Like Mother Like Daughter Trisha

Like Mother Like Daughter Trisha

he next morning I woke up, with only one worry in the world. The boy who had seen Trisha fucking a wall. It was just two days to Onam so I called Trisha and asked if I could see their famous Onam decorations. She was delighted, more because she wanted some fun time than anything else. I was at her house by 10 in the morning. After the previous night I was sure that my cock had had enough pussy but when she rushed out in a white Kerala silk saree FUCK…

It wasn’t just the saree it was the way they tie it. Instead of an item girl saree style where all the important are just thrown open, this saree was secretly seductive. Navel half closed so you would look in all angles just to see its full beauty. Tight blouse to highlight the tits but covered with pallu so that from the side angle the tits looks like missles ready to launch. And the saree itself is tightly wrapped around the torso to focus on the shape of those considerable hips. It made me forget about dealing with Joel, and gave me an instant boner. She had greeted me and was walking back to the house, I put my hand around her hip, turned her around we kissed right there in the garden. At that moment neither of us cared about who was looking. I don’t know how long we tasted each other lips, as my hand slipped into the back of her saree to feel her smooth ass. But felt like a very long time. I was just getting my other hand into her blouse when her father called, “Trisha, trisha, who is it?”, She broke off the kiss, “One of my friends pa.” She smiled naughtily at me and we went inside.
Her dad was watching TV as we enter so we sat down to talk to him I slipped my hand under Trisha just as we sat. Her dad couldn’t see this because of the angle we were seated in. He was asking general questions about my college and blah blah. My mind was more focused one the delicious ass sitting on my right hand’s fingers. I started worming my way around and soon I was poking my finger right around her sensitive cunt through her saree. She started sweating and fidgeting from all the poking. I knew she would fuck my cock like a mad stripper as soon as we left the room. This happened soon as she said we were going to her room, but by the time we had reached the staircase my cock was poking straight into her navel. It was focused session of Navel fucking. Given enough pressure, it could accept the entire head of my cock. I had a small debate to cum in her little sex hole or to cum on her sexy face.

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Trisha was never one to wait, after biting my balls, she turned her back to me. I lifted her saree up, relishing the view. Sexy legs and milky thighs the wet dreams of guys all over the state. I started by teasing her dripping pussy by rubbing it with my cock, as I held both those erect titties in my hands. “The costume designer is here, Trisha where are you?” her mother said in Tamil. Damn damn, she had to go because it was her job. She left in such a hurry her saree wasn’t even properly put down. And I was left there with a raging boner. It was just starting to shrink when her mother, appeared before me. Till that point I never saw why people liked aunties. I always felt young bodies were beautiful but when I saw her Kerala silk saree Uma Krishnan was good competition for her daughter. It wasn’t a direct comparison of beauty. Age and her motherhood had given her massive, huge jiggly tits. Her hips were the widest I had seen and looked like pillows, and she had the same natural beauty as Trisha. She actually walked past me without seeing me and for a second I wanted to pounce on her and take her from behind. Good sense made me push my cock into my pants, and I greeted her. We made some general conversation, then she said, “I have to check the gas stove, why don’t you wait in this room, I’ll come back soon.” The room was at the other end of the house, with a door to the garden behind the house, bored and annoyed I walked to the garden.

I was walking aimlessly when I noticed a tennis ball. Some kid must been playing cricket on the street nearby. Sure enough a kid jumped over the wall from a neighbouring house and came searching. “Stop, don’t you know it’s wrong to jump over walls into other people’s houses” I was just venting my anger on the kid. “Umm, but Trisha akka nevers scolds me. I always come over like this…”, ”What’s you name boy?”, “Joel”. This was the kid I was looking for. “Why don’t you come inside maybe Uma auntie can give you some sweets,” I said. We sat inside the room waiting for Uma Chechii to return. I was thinking hard. “Trisha has told me a lot about you. Do you remember the trick she taught you yesterday on the roof?” I asked. “The one with my peepee?”, “Yeah can you do it now?”. Since he was a kid and didn’t really understand what it meant, he just pulled his little penis out and started jerking. I’m assuming he was thinking of Trisha then because pretty soon, it was fully hard at 4” length. We heard footsteps and instinctively he hid his boner in his shorts. I got up to see Uma walking towards us. I rushed forward and met her in the hall before she entered the room “Chechii I something important to discuss. It’s essential for Trisha’s career.” At once her face became serious, “Its Joel. I was just speaking to him. He says he saw Trisha naked on the roof of this house.” Her eyes widened. “Its worse he says he saw her pleasuring herself there. Even now I think he’s come here thinking only of that. I don’t know how to say this…. His pants are bulging ‘there’. Please think carefully mam. Already there was a scandal of Trisha’s bathing video. If he tells this to the press…. Just think.” She as silent for a while. “Chechii, he’s at that age where his body is changing. I think he just needs someone to help him with the change… the bulge… Trisha has always told me how much you have supported her career. Forgive me for saying this but the safest way is for you to take her place in Joel’s mind. This way everyone is happy.” She looked confused, then she sighed. Without saying a word she went into the room. After some general talk, she asked him about the previous day. “It was very nice auntie” he then narrated all the phone sex of Trisha that he had seen. She said, “come sit on chechii’s lap, that’s a good boy. Now chechii will make you feel good, but only if you promise that what you saw yesterday is a secret.” He nodded happily without truly understanding her intentions. She hand crept onto his shorts where she slowly felt around his bulge. