Kamya : A Teacher & her Adventures Chapter 2

Kamya : A Teacher & her Adventures Chapter 2

Junaid made arrangements for her to clean herself. He created a secret passage to the tubewell where she cleaned herself for him. In the meantime Junaid went off and took care of everything…he brought some food items as well. Everything was perfectly normal as Kamya had already taken care of Savita while she still had time.

Junaid prepared food for themselves and Kamya wore back her clothes… Junaid watched her doing so. They ate together in a plate. It was two hours past noon when they returned to the bed. Junaid had his lungi on him in which his little monster was already making a tent. Kamya felt shy as it was going to happen anytime. She was sitting at a distance. Junaid signalled her to look at his erection and when she did he twiched…making her blush red.

“Madam I am really tired taking care of you…why don’t you press my feet.” Junaid commanded.
Kamya didn’t knew how to respond…even Sumit didn’t dared ever to do that. But submissive part of her made her move.
She uped his lungi and started pressing his muscular legs. He had cut all over every muscle popped out.

Junaid lifted his right leg and placed it over her shoulder.
“Little lower….yes there Madam.” He Instructed.
He was heavy…Kamya felt as if only his one leg was a hundred Kilos.
“Aaahhh Junaidji can you remove your leg off….its hurting.” Kamya said in a pleading voice after 5 minutes.
Junaid turned his ankle and pulled her to him.
“No…No…No…No.” Kamya was saying…when his hands came to get her down under.

There was no escape anymore.
“This is the problem with city women…they can’t even take it for 10 minutes.” Junaid said to her.
He fetched the knot of his lungi and took it off himself.
“I shouldn’t have let to wear them…now I want to tear them off.” Juanid was irritated with her clothes.

“Please No….Aaaaahhh.” Kamya screamed….but it was useless….the blouse was parted part in two pieces. While she feared her pigeons rejoiced.
“Okay Okay….give me 2 minutes.” She pleaded.
He slipped off her and She was naked again.
“Madam have you been fucked in the ass ?” Junaid asked in between.
Kamya stopped her heart skipped a beat. She was all virgin backyard.
She shook her head in negative…. reluctant.
The smile on his face broadened.

“No nothing in my Gaand.” Kamya declared.
Junaid laughed.
“Why are you laughing….i am serious.” She replied.
“Its good to hear Gaand from you lips.” He said.
“I am not much into ass Madam….but if a gaand is so beautiful like yours I think I should give it a try.” He said pulling her into his arms and placing his lips and tongue all over her.
He fucked her for another 3 long rounds that day…and finally that night in the darkness escorted her back to the boundry wall of her backyard.

Junaid got up the wall and lifted her all the way up and placed her back on the other side.
He was about to jump back….”No wait.” Kamya said.
“What happened Madam….you still not satisfied.” Junaid said taking a bit on her swollen pussy.
“Its dark….can you take me to the gate.” She asked.
“Its right up there Madam.” Junaid said. The backyard of the house was big but it was nothing compared to the distance they just covered.

Junaid agreed. He came down and picked her up on his shoulders and spanked her ass.
“What are you doing……” Kamya squealed. Junaid moved.
He took her to the gate and Kamya fetched the secret key. The door went open.
“Someday I will open your backdoor Madam.” He replied with a wicked smile. Kamya closed the door back instantly….she didn’t wanted to let him inside.
She went straight to her bed and got rid of her clothes. She turned the heater on and drifted to sleep. Waking up really late as it was a Sunday.

The next day as well was not a bliss for her, she woke up only to take food and slept peacefully throughout the entire day and night. The continuous love making with Junaid had made her really tired…it was more than enough for her. Kamya was in two minds in one she felt guilty for cheating with her husband and on the another she craved for more. She craved to please the rickshawpuller…to take his circumcised dick in her mouth again…to make him cum in there itself and drink all of it. She wanted to do everything nasty she dreamt since her teenage. However the guilt was killing her all over…she knew what happened between her and Junaid was all in the heat of the moment but she also knew it wouldn’t have been any different even if Juniad had forced himself on her.

