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Kim Kardashian Sibling Discipline – Sex Stories

Kim Kardashian Sibling Discipline – Sex Stories

“Oh my beautiful sister!” The singsong voice rang out through the large penthouse condominium overlooking South Beach, Miami, Florida. The sun shined through the floor to ceiling window, drenching the overstuffed king-sized bed. Sprawled across the bed in nothing more than a pair of black leather stilettos, the heel far too high for even the un-classiest streetwalker is reality television star and the oldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney. As an entrepreneur and the mother of a newborn son, it was expected by her entire family that Kourtney would grown up and start acting like an adult, oh how wrong they were!

“Kourt” rolls to the edge of the bed, her head still spinning, her breath reeks of tequila. “Oooh!” the beautiful girl moans, holding her head. Through blurry eyes, she looks down at her naked body, her breasts bruised. “What the fuck happened?” She tries to stretch; unable to bring her arms over her head, her wrists, as well as her slim, tanned legs are shackled together! “I see ‘Sleeping Beauty’ has awaken, hmm?” The same familiar voice that woke her up says, now directly above her.

Kourtney looks up, confused and in a constant state of pain, someone playing bongos on her brain. Before her is the younger Kardashian sister, Khloé. The thick 26 year old stands in front of her sister dressed oddly in a one-piece leather PVC suit, her protruding breasts freely swaying, framed, but exposed in the shiny material. Khloé laughs, sipping a large alcoholic drink, topped with an umbrella. “K…Khlo? What the fuck is going on? Why are you dressed like that? And why the hell am I shackled like this?!” Khloé bats her eyelashes and squats down in front of her sister, stroking Kourtney under her chin. Smiling like the cat that ate the canary, Khloé places her drink down and stands her sister up, directing her toward a full-length mirror.

“Look how beautiful you look sister of mine!” Khloé laughs, placing a loving pat on her older sibling’s shapely ass. Kourtney is shocked at the sight before her, besides her high heels, the only other noticeable assecories are two nipple rings and her gorgeous brown hair, which she now sports in pigtails. Her make-up is overly caked on in bright pink shades, her nails and toes painted the same whoreish shade. Kourtney can’t help but begin to cry, the clown-esque pink eyeliner begins to flood down her face. “Aw, come on princess, don’t cry, not yet, you’ve just woken up!” Kourt freezes instantly, listening to the loving tones her sister is speaking to her, the way Khloé called her “princess”, it sounded just like her mother. But even with the sweetness in her voice, Kourtney knew Khloé was up to something.

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Khloé pulls her older sister’s chin up, they meet gazes, “Kourt, do you remember when you used to get in trouble when you were little, and mommy used to tell you ‘it will be alright princess, we’ll fix this’? Well this the complete opposite. You have been a very naughty, naughty girl, and you will be punished!” Without another word, Khloé spins the captured girl around, pushing her over the bed, pausing to look over her pray. “Damn Kourt, you look amazing right now! Look at you, naked, that heart-shaped ass just begging to be spanked and those fake, over-stuffed titties swaying back and forth like cow utters!”

Bracing herself for the expected spankings, Kourtney looks backwards after a moment of anticipation, noticing her younger sister smiling, her tongue partially stuck out. “Look at you babe, clinching, waiting for it, that doesn’t make this fun! Let me relax you!” Khloé begins to massage Kourtney’s tanned, toned back, slowly working her way to her older sister’s lower back and finally to her ass, working in circles, tracing her own initials sensually into the fleshy surface, loving the torture Kourt is enduring. The audible moans coming from the her sister are enough to let Khloé know that the punishment is ready to begin.

