Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi The erotic saga of Virani family

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi The erotic saga of Virani family

What a memorable day at “SHANTINIKETAN”!

As Mihir strolled inside the room, Amba Virani, his grand mother was standing in front of the mirror revealing her back to him. ‘She still looks hot at 62’, Mihir told himself with a secret smile. She was apparently not looking perturbed by any means although she was putting on her blouse hooks. After all, he was her grandson and there was no reason she must react differently even though he had not bothered to knock the door as he came in.

“Many more happy returns of the day,” Mihir said. He reached right behind Amba and hugged her from behind.

“Oh Mihir,” Amba’s eyes moistened at once. “I never imagined you would remember my birthday.”

“You are a wonderful grandmother,” Mihir said as he tightened his grip on her waist. He greedily pulled her body towards his crotch and gently kissed on the back of her neck.

“Hmm,” Amba whimpered. “But that doesn’t give you the liberty to tease your grandma like the way you are doing right now. Take off your hands before your grandpa comes around.”

“Does he know that it is your birthday today?” Mihir asked after relieving his grandma from his grip.

“He always does,” Amba turned around and replied with a smile. “He was the first person to wish me today. He woke me up and wished me with a warm kiss.”

Amba blushed like a girl after narrating her early morning romantic piece with her husband. She always felt pride about her husband who still was agile and romantic when presented with an opportunity. Even though the old couples were on the wrong side of 60, they never seemed to be missing their intimate moments even after four decades of marriage.

“I think you are thinking about grandpa,” Mihir spoke after he watched the glow in his grandma’s eyes.

“Very much,” Amba replied with another smile. “There is hardly anytime I don’t think of him.”

“But, he is deeply engrossed with the newspaper at the moment,” Mihir said in a teasing tone. “If I were him, I would be flipping your clothes rather than the pages in the newspaper.”

“That’s because you are very much like him in many ways,” Amba said as she began looking at her grandson from head to foot. “You don’t know how much you resemble your grandfather.”

Mihir was not keen to hold back any longer. He turned Amba around to face him and gently let her back lean against the wall. He did not want to hold her roughly although she was still under a tight leash even as he held her with moderate strength.

Amba’s smiles began to fade as Mihir closed in letting the bulge in his pant prick on her waist. The noble grandma closed her eyes for a while and when she eventually reopened, she could not resist her temptation to look down. Her ageing body experienced a mild shiver as she could imagine how aroused Mihir was, if his huge bulge was any indication.

“Is this the way you make your grandma happy on her birthday?” she asked weakly.

Mihir stopped for a brief moment before he leaned towards her. Amba’s eyes closed yet again, as his warm mouth planted a firm kiss on her wrinkled lips.

‘Mihir, Amba murmured after his lips parted. “You are educated. Do I need to tell you that whatever you are trying to do is wrong? Think about our family traditions and cultures. Don’t get carried away by your youthful emotions.”

“I have been educated to take care of the family business,” Mihir replied with a smirk. “I will do it once I get it. For now, I want to take you over.”

Mihir’s hands restlessly began straying on her chest, caressing her sagging breasts all the time. His fingers kept exploring her clothes in search of her nipples. Amba knew that he was growing enormously between her thighs and she needed to stop him before he goes out of bounds.

“For God’s sake leave me,” Amba gathered the strength to push off his hands from her breasts. “I want you to leave this room at once.”

Mihir looked thoroughly disappointed at his grandma’s defiance. He had presumed that it would be just another cake walk for him to seduce the old woman whom he thought might be starved of sex at the fag end of her life. However, it was not to be. He knew that although she looked tentative, there was some determination in her eyes that stopped him from making any further moves. Moreover, it was her birthday and he was not keen in forcing her any more.

“Ok,” Mihir murmured and began walking away from her.

Amba kept looking at her handsome young grandson dragging his feet out of the room. She knew that she has disappointed him but there was not any way she could oblige. Being the first woman of the Virani family, she knew that she always had to tread quite carefully in whatever she did. She was not daring enough to break the conventions of the family that was a blend of mutual trust and sexual sanctity.

Mihir had almost regained his senses as he left Amba’s room. He recollected his grandma’s face turning red in anger before he eventually relieved her from his lusty grip. He suddenly began fearing that Amba might tell his parents about whatever had transpired in her room.

Mihir’s father Mansukh Virani happened to be the eldest son in the Virani clan. Although he did his part in looking after the family business, he often found himself in tight situations mainly because of his unscrupulous investments in the share market. He clearly lacked common sense although he was 47. Savita, his mother was a more dynamic woman in comparison to his father. She left no stone unturned being the eldest daughter-in-law of the Virani family, more often than not for her selfish motives. She was beautiful and gentle which never gave any clue about how shrewd and selfish she was. Mihir had realized long back that his mother was perhaps the most cunning, manipulative and self-centered woman he had ever come across.

Mihir struggled hard to look normal to the best of his abilities because he knew that Savita was too clever to discover even the slightest change in anyone’s behavior. Nevertheless, after a while, he had to realize that he had apparently overdone a bit.

“Son, you seem to be trying to hide something from me,” Savita spoke as she came close to him with what he knew was a very wicked smile.

“What do you mean mom?” Mihir questioned without any conviction.

“See, you are not looking at me while speaking,” Savita said as her fingers began stroking his hair gently. “I don’t think you should ever hide things from your mother, more so if it is causing you any disturbance.”

Savita was right. Mihir realized that he needed to confide his feelings to someone who would not disclose his delicate problems to anyone. Being a mother, Savita would not dare to speak out although he knew that he was about to give her a shock of her life.

“Still don’t think like telling me?” Savita asked as she stopped stroking her fingers on his hair.

“Please sit down,” Mihir murmured. Savita immediately sat next to him on the couch.

“I have something to confess,” Mihir began and Savita’s eyes widened as she listened to what she heard from him. Although enraged by her son’s revelations but she could not help feeling somewhat funny about the whole thing. It was a bit hard for her to believe that a young man like Mihir would crave for a woman like Amba, who incidentally is his grandmother as well.

“What have you done my son?” Savita sounded quite firm. “You nearly brought absolute disgrace to the whole Virani family.”

“Forgive me,” Mihir whimpered. “I swear I will never try doing such things again.”

“It is good that you repent,” Savita gave a gentle pat on her son’s shoulders. “But, you do deserve some punishment for whatever you did.”

“Mom!” Mihir’s voice was beginning to break.

“Remove your tie,” Savita instructed coldly.

Mihir was obviously intrigues with her peculiar instruction. However, he knew that he had to obey his mother any way. He quietly loosened his tie and pulled it off.

“Stand up,” Savita told him. “Stand up and turn around.”

Mihir stood up and stood showing his back to his mother. Savita grabbed and pulled his hands behind him and began winding the tie around both his wrists. Mihir could not understand what his mother was about to do. He kept mum although Savita was using all her strength to tie his hands really tight and hard.

“Are you going to spank me mom?” Mihir turned around and asked once Savita was through.

“Not really,” Savita said with a cheeky smile. “Something more severe than that.”

“I am anxious mom,” Mihir confessed. “Tell me what you are up to.”

“You need not be,” Savita replied. “I just want to ensure that you don’t repeat such things in the future.”

Mihir watched curiously, as Savita dropped to the floor on her knees. She looked up and flashed a smile at her son before her hands pulled down his zip within no time.


She was not answering him. As soon as she had rolled down his pants to his ankles, she hurriedly pulled down his brief as well. She gazed at his hard dick getting erect from his groin. Indeed, it was long and very thick. Her hands eagerly gripped the whole of his shaft and began massaging all around.

“I hope you do know what the punishment is all about,” Savita smiled at her son.

Mihir was so amazed to see his mother holding his dick that he could not reply to her. Knowing his embarrassment, Savita took his dick to her mouth and swallowed it just in one gulp.

“Oh mom!”

Savita looked up and smiled to herself knowing that his moan was the right indication of his sudden excitement. She began using her lips and tongue all around his meat letting the warmth of her mouth settle on his sensitive thick sin on the dick. Mihir felt his balls swelling and his shaft getting tense as Savita went about sucking his dick like a true professional. He humped up and down on his heels as Salvia’s tongue relentlessly lashed against the whole of his dick until he felt like closing to an explosion. Savita sucked her way back to the tip after a while and slowly let it slide from her mouth.

“This is far better than getting inside a very old woman,” Savita said mockingly.

“I bet it is,” Mihir admitted. He had been throwing back his head in the air. His arms were feeling strained behind.

“Should I continue?” Savita asked.

“Please,” Mihir pleaded with her.

He watched Savita taking his dick inside her mouth all over again. She had realized that there was not any need for her to be gentle with his dick anymore as he was already enjoying the blowjob. She began showing her true prowess as she went about sucking his dick as if there would not be any tomorrow. Maher’s moans became louder and louder as he watched his mother giving his dick, the much needed treatment. Savita realized that he was about to shoot off soon and kept sucking without loosing her momentum. After a while, she looked up and watched him settling down.

“I guess you feel more excited watching me working,” Savita said with a smirk.

“Oh yes,” Mihir screamed. “I never imagined that you must be so good.”

Savita was apparently pleased with her son’s compliments as she resumed on his dick and began working deliriously until he eventually closed towards his explosion.

“I am going to shoot,” Mihir murmured. His body trembled in excitement.

Savita devoured his dick deep inside her throat. Mihir watched his mother swallow his semen as he exploded inside her mouth, load after load. Her hands were slowing down and so was her mouth. She did not spare even the last drop of his cum as she hungrily gulped everything she could.

“Thanks mom,” Mihir said as he gasped for breath. “Set me free now at least.”

Savita stood up and began wiping her mouth.

“Remember my son,” she said in a very firm voice. “I have just relieved you from your tension. This is a little secret between both of us. I want you not to expect anything more from me. Is that clear?”

“I agree,” Mihir had to agree. “Now let me go.”

Savita quickly freed his arms. Mihir glanced at his wrists, which had a few impressions of the tight tie.

“Did I hurt you?” Savita sounded concerned.

“Of course not,” Mihir replied smilingly. “That was a wonderful blowjob. But, I am not content anyway.”

Mihir pounced on Savita pushing her onto the couch. His hands cupped her breasts and began kneading them.

“Stop this Mihir,” Savita screamed. “We have an agreement. If you do anything silly, I will never relieve you again.”

Mihir realized that she was serious. He slowly removed his hands off her breasts and got on his feet. Savita watched as he began pulling up his brief and pants without saying anything. She began setting her dress right and stood up from the couch.

“Try to understand,” Savita placed her hands on his hair and said. “Only blowjob and nothing more.”


Both Savita and Mihir looked tentative hearing to Govardhan Virani who was calling her.

“Your grandpa is calling,” Savita said as she began to walk. “Don’t forget. This is our little secret.”

At 65 years, Govardhan Virani still remained the king of the Virani family. Blessed with wealth and virtues, he epitomizes the values of a generation that never jumps the lanes. He remained honest to the core irrespective of temptations from the earthly world.

Moments after Savita had left his room, Mihir was still sitting recollecting the little erotic encounters he had with his grandma and mother. He felt immensely relieved to hear roars of laughter coming from downstairs. He had feared that Amba might be making a complaint about his deeds to the rest of the family members. He heaved a sigh of relief as he knew that the laughter meant that everything is very much normal in the house. He took a few more minutes to relax himself before he eventually went downstairs. His eyes lowered as he saw Amba sitting next to his grandfather in the sitting room. Through the corner of his eyes, he observed that she was smiling as though nothing had happened on that day.

The sitting room looked like a crowded railway platform. Apart from Mihir’s parents, he saw both his paternal uncles sitting with their wives. In addition, he also saw his only aunt Pragna joining the conversation.

“Come on Mihir,” Grandpa Govardhan called him. “I hope you do know that today is your grandma’s birthday?”

Mihir glanced at his grandmother who struggled hard concealing her smile.

“He was the third person to wish me today,” Amba said. Mihir looked up and watched the plain expression on his grandma’s face. He felt better as he knew that she had apparently ignored his sexual advances earlier in the day.

“I see,” Govardhan sounded a bit surprised. “I was the first to wish you. Who was the second?”

“Tulsi,” Amba quipped.

Tulsi, daughter of the family priest has always remained close to Amba.

Govardhan glanced at Mansukh, Himmat and Jamnadas, his three sons who looked thoroughly embarrassed. None of them ever knew that it was their mother’s birthday. Aunt Pragna’s face was not looking any brighter either. Surely, the atmosphere in the room was getting tense.

Savita, Daksha and Gayatri, the three daughter-in-laws of the Viranis simply looked pale. Eventually, it was Savita, the eldest of the three daughter-in-laws to try and bring some cheer in their conversation again.

“Let’s all celebrate mom’s birthday,” She said. “Where’s the party tonight?”

“No way!” Amba intervened. “You do know we hate going out partying. Our generation is not comfortable about all these things.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Daksha, the second daughter-in-law yelled out. “Let’s go to some movie.”

Daksha had always remained a woman crazy about watching movies. Himmat, her husband knew that her suggestion was very much ill placed but could not do anything about it.

“What if we order some food from outside?” Gayatri, the third daughter-in-law made another horrible suggestion.

“My dear children,” Govardhan addressed everybody in the room. “We don’t have any objection if you want to have a bash today. However, we are old. We are comfortable being at home. You can go and enjoy the evening as you please.”

Within minutes, the entire sitting room looked almost deserted as the sons and daughter-in-laws retreated to their respective rooms. Govardhan and Amba were the first to leave, prompting their sons to ponder about the evening celebrations. Mihir was about to leave as well but he felt a bit sad seeing Aunt Pragna sitting alone. He knew that she always had remained the odd person out in the family when it came to celebrations. Although, her three brothers were not averse to her company, they knew that she was not getting along with their wives.

“Aunt Pragna,” Mihir gently placed his hand on her shoulders. Pragna turned around and her eyes were glistened with tears.

“What happened?” Mihir asked.

“I know they are all going to enjoy,” Pragna began to sob. “I will be left alone at home.”

Mihir felt very sad for her. She was right. There is no way she can accompany anybody who ventured out from the house. Although she was mostly responsible for such a stressed relationship, he knew that it was not the appropriate time to make any mention about it.

“You are not going to be alone,” Mihir said. “I am not going anywhere. Why don’t you spend the evening with me?”

“Are you serious Mihir?” Aunt Pragna stood up in surprise.

“Very much,” Mihir said as he pulled out his hanky and began wiping off her tears.

“What are we going to do?” Aunt Pragna queried.

“Anything which interests you,” Mihir replied and gave a gentle peg on his aunt’s cheeks.

“I can’t wait till the evening,” Aunt Pragna said with a little smile surfacing on her face.

“I can’t either,” Mihir said before turning around and walking towards his room. He had a plan to execute. The day had started with a gentle boob pressing experience with his grand mother and the next thing to happen was the memorable blowjob from his mother. He wanted to end the day with a good note by slaying Aunt Pragna on the bed.

