kidnapping sofia vergara – Sex Stories

kidnapping sofia vergara – Sex Stories

Eddie had been working as security guard at ABC studios for five years and was familiar with all the celebritys who worked there,he would greet them most would greet him in return but some had their noses in air and ignored him,one in particular was ‘sofia vergara,each time he greeted her she smirked at him.Eddie would watch as she walked to her studio her big ass jiggling and huge boobs bouncing,eddie thought to himself ‘I would love to nail her so he made a plan to kidnap and rape her.

It was a late Friday nite and sofia walked to her car suddenly she heard footsteps running toward her she turned in time as ‘eddie’ grabbed her and made her get into her car he sat next to her with a ski mask on his face,’i’ll give you anything’she pleaded ‘money?’eddie laughed and stuck gun in her ribs he groped her tit and said ‘I want these’she gasped. He forced her to drive out back gate and to a storage unit ‘get out of the car’she did he handcuffed and closed the gate and locked it he took her to a storage unit unlocked it and led her inside,turning on the light ‘sofia’ looked around and saw a matress on floor with rope attached to stakes at each corner,’take your clothes off’eddie ordered ‘no’ she said eddie poked in ribs with gun’take em off this time she did ‘get on the mattress’ she did ‘eddie’ tied her up and looked at her ‘I;m gonna fuck you all weekend’eddie undressed and sat next to her he bent his head and sucked her huge tits she moaned as he sucked her nipples he moved forward an attempted tokpss her she bit his tongue and he got pissed he slapped her and got between her legs he thrust his dick in her pussy she screamed as he plowed her pussy he thrust in and out for ten minutes and exploded inside her she was crying.After taking a half hour to regain his stamina he tittyfucked her and shot his load in her mouth he rolled off her and fell asleep.’Eddie woke up after sleeping for a few hours he work ‘sofia’ up and said ‘time for more fucking and plunged his dick in her pussy again an blew his load in her he raped her all weekend and on sunday nite he  tied her on all four’s and rammed his dick in her big ass he fucked her ass three more times,he made her get dressed and took her back to studio and knocked her out.About ten am Monday morning ‘eddie’ was making his rounds and found ‘sofia’ in her car she hugged him and told him what happened’eddie’ smirked and said ‘we’ll catch him’ and turned over to the cops.

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kidnapping sofia vergara – Sex Stories

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