Kamya packed her bags out and before dawn she called in her auto. She took the first thing she could find and there she was on the bus way home. The school was about to get close anytime for winter vacations so there was ample time for her to let things cool off. The bus journey was mostly peaceful apart from one incident. It was the first connecting bus that would have taken her to the main bus station. Being the first one it was more than usually crowded. Since it was a cold morning most people were half asleep. Kamya hopped in and there were no place for her to sit. She didn’t wanted to wait for the next one as it would have meant wait for next hour. As more people pushed it…she was pushed deeper in the bus. The bus had just started moving when she felt like someone just brushed his hands on her ass. Kamya looked around she knew the man behind her did that but he looked really dangerous and she decided to let it go. She inched a step forward as precaution. As the bus jumped on the way…Kamya was pulled backwards almost falling on that stranger.

“Arreeyyy easy Driver Saheb….the things here are delicate…she won’t be able to take it.” The stranger shouted on which a few people chuckled.
Kamya wasn’t pleased with such a behavior but there was a little she could do about it. The bus stopped and a few more people got on making her stand right next to the man. She gave him a disgusting look…but his hands were already in her jacket…pulling her back to him. His rod was now pressed against her plush round ass the bus moved slowly ahead as the road was rougher. Although she was escaping the village from a sin…but the warm touch of that stranger made her nipples erect again.

“Kya makkan item hai tu…Saali bistar toh ekdum garam kar deti hogi.” the stranger whispered.
(Such a silky item you are…you must be very warm in bed)
Kamya was stunned to hear such a foul language from him. She turned around to give him a stare.
“what are you looking at…didn’t you like the comment…or i should ask driver to let us get off the bus.” the stranger added.
Kamya knew it was worthless to argue with him…she tried to go ahead a few co-passengers but he pulled her back.
“Where are you going…don’t you fucking move or I will snatch off your saree and make you naked here.” He whispered again.
“Ohh Madam…stand straight…why are you burdening me.” The passenger on the adjacent seat said in a stern voice as she was almost on him to escape from behind.
She was left with no choice. The stranger now got his hands moving he grabbed her ass harsh like Ramu did that night. She was clearly in pain…she turned around with pleading look this time and he let it go with his creepy smile.
He placed his hand on her crotch and rubbed her there above the saree. Kamya was in heaven…she closed her eyes and started enjoying it.
But the stranger didn’t stop there he managed to get his hand inside her saree and there she was protected only by her tiny panties. He cupped her pussy with his rough hand.
“Sali…tu to ekdum geeli ho chuki hai….kya makkhan chut hai…Aaaahhhh” He continued taking dirty to her.
(You are all wet down here…such silky pusssyyy)
being in a crowded place and having a stranger invade her privacy and the thrill to not to get caught made her kinkier. Within ten minutes she hit her orgasm. Thread of her sweet nectar escaped her womanhood…creating a line down her thighs all the way to her legs. The stranger pulled his hands out and shamelessly had a whiff of it publicly, he even placed it in his mouth and tasted her.

“You are all finished slut…what about me.” the stranger said…and placed her hand on this hard rock.
He was big. There was no doubt about that. Luckily for him…the adjacent seats were about to get evacuated and they moved down.
He wrapped the blanket around and undid his cock. Kamya was looking away he picked her hands and made her grab his shaft making her go up and down. She was still looking away…but doing him now. He was humongous…Kamya wanted to have a look of it. Slowly she lifted the blanket…the stranger knew what she wanted he lifted it all the way. She took her hands off immediately…but her widen eye was clearly a certification. It was a 8” circumcised black cock…glowing in full glory. He was in every sense bigger than what she ever had. The veins were all popping out. Although he looked normally built his shaft was monstrous. The stranger placed her hands back on it. Kamya went down to feel his balls…it was almost as big as a tennis ball…full of his seed what she craved to drink all.

She started giving him a hand job. A few moments later…more people went down…it was almost empty a few seats down the bus. She knew he was edging it. Kamya bent down.
“Take care if anyone comes around.” She said before placing his warm rod in her mouth.
It was so instant that he didn’t knew how to respond. He was in heaven…and she was liking the masculinity at its best.
The stranger let the blanket go and the bus jumped at the same time…making her look at him and his thick shaft thrusting deeper in her mouth. Her eyes became teary…but he was pleased. He grabbed her hair and took control of her head making her go up and down. Kamya knew what she had to do…she tightened her lips on his shaft and there he was bursting like a man in her mouth. He was thick salty and creamy. She cleaned it all off. The stranger was clearly impressed.

