Khalid instructs sexy wife in public

Khalid instructs sexy wife in public

My name is Khalid, Me and my wife had a very good experience of her having being played by a stranger in an adult theatre in Mumbai.

After this experience our sex life was better and we had become more open with each other, We were thinking of another such experience but I did not want to visit a theatre, I wanted something different after thinking for many days I recalled something which happened to me about 7 years ago in Virar Train.

For those who are not familiar to the train System in Mumbai, Virar train has capacity of carrying 1800 passenger but due to over population at any given time it has minimum of 6000 passenger.

Before my marriage I used to travel in this train to go to work, at that time I was still young and did not have this belly I carry now, I used to get girls very easily but in that train I learnt that even man were attracted to me.

It used to be so overcrowded that you get surrounded from all sides and you have to keep at least one hand up to hold the Handle and any sudden movement will get you abuses from other passenger, One morning I felt a guys hand on my Lund(Cock), well I just thought that its not intentional but as I did not react slowly he started playing with my cock which responded to his touch, I could have moved but as the touch was not different then a girl touch so I let him have his fun.

I used to travel in this train for a full year and this period at least once a month got somebody to play with my cock. Once I got a women to do that also, It so happened I was standing in my normal place and a couple entered in the train as these were last stop it was not that heavily crowded or women do not enter the Gents compartment, So after they came in they stood near me, The guy was standing in such a way that that no one could see me nor could he as he was facing away from me, The lady started touching and playing with my Lund, They were only there for 2 stops but whew it was hot.

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So after recalling this I planned our next play in Virar train, But in normal days women do not enter the Gents compartment so we had to keep it for Sunday when Families travel together in the gents compartment and it is also equally crowded.

We had to be very careful too as mostly all men travel with their family and I did not want matters to get out of hand, So I explained my plan to my sexy wife of 27 years, with perfect slut like body, Big ass, Big Boobs with lustful eyes and innocent face.

Now the plan was that she wears a tight fitting jeans which will outline her ass and a tight shirt with a light cotton bra as she can not move without a bra in the neighbourhood and also did not want to create a scene with other women in the train.

So we boarded the train from Bandra station going towards Virar in the second class compartment, We stood near the door my wife’s back was towards the train wall while I was facing her, there was no place for air to pass between us so her boobs were touching my chest and my cock was getting grinded in her pussy, I slowly started playing with her in such a manner that no one could see what I was dong, slowly more people started getting and we got completely surrounded by people, near us was a kid of 18 years and on other side an old man of about 60 years.

I signaled my wife to play with the 18 year kid, so my wife slowly kept her hand near the kids cock and touched it with the back of her hand, The kid got shocked first and looked at my wife who gave her a friendly smile and the kid smiled back and then my wife started manipulating his cock, Slowly the kid moved his hand on her thighs and caressing her thigh, My cock was ready to burst just imagining what is gong on the kids mind, When I was 18 if such a pretty matured lady would have done that to me I would have gone mad and when I looked at the lucky bastard I could see how grateful he was, he could have licked her feet with gratitude.

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The boy could not handle anymore and he was ready to come just from being played and when he came he gave a small moan which did not go unnoticed by the old man and 2 youths who were of about 25 years and they saw what is happening so they moved closer to us for the kill.

We were already at Borivoli station and the kid left the train not without smiling at my wife which clearly meant he was very thankful and my wife smiled back saying he is most welcome.

Now those 2 youths and the old man surrounded us completely and I was sure they are not going to get out of train soon nor going to allow anybody else near us, but I knew we only have about 20 minutes till vasai as after that the train will become uncrowded and then they cannot surround us as it will look awkard.

So me and the other three surrounded my wife completely all four of us facing her, the old man had one hand on her right boob fondling and pressing the other youth had his hand on left boob doing the same thing the old man was doing to her right boob.

The other guy who on her left started playing with her pussy and kept his other hand behind her playing with her hot ass, While the good old me was feasting on all these guys playing with my slutty wife and I had her playing with my cock, while her other hand was alternating from one guys cock to another she could feel thier hardness from thier trousers.

After few minutes, the youth who was playing with left hand opened his zipper and showed her his 5″ cock which was thick, precum was already oozing out of it, so my wife started masturbating him all this while these guys were playing with her and I was sure she was wet and excited and longing for a hard fuck from all these fondling and caressing.

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Then the old man opened his zipper and comes out a 9″ monster thick like a beer can, My wife hand automatically changed cocks and started playing with the 9 incher monster which was wet from precum.

The youth started playing with his own cock while still playing with her boob and his friend was still playing with her pussy and ass and I could see that they were going to make her come soon, the youth soon came and returned his cock back to his zipper but still playing with her, I am sure all of us had one thing in mind to make her come.

The youths were doing all they could pressing her ass, pinching her nipples, infact he already had moved his hand inside her t shirt and had his hand inside her bra, But my slutty wife had eyes only for the old mans cock, and then it happened he started coming he tried putting it in back but she did not let him and he was coming on her hand and my wife came and I had to keep my hand on her mouth so in order to stop her moaning.

Her jeans were full of his sperm so was her hand, so I gave her a tissue with which she wiped it all as she was still surrounded no one could see but I was sure that some people had got suspicious with the looks we were getting.

After cleaning herself vasai station came and we came out very fast as I did not want others to get in the game nor talk to these people with whom we had a lot of fun.

We took a return train back to our home where I fucked the brains out of my slut, Imagining the old man fucking her cunt while the kid having his cock sucked by her.

Next time maybe she might get a chance to suck some strangers cock.

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Khalid instructs sexy wife in public

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