Lakshmi Wanted BF-GF Relationship For One Day

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Lakshmi Wanted BF-GF Relationship For One Day

Hi, to all the readers of this site. This is my first story here. However, I have been reading stories here for a few years now. This story is a bit long as I tried to mention everything in detail. So have patience and enjoy the story.

My name is Vicky and I’m 23 years old. I’m currently in my first year of MBA. I’m an average-built guy with a height of 5’9. My dick is 7 inches long and thick.

Coming to the story, it is about me and my best friend Lakshmi. Lakshmi was my best friend from our graduation days. We both were from the same class and we connected quickly and she became my first friend from graduation. We were very open with each other and used to share each and everything and secrets with each other.

To talk about my friend Lakshmi, she was a South Indian beauty. She had a slim figure of 34-30-38. Her boobs were perky but her ass was huge and any would die to fuck her ass. But my favorite part of her was her lips. She had a beautiful and sultry face and her lips used to stand out.

She had pink, juicy, and lusty lips such that I could kiss her all day long, but I never had such intentions about her until this incident happened.

Coming to the story, I have a GF and am in a relationship with her for the last 3 years, but Lakshmi was still single and a virgin. This incident happened some 2 months ago. One evening I got a call from Lakshmi and she was sounding sad.

I asked her the reason for which she said that she wants to meet me and talk to me. So we decided to meet the next day in the evening. I left my college early the next day and I reached our common meeting point.

After some time, Lakshmi also arrived there and I welcomed her with a tight hug. Then we sat there and started our general conversation. After those general talks, I came to the point and asked her why she wanted to meet me and why she was sounding sad yesterday. The conversation was as follows:

Vicky: Lakshmi what’s the issue, you sounded so sad yesterday and you wanted to talk to me.

Lakshmi: Actually, it’s been a hard time for the last few days. I’m feeling very lonely and have no one to talk to about it.

Vicky: Stupid, what made you feel so? I’m always there for my best friend.

Lakshmi: Vicky, it’s not that yaar. I’m feeling lonely from the inside, I’m feeling incomplete from inside.

Vicky: So what can I do for you? I’m your best friend and I promise I would do anything that you want to make my bestie happy again.

Lakshmi: Vicky, actually I want to tell you something which I have never let you know and that thing is eating me from inside and I can’t control it anymore.

Vicky: What is that Lakshmi? You can always share it with me. You don’t need to hide anything from me. We have always shared everything with each other and also I have promised you that I will do anything you want, so tell it freely.

Lakshmi: Vicky, you know we are best of friends and have always been very close to each other. We have always shared everything let it be anything. I didn’t know when this friendly feeling changed into a special feeling and I started to like you.

Lakshmi: You were always more than a friend to me. You were always special to me but I was never realized that it was love. Before I could realize that I love you and convey it to you, you had already got into a relationship and the feeling just subsided in me.

Vicky: Then, what happened that you had to bring it out now?

Lakshmi: Because that feeling started eating me from the inside. I still feel the same for you even now. Every time I try to know someone else, this feeling stops me from doing it. This feeling for you doesn’t stop. I want to love you and get love from you.

Vicky: But I can’t do it now. I’m in a relationship and I can’t cheat on her. I will be doing wrong with her. I’m sorry Lakshmi.

Lakshmi: Vicky, you promised me that you will do anything that I want to make me happy. Please Vicky just for a day and I promise after that I will never take this topic again and will never trouble you.

Lakshmi: I just want you to be BF and GF for one day and love each other like a couple in a relationship. I promise that this will be a secret and this will be the last time I will ask you anything.

I sat there and thought for a moment.

Vicky: I don’t want to do this but I promised you that I will do anything that you ask for. So I’m ready to fulfill your wish but this is just for one day and this will stay only between us.

Lakshmi: I promise I won’t ask for it again and will keep it as our secret. Thank you so much Vicky (she hugged me tightly).

Vicky: So when and where do you want to have your moment.

Lakshmi: My family has gone to our native place so I’m alone at my place. So, how about this weekend at my place? I will make sure that I make it special for you and you won’t regret taking this step. Then after discussing we left the place.

Finally, the day arrived, I left my home for college but then moved towards Lakshmi’s place. I called her and told her that I have reached. She kept her door open and I entered her home and closed the door.

She came running and hugged me tightly. The hug was so tight that I could feel her boobs pressing against my chest. Then she told me to sit and went inside and brought some beer.

