Kamya : A Teacher & her Adventures Chapter 3

Kamya : A Teacher & her Adventures Chapter 3

It took her only 10 to 12 minutes to get burst afterall what happened with Mahesh in the past 24 hours. A day ago she didn’t liked him at all…but now she was rubbing herself imagining his cock inside her. She was about to clean off his underwear that he had asked her to like the faithful wife.
For some reasons she knew it was today…Mahesh was going to fill her up to the brim.

He returned in an hour and took her to a salon. He gave personal instructions which Kamya went to know in an hour ago. Her whole body was glowing. In the meantime Mahesh went out to purchase something for her.

He paid the bill and they came out. It was almost evening now.
Getting inside he instructed her to get a bath and wear the things he had purchased.
He moved into his to take care of his hygiene as well.
Kamya went inside and opend up the box. It had a beautiful one piece dree…. perfect for her size. The dress covered her ass and was a perfect fit to every inch. The neck was round and wide but not enough to expose her breasts…she didn’t had huge breasts. The box also contained a high heel sandal and a blue panties…which didn’t show anything infront and had much fabric on back but it all showed her ass cheeks.
“Pervert” kamya whispered in her breaths and went head to take a bath.
She took an hour to get ready. She had the dress on….applied matt finish dark pink lipstick. Her cheeks looked delicious…her hair no longer straight she had them in curls and locks now.
Although she didn’t wore these kind of dresses for ages but she knew how to carry them. The dress had enough padding in her breasts so there wasn’t any need to have that bra.

Kamya had been doing all these with her ass bent and popped out…and Mahesh was all looking at her with his dick out. He had all sorts of imagination running inside his head.
Kamya went out now hearing a knock on her door.
Mahesh was sitting on the couch.
“Ready to go.” He asked.
“Where ? I thought we are going to be here.” She replied.
“If we were going to be here then why I needed to have this dress on you.” He said with a gimmick smile.

“Here take it to the fridge…” He handed her over the bottle of champagne. And watched her ass sway seductively. His cock twiched in his pants.

They went ahead in a posch area and it was getting really isolated… There were farmhouses….mansions now in both sides of the road. Mahesh pointed her to a house.
“I am going to purchase that…its in my friend’s contacts and he could get me some discount.

But the car still moved. And finally it pulled out in front of a club. The music was very upbeat. Mahesh handed over his keys and headed inside. Although she wasn’t out of place and was dressed normally but surely her height and fitting of dress got a many of dicks hard.

“Fuckkk…look at that ass bro… Such a lucky bastard…”TAKE HER FROM THE BACK ALSO.” There were three boys passing around comments in silent breaths…however the last line was loud and clear.
Kamya looked at Mahesh who now had his hand spread on her ass.
“They brothers want me to fuck you in the ass.” He whispered.
She shook her head in disbelief.
Inside the club she seated herself on a high stool…with her legs all crossed. She could see the people having great time. Men had their hands on their possession.
“Come lets dance.” Mahesh asked.
“No I can’t…you go enjoy yourselves.” She replied asking the bartender for more of that sweet liquid she had been drinking.

Mahesh went out and soon laid his hands on a sweet 20 Y.O girl. She turned around instantly but Mahesh turned her back again. He pulled her ass on his crotch and she started twerking it. Seeing the lights getting darker…he placed his hand on her breasts. Kamya looked around if anyone had noticed them making out all in public.

When her eyes were returning back to Mahesh…she saw someone looking at her. He lifted her glass taking a notice that she noticed him. He was constantly looking at her….while Kamya stole glances. She took a long gulp and wanted to claim Mahesh back. She was about to when a stranger’s hand pulled her away. He took her in the opposite direction. The cold breeze and alcohol worked its way to her head.

She looked at the man who took her….it was the same guy who was looking at her hungrily but she was too drunk to say anything to him now. She landed her palm on his chest. He really worked out…her hands brushed on his man nipples and they were erect. She landed her face on his right chest and started encircling his man nipples above his shirt. Her body was swaying automatically on the music that had been playing. Kamya looked at the man. He didn’t looked handsome much….he was all dark skinned…bht he was way taller than her and strong enough.
She didn’t knew what took her over….but she insered her hands inside his shirt.
“Heyyy easy Sugar…you don’t want me doing this to you…do you ?” He whispered.
“You want your exclusiveness to be taken off.” She replied.
He understood and let her do whatever he wanted.