Aunt Pragna’s life has been in trouble more so after Uncle Navin almost ran into bankruptcy. Her visits became more frequent as every time she expected her parents to come to her family’s rescue from the mess created by her husband. She was indeed a compassionate and lovable woman and that was one reason why Mihir had eyed her for a sexual encounter sometime.

The entire house looked like haunted in the evening as the Virani sons and daughter-in-laws have moved out without disclosing where they were going to. It was Mihir and Aunt Pragna who gave company to Govardhan and Amba at the dining table during dinner. The old couples slowly moved into their room leaving their lonely daughter and horny grandson at each other’s mercy.

“Aunt Pragna,” Mihir called her. “I hope you haven’t forgotten what we discussed in the morning.”

“Of course not,” Pragna said with a smile. “But it is too late to do anything I presume.”

‘Right time to do what I want’ Mihir thought and smiled.

“We aren’t going anywhere,” Mihir said. “I just want you to come to my room and have a nice time.”

“I hope you aren’t planning to show me any of those boring movie videos,” Pragna said laughingly.

“Not really,” Mihir said and held her hand before walking towards his room. Pragna somehow started realizing the difference in the way her nephew was behaving with her. However, she presumed the young man was just trying to give her some genuine support.

His smile didn’t look as innocent as she had known. There was a twinkle in his eyes and his grip on her wrist was more than that of mere sympathy.

“You look so different today,” Pragna said as they entered Mihir’s luxurious room.

“Are you surprised?” Mihir asked as he quietly closed the door and latched it up.

“A little,” Pragna admitted with a smile. She wanted to know why he had closed the door but didn’t.

“You have more surprises in store,” Mihir said and inched towards her.

His eyes began gazing her swelling breasts underneath her blouse. He was deliberately letting his eyes gulping them much longer just to ensure that Pragna is aware.

“Mihir,” Pragna spoke in a very low voice. “You shouldn’t be staring at my chest.”

“Why, Aunt Pragna?” Mihir asked without lifting his eyes off her. “I am sure you must be attracting plenty of attention wherever you go. What is wrong if I watch you?”

“You are my nephew,” Pragna reminded him. “I feel awkward watching you staring at my chest.”

His eyes weren’t relenting on her breasts. Pragna realized that his eyes were probing the thin fabric of her sari looking further into her cleavage.

“Please don’t look any further,” Pragna’s hands crossed over her chest in a bid to block his view.

“Aunt Pragna,” Mihir commanded. “Strip yourself naked.”


“Don’t you follow me?”

“This is wrong,” Pragna stammered. “They call this as incest. It is sin.”

Mihir laughed.

“Aunt Pragna, you are so ignorant,” Mihir said smilingly. “I was able to lay my hands on grandma in the morning.”

“What?” Pragna was startled. “You mean my mother?”

“Of course,” Mihir quipped. “Later in the day, my mom gave me a wonderful blowjob.”

“I don’t believe this,” Pragna shook her head.

“I want to end the day on a happy note,” Mihir inched closer to her. “I hope you won’t let me use any force on you. That is the last thing I want to do.”

Pragna stood silent for a few moments. She never had any doubts about Mihir’s ruthless youthful strength. However, she did not want to become an easy prey to his lust. She realized that he could help her in settling some scores with her intimidating sister-in-laws, including Savita, Mihir’s mother.

“Alright,” Pragna finally spoke. “If that is your wish, I won’t resist. But, you have to promise a few things to me.”

“Don’t worry Aunt Pragna,” Mihir intervened hurriedly. “I will never disclose about this to anyone in the house.”

Pragna said laughingly, “I am not unduly worried about that. Neither of us can reveal this to anyone in the family. That is not what I am expecting from you.”

“What do you expect me to do?” Mihir asked impatiently.

“I want you to have sex with Daksha, Gayatri and even Savita,” Pragna said in a firm voice. “I want you to help me in avenging them for whatever they have done to me.”

“Impossible,” Mihir almost screamed. “How do you expect me to seduce my aunts and my mother?”

“I bet you can,” Aunt Pragna smirked. “If you can convince me, they are going to easy meat for you.”

“But, you want me to take on my mother too?” Mihir asked.

“In fact, I want you to take her first,” Aunt Pragna said laughingly. “Anyway, that won’t be a problem for you. She had just given a nice blowjob today.”

“What if I am unable to do this?” Mihir asked.

“In that case, today might be the first and last time you ever had sex with me,” Aunt Pragna said resolutely.

“Aunt Pragna!”

“The ball is in your court,” Pragna smiled and pushed off her sari from her shoulder. Mihir’s eyes were pinned to her breasts, which were heaving beneath her blouse.

“You can do anything to me today,” Pragna said as she held her breasts with both her hands. “I won’t complain about anything you do. But, I want you to do what I have just said.”

“Ok Aunt Pragna,” Mihir said finally. “I promise you. I will fuck my mother and both my aunts. That is a deal.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Pragna asked with a wink.

Mihir watched as she stripped her saree, untied her petticoat and undid her blouse hooks.

“Gorgeous!” Mihir exclaimed. He was simply awed seeing Pragna stripping naked in front of him. Her naked jugs looked terrific; her areolas were cherry red; her nipples were thick and hard.

“Come and play,” Pragna hissed.

Mihir placed his hands on her breasts and ran his thumbs inside her cleavage.

“Boy, you know something,” Pragna gasped and looked down watching his fingers trailing her naked tits.

Mihir slowly leaned and began long licking her wonderful mounds with closed eyes. Pragna’s body trembled feeling his warm lips brushing against her flesh. After gasping in excitement for a while, she quickly grasped Mihir by his head to pull them firmly against her body.

It took hardly a couple of moments for Mihir to quicken up his tongue on her wonderful melons and soon he felt like sucking them. He saw her breasts maddeningly pressing against each other as he laid his hands on them. He wasn’t surprised to see that Aunt Pragna’s magnificent breasts were actually bigger than what they seemed under her clothes. Her aureoles were amazingly large while her thick nipples looked crispy and erect.

“All boys like those,” Pragna whispered. “You aren’t any exception either.”

“I can’t help,” Mihir replied. “Not really after seeing such a large pair of racks.”

Pragna blushed seeing the intensity that was glowing in his eyes. She let out a gentle moan as he kept cupping his hands under her heavy breasts. She threw her head backwards as his mouth reached out and began working on her nipples, letting his tongue rolling around each aureole. The more he licked her nipples, the bigger they grew.

The experienced woman could easily measure his excitement feeling his huge bulge pressing against her waist. As his massive dick kept growing underneath his pants, Pragna suddenly went on her knees and began undoing his belt. She soon followed it up by pulling down the pants within no time at all.

“Aunt Prema,” Mihir looked down and said. “I want you to play with me.”

Pragna smiled as though she wasn’t really requiring his instructions anyway. Mihir smiled as he watched the sudden awe in her eyes once she rolled down his brief and pulled out his massive dick. There was no way she might have known how big his dick was.

“Boy!” Pragna predictably exclaimed. Her eyes were pinned on his dick for quite a while as though she did not believe what she was seeing. It was pointing right at her face, and it was a foot long. That’s right. Twelve inches, and very thick.

“I guessed that you might be big,” Pragna said with her eyes widening. “But, this is huge.”

“I am glad you are impressed,” Mihir smirked. “Now, start stroking it.”

Pragna gleefully reached up to grip his dick by wrapping it around with her right hand. She soon began sliding her fist up and down in short, fast strokes. Mihir couldn’t resist a gentle moan emanating from his mouth.

Pragna was apparently enthused by his excitement as she gripped harder picking up her pace showing all her experience in the world.

“Suck it!”

Pragna seemed more than willing to obey as she quickly guided his dick towards her mouth. Mihir kept watching her as her lips went about sliding over his shaft until she managed to take the whole length of his dick inside her mouth. She kept motioning her lips all along his dick for a while sucking harder and harder.

“Aunt Pragna,” Mihir exclaimed. “You suck like a professional.”

Pragna never looked like replying to him as she kept herself thoroughly engaged in sucking and licking his magnificent tool. Mihir knew that the excitement was getting too much for him as she went about sucking him relentlessly.

He soon exploded into her waiting mouth, sending load after load of thick semen deep inside her throat. Pragna kept gulping his semen until she got the last drop.

“If you can get hard soon, we need to go to the bed,” Pragna reminded him.

“With pleasure Aunt Pragna,” Mihir quickly overcame his exasperation and his hands reached out to cup her breasts yet again. They kept looking deep into each other’s eyes as they began walking towards the bed. Mihir made her sit on the bed and began getting rid of his clothes, much to the excitement of his Aunt.

She crawled onto the bed and got her legs spread very wide indeed. Mihir knelt in front of her and asked her, “Are you ready Aunt Pragna?”

“Tease me,” Pragna began pleading. Mihir’s eyes widened watching her fingers probe her pussy through her dense public hair. Pragna lay across the bed and Mihir got between them, letting his hardening dick hovering over her moist pussy. He held his dick with one hand and took it towards her love triangle.

“Now, have a go at me,” Pragna instructed.

Without loosing even a second, Mihir pressed the tip of his dick against her clit. Pragna gasped and moaned at once. Mihir wasn’t less excited as he started rubbing the tip of his dick up and down against her clit gently, at least, to begin with. As seconds ticked past, he was getting firmer and faster on her.

“Mihir,” Pragna murmured in pleasure. “You do know how to please a woman.”

Mihir thought for a moment about the very absurdity of whatever he and Aunt Pragna were doing at that time; committing incest and that too in the Virani clan. Surprisingly, Pragna wasn’t showing any signs of resent whatsoever as she seemed like thoroughly enjoying the whole thing.

Mihir took a deep breath before guiding his huge head inside her. Pragna almost sat up.

“Oh Mihir,” she moaned.

Mihir kept pushing the head through her stretching lips. A broad smile flashed all over his face as he managed to send the whole of his head inside her. Pragna’s head swayed either way as she was biting her lip struggling to hold a whimper.

“Hey big boy,” Pragna murmured with a brief lusty smile. She looked up to see how far Mihir had managed to get inside her.

Mihir began giving her a few slow thrusts letting his dick to feel her warmth inside her pussy. After letting his huge meat stay inside for a few seconds, he gently pulled out his dick completely out. As Pragna tried looking up to see what went wrong, he quickly drove it deep inside her pussy all over again. She squealed and her legs came around his waist to wrap him. After a few continuous strokes, Mihir stopped after hitting her bottom. They kept watching each other’s eyes with a smile of pleasure.

Mihir kept repeating these gentle teases for a while before he began working faster and harder. Soon they were closing in towards just the momentum more than enough to give both the pleasure of a great fucking session. Mihir apparently knew the art of changing gears just in time as she went about pounding her mercilessly. His eyes sparkled in delight watching her breasts slamming against each other. Pragna’s moans were getting louder and she kept biting her lips every now and then.

Pragna began pleading after a while, “Fuck me, Mihir. Don’t stop for anything.”

Mihir’s hands eagerly grabbed her breasts and began kneading them.

“Yes,” Pragna whimpered. “Just like that.”

The whole atmosphere went electric with their intermittent moans and squeals. Mihir’s dick began swelling inside her pussy and her body wasn’t anywhere behind to her climax.

“I am cumming,” Pragna screamed.

“Aunt,” Mihir groaned as well. He was delighted at the prospects of a simultaneous orgasm. It finally did happen. Mihir’s dick was soon bathing in his Aunt’s cum after which his dick twitched and exploded into her.

Their bodies stiffened at once. They gasped and breathed hard. Drops of Mihir’s sweat fell on Pragna’s breasts. They heaved and sighed in exasperation but with tremendous joy.

“You finally had your way,” Pragna whispered. “Honestly, I enjoyed it too.”

“I know you did,” Mihir said as he gasped for breath.

“Now, you need to chalk out your plan to fulfill your promise,” Pragna reminded him.

“I know,” Mihir replied and fell over his aunt. They hugged and remained as they were for quite sometime.

“Let me go,” Pragna said after sometime. “Your uncles might return anytime.”

“Never,” Mihir replied with a wry smile. “I know them. They might not have even started things as yet.”

The Virani brothers go on a swapping spree



Mihir, son of Mansukh and Savita tries seducing Amba, his grandmother on her birthday but in vain. Savita helps him relieve his tension by giving him a wonderful blowjob. In the evening all the three sons and daughter-in-laws of the Viranis go out to some undisclosed places leaving Pragna, their sister at home. After Govardhan and Amba go to sleep, Mihir takes his Aunt Pragna to his bedroom and seduces her.


After what had been a wonderful session of exciting love making, Mihir fell asleep. Pragna had returned to her room with more than one excitement. Although she felt glad after great sex in so many years, she was thrilled about the prospects of Mihir seducing her sister-in-laws in the days to come. She knew that she would sleep in peace.

None of the souls in ‘Shantiniketan’ had any clue about where the Virani brothers had gone. Govardhan and Amba presumed that their sons and daughter-in-laws might be partying in some posh hotel. They were terribly wrong. Mansukh, Himmat and JD had no plans in their minds after they left home in the evening. They simply wanted to recreate themselves after the embarrassment caused after they failed to remember their mother’s birthday.

Mansukh was apparently upset with Mihir for not having reminded about Amba’s birthday. However, Savita was not complaining as she was glad that her son was one among the three who remembered the importance of the day.

“Where are we going?” Savita asked as it appeared as if her husband was driving without any specific purpose.

“I don’t know,” Mansukh replied with a wry smile. “Why don’t you suggest some place?”

“Why don’t we do something different?” Savita queried. “I am fed up with whatever we have been doing to kill time. Our life is becoming a bit monotonous.”

“You are right,” Mansukh admitted. “I will take you to a new place. I bet you will love it.”

“Where?” Savita asked curiously.

“I want you to see for yourself,” Mansukh said with a smile. “It is going to be very special. It will be fun because even I haven’t gone there even once.”

It took another hour before their car stopped before a secluded bungalow in the outskirts of the city. Mansukh called someone on his mobile and within minutes, the huge iron gates opened. The car moved crawled through the narrow road, which had trees on either side. It was well past sunset but surprisingly the house looked like a haunted house in semi darkness.

“I am scared,” Savita hushed. She somehow began to feel that there was something odd about the house and its surroundings. She was puzzled to see a whole lot of cars parked at the extreme end of the vast lawns.

“You have to listen to me today,” Mansukh told her as they emerged out of the car. Savita was further surprised as she watched her husband handing over the car keys to a man in the uniform. The man immediately started writing down their car number with a fluorescent pen in a small card.

“He will take care of the parking,” Mansukh clarified. Savita wasn’t entirely convinced about anything.

There were plenty of surprises in store as they entered the house, which had just enough light to let people walk around. Almost everyone was holding a glass of drinks and they have all come in couples.

“I am getting restless,” Savita pulled Mansukh close to her and whispered. “Tell me what is going on here.”

Mansukh picked up a couple of glasses of fine whisky from the bearer and handed over one to Savita.

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“You want me to drink?” Savita was almost shocked.

“I told you before,” Mansukh reminded her. “You need to listen to whatever I say.”