Kamya went back to her position and licked off the things she left all over. The gulped down water thoroughly.
“By the way I am Jamil.” He said.
“Rasika” She replied.
“Rasika tu toh ekdum kadak maal hai…teri choot kab milegi.” The stranger was all blunt.
“And where will we do it” She asked smiling shyly.
“I am ready to take you in the bus itself…but I would prefer a bed…and take you infront of my wife. She can learn so much from you.” He said.
“HaHaHa…I dont go well with wives.” She replied.
“At-least give me your number.” He asked as the bus had almost reached the destination.
“No…If you are lucky enough we will meet again.” She replied.
“Take this it is my number…call me.” He gave his number on a hundred rupee note…placing it straight in her blouse and giving it a firm grab.
and they parted their ways.

By the time She got home it was almost evening. She waited for her husband to come.
At around 8:00 PM she could hear the door unlocking…Kamya had been waiting for her husband in his favorite red saree with deep necks.
She stood there…only to be terrified at the end it wasn’t Sumit…rather a couple.

“Heyy who the fuck are you…how did you get the keys ?” Kamya shouted.
“Who are you how come you were already inside ?” the man roared back…but he knew who she was.
Kamya took a step back…”I am the wife who are you.”
“I am Mahesh and this is my wife Tina we are your tenant.” He replied extending his hands.
Tina gave Kamya a deadly look as she went past her and up the stairs…in the meantime Mahesh had her palm placed on his lips.
He was much taller and built like Balwant.

“Kamyaji can I have some water please ?” Mahesh asked.
“yeah sure.” She replied and went ahead in the kitchen returning with a glass of water and found him relaxing on the sofa…Kamya bent down to give him the water.
“You are very obedient Kamyaji I like that in a woman.” replied Mahesh in a rude tone.
“Excuse me ?” replied Kamya but he had already left.

As the days progressed Kamya came to know about a lot of things. Mahesh who owned a jewelry store had totally spoilt her husband Sumit. Clearly Sumit wasn’t much pleased with Kamya around as it had deprived his chances to be with Tina…who indeed was very witchy in her looks as well as her deeds.
Kamya always woke up to loud moans Mahesh caused her to make in almost till 3:00 in the morning. All the neighbors in the society were secretly crazy about Tina as well as Mahesh. Sumit Mahesh and Tina used to hang alot leaving Kamya alone and wondering. Mahesh made Sumit to bet and put his hard earned money in wrong things. It fetched him greater returns but he also suffered a lot of losses in between…the net effect was really negative for him.
Despite Mahesh’s attempts he was not able to understand…and whatever left with him he spent it on Tina trying to impress her and get into her panties.

One morning when Kamya woke up she found her bed empty. She looked around Sumit was no where to be found. His cell phone was around too. Kamya decided to check on upstairs. In her heart she was secretly hoping “He shouldn’t be with her.”
But there he was half covered and half naked and that witch was under the satin sheet they were peacefully sleeping. Kamya closed the door behind only to find Mahesh.
“You woke up early today.” He said.
“yes….does he always comes here.” She asked.
Mahesh stepped closer he was sweating clearly he had been working out.
“yes every night…but doesn’t gets the chances everyday.” Mahesh replied placing his broad arms on the door itself trapping Kamya in between.
But she was engrossed in some other thoughts…while Mahesh was really into her. She was the perfect match against him unlike Tina who was sexy but small.
“Breakfast” Mahesh asked…showing her the things he had brought.
They descended downstairs and she set upped the plate.

“How come you are okay with someone else sleeping with your wife ?” She asked Mahesh.
“I wasn’t but Tina was very open and now we have very open kind of relationship. She spiced up the things in our marriage…at first I liked her getting troubled by men under my absence…later it turned into watching her fuck others and now we enjoy pretty much every thing.” He replied.
“But why Sumit?” She asked.
“Because we were fed up looking for a good home…It was a dead end here too but as Tina appeared Sumit agreed…I knew the poor thing was deprived of many things and sex wasn’t the thing he should be caring much about. I made him meet call girls and housewives but one day he collected the strength and asked if he could go out with Tina. You should have seen him…he was trembling when I grabbed his collar and hugged him later.” Mahesh replied chuckling.