“You are really very soft and sexy.” He whispered.
“And you are masculine….I like that.” She whispered in a silky tone and looked up at him.
He placed his index finger on her chin and uped her lips… took her in control now. Although she was reluctant to go under a full on kissing with frenchness but the man was adamant… afterall she was all soft silky and divine.

Kamya looked at him madly for doing that. She was all tensed. The alcohol made her look like everyone had seen it and looking at her quizzy…but in reality no one had done that.
Kamya wanted to escape but he pulled her to himself.
“Here lets get behind that door.” He whispered…with his eyes fixed at Mahesh who was still busy in the young girl.
The stranger grabbed Kamya’s neck tighter and pulled her inside. He shut the door back.

As soon as they got inside….he inserted his right hand inside her sexy panties.
“Saaali ekdum garam ho chuki hai aur bhaag rahi hai.” He said.
(Bitch she is all hot now and escaping me.)
He had his arms wrapped around on her breasts and finger rubbing her clit. He was leaving his warm breaths at her making her body to give up.
“Waha to aise fudak rahi thi…lauda lene ke liye abb kya ho gaya meri Jaan Ungli se ye haal hai tera…” he continued taking dirty to her and pulled her skirt up. Leaving her all exposed and vulnerable. The panties stood no ground for her and they were torn apart. He lifted her up in his arm with his left hand wrapped around below her breasts and two fingers invading inside her in the air.
Kamya was about 60Kilos and he was picking her up like she was nothing. Kamya wiggled in pain and pleasure.
“HaHaHa…” The stranger’s hoarse smile returned as he put her in the most humiliating and miserable position.
With her constant struggle and wiggling it was hard for him to keep her in the air….he dropped her down in the floor but still had contol well over her. Her ass was all popped out having two fingers inside her.

But when he poked into her shit hole….Kamya became all crazy…..she clenched her backdoor.
“Easy easyyy….easyyyy….okay I won’t do that.” The stranger whispered. Kamya started to cool off.
But he had other plans. He took her to the sofa lying ahead. And placed her troso on the part used for sitting. Her knees were on the floor.

“Your ass is so soft I don’t even want to smack you.” He whispered in her ears….and put the figers back….but this time he targetted her G-SPOT. And pressed his thumb against her clit. Kamya was in all heaven now.
While fingering….the starnger took both her hands grabbed on her back and pulled his tongue out for her Gaand.
The sensation was all new for her.
“Ohhhhg…..what are you doinnnnn mm?” Kamya cried in pleasure….no body had done that to her.
And when she was all relaxed he invaded her B side as well.
Kamya cried again….clenched again…. only to make things miserable for her….he was well deep inside her now.

The stranger was now making faces when he saw her delicate body trembling and shivering.
Kamya’s heart was beating fast she felt like she had no strength whatsoever to get away from him. In the mean time the stranger pushed his finger a little deeper…making her quiver and jump forward a little on her knees to escape the pain.

“Take it meri Jaan…Ungli se itna darogi toh Lund kaise logi.” The stranger said to her in a tone that was utterly disrespectful. No one had talked her like that ever before. But she was helpless.
“Ssshhh….Aaaahhh…Ohhh…Easy…Please not that deep.” were the only words escaping her mouth.
“I wish I could fuck you here…but no you are too delicate to be taken this way. Let me take you to a hotel.” He said and pulled her skirt back.
He grabbed Kamya by her neck and placed his filthy finger on her nose.
“Could you smell it…its your Gaand…lick it clean.” The stranger asked.
Even though she was half drunk…She knew what he was asking her to do. It was utterly disrespectful. Kamya looked at him with disgusting look and when he forced she shook her head…the stranger didn’t pushed it further and licked it clean himself.

Her mouth fell open seeing that….titillating the shit hole with tongue was one thing but to actually lick it clean with mouth was just another level of madness.
“Don’t worry by tomorrow you with be sucking off my dick straight out of your shit hole. Kamya didn’t wanted to be there any minute. She cursed Mahesh for bringing her there in the first place.
The door that opened from inside to the parking lot was closed. The stranger did his best to open it and therefore didn’t had to face Mahesh. But he had to now.
“Listen you keep your mouth shut while we leave the place or I will shove it in.” The stranger placed a knife on her stomach. Kamya was terrified what kind of a sex maniac he was. She stepped a few steps back. He came closer.
“Don’t you fucking touch me.” She almost screamed.
“Maybe I should fuck you here itself huh stupid slut…what say…put it in your ass rough…huh” He said grabbing her cheeks.
“Look at your sweet lips…they should be saying “Yes Sir” or stuffed with cock all the time.” He added.
That was enough…she was ready to take that blow of the knife but to do anything with him.