“But I can’t drink,” Savita snarled at him. “You know I hate the smell of alcohol.”

“No harm,” Mansukh drank both the glasses one after another showing his inexperience. They managed to find enough place in a corner of the house to sit and talk freely.

“I can’t hold any more,” Savita shook him by his shoulders. “Tell me where are we.”

“This is the oldest swinger club in the city,” Mansukh said in a low voice. “Have you any idea about what swinging is all about?”

“No, I don’t,” Savita sounded thoroughly confused. “What does that mean?”

“Let me explain,” Mansukh said placing his hands on her shoulders. “In another 10 minutes, you are going to hear a bell. You need to go to our car and wait inside immediately after the bell.”

“What about you?” Savita queried.

“Listen to me first,” Mansukh tried to compose her. “Once all the ladies leave the house and settle in their cars, all the men need to pick up one key from that bowl.”

Mansukh pointed his fingers to a large bowl kept on a small table in the well of the room.

“What is inside that bowl?” Savita was becoming curious.

“Car keys,” Mansukh said with a smile. “Everybody’s car keys are gathered and put inside that bowl.”

“I don’t understand,” Savita sounded tentative again. “You were telling me that all the men have to pick a key from that bowl. What is that?”

Mansukh knew that he had to explain her better.

“Listen to me carefully,” Mansukh began explaining patiently. “Can you see that tall man standing there?”

Savita turned around and started searching.

“I can see some tall man but not his face,” Savita replied. “It is dark out here.”

“That’s it,” Mansukh felt somewhat relieved to know that his wife was able to spot the tall man at least. “Let us assume that the tall man lays hands on our car key. Then, he will go to our car.”

“What?” Savita almost screamed. “But, I will be alone in the car.”

“Not after he arrives,” Mansukh said laughingly. “He will give you a nice company and more than that.”

“What do you mean?” Savita murmured in disbelief.

“You do know what I mean,” Mansukh smiled again. “He will be your man and you are going to be his woman for another couple of hours.”

“Oh God!” Savita sounded shell-shocked.

“Be sportive Savita,” Mansukh suggested. “You wanted something different today. This is something which you will love doing. Go ahead and enjoy yourself. Perhaps, I might be the oldest man here tonight. I hope that some smart looking youngster picks you up tonight. You will have a wonderful time with him.”

Savita wasn’t agreeing to this indecent proposal at once. She began with refusing vehemently. She started talking about the pride of the Virani family. She even threatened about their marriage getting into shatters if they indulged in sex with others. She tried to reason with him by reminding that she was a mother to a grown up son. However, Mansukh was brushing away everything with a wicked smile that kept flashing all through.

“You have plenty of excuses not to do this,” He said in a determined tone. “I have just the one reason to try this. Let’s have some fun and bring some cheers in our lives. Go ahead.”

Savita realized that her husband could be so stubborn if he wished to be so. She presumed that Mansukh was more inclined into having sex with another woman than giving her the freedom to let another man have sex with her. She knew that their marriage might not be in any real danger as her husband is thrusting the adventure on her.

‘What is happening to my life?’ Savita began wondering. ‘I had to give my son a blowjob in the morning. Now, it looks very much likely that I am going to get screwed by a man I have never seen before.’

All of a sudden, everybody in the room went silent after they heard a loud buzzing sound.

“Rush to our car Savita,” Mansukh almost began pushing his wife from the place. “Good luck.”

Savita didn’t have any other choice as she moved out of the room mingling with the other women who cleverly used the loose ends of their saris to cover their faces. As Sarita came out of the house, she saw the man who had collected their car key standing in the patio, guiding all the women by showing the place where their cars were. Savita enquired about her car and as she started walking towards it, her heart was beating hard and fast like never before.

She was about to experience her sex with another man than her husband, for the first time ever in her life.

As she walked past the cars, she observed that the rear doors of all the cars were open. She luckily found her car quickly and heaved in excitement and anxiety after she got inside. She began praying that she must get some good looking and strong young man in her first adventure outside marriage.

“May I come in?”

Savita looked up and was shocked to see the man who stood near the door. It was JD, Mansukh’s younger brother. Concealing her shock she let him in by inching farther on the seat.

“I didn’t expect this,” JD said. “I was shocked to see the car number the moment I picked it up. How long have you been coming here?”

“This is the worst shock of my life,” Savita murmured. “This is our first visit to this place and I never expected this either.”

After a few minutes of silence, JD was beginning to get out of the car before Savita stopped him.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“I can’t,” JD said shaking his head in dismay. “You are my elder brother’s wife. In our tradition, brother’s wives are like mothers. I don’t want to be with you in this place even for another minute.”

“Wait,” Savita gripped his left wrist to stop him. “Listen to me before you go.”

JD sat quietly expecting her to speak whatever she wanted to.

“I presume someone else might come here if you leave this car,” Savita said. “I wouldn’t prefer that anyway. It is better to have some fun with a person you know than a stranger.”

“What do you mean?” JD asked, unable to believe what he had heard.

“I mean this,” Savita said and pulled off the top end of her sari. JD’s eyes began to swell as he watched her inching towards him. Her lips stopped just an inch from his face while her hands rested and began massaging his shoulders.

“I have heard many men often dream about having sex with their brother’s wife,” Savita whispered into his ear. JD’s eyes closed as she continued gripping his shoulders. Unable to contain his excitement, he let out a soft moan escape his lips prompting Savita to grip him even harder. Within no time, his cock began throbbing inside his pants.

“Would you like to see my breasts?” Savita asked sexily.

Savita skillfully stripped her sari and began unclasping her blouse hooks. She took just the split second to snap off her bra after which she shrugged letting it slip through her shoulders. JD’s eyes widened as he watched her globes come into view.

“You are indeed very beautiful,” JD whispered. His eyes eagerly gazed her breasts crowned with perky stiffened nipples. Her waist was just good while her stomach looked flat and smooth.

Gauging the intensity in his eyes, Savita went about taking off her undergarments within no time. JD’s gaze settled between her long legs, on her splendid public hair. He got an eyeful of her pouting labia protrude from between the neat curls. After straying up and down her naked body his eyes eventually returned onto her chest enjoying the sight of her voluptuous breasts.

“Feel them JD,” Savita persuaded him.

JD wasn’t willing to wait any further. His hands reached out and started stroking the exquisite smoothness of her marvelous breasts. He watched her closing her eyes and biting her lips as he kept feeling her wonder globes. He kept stroking down the slope, cupping them underneath and giving them gentle squeezes. He playfully jiggled them while feeling their size as his gentle squeezes began getting a bit harder.

Savita cried out in pleasure as JD kept squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples mercilessly. Her eyes remained closed while she kept moaning gently. JD was getting increasingly excited to know that his brother’s wife could be such a horny woman. Encouraged by her erotic moans, he kept manipulating her breasts and nipples making her growl more intensely. He began wondering if Savita might be cumming from just having her breasts teased. While her moans became louder, her body trembled.

“I wonder if Mansukh ever plays with your breasts,” JD remarked after a while.

“He always does,” Savita said and planted a kiss on his forehead. “But, his younger brother isn’t bad either.”

Savita looked down at his throbbing erection, which looked like threatening to pierce its way out of his pants.

“Show me your tool,” Savita said and cupped his huge bulge on the pants. The thought of seeing his huge prick for the first time excited her.

“Here it comes,” JD took virtually no time in getting rid of his clothes. The moment she got a look at the thick, longish monster, Savita nearly fainted. No doubt, it was the biggest thing that she had ever seen. She heaved in thorough expectation thinking about how JD might feel sliding into her waiting pussy.

Savita looked steadily at him, and slowly gripped his huge meat with one hand. Taking it into her mouth, she began to run her lips up and down it. JD’s hands strayed all over her body looking for her flesh as she gave him a wonderful blowjob on the backseat of the car. Savita moaned on his dick as his fingers clutched her nipples and tweaked them. She was amazingly quick and hard on his dick, showing her thorough expertise in sucking. JD closed his eyes enjoying the feel of her warm mouth wrapping his dick and remained in the same position until his hot salty spunk began shooting into her mouth. Unperturbed by his excitement, she swallowed everything she could muster and looked at JD with a big proud smile flashing on her face.

Savita sat up and said “I can’t help feeling jealous about Gayatri. You have an amazing dick.”

JD promptly replied, “I have never felt jealous about Mansukh till now. But, after seeing your capabilities, I wish you were my wife.”

“Don’t worry,” Savita said with a mischievous smile. “Your brother will never come to know that you were my partner tonight. If you wish, he will never know whatever we might do at home as well.”

“Great!” JD exclaimed. “You will have two husbands and I will have two wives.”

“That’s right,” Savita pulled his hands towards her chest and said, “We need not come here anymore. Shantiniketan is big enough for both of us. There is no need for us to put the Virani family’s pride at stake.”

JD passionately looked at Savita, the woman whom he used to look upon with respect and regard until not very long back. Now, she was suggesting to him something he had never dreamed.

“Yes” he said “You are right.”

Savita leaned forward, took his face in her hands and kissed him fully on the lips. Her tongue made its way into his mouth, indicating that she was horny as hell. She desperately wanted JD impaling her with his stiff huge dick.

JD reached out to her breasts yet again and squeezed them hard.

“I love this when you do,” Savita said.

JD let his left hand trail downwards until it reached to her womanhood. Savita’s body humped on the seat as he began teasing her pussy lips with his fingers. Savita began moaning all over again feeling his hand running up and down her crotch. They seemed like kissing and stroking each other infinitely before they suddenly slipped back on the seat. JD was unrelenting on her crotch as he ran the tips of his fingers deliriously on her crotch. A smile flashed on his face after he felt a tingle of moisture after having stroked a horny woman’s warm pussy. Savita flexed herself opening her thighs a little giving him complete access to her pussy enabling JD to slip his fingers deep inside her. He felt her warmth and plenty of moisture in her yielding pussy. Savita heaved in pleasure as his experienced fingers perfectly reached to hit the right spot. Her thighs closed to trap his hand in between. JD wasn’t stopping as he wiggled his finger furiously inside her making her let out deep moans.

Savita asked “You don’t like kissing there?”

JD smiled before leaning forward and kissing her pussy lips. The mild aroma and the terrific warmth took him by surprise as his tongue began licking her crack. Savita groaned as moments ticked past because she could feel his tongue probing between her lips. JD’s hands firmly gripped her waist as his tongue sank deeper into her while pulling her crotch forcefully against his hungry lapping tongue. Savita shivered in joy running her hands through his hair as his tongue explored her inner pussy. The more she was getting excited the harder was she grabbing his hair thrashing her pubis against his face. Finally, she exploded letting out a loud squeal after which her hands relieved JD.

JD pulled away and looked up at her with a grin on his soaking face.

“You are very tasty,” JD said with a smile. He located a pack of condoms from his jerkins, snapped off the wrapper and skillfully put it on his wonder dick.

“Fuck me now,” Savita ordered. She mounted on the seat and stood in a position enabling him to enter from the back. JD couldn’t resist the temptation to give a couple of smacks on her reddish ass cheeks before he decided to have a go at her pussy. As he positioned behind her, Savita guided the head of his dick in between her pussy lips.

JD felt being at the top of the world as he began to move easily in and out of her. His hands gripped her waist as he moved back and forth while Savita started bucking back against him.

“Fuck me,” Savita kept murmuring. “Fuck me with that big dick of yours.”

Savita closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of JD’s huge dick penetrating inside her moist pussy. She bit her lips in joy as JD got quicker and quicker as seconds ticked past. As JD went about pounding her pussy, she almost felt every vein and ridge on his dick, which went on a rampage. JD’s hands took her wonder tits to resume another squeezing session. JD’s dick was pulsating in her cunt as he kept banging her harder and faster. She kept writhing back against him thrusting her body against his waist all through.

“Oh dear JD,” Savita squealed in absolute joy as they fucked in frenzy. Experienced in sex, they knew the impending climax more so after their bodies mashed against each other like never before. JD began growling after a while as if to indicate that he was about to shoot anytime. Savita’s body quivered as she felt JD shooting consecutive loads into the condom. She wasn’t lagging behind, as she knew that the terrific tingles in her pussy were enough indications to her approaching her orgasm.

Savita squirmed and screamed, “I am Cumming.”

The noise of their naked bodies slapping against each other slowed down before coming to a grinding halt. Their bodies went rigid before their nerves tied into knots inside their bodies. They eventually collapsed. JD was pressing hard against her back. She trembled yet again as his spent dick slipped out of her sopping pussy.

After a while, they managed to restore their normal breathing. After a brief passionate kissing session, they remained hugging for a few minutes.

“We need to get dressed up,” JD reminded her as he began picking up the clothes.

“JD,” Savita planted another kiss on his forehead. “Thank you for making me happy.”

JD smiled in reply and got into his pants. Savita took his clue and began dressing herself in quick time.

“Savita,” JD said just before he was about to get out of the car. “Don’t tell Mansukh that it was me in the car today.”

“I won’t,” Savita said with a naughty smile. “I want to keep this a secret so that we can try this out more often at home.”

“That’s better,” JD gave a gentle peck on her cheeks before disappearing into the darkness.

‘Thank you Mansukh,’ she told herself. ‘You were absolutely right. This is very different.’

She had come to the front seat immediately after JD had left. Savita decided to thank her husband once he returns. She had to wait for a few more minutes before he emerged from another dark corner of the compound.

“Hey there,” Mansukh sounded quite cheerful as he got inside. “I hope you had a nice time.”

“Thank you Mansukh,” Savita said crisply. Mansukh looked at her as though he didn’t believe what she said.

“Great!” Mansukh exclaimed. “That means you really had some fun tonight.”

“I did,” Savita said smilingly. “He was young and really good.”

“Wonderful,” Mansukh said as he started the car, “I was lucky too. She is just out of her teens.”

“Sounds interesting,” Savita said and laughed.

“This is a very safe place to try out few things in life,” Mansukh said as their car drove out of the compound.

“I hope so,” Savita quipped.

“You can be rest assured,” Mansukh said. “Did you see even a single familiar face in the entire crowd?”

“No,” Savita replied quickly.

As the car began speeding the highway, Savita began, recollecting whatever had happened between her and Savita inside the same car a few minutes ago. Mansukh, on the other hand was smiling to himself, as he hadn’t completely out of his excitement. He glanced at Savita through the corner of his eyes and smiled. Obviously, she would never know about the woman with whom he had had sex in the car. Gayatri!

Actually, Mansukh wasn’t aware that his brother JD was also present in the swinger’s club. Just as he was about to rush to the car he had from the lucky draw, he suddenly stopped seeing a car that looked quite familiar to him. Within seconds, he discovered that it was JD’s car. Although, his initial reaction was one of shock, suddenly he began licking his lips in lust. He wished it were he who got the opportunity to get into JD’s car. He had been longing to fuck Gayatri, JD’s wife for quite some time. He realized that it was almost a missed opportunity to fulfill his overdue dream.

