Key to heaven with college girl Pooja

Key to heaven with college girl Pooja

Hey everyone. I’m writing my first story here so please do send me your feedback in the comments below. Do encourage me and I’ll come back with sexier and better stories. Now coming back to the story…in my college years when I was about 19. I used to go in a two-wheeler to college everyday.

One day I had parked my scooter and was walking to the campus when I saw one of my friends Pooja, she has got really big boobs and a sexy figure by the way. We both had come early to school on that day, and still no one had come yet. Guess destiny wanted it like that.

So, I was playing with my keys and walking but by mistake the key slipped from my hand and fell into Pooja’s shirt. She looked at me thinking it was on purpose, but I said sorry and asked whether I could take it out. Wait I’ll give it she said. But I just looked at her and said can I take it? She understood my idea and I was scared that she would tell to anyone.

But she said come and we went behind the building where there are trees and no one can see us. She said take it. I asked really she said yes. So I put my hand in her shirt….yes one of my dreams was finally coming true. I touched and could feel her bra and the key was just there. But being naughty she just shook herself and the key fell into her pant.

I had already touched her boobs now and my dick was poking out. I think she could feel my dick and she came close to me and kissed me…we did it for about 10 mins and my first kiss had happened. Meanwhile, the key was in her pant. I asked her why she did it. She just said take it now.

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So I removed my hand from those lovely boobs and put it into her pant. It was just as heavenly as the shirt and I could feel her soft undy and her pussy from there. feeling some things I found the key and took it out. By that time, it was time for college and she said come to my house today evening as my parents are out.

I was waiting for that moment the whole day and I guessed she were too. I left my home at 4-30 and reached her home fast five pm. Her home is actually in a small road where no one will be there. I went at evening and saw her wearing only her sexy bra and panty of pink color. She said that morning you were exploring these so now you can see them for real.

I got really horny and she could see it. When I went inside she asked whether I want anything to eat. I said you. I think she got really horny on hearing that and we both quickly ran to her room and we kissed on her bed for about 5 minutes. The smooching was really hot and I could feel her padded bra on my chest. Her mouth was wonderful and the kiss I wished it went on forever.

However, I knew more wonderful things are awaiting.We both were really horny.That time she pulled out my pant and I was only wearing undies like her. I slowly removed her bra and her boobs were magnificent and enormous! I enjoyed them kissing them and licking them and sucking on her heavenly nipples. It was just wow. She moaned a few times.

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Her boobs were really big and I had never seen any ones so big. Then she pulled down my undies and for her surprise my dick had become very long the first time I had seen it so long and I think first time she saw that long one too. She sucked on them and I moaned making me go to heaven. She was just wonderful while sucking making it feel like a superb feeling I had never got before.

Then I removed her panty and sucked on her pussy and tasted her juices. she had become really wet after giving a suck to my dick and I sucked all her eternal tasty juices and she moaned. Her butt was bouncy and so was mine she asked whether she could slap them and I said yes. she slapped them and touched them in such a way making me moan and wish for more.

This was being one of the best days of my life. I asked her to put my dick in between her boobs and she pressed it and I felt one of the best feeling in my life. That was enough foreplay and now we were really ready and hungry for fuck. I pushed my dick in to her cunt and she was on top.

We slowly started later she started moaning aah ah making me even more horny and we started doing faster her bed was making squeaking noise and she was moaning making me really horny and my dick had become the biggest for the first time.

We both were kissing and having sex very loudly and I felt her boobs jumping on me and was really aroused thinking the fact that my childhood dream to fuck Pooja had come through. We did it for about 15 mins then I cummed and it was a wonderful feeling coming inside a girl for a first time. Yes I was virgin and the pussy I experienced for the first time.

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Later we had oral sex for an hour, I licked her from top to bottom and she gave another blowjob once by hand and second by mouth both were making me really mad…woow what a feeling it was. that was superb and then we again had sex till night then I returned to my hostel. This is certainly one night for me to remember!

Later we had sex about 2-3 more times in future until we both got a GF and BF. but sometimes when we were bored we would try it again and go to heaven just like the first time. I got my first kiss and first sex with a sexy girl I liked the most. So that is it wait for my next story soon and send the feedback on this one.

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Key to heaven with college girl Pooja

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