However in the meantime the backdoor opened and some maintenance staffs came in. Kamya saw them with helpless eyes.
“Look at you Saheb always getting the hottest chick in the club.” The staff said.
“Why was the door closed you Idiot…” The stranger screamed.
“Her husband was looking for her madly…He asked us to put the locks on so no one could leave the house. We let him search everywhere except this room where I searched personally.” the staff said with a wicked smile.
“In that case you need a thick tip.” The stranger said.
“I don’t need tip this time around Sir…its been a long time I have laid my hands on some hot housewife.” The staff said with that smile on his face.
“You are getting smarter day by day.” The stranger said.
“You make a video of her…and you know we can have her anytime.” The staff said.
“if you are suggesting black-mailing then its certainly a good idea.” The stranger said.
He was about to get out of the door when the staff asked him to stop.

He came closer and put a duct tape on Kamya’s mouth. He overlapped it with another coat.
“Now she is ready to go.” He said bending his body to touch stranger’s feet. But when he was rising up his hand went to touch her pussy. The stranger grabbed his hand in the middle.
“Don’t you get her dirty with your filthy hands…She is too sacred for you now.” He said.
“No worries Sir…I would be more than happy to lick off whatever you leave behind.” He said.
“You know whats best about fucking a house wife.” He added.
“Tell me” The stranger asked while Kamya stood there witn tears rolling down her face smudging with her Kajal listening two men discussing to get inside her. She was disgusted to be a woman anymore. Her body felt like a burden to she wanted to collapse on the ground just to avoid them taking.
It would not have disturbed her this deep if he had fucked her instead directly.
“You don’t have to worry about putting a condom…which the young ladies insist upon and you can have you cum inside…and don’t have to worry at all. Seeding a woman is such a satisfying thing.” The staff said it with such calmness that Kamya heard every word of it…it pierced her ears and her body like long thick needles. Her legs defied her and she collapsed.

The stranger and staff were too quick to get her back on her feet.
“why do these bitches get drunk more than they could take…You go quickly or She won’t be giving you the pleasure you want from her ass.”
“Whackkk” A tight slap landed on staff’s face.
“What did I say…don’t you lay your filthy hands on my chick…you low class people just don’t understand it always wanting to lay hands on something they are incapable.”
“Sorry Sir.” The staff said rubbing his cheek.

The stranger pulled Kamya in his arms and started moving towards his car. He was apparently the only one there.
He was more than happy. He opened the door and placed her on the leather seats. He upped her skirt again and clicked a few snaps of her womanhood and sent it to his gang members.
He was about to get in the front seat when he was grabbed by his collar. The stranger turned around quickly to get into a fight.
It was Mahesh.
“Ohh…You haven’t left.” The stranger said.
“No…Not without her.” He said.
“What is the problem with you husbands huh…you guys cant satisfy your wives and don’t want others when they do.” the stranger said.
“To get undue advantage of a woman half drunk is not a manly thing…i wouldn’t have minded if you have taken her away in her away when she were normal. but you know what’s best about women they could smell the disgust and perversion from a far away. She would’t have let you be closer to her given how bastard you look like.” Mahesh said out to him.

“You really think I care for her. I wan’t to put me inside her sweet cunt and get her pregnant for you…which you seem fairly incapable of.” the stranger said.
in the meantime the girl with Mahesh helped Kamya getting out of his car and get back to her nerves a little.

She saw Mahesh…her eyes were teary and smudged…asking the same question repeatedly…”Where were you all this while when this man was laying hands on me ?” the silent words of her eyes screamed in his ears. He was all mad on himself. He wanted to kill him for that…because deep down he was in love with her. Mahesh had clear cut philosophies in his life…it all mattered on women’s consensus… he never pushed himself forcefully on anyone even though he was much more stronger than any woman he had ever been in a physical relationship. Even the women wrestling coach didn’t came close. He respected their boundaries and knew it were women that were always blamed and cursed upon…he knew what they could have to go through for their sexual urges to get satisfied…and he didn’t wanted women to remember them in their life as a sore that ruined them rather someone they spent their happiest times with.