“Mr.Mansukh Virani?” A gentle pat on the shoulders brought him back to his senses. He saw one of his stock market brokers standing with the key of JD’s car. Immediately, he decided to exchange their keys. It wasn’t difficult as the man was more than willing to oblige the rich man. Mansukh felt like jumping in joy after getting the key. He quietly got through the back door and smiled at Gayatri, whose face turned pale in shock and disbelief.

“Oh No,” She whimpered. Even in the wildest of her dreams she might not have thought of her husband’s brother wishing to have sex with her. In fact, she always believed that Mansukh was too dignified a person to be visiting one place like a swingers club.

“Are you afraid Gayatri?” Mansukh asked with a smile before he pulled her face towards him in an attempt to kiss her on the lips.

“No,” Gayatri whimpered. “I can’t let you do this. You are his brother.”

“That doesn’t matter now,” Mansukh insisted as he eventually planted a gentle kiss on her lips. “I have been dreaming about this ever since you got married to JD.”

“Please,” Gayatri tried hard to push him away. “Our conventions say that you should treat me like a daughter.”

“Do your conventions permit visiting swinger clubs?” Mansukh asked laughingly.

Mansukh slid his right hand under her sari and cupped her breast. His left hand began rubbing Gayatri’s crotch and the inner side of her thighs through the fabric. Gayatri resisted in vain, as Mansukh pulled off her sari with brutal strength. Gayatri was trembling as she watched Mansukh getting more forceful, enough to rip off her blouse in a split second. She groaned in disgust as his hands began working on her breasts for a while before he leaned forward to suck her nipples.

“See my dick,” Mansukh pulled her right hand and placed it on his bulge. Her hands repelled at once and went up to cover her face.

Mansukh dragged his pants down, rolled down his brief and pulled out his dick.

“We can always fuck after sometime,” Mansukh again placed Gayatri’s hand between his legs to suggest that he wanted her to grab his dick. “Hold it now.”

“This is wrong and sin,” Gayatri pleaded with him. However, she was helpless before his ruthless strength as her hands eventually wrapped around his dick.

“That’s better,” Mansukh sounded extremely pleased.

Before Gayatri could think of anything, he started kissing her deeply again. His hands began working over her crotch. Gayatri’s waist gyrated as she struggled hard to push him away.

“I have already torn your blouse,” Mansukh cautioned. “Better stop pushing me now.”

Gayatri began feeling humiliated as Mansukh untied her petticoat and followed it up by pulling down her panties through her legs.

“Nice,” Mansukh started caressing her gentle public hair on the cunt. “I always believed that you might be having quite a bit of hair here.”

No amount of protests from Gayatri was stopping Mansukh as he shamelessly went about caressing and massaging her cunt. His fingers began trailing through the soft skin on her inner thighs sending an irritating tingle all over her body.

“Do you see how long my fingers are?” Mansukh asked laughingly. Gayatri looked stunned as she realized that he was about to insert his fingers inside her womanhood.

“No!” She screamed. “Please stop at once.”

Before she could complete, his finger had managed to make its way inside Gayatri’s cunt. While Gayatri was gasping in shock and dismay, Mansukh pushed Gayatri’s head towards his throbbing dick. His strong hands held and lowered her head on his monstrous dick. Gayatri closed her eyes in disgust feeling the tip of his dick brushing against her soft lips.

Gayatri whimpered, “No I can’t.”

“You have to do it,” Mansukh snarled at her and pushed her head further down over his dick. After a momentary struggle, Gayatri’s mouth hesitantly opened accepting his thick head.

“That’s it,” Mansukh said with a smile as he began stroking his dick inside her mouth. Gayatri’s head moved up and down sliding down his shaft.

Suddenly, Mansukh pushed Gayatri on her back and began spreading her legs wide enough for him.

“No. Please don’t do it,” Gayatri began pleading all over again.

“What do you want me to do?” Mansukh screamed at her. “You don’t want to give even a blowjob.”

“Alright,” Gayatri said hurriedly. “I will suck you. Please don’t fuck me.”

“Its too late baby,” Mansukh grimaced. He pounced between Gayatri’s legs, which went in the air spreading very wide. Gayatri quivered as Mansukh pressed his big head against her pussy and started rubbing it up and down her clit. Her head swayed either side while her hands pushed against his chest struggling to hold him back.

“Please have mercy on me,” Gayatri said pleadingly, “I won’t be able to face anyone in the house.”

“Don’t worry,” Mansukh said mockingly, “You can always face me from now.”

Mansukh kept forcing himself on her rubbing his dick up over her clit in a quick pace.

“I may get pregnant,” Gayatri whimpered. “You aren’t wearing condom.”

“That sounds interesting,” Mansukh said laughingly,” It would be a nice feeling impregnating my brother’s wife.”

Gayatri threw her head back as Mansukh eventually made the entry inside her. Her voice became louder but her words broke as she gasped terribly. Mansukh knew that she couldn’t resist him anymore as almost half of his huge shaft had managed to penetrate inside her cunt. He relieved his grip on her waist and let his hands fall on her chest, cupping her breasts with incredible lust.

“Please!” Gayatri kept gasping while Mansukh kneaded her breasts even as he was humping on her body.

“Your tits are fascinating,” Mansukh said as his thumbs traced around her areola. Gayatri was moaning as her globes were being crushed against his palms while his thumbs were pressing her nipples.

Gayatri’s voice broke as she began pleading with folded hands, “Please leave me. For God’s sake don’t fuck me.”

Mansukh however was not relenting as he quickened up his motions on her. His dick felt like a thick strong iron rod making its way deep inside a soggy soil. He began letting out little groans every time he gave a thrust inside her. Gayatri realized that her cunt had begun oozing involuntarily and it had spread out as his deadly dick kept pounding her all the way inside. She closed her eyes in disgust knowing that more than half the length of Mansukh’s demon had gone inside her and it wouldn’t slip out until it finishes her off.

Mansukh leaned forward, took her nipples in his mouth and began suckling them. Gayatri screamed as he held her perky nipples in between his teeth while his tongue began lashing at them like a sword. She felt terribly let down by her body as her nipples were getting harder and harder as he kept sucking them.

Mansukh was humping on her like a man half his age, “I am going to hit the bottom now. Be prepared to take the whole thing inside.”

Gayatri’s body shivered in the fear that his monstrous dick might be completely inside her any moment. Her hands remained pressing against his chest but her resistance had diminished considerably. As Mansukh withdrew almost completely out of her, she closed her eyes tightly knowing what would happen next. She was right. He drove his huge meat deep inside her until his balls banged against her asshole. She screamed yet again sending her legs wide in the air. Her toes curled up as Mansukh began pounding her in a terrific speed.

The noise of their bodies slamming against each other and Gayatri’s gasps filled up the car while Mansukh plowed deep in her. She helplessly kept throwing her head back and forth moaning and gasping louder and harder. Mansukh let out a very loud groan once his massive tool completely disappeared inside her cunt.

Mansukh went about pounding her cunt harder and harder. The wet noises emanating from her cunt sounded music to his ears while he went on a rampage on her cunt. His hands swiftly moved down grabbing her ass cheeks while he continued devastating her.

“Tell me you like it,” Mansukh snarled at her.

Gayatri moaned and gasped as she said, “Yes..Yes..I like it.”

Mansukh felt elated to know that she had begun to enjoy the fun. He reached out to her tits to squeeze them a few more times and enjoyed her squeals.

Mansukh asked, “Will you be my concubine at home? Will you let me fuck you whenever I want?”

“Yes!” Gayatri growled. “I am your concubine. Fuck me…Fuck me anytime.”

“That’s good,” Mansukh grimaced. “Your cunt belongs to me. Never give it to my brother.”

“I won’t,” Gayatri screamed as his hands became increasingly harsh on her breasts. “Oh, I will give it only to you.”

Mansukh didn’t ask any further questions as he concentrated hard fucking her harder and quicker. Gayatri moaned louder indicating that she was getting very close to her climax. Her gyrating hips went off the seat as was now pushed her body upwards to meet the thunderous thrusts of Mansukh.

“Oh!” Gayatri squealed and passed out within seconds. Her body shook a few times before it stiffened.

Mansukh began grunting as he drove harder and faster into Gayatri. His dick was swelling tremendously inside her cunt and he knew that he might explode in a matter of seconds. However, that didn’t stop him from taking his momentum to a new height.

Gayatri’s hands were now grabbing his ass as she moaned aloud, “Oh god! I’ve never been fucked like this before. You are huge. You fuck very deep.”

Their body motions reached the peak within seconds after which Mansukh’s head jerked backwards.

“I am Cumming,” He yelled out. Gayatri’s body shuddered as he in her cunt. His thrusts got slower and slower in and out of her. His milky white that splashed into her cunt came oozing out. It began running in trickles down over Gayatri’s asshole as they eventually brought their fucking to a halt.

It took a while for both of them to realize what they have done. Mansukh quickly dressed himself while Gayatri lay naked in a state of shock and disbelief.

“Gayatri,” Mansukh shook her shoulders. “Get up and dress yourself.”

“Oh god,” Gayatri began sobbing. “What have we done. I have always looked upon you as my father. How am I going to see the people in the family?”

“Cool down,” Mansukh gave her a gentle hug and planted a kiss on her cheeks. “You can’t do anything about it now.”

“What if I get pregnant?” Gayatri continued sobbing.

“You can get rid of it anyway,” Mansukh said candidly.

It took a while for Gayatri to compose herself and put on her clothes. Mansukh patiently waited until he was convinced that she had gathered herself.

“Look here,” Mansukh spoke to her in a low voice. “I don’t want you to get fucked by strangers. I don’t want you to come here anymore. Tell your husband that you were raped by someone else. Are you clear?”

Gayatri nodded her head in agreement.

“I am happy that I was able to fuck you finally,” Mansukh said. “We need to do this more often at home. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Gayatri replied.

She kept looking at him as he alighted from the car and began walking through the darkness. She realized that life in ‘Shantiniketan’ is going to be very difficult in the days to come.

Daksha’s stars shine bright.



Mihir, grandson of the Virani’s seduces his Aunt Pragna. She wants him to seduce all her three sister-in-laws including Mihir’s mother. Mihir’s parents Mansukh and Savita visit a swingers club unaware of JD, Mansukh’s youngest brother being present with Gayatri, his wife. Savita and Gayatri accidentally have sex with their brother-in-laws but they don’t disclose this to their husbands.


Himmat was well aware of the fact that Daksha, his wife had a whole lot of wild fantasies in life, especially when it came to sex. It wasn’t very comfortable to realize that a woman brought up in a conservative atmosphere who struggled hard to get rid of her typical ‘Junagarh’ accent, could have such fantasies that defied any logic.

He somehow felt shy of getting rough with her on the bed. Surely, he still had sexual urges but he always knew that the line of separation between animals and human beings was quite thin, more so in matters related to sex.

“It is a part of a transition in Daksha,” A leading sex therapist had once told Himmat. “She was born and brought up in some sleepy village where she always remained away from boys and men. But, now it is like having jumped into the frying pan once she moved into this huge city. She might be watching men shaking hands with women and vice versa. She might be aware of the sexual escapades of some adventurous women in the city. She is curious but surely not kinky. She seems to be excited thinking about getting banged by a few people or even forced into having sex with someone she doesn’t like. I know you won’t let that happen. I presume you need to wait till her curiosities die a natural death.”

Himmat smiled wryly, sitting on a rock on one of the less visited seashores in the city. Daksha was sitting next to him enjoying the strong breezes that were making her hair and clothes flutter in the air.

“Can we have some ice cream?” Daksha asked Himmat. She had seen the solitary ice cream vendor pushing his way through the seashore a good fifty feet away.

Himmat knew that he had to walk all the way to get her the ice cream.

“Take care,” Himmat said as he stood up and got into his slippers. “Don’t get out of the car till I return.”

As he began walking, he noticed a group of young men sitting and watching their car. As he approached, he suddenly began feeling that one among them looked familiar. He smiled as he moved closer as he turned out to be Ajay, one of his close friends. All the four were holding a bottle of beer in their hands and looked terribly intoxicated.

“Hello!” Himmat waved his hands and they all reciprocated.

“A nice way to spend the evening on a lonely beach,” Ajay, perhaps the strongest of the four stumbled as he tried to stand aright.

“I reckon not,” Himmat said with a smile. “It doesn’t make sense chasing ice cream vendors on the beach you know.”

The entire group burst into laughter.

“That sounds interesting,” Ajay said with a mischievous smile. “Would you mind if we keep your wife entertained for a while?”

Himmat felt a hot stream of blood rushing to his brain in anger as he heard these words. While the group laughed again, he was not amused at their indecent overture.

“I think it is better we talk later,” Himmat said concealing his outrage with a forced smile. He began walking towards the ice cream vendor while Ajay resumed drinking beer. Just as Himmat was returning with the ice cream, his mobile buzzed. The sex therapist to whom he had taken Daksha for the counseling was calling.

“Mr.Himmat. I wanted to know if you can advance your next visit by a day or two,” The Doctor spoke at the other end. “I have some sudden exigencies to attend.”

“Oh sure,” Himmat agreed at once. “Thanks for calling Doctor.”

Himmat resumed walking towards his car. He could see that Ajay and his friends were still having a nice time on the beach as they kept laughing aloud all the time. Just as he was about to get past them, something suddenly struck Himmat’s mind. Strangely, he began recollecting whatever the Doctor had told him during their last visit.

“She seems to be excited thinking about getting banged by a few people or even forced into having sex with someone she doesn’t like. I know you won’t let that happen. I presume you need to wait till her curiosities die a natural death.”

Himmat stopped and began thinking. ‘Why not today?’

“What made you stop Himmat?” Ajay was screaming his throat out. “Have you got the ice cream?”

The whole group roared into laughter again.

“Somewhat,” Himmat murmured. He quickly began contemplating an extreme scheme.

“Ajay!” Himmat called out once he made up his mind about what he intended to do.

Ajay stood up and came staggering. Himmat held his friend by his shoulder and began whispering something into his ears. Ajay’s eyes began swelling in surprise while his ears couldn’t believe what they had just heard from Himmat.

“Is that a deal?” Ajay looked up and asked, apparently not thoroughly convinced.

“It certainly is,” Himmat sounded extremely firm.

“Ok. See the fun,” Ajay said giving a pat on Himmat’s shoulders.

Himmat’s heart was pounding fast as he neared his car. Daksha almost snatched the ice cream from her husband like a child and began tasting it without wasting even a second. For a split second, Himmat wondered if his plan would work at all.

Daksha suddenly stopped paying attention to her ice cream as she looked over Himmat’s shoulders. She saw a group of men coming towards their car and became nervous at once. Before she could tell something, they had arrived.

“Hey baby,” Ajay leaned through the front door and winked at Daksha.

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“Hello Friend,” Himmat asked placing his hands on Ajay’s shoulders. “What do you want? She is my wife.”

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Ajay said. There was another loud laughter, which shook Daksha. Himmat turned around and saw three guys standing behind him.

“Let us go,” Daksha hushed.