“Can you please…remove my shoes. Its hurting.” Mahesh asked noticing she had finished off her breakfast.
not even Sumit ever dared to ask her that. She gave him a look.
“What didn’t you hear what I say ?” He said in a stern voice and her hands automatically reached for his shoes. She undid the shoes.
“Ummm who will remove my socks…your husband.” He roared again.
“Don’t talk to me like that…I am not your wife.” She replied.
“Then who are you…why you picked out my Shoes ?” He asked.
“Get rid of it yourself.” Kamya replied and got up.
Mahesh grabbed by her hand and pulled her down.
“I like feisty women…they get me turned on…It will be nice turning you into my…” Mahesh was cut off in between with a slap across his face.

“Kamya…apologize to Maheshji” Sumit roared.
Mahesh was about to grab her hair and do the needful but he stopped.
“I am not going to.” She replied and went straight in her room.
Sumit kept apologizing for his wife’s rude behavior and removed his socks himself.

A few days later Tina left home to spend some time with her parents. Sumit went to drop her down.
He wasn’t going to be around for a while. There wasn’t any conversation between Mahesh and Kamya after that day.
But that day Mahesh came early…he sat on the sofa…he looked exhausted.
He poured himself some water and rested there. Kamya came out of her room to grab something when he called her in.
“Kamyaji can you please come over.” He asked.
Kamya went ahead and sat on the sofa across. She had been wearing a tight kurta and red leggings.
“For the past a few days one thing is killing me…I wished I could have said it to you earlier.” Mahesh said and looked at her.
“I am hearing Maheshji” She replied.
“I shouldn’t have behaved the way I did…It was totally unwarranted of me…I should have respected you.” He replied.

It took her seconds to get melt away.
“I should also have behaved differently and not…” She cut off.
“I am glad you did…It did woke me up.” He replied.
“What are you doing tonight…maybe we could go out for dinner.” He asked.
“Yeah Sure.” She replied happily and went off. Mahesh could only imagine her soft toned and round ass bouncing on his dick…his manhood twitched inside his pants.
“wear something modern.” He shouted from behind…kamya passed him a smile.

She called in Sumit and told him about everything. He was happy that everything had finally settled down.
“Kamya I think you should have fun in your life as well…anything doesn’t changes anything.” He replied and cut off…leaving him wondering what he actually meant.
She did dress much sexier that he thought. She wore a top that had threads running in between…it was practically cut off in the middle which showed an ample amount of her love bulbs…matched with a tight jeans.
“Wow….maybe we shouldn’t go…how I could be able to keep men off you if you are dressed like this.” Mahesh replied.
“Had it purchased after our wedding for Honeymoon which never actually happened.” She replied.
“You look amazing…don’t mind if I grab you accidentally…I won’t be able to keep my hands off.” He replied.
It was the first time he had talked dirty straight…but Kamya had been expecting these kind of comments.

Mahesh put his luxury car out and there they were…on their own heading towards an ultramodern place.
She placed the Jacket inside the car and went ahead with her man.
As a few men moved past her and gave her the look….Mahesh placed his hand on her waist pulling her closer.
He looked behind and those were looking at her finely toned legs and ass. He was really happy.
They entered the restaurant and sat down at a corner seat. The women all were dressed modern…some had slits all the way up.
They both were hungry and ate to their hearts content.

Mahesh took the car and purchased a champagne bottle. They were passing by when She looked outside the window there was a lingerie shop open.
He took the U turn and stopped the car there. She felt shy. But he made her step out of the car and head inside.
She never in her life purchased her intimate dressings on a shop and at this point of time there were only 2 men left out in the shop.
and out of them one was leaving soon…there was only the owner of the store around.
“So what are you looking for Madam ?” He asked her directly.
Kamya felt shy and lowered her head.
“Show her some nightwears…do you mind If I use your bathroom…”asked Mahesh to the store owner.
“No Sir its that way…” He was more than happy.

Mahesh didn’t actally went down…he hid behind within an earshot.
“So what would you like to prefer Madam…longer shorter medium…silk satin or see through…with or without bra.” The store keeper asked.
She was really uncomfortable with this kind of conversation.
“You have really sexy body Madam…maybe I can show you something if you could tell be about your measurements.” He asked.
“34C-26-36” She replied.
“Fuck….I am this way…Please.” The store keeper was definitely rattled.
He showed her somethings but nothing was pleasing her…this was the time Mahesh needed to come as they were out of earshot and he was constantly checking out her ass.

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Kamya : A Teacher & her Adventures Chapter 2