She came and sat close to me leaning on me and we were talking and having a beer. We finished our beer after some time and I asked her, “What’s your plan?” She got up and sat on my lap. I got a hard-on that very moment and she noticed it.

She moved her hand on my face in a seductive way and came close to my face. Our lips were an inch away from each other and I could feel her breathe and she told me to wait for some time.

She then went to the bedroom and the way I used to think about her changed forever. I had never seen her like this and I liked this version of Lakshmi, which can be seen with the hard-on I had.

After some time she came out of the bedroom and I was dumbstruck looking at her. She was looking so damn hot and sultry. She had worn a tight black crop top which stuck to her body, showing her perfectly round perky boobs.

Below that she wore a skin- fit leggings type shorts which showed her 38 size huge ass and sexy hot thighs fully. But the huge turn on for me was her slutty face.

She had tied a ponytail, put kajal on her eyes, and had glossy dark red lips which looked so lusty and her whole appearance just conveyed her intention.

After looking at her, all my guilt of cheating on my GF disappeared and my intentions were clear and I decided to enjoy Lakshmi’s hot body to the fullest and fuck the hell out of her. She was smiling naughtily looked at me checking her out.

She realized that I was into her and she is gonna get what she always wished for. I called her and she came and rested her huge ass on my lap, locking her legs behind my back.

I moved my hands caressing her thighs and held them and pulled her towards me. Our bodies were very close to each other. Her hands were around my neck and my hands were on her back. Our lips were inches away from each other and we were looking at each other breathing heavily.

I couldn’t control it anymore and started kissing her. She also kissed me back and we were kissing each other vigorously as if we were hungry for a long time. I was caressing her back, while she was holding my face with one hand and playing with my hair with the other.

Slowly I parted her lips and our tongues got involved. We were literally eating each other’s mouth, lips, and tongue. As her lips were my favorite part, I kept kissing her lips wildly and bit her lower lip, as she let out a small moan.

The intensity grew between us and I moved one of my hands on her waist and shook her waist to and fro. She realized my intention and she started moving her huge ass on my already hard dick over my pants.

This movement made shock waves all over my body and I hugged her even tighter and kissed her even more wildly and hard. This went on for some 30 minutes and then we broke the kiss. We were breathing heavily and were looking at each other naughtily.

I stood up, held her hand, and took her to the bedroom. I closed the door, windows, and curtain and turned towards her. She was looking at me with hunger in her eyes. I went towards her, stood in front of her, and slowly removed my shirt and pants.

She was shocked and let out a moan looking at my size. I held her, turned her around, and gave her a tight hug from the back. I poked my dick on her ass crack over her thin pants and got hold of her boobs.

Then I pinned her to the wall and started pressing her boobs and rubbing my dick on her ass simultaneously. This turned her on fully and she was breathing heavily and moaning, “Ahhhissshhhh Vicky, Aahhhahhh.”

She was playing with my hair, moving and arching her body in pleasure and moaning hard. Then I turned her around and pulled her close to me. I held her right thigh and brought it up and kept it on my back and she was standing on her left leg.

I grabbed her huge ass cheeks with my hands and my dick was rubbing on her pussy over her thin pants. She was all wet and her pussy was dripping with her juices which can be seen through her wet pants.

Then I started kissing her vigorously again, spanking and pressing her ass simultaneously and rubbing my dick on her pussy over her pants. She was moaning in my mouth while kissing me. Her body was receiving multiple pleasures at the same time.

Her body was moving in rhythm to the pleasure and it made me hornier. I took off her top and pants and there was my bestie turned sex partner Lakshmi in a black bra and panty.

She was looking like a sex goddess and it turned me on more and I picked her up and placed her on the bed. I came on her and started licking and kissing her neck area. I gave her a lot of love bites and she was moaning harder and harder.

I make her sit and took off her bra and panty. Now she was fully naked in front of me. I removed my pants too and slept hugging her. We were rubbing our bodies on each other and feeling each other’s skin. The rubbing of the body was giving a rush of blood all over our bodies and we were breathing heavily.

After some time I moved towards her boobs and was sucking one boob while pressing the other and vice versa. I began to suck and bite on her nipples to which she began to moan loudly. I kept doing it alternatively on both the boobs for about 20 minutes and then moved down kissing and licking her navel.

Then I stopped just above her pussy and started teasing her by kissing and moving my tongue around her pussy, inner thighs, and moving my teeth on her hip bone. She was enjoying it to the fullest moaning loudly and breathing heavily.