“She is hot!” Ajay said with a smirk. “See the way her tits are pushing up out of her blouse.”

“Why don’t you behave yourself?” Himmat snarled at Ajay.

“We need to,” Ajay said laughingly and looked at his accomplices. “Please behave friends.”

Daksha was baffled and shocked as she watched the guys bundling Himmat into the car and pushing themselves in. Ajay swiftly moved to the driver’s seat while another man occupied the seat next to him. Before Himmat and Daksha could comprehend what was going on, the car had begun its journey further alongside the seashore.

Daksha felt hands all over her body, pinching her breasts, pulling her clothes and intruding her blouse. A firm hand closed her mouth as she tried to scream for help. Himmat struggled in vain with his mouth stuffed with a long hanky and his hands tied at his back. The car finally stopped a good couple of miles away in a place that looked simply isolated.

All the guys got out of the car in a hurry. Himmat was pulled out of the backseat and within no time, he was pushed onto the front seat with hands tied at his back and his chest banging against the sear. Ajay rushed inside the backseat, grabbed Daksha, covered her mouth and placed a knife on her slender throat.

“Don’t dare to shout,” He grimaced. “If you do anything silly, you will return home a widow.”

Daksha was shocked; horrified. But, she was hardly able to breath, leave alone shout.

“What do you want anyway?” Daksha managed to whimper to him.

Ajay began laughing aloud, reminding Daksha of one of those villains in some Hindi movie.

“We are going to have some fun inside the car,” He said with a nasty smile. “I daresay you are going to enjoy it as well.”

Daksha realized what was about to unfold soon. She had watched numerous rape scenes in hundreds of movies but she never had any idea that she might go through the experience herself.

“Please,” Daksha began pleading. “I am married. I am much older than you.”

“That doesn’t matter to me,” Ajay quipped and turned around to his friends. “Does age matter to you guys?”

“NO!!!!” came the loud reply.

Suddenly, one more guy opened the opposite door and entered inside. He rudely held Daksha by pulling her arms behind her and forcefully tried to open her mouth wider. Ajay quickly unzipped his pants, rolled down his brief a couple of inches and pulled out his dick. Daksha looked at his monster meat with awe before he began sticking it inside her mouth. Daksha realized that it felt bigger and stronger inside her mouth than it looked. Ajay firmly pushed his body against her face until his dick hit her throat. Daksha gagged in vain, unable to breathe. Ajay began thrusting it in and out of her mouth even as she struggled hard to pull away from the assault. With great difficulty, Daksha did manage to get rid of his dick for a while and began gasping for breathe.

“You don’t have a choice,” Ajay snarled at her. “You need to be our toy until we let you go.”

His hands began pulling her sari and Daksha was too weak to resist his strength. Her sari gave away quite easily before the man holding her tore open her blouse in a flash. Ajay pounced on her and ripped her bra apart. Both the guys were in a hurry reaching for her exposed breasts as they gave them strong squeezes. Ajay leaned forward, clutched her breasts and started licking and sucking her breasts. The guy behind did his part by tweaking her nipples.

Ajay tried again to shove his dick inside her mouth while the other guy kept pulling and flicking her nipples, Daksha’s resistance began loosing its intensity as Ajay rigged in and out of her mouth while the man behind seemed content teasing her breasts and nipples.

Daksha realized the whole scenario within the next few moments. She was convinced that the guys were in no mood to let her go without giving her the treatment they wanted. She also knew her limitations that she would never be able to resist their brutal strength. The more she resisted, the larger risk loomed over the life of her husband and herself. She surely didn’t want getting hurt by doing anything silly, as they seemed to be well armed. She finally decided to let them have their way to avoid adding injury to insult.

Moreover, she remembered to have nurtured the fantasy about screwed by three or four men ruthlessly. She had even unabashedly admitted her secret fantasies to her husband. She began thinking that today might be the day.

Ajay was now fucking her mouth in frenzy and it didn’t take much time for Daksha to realize that he was about to cum inside her mouth. A few more thrusts and he began shooting his load inside her mouth. It just splashed into her like a wild stream flowing through her throat way down into her stomach.

Ajay and the man who held her from behind exchanged positions. Now, it was the man’s turn to fuck her mouth and he seemed incredibly quicker than Ajay. Ajay pulled her up on his lap and began teasing her breasts and nipples sending her writhing in agony. Unlike Ajay, the man didn’t shoot his cum in her mouth but instead splashed it all over her face and breasts.

Soon after, both the guys handed over her soppy body to their waiting accomplices. They weren’t showing any mercy on her either as they went about shoving their dicks inside her mouth until she was forced to gulp their flowing semen. What Daksha had once fantasized to be the most worthwhile sexual experience of her life had already turned out into a horrifying nightmare. She was helpless, obeying them all like a trained slut letting the masters to take her on.

Daksha began hoping against hope that the guys would let her go after they had made her mouth look worse than a trash. But, it was not to be.

Ajay entered the car again naked. His smile sent a chill on her spine as she knew what would happen next.

“Please let us go now,” Daksha began pleading.

“Not so soon,” He smirked as he leaned towards her breasts and tweaked her nipple. Daksha weakly moaned and heaved helplessly. Ajay pushed her against the seat, ripped off her panties and spread her legs wide and high. Daksha wasn’t even trying to push him as he began licking up and down her thighs before he eventually halted at her pussy.

“Will you cum for me?” He asked mockingly.

“No!” Daksha muttered mutely.

Undeterred by her refusal, he ran his fingers over her pussy, sliding in and out before he began licking her pussy in frenzy. Daksha kept growling all the time as he quickened his strokes incredibly bringing her to a loud orgasm. She felt terribly let down by her body as she watched her juices spraying all over his face. He shamelessly lapped every drop as though he had a thirst of a lifetime.

“You have humiliated me enough,” Daksha pleaded. “Fuck me quickly and let us get out of here.”

“Yeah!” He laughed. “You do know that there are three more guys waiting outside.”

Daksha’s eyes closed instantly seeing his body descend on hers. His dick filled her up at once and so much that she almost fainted. He grinned at her letting his dick pushing its way into her cunt. Daksha covered her face and shook her head in thorough humiliation as he fucked her like a beast. Daksha began waiting for him to explode inside her as quickly as possible so that the ordeal would end. He did finally, filling her cunt with his flowing cum. He smiled again as he pulled out her pussy as though he had his quota of her for the day.

Before Daksha could settle down breathing normally, a man grabbed her from above her head while two men came from the opposite side. Her body shivered in fear as she knew that all the three men have plans to take her together.

“NO!” Daksha screamed. She knew that she had very slim chances of resisting the three, more so after she couldn’t resist even one before.

“Great!” The man above her head said. “It is going to be fun.”

The two men were trying to get her body right in between them inside the luxury car. Daksha shook as they took a nipple each in their mouth and began sucking them. Their hands caressed her thighs, legs and her public hair. After giving her nipples a prolonged sucking, one of the two men went down and began kissing her crotch and caressing her thighs. Daksha felt his tongue tracing her cunt lips and moaned in discomfort. Taking the clue from the man, the other men pounced on her body laying their mouths wherever they could.

“Oh no!” Daksha squealed and squirmed feeling three men licking and sucking her all over. While one mouth on her left kept flicking the tongue over her nipple, the other was sucking her right breast as deeply as he could. Their hands strayed all over her body, caressing, pinching and teasing all the way. Somehow, one out of the two men started licking and sucking her clits while he stroked her sensitive skin on her inner thighs. Soon, his tongue drove inside her cunt and started sliding it in and out for a while. He occasionally stroked his tongue on her clitoris teasing and sucking on it like mad. Her breasts never got any respite from the other two men who kept nibbling her nipples and sucking the breasts.

Daksha squirmed and squeezed her body underneath three men. Her head banged against the seat cushion in despair. Letting out helpless moans, her head managed to sway either side. The three men went going about their task mercilessly disregarding her mute protests. They didn’t spare even an inch of her body untouched, as they licked and sucked her sensitive parts of the body. Slowly but surely, Daksha was beginning to respond to their erotic expedition on her body. She mustered enough strength to push her hips at the man who was devouring her cunt. She knew that she was about to climax yet again.

Her breathing quickened up and her moaning toned up a bit. Her head swayed and jerked faster than before. The incredible sensations of her breasts and cunt tongued by three men were getting a bit too much to handle for her. Involuntarily, she was getting extremely aroused as her body lay to the mercy of three strong young men.

The three men worked in a coalition. One of them gave her a deep French kiss while the other man took possession of her breasts freed by the first man. The man between her legs seemed quite content sucking her cunt as he went about devouring her like a demon. Within the next few seconds, Daksha exploded again loosing count of the orgasms she had experienced. Her body shivered as she began recouping from the explosion.

“Oh God!” She whimpered in utter humiliation.

The man between her legs pulled out his giant meat out of his briefs and positioned himself above her cunt.

“Please let me go!” Daksha whimpered yet again but the man had already pushed his dick deep inside her soggy pussy. She gasped for breathe, feeling the whole of his body weight on her as he reached deeper and deeper inside her cunt with amazing thrusts. The other two men were pinning her to the seat not allowing her to budge even an inch.

“Oh Fuck!” Daksha murmured helplessly.

“Say it again,” The man said mockingly as he kept rigging her pussy with his dick.

Daksha lay helpless, feeling the huge dick plundering her pussy relentlessly.

The men on either side weren’t sitting idle as they kept reaching out to her breasts and nipples all the time. Daksha’s body bolted with each thrust while her violator kept going deeper and harder.

“My god!” Daksha squealed as the man approached his climax rigging her in a tremendous pace . She felt his balls swelling against her ass and realized that he would be exploding any moment. His dick grew inside her giving her the indication that her pussy was about to be filled up with cum yet again.

“Ohhh!” Daksha shrieked feeling his thick semen pumped into her. He emptied load after loads of his cum inside her and with a loud heave of delight, pulled his dick out of her dripping cunt.

“Go on,” The man to her left was magnanimous in letting his friend to have a go at her next.

“I will hold her,” The man who had just finished offered to assist the other two men.

“Please. I can’t take anymore,” Daksha pleaded.

Within seconds, the man who had gone on a rampage on her was holding her body in a tight leash. The man who stood on her right eagerly came towards her legs and pulled out his dick.

“Not anymore!” Daksha gasped as she watched the man’s gigantic dick jumping out. She bit her lips stopping a gasp as the man pounced on her sliding his huge head inside. Seemingly passionate, he planted a kiss on her lips while his hands kneaded her breasts. Daksha couldn’t hold the moan anymore as he began mashing both her breasts. He moved faster and with more impetus on her body. His waist kept banging against her with an incredible speed. She kept staring at the man as he drove his dick deep inside her without showing any mercy whatsoever. She squirmed meekly in the tight grip of the three men letting her body used to fulfill their lust. He was apparently bigger than the earlier predator as her pussy walls clenched his dick much harder. She felt him swelling even more inside her, heard him moaning deep in his throat. The man himself seemed excited as his hands began pinching her breasts and nipples. Daksha realized yet again that she was due for another flooding inside, feeling the incredible warmth radiating all over her cunt. The huge piston kept swelling inside getting more rigid as he neared his climax.

“That’s it!” He groaned in absolute pleasure and let open his floodgate releasing his thick loads deep inside her cunt. He slowed down his motions gradually after the explosion until he drained the last drops of his semen into her. As he began withdrawing his softening dick out of her, Daksha didn’t feel unduly relieved as she knew that she had another horny young man to cope up with. She only wished that the man be a bit softer and quicker so that the ordeal would eventually come to end.

Even as the last man was about to take his position in between her legs, Daksha began to feel her muscles straining as she had been firmly held by two other men all through the traumatic experience. She feared she wouldn’t be able to tolerate further pain on her shoulder joints if she is held so hard once again.

“Look!” She spoke in a pleading tone. “Please let my arms and legs free. You know I can’t run anywhere now. They are hurting me.”

The third man paused and looked up at his friends. They nodded to each other, as they knew that Daksha was in fact right. For the first time, the two guys decided to let her free as they got out of the car leaving just the third man and Daksha in the backseat.

“Are you comfortable now?” The man asked as he came down heavily on her body. His hands eagerly grabbed her breasts and began squeezing them. He used his thumb to flick her nipples and soon he started devouring them, moaning on them with passion. The little relief Daksha had didn’t last long enough. As the man drove his enormous dick inside her cunt, she screamed again. In all probabilities, he was the biggest of all the four men.

“No!” Daksha yelled. “It is so big!”

“Don’t be scared,” The man whispered. “I will try to be nice.”

He certainly did. His hands moved from her breasts to hold her face and pull it towards him. His mouth engulfed hers and he sucked from her mouth. His tongue passionately wandered all over inside her mouth searching for hers. Daksha was moaning inside his mouth while she realized that his huge head was still attempting to make its way inside her cunt.

He broke the kiss and resumed on her breasts. Daksha growled feeling his monstrous dick almost piercing through her cunt lips. By the time he managed sinking the whole length of his shaft inside her, Daksha had reconciled to the fact that he would have his way. It was not just the size of his dick but the manner in which he went about savaging her cunt that made Daksha scream louder like never before. She felt his pressure on every muscle in her body as she shook to each one of his thunderous thrusts.

The man began expediting things as though she hadn’t seen his real speed yet. He seemed to enjoy her whimpers and moans as he worked at a speed beyond her imagination. He was hitting those depths that Daksha had never experienced before. He was working deliriously, letting her cunt pulsate by driving vigorously into her and getting immensely excited. He began showing peculiar expressions on his face, clearly suggesting that he was about to reach the pinnacle. He pushed his head back and growled feeling his balls swelling to absolute tightness.

“Take it baby,” He screamed at her.

“No! No!” was all Daksha could mutter as her back arched feeling his throbbing dick sprayed load after load deep inside her. She lay still as he shot his final loads of thick warm cum inside her. As he withdrew his dick from her sopping pussy and took his time to get out of the car, Daksha realized that at last she was free.

Ajay had a word or two with Himmat after he freed him from the rope. Himmat looked back and watched Daksha hurrying to pick up her clothes, which were all over the back seat. He had been listening to the whole thing from the front seat.

The four guys waved at them as finally Himmat was about to drive the car away from them. Daksha’s head bowed in shame and humiliation looking towards the deck and she obviously didn’t want to see those people who had ravished her inside her own car.

As such, she was obviously unaware of Himmat showing his thumbs up at Ajay and his friends as the car began its journey back towards ‘Shantiniketan’.

At last, Tulsi makes her entry with a bang.



Mihir, grandson of the Virani’s seduces his Aunt Pragna. She wants him to seduce all her three sister-in-laws including Mihir’s mother. Mihir’s parents Mansukh and Savita visit a swingers club unaware of JD, Mansukh’s youngest brother being present with Gayatri, his wife. Savita and Gayatri accidentally have sex with their brother-in-laws but they don’t disclose this to their husbands. In the meanwhile, Himmat, the middle brother decides to entertain Daksha, his wife by fulfilling her wild sexual fantasies.