(A Flashback)
Tina was no different…Mahesh’s first wife died in a car accident while she was returning from her parents…thay had a baby by now and thankfully it survived with out any scratches. Tina was the second cousin of his first wife and much younger than him. She was just 15 when the incident happened…to see her Jeeju yearning for his wife more than anyone got her thinking “how could a man love someone that way.” She was completely in love with him. At the age of 16 he came home on her birthday when there was no one to be with her just because she asked him to. He traveled 400 kilometers just to fulfill a child’s wish which her parents ignored all the time. Even after an year he was still thinking about his first wife. This time around Tina expressed her love for him. She forced herself on him and kissed him. Mahesh pushed her away. “This is not right Tina…You are young…we all develop such feelings at this age but that doesn’t mean we do something we regret later. Tina opened her bathrobe in front of him.
“I know you don’t like me much maybe because I am not as beautiful as my sister was but I can’t see you missing her this bad. I wish I could get her out of your mind for a while.” Tina said…showing him her still growing body which would have otherwise been bitten off by her then boyfriend if she did offer.
Mahesh left. He came back in the room with a present in the morning and kissed her gently on her forehead while she closed her eyes thinking it would be her lips.
“Listen Tina…I know whatever you did last night was right from you…but you know what’s right for you is not right for everyone else. I am a widower and it would be disrespectful for my wife if I do something like this. and if you still don’t understand it I could give a tight slap to bring you down to reality.” Mahesh said the last sentence with a playful smile. Tina grabbed him to her arms…even though he tried to get her out she put herself out there to him. leeching on his body…with only a thin sleeping shirt on her and a shirt on his body. Which she wished never existed that way she could have synced her heartbeats with him. “If you won’t do this…why can’t I marry you.” Tina whispered in his ears and clenched him tighter.
Mahesh lay his hands on her back now…”Tina I don’t know why you aren’t able to understand it…I married your sister not because she was very beautiful but because she were the one I connected my happiness with…I know you guys think it was arranged but we were in love from a very young age since our school days and just because we had similar backgrounds I was able to convince your uncle aunts…you are way too beautiful than your sister and you care about people much…you deserve someone far better than I could ever be.” and finally he left. Tears couldn’t slop flowing from her eyes two days straight…it was the first break-up she had even though it had always been a one sided relationship.
As soon as she attained the age of 18 she expressed her feelings to get married to to her Jeeju. Her parents were shocked. They didn’t took it positively and imposed restrictions on her. But that didn’t stop her from loving him. Mahesh too influenced her to concentrate on her life and career ahead…to which she replied…”I have always seen myself by your side…holding our daughter (from the first wife) and our son (Aaryan, she already had the names in her mind.) If I have a career it must be with you by your side or I would be more than happy just be the mother of your kids.”
“Tina you couldn’t understand…You would never be able to get the position of my first wife…you will always be my second wife…and I don’t want that label to be pasted upon you.” He said.
“I want you to complete your education and get married to the boy your parents have selected for you.” He said.
Tears escaped her eyes. “Promise me you would do that…” He asked till she shook her head in a yes.
“But you have to promise me one thing as well.” She replied. when he was about to leave…Tina held his hands.
“What is it ?” He asked looking back her.
“I want you to be the man who would deflower me.” She said.
Mahesh’s mouth opened wider when she said that.
“No I can’t do that…Ugggh…Tina you are so stubborn.” He replied.
“Then I wont marry anyone.” She said and turned her head away.
“Okay I will think about it…but not really now.” he said kissing on her forehead again.
and then on her 23rd birthday…when she completed her post graduation and she was fixed to tie a knot with a rich businessman…She was with Mahesh in his wedding bed. It was all stup-ed as if it was a suhaagraat. She even insisted that he put vermilion and mangalsutra in her neck. She touched his feet like a wife. and he made love to her that whole night…not letting her sleep at all. He was all masculine and he showed her why her sister loved her that much.
“I wish the night was longer..he whispered in her ears. taking in embrace all thoroughly loved and divine smelling Tina. Sleeping for the next 5 hours straight.

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Kamya : A Teacher & her Adventures Chapter 3