SMACK! The echo sends chills down Kourtney’s spine, the wet spot between her legs instantly evaporating, replaced by the throbbing in her ass. “It can’t all be fun for you sis, it has to be fun for me too!” Khloé says, punctuating her sentence; SMACK, SMACK! “God, I’ve waited so long to do this! You naughty…” SMACK! “NAUGHTY WHORE!” SMACK! SMACK!! Kourt has begun crying again, her make up running, leaking onto the bed, she tries her best to compose herself, attempting to get words out between the sobs. “W..wh…why?! Why are you doing this?” SMACK! SMACK!

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The question brought Khloé back from her thoughts of lust and punishing her sister, the smell of sex heavy in the room, the younger Kardashian almost standing in a flood of her own pussy juice. “I’m doing this,” Khloé says, fingering herself for a moment, reaching up and brushing her fingers wet, sticky fingers through Koutrney’s hair, “because you deserve it, because I can you stupid slut.” Khloé picks up her drink from the floor and guzzles it quickly, unable to wait to get back to the fun she’s having. “Oh baby Kourtney, please don’t go anywhere,” Khloé says laughing, “I need a refill!”


With the pain in her ass now that much stronger than the pain in her head, Kourtney blocks out all of her physical issues, attempting to remember back to last night, to what got her here to begin with. It was an unexciting day, Khloé and Kourtney had just wrapped up tapping for the third season of their reality show and only a few weeks had passed since the blow up the sisters had about Khloé being too hung-over to make the photo shoot for their Dash store. Kourtney was having domestic issues with her boyfriend Scott and he had insisted on taking Mason, they three year old child back to New York with him.

Just hoping to unwind from the recent issues, Kourtney decided to take up a Dash employee on her offer of a night in South Beach and some drinking; Kourt was thirty, she could handle it! After countless clubs and too many drinks to remember, Kourtney was a mess, the walking dead in heels, begging someone to get her home, though afraid to call her sister; they had a television appearance in the morning and Khloé thought her older sister was out with Scott. Also too drunk to drive, Jennifer, the employee and Kourt’s party partner for the night, unaware of the situation with Khloé, called up her co-employer and asked for a ride.

The rest of the night was a blur for Kourtney, only putting bits and pieces together. She remembered Khloé yelling at her the entire ride home and she remembered her younger sister forcing Jennifer to strip naked in their SUV and stand, sticking her upper-body out of the sunroof while offering herself to random drivers on the road. The last thing Kourt did remember was Khloé stripping her naked and throwing her on the bed she woke up in this morning.

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“I’ve returned my beautiful sister!” Khloé laughs, sensually walking into the room, her drink refilled. Kourtney, now collapsed on the bed, begins whimpering on the bed. Khloé sits down next to her older sister, stroking her hair. “Aw, my pretty Barbie Doll Princess is hurt? I know how to fix that!” Khloé flips the prone girl onto her back, looking down at her lustfully. With her thumb and forefinger, Khloé slowly pinches Kourt’s right nipple, making her moan. “This isn’t for your pleasure whore!” Khloé screams out, slapping her sister’s silicone tits. With both of Kourtney’s nipples rock hard, Khloé takes the cocktail umbrella from her drink and forces the small wooden stick through the hard pink nub in front of her. “There we go, does that feel better baby girl?” Khloé asks, placing kisses down her sister’s stomach.

When Kourtney begins to moan again, Khloé stands, laughing; “You’re like a bitch in heat!” Khlo picks up her drink as well as an empty glass she brought in with her; “I thought you might need a drink, but then I would just put the pussy juice you suck out of me into a glass for you to drink. That’s all you’ll have for a long time, so you better get used to it skank.” Khloé looks down at her sister; “well lazy buns, why are you just laying around? We have a big day ahead of us!” Kourtney moans in pain as her little sister pulls her off the bed and to her feet, placing a swift spank to her ass; “get into the shower, I’ll join you in just a few minutes” Khloé says in a seductive whisper.

The only thing Kourtney could thing as she hobbled toward the shower, her ankles still shackled together was a definitive and truthful statement, for her at least; “today is going to suck.”

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Kim Kardashian Sibling Discipline – Sex Stories

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