It was nothing different from the previous day at ‘Shantiniketan’, the residence of the Viranis. Govardhan and Amba were relaxing on the lawns, struggling to cope up with whatever they feared their sons and daughter-in-laws might be doing nowadays.

“All of them returned well past midnight,” Amba said with a sigh. “I don’t know what is happening here.”

Govardhan shook his head in dismay. He knew that his sons weren’t exactly doing the expected, neglecting the traditions of the family. While he has seen the sweeping changes that took place all through his life, he was still convinced about the virtues of the conventional joint family system. He knew that it wasn’t going to be easy staying under the same roof with sons and daughter-in-law who had lot to differ than to agree. The family was already witnessing instances that clearly manifested the growing disagreement within the three brothers. As always, Govardhan had discovered the root cause of the present unrest in the family, his three daughter-in-laws.

Savita, wife of Mansukh, the eldest of his three sons had always been a selfish woman, who never missed a chance to exaggerate petty issues by conniving with the other two daughter-in-laws.

Daksha, his second daughter-in-law was often an embarrassment to her husband Himmat and sometimes to herself. Unbecoming of a woman of her age, she was crazy about films and often took some clues from the films she watched to spice up things that never deserved any attention at all.

Gayatri, married to Jamnadas alias JD, always seemed like the harmless of the three daughter-in-laws but she still had a long way to go in preserving the exemplary values the Virani household possessed with pride.

“I wonder what would happen to Mihir,” Govardhan said with a deep sigh.

Amba felt a gentle tingle as she heard her husband talking about Mihir, their grandson. She couldn’t resist a mild shiver that shook her body as she began recollecting Mihir’s aborted attempt to seduce her the previous day.

“Why do you worry about him?” Amba queried. “Mansukh and Savita are wise enough to take care of him.’

“I agree they are,” Govardhan agreed with another sigh. “I wish Mihir should bring a bride who can bring about a change in our lives. Someone like Tulsi might be an ideal wife to Mihir.”

“Tulsi?” Amba sounded extremely surprised. “But, how do you expect others to accept her? She comes from such a humble family background.”

“They won’t,” Govardhan replied rather exasperated. “But, it is my desire. I hope it does happen.”

“Don’t worry,” Amba said gently placing her hands on her husband’s hands. “If you really desire so, it will happen.”

They stopped talking as they saw the huge grilled gates opening, letting Tulsi get inside.

“There she comes!” Amba exclaimed. “What a coincidence!”

“Are you going to talk to her now?” Govardhan asked suspiciously.

“Of course I am,” Amba said with a smile. “You know I don’t believe in deferring things for tomorrow.”

Govardhan smiled. He felt extremely relieved after his wife’s assurances.

“Good morning,” Tulsi wished both of them with folded hands and leaned forward to touch their feet.

“Long live, my child,” Govardhan blessed her wholeheartedly. Amba gave a gentle hug to Tulsi and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Come in Tulsi,” Amba said as she began leading Tulsi inside the house. “I need to talk about something very important.”

“Can I join?” Govardhan asked curiously.

“Men not allowed,” Amba said laughingly. Although intrigued by their conversation, Tulsi briefly smiled lest the grand old couple of the house might mistake her.

Govardhan picked up the newspaper and resumed from where he had left before the whole conversation began.

Amba didn’t waste much time in disclosing the details of her conversation with her husband, moments before Tulsi arrived. Tulsi was dumbfounded to know that the old couples wanted her to marry Mihir. It was something unbelievable for a young woman hailing from a family with limited resources.

“Do you think Mihir would ever agree to marry me?” Tulsi queried after a while.

“That is not going to be easy Tulsi,” Amba said with a cheeky smile. “I want you to make him say that he needs you. You are young and beautiful. You can do wonders if you want.”

“I don’t understand,” Tulsi sounded thoroughly confused. “How can I make him say that?”

“It is very simple,” Amba said with another smile, somewhat broader this time. “You can give him something which he can’t refuse.”

‘Oh God,’ Tulsi thought. She began realizing that Amba was actually suggesting to her that she must seduce Mihir so that he agrees to marry her.

“It sounds improbable,” Tulsi almost rubbished Amba. “I am not convinced that he would marry me even if I do something extreme. I don’t consider myself good enough to do that.”

“I wish you do realize what you are capable of,” Amba said as she stood up and walked towards the door. Tulsi looked perplexed as the old woman latched the door before returning to her.

“You are a doll Tulsi,” Amba said. “You can stir up a few things in men’s minds. Honestly, you do stir up a few things in a few women’s minds too.”

“What do you mean?” Tulsi asked laughingly. “Do you think that I am so hot?”

“Certainly you are,” Amba said as her eyes began scanning all over Tulsi. Initially, Tulsi was rather ignorant but as she started realizing the intensity in Amba’s eyes, she felt a sudden twitch.

Tulsi has never been a horny virgin since she attained puberty. Unlike most girls, she surely wasn’t nurturing any youthful crushes or looking for stealthy chances to have a brush with sex. She was born to a priest and she was aware of her limitations. In addition, she wasn’t naïve to let any person sexually exploit her. She always felt proud for remaining a virgin all these years. Barring some stray instances when some curious boys laid their hands on her young breasts and between her thighs, she hadn’t allowed anything beyond that.

“What are you thinking about?” Amba asked. Tulsi watched the old woman inching close to her on the couch. Her heart began fluttering, as she knew that she might be in for a new experience, the first of its kind in her life yet. She remembered to have had some curiosity about heterosexual behaviors during her college but it was hard to believe that she would eventually have it fulfilled with a woman almost thrice her age.

“I have to admit,” Amba spoke. “I was getting obsessed with you ever since you became a big girl. I always felt that you were taunting me with your voluptuous body. It might sound a bit indecent, but I have been longing to suck your flesh for quite some time.”

Tulsi couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The first lady of the Virani clan was revealing her stealthy desire to seduce her. Her heart began beating fast while she felt the tingles growing beneath her panties. Her nipples hardened after listening to Amba.

“I never had an idea,” Tulsi whispered. “You have always been kind to me and I would be happy to please you in every way you liked.”

“Tulsi,” Amba whispered and slipped her hands around Tulsi’s hips. Tulsi’s eyes closed at once feeling the new warmth in Amba’s palms. Her hands involuntarily began running all over Amba’s chest. They heard each other breathing hard and loud. When Tulsi’s eyes opened, she saw Amba leaning towards her to kiss her. Her legs trembled after she felt Amba’s warm lips pressing against hers. Tulsi couldn’t believe what they were doing but she was in no mood to resist anything. She began blushing while Amba showered a few more kisses on her young lips.

Amba wasn’t less excited either. Her ageing pussy felt voluble. She felt like knocking the doors of heavens as she hugged Tulsi tighter letting their contrasting breasts mashing against each other. As she kissed again, Tulsi became proactive by intruding Amba’s mouth with her tongue. Their arms went around each other feeling for the flesh.

They did break the kiss. Their eyes probed into each other as though they wanted to see the depth of their sudden lust.

“Do you realize what I said earlier?” Amba asked with a smile.

“Very much,” Tulsi admitted with a blush.

“Would you like making love to an old woman?” Amba asked as her fingers stroked Tulsi’s cheeks.

“With pleasure,” Tulsi replied with a smile of approval.

Amba reached out to hug Tulsi again. In all probabilities, Tulsi was at least half a dozen inches taller than Amba, which meant that Amba had to strain her head every time she kissed her. The experienced woman began showing her skills by nibbling Tulsi’s lips as they kissed. Her tongue never seemed to hold back as it kept slipping into Tulsi during the kisses.

“Come on Tulsi,” Amba said as she pushed Tulsi onto the bed. They began hugging and rolling on the bed letting their bodies crushing against each other. They kissed with more intensity until they broke. After a few minutes, Amba began pulling Tulsi’s sari in a hurry. Tulsi flexed her body letting the whole length of her sari pulled off by Amba. Her hands reached under her blouse and quickly undid the hooks. Amba stopped for a second or two, taking a close look at Tulsi’s young well-shaped breasts, which were swelling underneath her lacey bra. As Tulsi unclasped the bra hooks, Amba’s eyes widened further. Amba’s wrinkled fingers trailed through Tulsi’s young body from the forehead to her navel. Tulsi gasped and quivered feeling the terrific sensation of an experienced woman seducing her.

“Your nipples look like bullets,” Amba admired as she grazed Tulsi’s cleavage and breasts. Tulsi blushed as she pushed down her petticoat and panties through her legs.

“Your thighs aren’t bad either,” Amba said with widening eyes as her fingers trailed all along Tulsi’s inner thighs, creating an itching sensation on her sensitive skin. Amba’s eyes closed for a moment as she inhaled Tulsi’s musky aroma emanating from underneath the public hair.

“What about your clothes?” Tulsi murmured.

“Here they go,” Amba replied with a very naughty smile. She was quick for her age as she got rid of her rather long winds of sari within no time. She had at least a couple of hooks more than Tulsi on her blouse although she didn’t struggle to get rid of them. As Tulsi expected, she wasn’t wearing a bra and hence her sagging breasts were unveiled once the blouse flew in the air.

Amba had a complexion synonymous with most women who hailed from the North West India with her skin glowing like gold. Barring the odd wrinkles that went across her cheeks, she looked surprisingly smooth. Her breasts had sagged and parted ways but they were certainly big.

Tulsi simply obeyed Amba by stretching herself on the couch letting the senior woman to initiate the proceedings. Amba crawled besides her and gave another hug to the young woman. Her fingers began stroking Tulsi’s stomach gently while she pressed her lips against the neck. Tulsi’s arms held her head as though she was expressing her burning desire. Amba’s lips trailed down placing soft kisses from her neck to her cleavage. Tulsi squirmed for a moment after her nipples hardened immediately after Amba’s lips pressed in between her breasts.

“Ohhh,” Tulsi let out a moan.

Amba was hovering over Tulsi’s nipple. While her mouth wrapped the nipple, her other hand cupped another breast and teased the nipple. Tulsi arched her back with a louder moan. Amba went about licking and suckling the nipples moving from one to another every now and then. Her hands alternated in cupping the breasts and giving them a few erotic gentle squeezes.

“That feels great!” Tulsi murmured.

Having lived ignorant about the pleasures of lovemaking, she never knew that a woman could bring another to a wonderful orgasm. It was a moment of realization for her as she began feeling the sensations building up in her body, just after letting her breasts teased by a woman much older. She struggled hard gauging the undercurrent of emotions that streamed through her body as Amba continued paying her attention to her breasts. In all likelihood, Amba might be trying this for the first time in her life but she seemed to know what she was doing. Tulsi felt somewhat relieved as Amba eventually stopped teasing her breasts after a while.

Amba’s loose breasts were mashing against Tulsi’s thighs as the elder woman’s tongue teased around her navel. Tulsi’s hands wildly grasped the bedspread and began squeezing it as Amba spent some time stroking her tongue in circles around her navel. As Tulsi lifted her head and looked down to see Amba, her eyes caught the immense erection on both her nipples making her blush. Amba’s hands held Tulsi’s knees as she became seriously engrossed with Tulsi’s silky stomach. The young woman started swaying her head either side feeling a tender shock traveling through her spinal cord.

“Oh my god,” was all that Tulsi could mutter.

Amba paused to look up at Tulsi who kept whimpering plentifully. Her eyes didn’t fail to take note of the young woman’s breasts swelling in and out in quick motion and the immensely hardened nipples that stood atop on the young globes like watch towers. She decided to take a return course and inched upwards kissing the sexy curves just above Tulsi’s stomach. Her hands were obviously quicker than the tongue as they grabbed Tulsi’s breasts to give the ever-hardening nipples a few gentle tweaks.

“Eeeh!” Tulsi squealed in joyful agony.

Amba looked like a predator flexing muscles. She was admirably quick in moving up and down Tulsi’s cute young body licking all the way. Tulsi was beginning to experience a few minor tremors in her body after what had been a wonderful introduction to her sexual adventures. She was a bit tentative, as she feared she would explode into Amba’s mouth. She was convinced that Amba was very much aware of the impending climax although she never seemed to be in any hurry at all. She had crawled down again, kissing the sensitive skin one Tulsi’s inner thighs, letting her forehead and nose brush the public hair occasionally.

“Get ready for the real thing,” Amba said with a smile before she buried her face right in between Tulsi’s thighs.

Tulsi’s heart pumped harder as she felt Amba’s tongue sliding through her moist cunt lips going deeper and deeper. Tulsi convulsed at once feeling the rough surface of Amba’s tongue caressing her gentle muscles of the pussy wall. She whimpered in absolute excitement as Amba’s tongue tip eventually slashed like a sword after it touched the deck. It was altogether a different sensation feeling the warmth of Amba’s mouth engulfing her mound while her hole widened further letting the tongue do some dirty dancing inside.

Tulsi’s young body arched back and forth giving the elder woman all the access she needed. Amba was aware of the fact that she had surely ignited the lust in Tulsi’s mind and couldn’t resist the excitement of getting a fitting reciprocation from the young woman. She seemed to be licking and sucking infinitely before Tulsi began showing signs of an orgasm. Amba felt Tulsi quivering and bending her body like a bow. Surely, Tulsi was relishing the immense feeling arising out of the pressure of Amba’s face frantically moving on her clit. Finally, she relented and exploded profusely.

However, that didn’t deter Amba from teasing her clit with the tongue until Tulsi experienced her second orgasm rocking her body. Tulsi’s moans were more vociferous than before after Amba’s mouth wrapped around the clit as she sucked incredibly hard. Tulsi was drowning in deep excitement with her eyes closed tightly. It took a while for her to steady her breath after gasping for air. Amba eventually raised her head once she was convinced that it was becoming a bit too much for the young woman.

“I can’t forget these wonderful moments,” Tulsi whispered. “How am I going to match wits with you?”

Amba crawled up on the bed, gave a hug to Tulsi and planted a sensuous kiss on her lips. She broke the brief kiss and said smilingly, “I can only tell you to keep things simple. That is what I always do even while having sex. Don’t ever try adventures until you have mastered the simple things. This is the secret of my married life that is still enduring even after more than four decades.”

It was some encouragement that Tulsi really needed. She leaned over Amba to give her a very fluffy kiss on the lips. Amba hushed in excitement as Tulsi’s lips accepted the return kiss before moving further nibbling her cheeks and through her neck. Tulsi’s hands gripped Amba’s shoulders as she kept alternating between nibbling and kissing all over Amba’s furrowed skin. Amba’s weak murmurs grew louder as she felt Tulsi’s fingers trailing down to hold her slumped breasts and surging her hardening nipples. Tulsi gently stroked the breasts and kissed both the nipples. Amba’s head jerked back as Tulsi tugged her nipple with her lips. As Tulsi began alternating between both the nipples, she watched Amba heaving in arousal letting the breasts swell in and out. As seconds ticked, Amba was panting and stretching her limbs.

Hot Story >>  काशीरा-लैला -4

Amba was soon laying flat on her back with legs spread wider, enough to let Tulsi creep in. Tulsi took some time, kissing down the cleavage to her abdomen before she poked her tongue out to lash at the navel.