She then got hold of my head and pushed it towards her vagina. I took out my tongue and gave a slow, long slurp over her pussy lips to which she gave a loud and long moan. It was for the first time that someone had touched her pussy.

I kept licking her pussy slowly and softly and then kept on increasing my pace. Lakshmi was on cloud nine and was getting the pleasure of her life. She was continuously moaning, “Ahhhh Vicky, Ahhhhhahhhhh, issshhhh, suuuuuuussss, shhhaaaahhaaahh, don’t stop Vicky I’m loving it..aaahhhh”. She then held my head and pressed my head on to her pussy and locked me with her legs.

I increased my pace even more and vigorously, licked her pussy, and even gave her a bite. She was moaning her heart out and finally, she had her first-ever orgasm. I drank all her love juices and her orgasm made me more intense and horny.

She was breathing heavily and I gave her no time to rest. As decided I wanted to give her the best fuck of her life. So I started fingering her pussy by inserting one finger inside her pussy. This time I was rough from the very beginning.

I kept on fingering her with full pace and she wasn’t able to control her feelings. Her body was moving in pleasure, she was caressing her body in pleasure, pressing her boobs, biting her lips, and so on.

Suddenly, I inserted two fingers and she got up at once and moaned loudly, “Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”I kept on fingering harder and faster and then I inserted three fingers and gave full throttle. Lakshmi was getting mad in pleasure with these Actions of mine and lost her control.

She was getting up with every thrust inside and moaned a huge, “Ahhhhhhh….ahhhhhh.” Finally, her body arched and she threw out a huge load. She fell on the bed, all tired, and was sweating and breathing heavily.

I then went out and brought some whiskey for both of us. We rested for some time and then had the whiskey. After we finished drinking, Lakshmi pulled me and told me, “Now don’t make me wait any more, just give me your love. Don’t tease me more, just insert your huge dick in my pussy and fuck the hell out of me.”

This brought out the animal in me. I came on her and adjusted my dick over her pussy and gave a push. The tip of the dick was inside her pussy and she was crying in pain but didn’t want me to stop. I gave one more push and she gave out a loud shout and poked her nails on my back.

She was bleeding. I gave her a comfy hug and kissed her for some time. Then suddenly, I gave a final push and my whole dick was inside her. She couldn’t shout as I was kissing her but she scratched my back in pain. Tears were rolling down and I stayed like that for a while hugging her.

After some time, I started moving my dick inside-out slowly. Soon, the pain turned into pleasure and she also started enjoying it. We were in a missionary position and I increased my pace. I started fucking her harder and even she was moving her body in rhythm.

Now my strokes were harder and deeper and she was moaning very loud,” Vicky fuck me hard, Ahhhhhhhaahhhh….Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t stop, harder….faster, ssshhhhhhsssss, shhhhhhaaaaahhhhh, aaaaahhhhhahhhhahhhh.”

The room was filled with moans. Then I pulled out and changed the position to doggy style. I got hold of her hips and gave a full thrust and went deep inside her in one go. She was moving her ass backward and I was thrusting forward.

The movements were harder and faster. Lakshmi was biting her lips and was moaning, “Aahhahhhahhhhahhhahh, jhor se aahh, aurjhor se faster baby faster, fuck me harder, fuck me more, deeper baby deeper aurandhar, ahhhhahhhahhhh.”

I was about to come and I increased my pace and fucked her even harder. I was spanking her hard simultaneously while fucking her. Even she was reaching her climax and we both were moaning loudly. We both cummed at the same time.

We both were tired and exhausted. Both of our bodies were sweating like hell. Lakshmi was almost unconscious as this was her very first time. Then we decided to bathe together.

We went inside the bathroom and took bath together where she gave me a blowjob. Her soft lusty lips on my dick felt like heaven. Her evil and naughty eye contact made me hornier.

She gave a long slurp over my dick and was teasing me by playing with the tip of my dick. I just lost my control with that and held her hand and fucked her mouth. There was my bestie who was enjoying everything like a pro.

I fucked her mouth deep and also gave her deepthroat. She sucked so nicely as if she had sucked the soul out of me. I was about to cum, so she increased her pace and sucked even harder.

Finally, I gave a loud groan and cummed, some inside her mouth and some over her face. She drank all the juice and was licking her lips. She sat there and licked cleanly my dick and bit her lips naughtily.

Then we had a bath and cleaned ourselves. We got dressed and then I decide to leave. She thanked me for the day and precious memory. We hugged, and I gave her one last smooch and left.

I hope you liked my story. Thank you.

Lakshmi Wanted BF-GF Relationship For One Day

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