10 minutes af handjob beggar came and kajal hand if full of his cum and later kajal washed her handsand adjusted her saree and started to move while going he pulled kajal towards him and kissed kajal on her lips kajal to responded to him by sucking his saliva and playing with his tounge and after 2 minutes she broke the kiss and said good bye and she promised him that she will come tomorrow and went down the hill while walking she was struggling to walk as trhis was first encounter to her so she reached her dad and she moved towards car and went to home

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Kajal agarwal fucked by old beggars

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