“Tulsi!” Amba squealed and raised her head to watch the young woman arousing her.

Tulsi hands moved to Amba’s pussy, stroked her public hair and gently grazed her throbbing clit. Amba’s body arched back and stayed in the air for a while with just her head and heels on the couch. Tulsi planted a gentle kiss on her pussy after which her fingers took over caressing it all over. Tulsi curiously moved up and down Amba’s body teasing her lower abdomen and her bushy mound. Her nostrils filled with the musky whiff of Amba.

Tulsi timidly began licking Amba’s cunt lips and tried devouring them inside her mouth. Her fingers itched to slide inside the soppy slit. Amba’s body flexed like rubber, yielding to Tulsi’s mouth and fingers that worked together in a nice rhythm. Tulsi shook in excitement listening to the loud moans. Her fingers had found a nice momentum as they probed Amba incessantly. Every now and then, her mouth kept wrapping and nibbling the swollen cunt lips. Amba’s hands rested on Tulsi’s head, pressing it harder against her womanhood. It was getting a bit too much for a woman at 62 as she began experiencing a few shudders.

Tulsi was clever enough to gauge the intensity of the whole thing as she drove her fingers as deep as she could. Amba screamed in delight as she felt Tulsi curling her susceptible spot with her long fingers bringing her menacingly close to her climax. Tulsi wasn’t relenting on Amba as she sustained the pressure by moving her fingers faster and deeper inside Amba’s yearning cunt. She did give the fingers some respite but just to replace them with her lips, sucking and licking Amba deliriously until she finally exploded.

“Oh yes,” Amba yelled out. Tulsi looked up for just a split second before lowering her mouth on Amba again. She hungrily lapped the oozing juices that began flowing through Amba’s cunt lips. She wasn’t paying any attention to Amba who shuddered a few more times. Tulsi didn’t stop until she thoroughly licked and dried up her cunt. Amba was understandably exhausted but the sparks in her eyes suggested that she had loved every moment of their sexual adventure. She pulled up Tulsi, gave her a gentle hug and planted a thankful kiss on her lips.

“This is one moment I would never forget,” Amba said even as she kept gasping for breath.

“Me too,” Tulsi remarked with a fulfilled smile.

They kissed again letting their naked bodies pressing against each other.

“I still have a doubt,” Tulsi spoke after a few minutes, well dressed up. “Do you think that Mihir would enjoy being with me?”

“Oh sure,” Amba said with a loud laughter. “Ask me, I know he is one horny young man.”


Mihir, grandson of the Virani’s seduces his Aunt Pragna. She wants him to seduce all her three sister-in-laws including Mihir’s mother. Mihir’s parents Mansukh and Savita visit a swingers club unaware of JD, Mansukh’s youngest brother being present with Gayatri, his wife. Savita and Gayatri accidentally have sex with their brother-in-laws but they don’t disclose this to their husbands. Himmat, the middle brother connives with his friends and they give Daksha, Himmat’s wife a memorable gangbang on the beach. The senior Viranis plan to get Mihir married to Tulsi, daughter of the family priest. Amba Virani, knows only one way to convince Tulsi; by seducing her into a hot lesbian experience.


Tulsi, by the virtue of being the daughter of Virani’s family priest, often felt very lucky getting some wonderful gifts from the old couples. However, after her maiden exposure to sexual enlightening, that too initiated by the oldest woman of the illustrious family, the gifts she had staked at home looked meaningless. She was excited not just because of the experience but also with the prospect of getting married to Mihir, the eldest grandson to one of the richest grandparents in town. However, Amba didn’t return Tulsi empty handed. She had gifted the young woman with a brand new mobile phone with an inbuilt mp3 player, a camera as well as an FM Radio. The old woman apparently was too confused operating such a sophisticated handset and decided to hand it over to Tulsi, whom she thought might be the next incumbent into ‘Shantiniketan’.

To be fair to Tulsi, the young woman was aware of the potential difficulties that could hamper her aspiration to become Mihir’s wife. The Virani sons, unlike their illustrious parents were too particular about their status in the society and never compromised on this. But, if there was something she that sent shivers into her body, it was the thought about the three cunning women of the house, Savita, Daksha and Gayatri. Tulsi was fully aware of their animosity towards her and that the three daughter-in-laws would go to any extent from stopping her getting married to Mihir. Especially Savita, Mihir’s mother can be menacing when it comes to taking extreme steps to get her way.

Savita on the other hand cherished the memories of her accidental sexual adventure with JD in the swinger’s club. Even after weeks, the excitement kept lingering in her mind more so as they lived under the same roof. She wished but knew that it would be next to impossible to lure JD into having sex with her in ‘Shantiniketan’ with so many around them. However, that didn’t stop her from yearning for JD, licking her lips like a hungry tigress looking for her prey. Finally, the day did come.

Mansukh was not in town and Gayatri had gone to attend some function at her relatives place. While Govardhan and Amba preferred to stay inside their room due to incessant drizzling since morning, Himmat and Daksha have gone shopping. Mihir as usual had gone to office and hence Savita began presuming that it was another opportunity presented to her to have another go at JD. She knew he might be feeding the dogs near the garage and there is no way anybody from the house could watch whatever happened inside the garage.

JD was unaware of the fact that Savita had arrived right behind him as he kept feeding the dogs somewhat innocuously. He almost jumped frightened as her arms came from behind pulling him as his back pressed against her chest. It took a couple of seconds for him to realize that it was Savita, his bhabhi (brother’s wife).

“Bhabhi!” He murmured as he felt her warm lips kissing his right shoulder.

“I am waiting inside the garage,” Savita whispered. “Come quick.”

She vanished like an angel immediately thereafter. JD’s heart began pumping fast realizing that his bhabhi was horny. He had been looking forward to have sex with Savita ever since their first encounter inside the car at the swinger’s club but things weren’t falling in place. He couldn’t conceal his excitement after she herself had offered another chance to take her on. He immediately stopped feeding the dogs and began rushing towards the garage to do things much more worthwhile.

Both Savita and JD presumed that the garage was perhaps the safest place to resume from where they had left at the swinger’s club. However, they weren’t aware that a pair of eyes have noticed them slipping into the garage.

‘What brings them to the garage?’ Tulsi wondered. She watched the rolling shutters coming down and she quickly realized that something fishy was about to happen inside the garage. She knew that there was a ventilator, which one can reach by climbing on the generator shed. She smiled thinking about the prospect of using the camera in the handset gifted by Amba.

It wasn’t easy climbing up the walls of the shed as it was very slippery because of the continuous drizzling. However, Tulsi’s curiosity to spy on JD and Savita was so intense that she was prepared to take the risk. As she peeped through the ventilator, her heart stopped instantly.

Savita and JD were hugging and kissing each other passionately. Savita was trying to tell something but JD wasn’t letting her to speak as he kept devouring her lips inside his mouth while his hands were resting on her ass cheeks, squeezing them with relish.

Tulsi’s eyes widened in disbelief and disgust. She had heard enough stories about bhabhis and devars (husband’s brothers) but had never even in the slightest imagination hoped to be witnessing one inside the prestigious ‘Shantiniketan.’

“Devarji,” Savita murmured after their kiss finally broke. “I thought you have forgotten me completely.”

“How can I?” JD replied emotionally. “How can I forget such a hot bhabhi like you?”

Savita looked extremely pleased with his reply and she began to unbutton his shirt. She was clearly in a hurry to get going as she quickly expedited her fingers on his clothes in an unimaginable speed. JD stood naked and began stroking his dick.

It was JD’s turn helping her bhabhi as she began stripping her sari, undoing her blouse and unclasping her bra hooks. JD impatiently began taking her breasts into his mouth even as Savita was pushing down her petticoat and panties through her legs.

Tulsi was amazed to watch the strip tease taking place inside the garage. She didn’t wink as she saw Savita’s breasts jumping out once they were relieved from the bra. She had a pair of round and firm breasts any woman would envy watching. Her large brownish areola with reasonably long and hard nipples would tempt any man under the sun to yearn for sucking.

Tulsi was getting aroused, more so as she was watching a nude woman with a nude man who incidentally happened to be her husband’s youngest brother. She strained to watch them for a while before realizing suddenly that she had a handset with an inbuilt camera and more importantly with a zoom lens. She switched on the camera and began shooting JD and Savita.

After peeling off her panties, Savita exposed her lush pussy.

“What a strange coincidence!” JD said as he hugged his bhabhi. “The first time was inside a car and now we are in the garage.”

“Wow!” Savita exclaimed. “It never struck me at all.”

They laughed while hugging intensely. Savita squeezed his ass cheeks as they indulged in yet another prolonged French kiss.

“Have you been ever screwed on the floor?” JD asked Savita once their kissing terminated.

“Will it hurt?” Savita asked sounding anxious.

“Never,” JD said with a composing smile. “I bet you are going to enjoy this.”

He lowered his body taking Savita sliding down the wall.

Tulsi was beginning to struggle peering through the ventilator for a better view. Finally, she found out a better angle from the other end of the ventilator and watched JD’s naked body pressing on Savita. She chuckled wondering what would happen if JD’s bhaiya (brother) came from nowhere into the garage.

“I love you JD,” Savita murmured. “You are better than your bhaiya in many ways. Surely in sex.”

Tulsi felt a twitch underneath her panties as she watched Savita going on her knees in front of JD. Her face was just an inch away from JD’s dick, which stood hard like a pole. Leaning forward and devouring JD’s dick inside her waiting mouth, Savita began slurping on the long hard shaft.

“Bhabhi,” JD groaned letting his hands drop onto her head.

It didn’t take much time for Savita to pedal up her speed as she gave a ferocious blowjob to her devar. Her head bobbed up and down wildly, throwing her hair all around her shoulders. JD’s absolute excitement was evident from the fact that his dick kept swelling while his groans came quicker and louder. Her hands wrapped around JD’s shaft as she slid her mouth up and down the whole length. She kept squeezing his throbbing balls as she sucked his mammoth dick. The show went on for a while before JD shuddered pushing his head back, almost hitting against the wall. He had reached his climax.

“Do you suck so hard on bhaiya’s dick?” JD queried with a mischievous smile.

“I always do,” Savita replied after gulping his cum inside her throat, wiping off her mouth with her tongue ensuring that not even the last drop went down onto the floor.

Tulsi felt a tingle in her pussy and realized her panties dampening by drops of juices oozing out. Her hands trembled holding the handset but she managed to hold it firm a little later.

JD and Savita hugged again. Savita’s hands grabbed JD’s butt cheeks and pulled him up to meet her crotch. JD’s hands strayed all over her back caressing every inch of her flesh before they came to hold and squeeze her breasts a bit harshly.

“Be soft,” Savita murmured. “They aren’t made of wheat flour for you to keep kneading like this.”

“Bhabhis breasts are always the best,” JD replied with a wink. He then began taking her breasts alternately inside his mouth, suckling on her hardening nipples. Savita’s hands held his head tightly against her breasts as he kept sucking her breasts in frenzy. His hands kept going on her free breast squeezing them relatively milder but enough to make Savita moan in pleasure.

“Devarji…Devarji…,” Savita gasped. “If you have had enough of your Bhabhi’s breasts, will you lick me?”

JD relieved her breasts for a moment and said, “Please hold for some time. I am sort of obsessed with your breasts Bhabhi.”

Immediately, he resumed torturing her breasts with his mouth and fingers. Holding her nipples between his fingers, he began rolling the perky bullets enough to let a mild squeal erupt from her throat. He took each one of the nipples right in between his teeth and tried pulling forward giving her a mixture of agony and pleasure.

“Oh Devarji,” Savita began screaming uncontrollably as JD mercilessly mauled her breasts with his mouth and hands sending shivers all over her body.

Tulsi’s heart was thudding loud and fast as she watched JD pouncing on the hapless woman’s breasts. Simply watching them seemed to have created an involuntary arousal in her, making her breasts swell underneath her blouse and hardening her nipples.

JD finally relented on her breasts as his grip on her breasts loosened a bit. They kissed again while their hands explored their naked bodies.

“Haven’t you been taught to obey your Bhabhi?” Savita said, giving a peck on JD’s cheek. “You almost killed me.”

“Sorry Bhabhi,” JD said apologetically. “I get wild seeing your breasts.”

“Oh you have made them feel so sore,” Savita mockingly admonished him. “‘Now lick your Bhabhi.”

She wasn’t giving him any breather as she pushed his head down. JD began by kissing her silken stomach and went through her inner thighs, moistening her skin with his saliva. Savita raised her hands, kept it behind her head and closed her eyes in anticipation. She shook gently, as JD buried his face between her thighs and began rubbing his nose on her public hair.

“I love this,” Savita murmured. “I feel like being in heaven.”

JD was apparently enthused by her encouragement as his tongue probed her public hair and scorched her sensitive lips. Even as he began licking hard, his fingers got into the act as he buried one deep into her moist cunt. Savita squirmed as his tongue lashed out at her clit, while he fucked her hard with two fingers. Soon, he sucked the whole of her clit into his mouth and started flicking back and forth with his rampaging tongue bringing her to a wonderful orgasm.

“Devarji,” Savita yelled out.

Her hands came down reaching and pulling him up against her. She gave her obedient Devar a nice hug and they began kissing for the umpteenth time.

“What a great sucker you are!” Savita hushed. “If I were to be born again, I want to be your wife.”

“You are already better than half a wife to me,” JD quipped and began chewing her lips.

“Fuck me!” Savita said as though she was issuing an order to her Devar. Her eyes lowered and took a glimpse of his erect dick positioned like a cannon against her cunt.

“Fuck me hard JD! Fuck me hard and deep!” Savita was grinding her teeth as she told JD what to do.

JD made her lay down on the floor and got in between her spreading legs. Savita’s head jerked up as he rubbed the huge head against her pussy lips, not looking for the slit but for teasing her a bit more. She innocuously reached down, grabbed his dick and guided it inside her.

“How do you feel Bhabhi? Is your Devar big enough for you?” JD smirked.

“Oh dear Devarji,” Savita howled feeling him slam hard against her waist.

“Take it now,” JD groaned and began humping Savita like a demon, making her scream, moan and squirm with every thunderous thrust inside her wet cunt.

“Yes! Yes!” She was screaming in approval. JD wasn’t letting out any more groans as he deliriously fucked his Bhabhi with an incredible rhythm. Theirs thighs slapped against each others making the garage noisy within no time.

Tulsi had seen enough and her panties were now soaked with her cum. What began as a curious spying had ended up to be a great arousal for her.

JD’s face looked so rigid as he plundered Savita’s pussy with incessant thrusts of incredible intensity. Savita was screaming for more, with her head swaying from side to side.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” She kept murmuring all the while.

JD gripped her waist as hard as he could and began sending his shaft deep inside her cunt with tremendous momentum. Savita’s hands kept traveling from his shoulders to his ass cheeks while JD went on a rampage, fucking like a monster. His eyes kept watching his Bhabhi’s breasts jumping in the air like magic while he kept accelerating his speed, fucking harder and harder. Yielding to his never-ending temptation, his hands reached out to squeeze her breasts again with more vigor and lust. Surprisingly, Savita wasn’t complaining now.

“Yes! Take them and suck them,” She shouted. “Do whatever you like but fuck me harder.”

Tulsi held her breath watching and listening to Savita. The young woman couldn’t believe that a conservative daughter-in-law of a reputed family can look and behave like a third rate slut, if she is sexually aroused. But, it was exactly unfolding in front of her eyes.

Their intense fucking session finally ended with JD suddenly arching his back, moaning aloud before exploding his load into Savita’s womb. As he collapsed on top of her, they began gasping for quite a while. Their bodies were drenched in perspiration and glistening in the semi darkness inside the garage.

Tulsi knew that the show was finally over. She realized that she needed to get down before JD and Savita dress up and emerge out of the garage. After carefully getting down on the grass, she kissed her new handset, as she had to manage to capture something unthinkable, at least in the Virani family.

Somehow, she began thinking that the journey to becoming Mihir’s bride wasn’t going to be as difficult as she had feared earlier.

Stage Set For Mihir’s Seduction.



Mihir, grandson of the Virani’s seduces his Aunt Pragna. Mihir’s parents Mansukh and Savita visit a swingers club where Savita and Gayatri accidentally have sex with their brother-in-laws. Himmat, the middle brother connives with his friends and they give Daksha, Himmat’s wife a memorable gangbang on the beach. The senior Viranis plan to get Mihir married to Tulsi, daughter of the family priest. Amba Virani, gifts a mobile handset to Tulsi after their sexual encounter. Tulsi manages to shoot Savita having sex with JD inside the garage.


Tulsi knew that the video recording she had in her cell phone was a bombshell. She realized that she needed to use it sparingly, only when the situation warranted it desperately. After all, she just wanted to get married to Mihir and not to create any confusion inside the Virani family. However, she had decided that the ‘garage episode’ might come to her rescue if she and Amba fail to convince Mihir about the marriage proposal.

Mihir wasn’t aware of the activities building around him. He was basking in the sun on a Saturday afternoon in the large swimming pool inside ‘Shantiniketan’. He was munching memories of that eventful day that started with an aborted attempt to seduce Amba, his grandmother, followed with a wonderful blowjob from Savita, his mother and eventually ended up with Aunt Pragna, giving way to his lust.

“Hello Mihir!”

Mihir turned around and his eyes brightened seeing Tulsi walking towards him.

“Hello Tulsi,” He greeted her letting his eyes scan all over her voluptuous body.

Tulsi easily gauged the intensity in his eyes and smiled to herself. She always knew that Mihir was a freak who used to get excited about any woman around him.

“Why are you staring at me like this?” Tulsi asked with a gentle blush.

“You look somewhat different nowadays,” Mihir said as he wondered what makes her eyes sparkle so bright in the last few days.

“May be you are right,” Tulsi said smilingly. “But, that is a little secret between me and your grandmother for now.”

Mihir’s face went pale immediately. He turned his face away from Tulsi in an attempt to conceal his nervousness. He began wondering what might be that little secret between his grandmother and Tulsi. He even began fearing that Amba might have disclosed to Tulsi about his sexual advances on her birthday. He quickly regained his composure, faced Tulsi and smiled at her.

“I wouldn’t insist if you don’t want to disclose about it,” He said with his smile intact. “Anyway, women can’t keep things secret forever.”

“Are you sure you won’t insist?” Tulsi queried teasingly. “What if it has something to do with you?”

“Me?” Mihir was dumbfounded.

“Why are you looking so pensive all of a sudden?” Tulsi sounded a bit anxious. She took quick note of the change in the expressions on Mihir’s face.

“Nothing,” Mihir tried to smile. He already had a few drops of sweat dropping from the forehead.

“Do you want to know what is in grandma’s mind?” Tulsi asked with an intriguing smile, adding up to Mihir’s tension.

“Of course I do,” Mihir rushed to her, held her by the shoulders and said firmly, “Don’t tease me anymore. What did grandma tell you about me?”

“It’s not just about you,” Tulsi said inching closer to him. “It is about us. She wants us to get married.”

“Thank God!” was Mihir’s immediate reaction. He heaved a sigh of relief to know finally that his grandmother is keeping the birthday incident as a closely held secret.

“You mean you don’t mind marrying me?” Tulsi almost screamed in joy.

Mihir realized that Tulsi had misunderstood his spontaneous reaction. He relaxed his grip on her shoulders and began looking at the young woman from head to foot with a bit of sympathy and compassion.

“You know what goes on in the house,” He said in a saddened tone. “Can you ever imagine my parents, uncles and aunts accepting you as my bride?”

“I just want your concurrence,” Tulsi said. “Everything else is immaterial for me.”

“It isn’t as easy as it sounds,” Mihir smiled wryly. “I can’t convince my parents in the first place. You do know about my uncles and aunts. And, who will convince Aunt Pragna?”

“You just need to tell me your opinion Mihir,” Tulsi replied smilingly. “Once you agree, I will tell you how to convince your parents.

“Should I tell you what is my opinion?” Mihir asked as he gently hugged and pulled her closer to him.

“Not anymore,” Tulsi blushed and leaned onto his shoulder.

After letting a few quiet moments get past, they glanced at each other. Mihir began leading her towards his workout room at the extreme corner of the pool. Once they were in, he quickly closed the door and planted a firm kiss on hers. They hugged passionately exploring each other’s tongue.

“How can I refuse a girl like you?” Mihir asked breaking their kiss. “I love you.”

“Me too,” Tulsi replied and brushed her hair aside.

“I can’t wait till marriage,” Mihir said with a mischievous smile.

“You need not,” Tulsi quipped with a naughty wink.

“Do you think that little bench is big enough to begin with?” Mihir pointed his fingers to a somewhat narrow bench in the front room.

“It is just enough for me,” Tulsi said. “You are going to be on top anyway.”

Mihir pressed his lips on her collarbone making her moan gently. His hands began pressing and caressing her back making her moans into soft rumbles. Her closed eyes suggested that she had begun enjoying his hands exploring her body. He leaned forward and kissed her on her neck, shoulders and her cheeks.

“Do you like that?” Mihir asked after pausing.

“Don’t stop, Mihir!” Tulsi murmured. “It feels good.”

He resumed caressing her, moving further down her back, until his hands halted at her butts. As Tulsi gasped in a gentle anticipation, he gave a gentle squeeze on her ass cheeks. She began rising on her tiptoes feeling his grip on her firm round ass cheeks. She surged forward widening her legs slightly, letting his bulge throb in between her thighs. His hands slowly pushed her up a bit, pressing her hard against his growing tent.

“This is a place for working out,” Mihir whispered into her ears, “We need to shed off the clothes.”

“I know,” Tulsi said and blushed slightly.

Mihir grabbed the loose end of her sari and began pulling it, until he stripped the whole length off her body. Tulsi brought her arms across her chest, hiding her breasts still under the cover of her thick blouse. She was wearing a thin petticoat that revealed her shaped legs underneath as also her dark panties covering her womanhood. She wasn’t completely naked yet but his dick had become rock hard under his shorts.

Tulsi blushed copiously as she watched Mihir pushing his shorts down and pulling his dick out. It wasn’t at its ferocious best as yet but still looked a good seven inches long and the huge head seemed ready to fire. Tulsi’s hands rushed to her face covering her eyes from watching his gigantic dick.

“How do you have it if you don’t see it?” Mihir sneered. His hands worked like a magic unsnapping her petticoat robe in a flash.


“Don’t be afraid,” Mihir hushed. “You are going to enjoy this.”

“Lie down,” Mihir said and made her recline on the rather narrow bench. Tulsi was still blushing with her face turned towards the wall.

Mihir began rubbing his thumbs all over thighs as though he was giving her some massage. His eyes watched her breasts heave underneath her blouse as he began getting closer to her love triangle. Her breathing became quicker as his fingers inched threateningly close to her pussy. Mihir got excited as he watched a moist spot on her panties while her hips began thrusting upwards. His hands began pulling down her panties through her shining thighs until it slipped through her toes.

Mihir whispered again. “Can I get still closer?”

She nodded and moaned in agreement. Mihir swiftly positioned himself between her legs and in the process his thighs brushed against hers. Tulsi was getting excited as she knew what was about to follow. The next thing she knew was Mihir’s hands undoing her blouse hooks and before she could look up, his fingers had cleverly unclasped her bra hooks within no time. A gentle chill ran through her body as she felt his throbbing dick rubbing against her public hair while his mouth was heading to her breasts. She shook her head feeling the sensation of a man’s warm lips pressing against her nipples for the first time ever. Mihir began suckling her left nipple while his left hand began pressing her right breast. She squirmed as his thumbs kept flicking at her nipples while his mouth engulfed her breasts taking it as deep inside his mouth as he could. He had his legs on one side of the narrow bench. Tulsi wrapped around his waist with her legs and he quickly planted his legs on either side of the bench, getting into a better position than before.

Mihir looked like a man obsessed with breasts as he devoured her globes with tremendous relish. The more he sucked, the harder his dick became pressing like a hammerhead on her cunt.

“Oh Mihir,” was all that Tulsi could muster the energy to say.

It took a while for Mihir to relieve her breasts and once he did, his face began trailing down her cleavage, licking her stomach, encircling her navel with the tongue before it finally stopped on her pussy. Tulsi looked up and her hands tried pushing his head away to stop him from licking her clit.

“Mihir!” She sounded hoarse. “What are you going to do?”

Mihir smiled gesturing to remain calm as he lowered his face on her pussy again. She almost jumped feeling his lips pressing against her cunt. It just took a few more lashes on her pussy with the tongue before he started licking through her bush onto the clitoris. He was soon slurping her oozing juices as though he was savoring honey. Tulsi arched her back, moaning and clenching her teeth. The whole thing felt so exhilarating and electrifying, inducing her sleeping desires to jump to the fore. Mihir wasn’t less excited either as he felt the impact of their growing lust telling on his balls. He felt more excited, knowing very well that in all probabilities, he was about to take her cherry as her firmly believed that she must be a virgin.

He thirstily licked her for some more time, swirling his tongue as deep into her cunt as it could reach. Tulsi’s moans amplified as he began working in frenzy. She knew the tension building up inside her was about to trigger her first explosion as she groaned louder, grabbed his forearms before convulsing to a terrific orgasm. She kept gasping, heaving aloud, and groaning in rasping sound. Mihir delightfully accepted her flowing juices inside his mouth lapping on every drop he got.

“Mihir! Suck it harder,” Tulsi whimpered and closed her eyes after a quick shudder.

After a few seconds of intense gasping, Tulsi looked up and watched Mihir approaching her with lust sparkling in his eyes. They hugged again and kept kissing each other for a while before his enormously swollen dick began knocking at the door of her cunt.

He grabbed her waist firmly and moved as close as he could until the head of his dick touched her cunt lips. Leaning over and moving his hands to her sides, his fingers teased against her breasts. While Tulsi heaved again, his huge head probed an inch or two into her cunt. She was incredibly tight, as expected of a virgin.

“It hurts Mihir,” Tulsi whispered and gripped his arms so hard that her fingernails almost bruised his flesh.

“It won’t hurt,” Mihir said as he made another attempt sending his head deep inside her.

“No!” Tulsi screamed. “It still hurts. I am scared.”

“Please Tulsi,” Mihir pleaded. “It is going to be alright.”

As he attempted for the third time, she jumped and almost pushed him off.

“Tulsi,” Mihir tried pacifying her by kissing her on her lips but she kept pushing him away.

“I can’t,” She sounded scared to the hilt. “It hurts.”

“Just relax, Tulsi,” Mihir said as he grabbed her, this time around successfully.

“Ooh!” Tulsi growled. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she realized that she had taken his head inside her. She knew that Mihir had managed to make his way deeper than she had feared.

Tulsi wasn’t protesting any longer. Mihir finally smiled again feeling almost half his dick inside her. He began with gentle thrusts trying to go deeper with every thrust. He quickly worked up a nice rhythm, pushing in and out letting her pussy walls grip his rigging dick as it slammed her cunt. Tulsi was now enjoying every bit of this her hands weren’t trying to push him away, but instead gripping his arms. She was eagerly yielding his thrusts moving his waist to meet his strokes. She kept panting his name as he went about going on a rampage on her cunt.

She looked up and watched lust overflowing from Mihir’s eyes. They exchanged smiles before Mihir leaned forward and planted a firm kiss on her lips. His tongue swiftly made its way into her mouth and began exploring inside. Tulsi felt a spark ignited as their tongues met inside her mouth inducing her fire further beyond imaginable limits. Even as they continued kissing passionately, Mihir was relentlessly plowing her cunt with his massive tool.

Mihir’s hands kept feeling for her young breasts giving them gentle squeezes and tweaking her nipples. As he broke the kiss, his hands moved further down to grip her waist. Tulsi gasped in anticipation, as she knew that he was looking for a deeper penetration.

“Oh Mihir!” Tulsi squealed in excitement. “You are in completely.”

Mihir’s eyes gazed at her young breasts jump every time their bodies slammed against each other. After a while, he succumbed to the temptation to leap on them yet again taking them inside his mouth alternately.

Becky moaned as he jumped from one breast to the other, gently biting on her perky nipples.

“Oh Mihir! I love you!!”

Her gasps and moans sounded like some erotic music to Mihir’s ears. His dick was swelling inside her tremendously as he expedited his thrusts he could feel the sudden stiffening building up. He knew that he was about to explode inside Tulsi, to fill up her womb with his loads.

“Tulsi, I am going to cum,” He groaned.

Tulsi felt her nerves pulling as she replied at once, “Me too!”

Mihir pushed deeper with a thunderous thrust letting his floodgate open and send loads of his semen into her. He kept shoot his load one after the other while his dick throbbed with each shot, splashing deep in her pussy. He crashed on her body letting her breasts mash against his chest.

“Oh my…..!” Tulsi screeched.

Her body ached before she reached her climax. Her cunt began milking his dick even as her body shook in an orgasm. She could feel the terrific sensation of his warm semen ascended from her vagina to the whole of her body.

The noise of their bodies slamming at each other slowed down before coming to a grinding halt. They gasped and growled uncontrollably. They looked deep inside each other’s eyes with a mixed sense of disbelief and fulfillment. Mihir was quick to recoup as he lifted her all the way up, hugged her and kissed her. They lay wrapping arms around each other, caressing each other gently.

‘Tulsi had never looked so beautiful,’ Mihir thought as they kissed intensely.

“I loved that,” Tulsi said. “I never thought it is so exciting.”

“We have a whole life ahead of us,” Mihir said hugging her gently. “I couldn’t think of any other way to express my love for you.”

“I know,” Tulsi said with a smile.

By the time they finally got out of the workout room, Tulsi had made up her mind to become Mihir’s wife by hook or crook.

She knew what would be her first step towards getting into the Virani family — A visit to Aunt Pragna.

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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi The erotic saga of Virani family

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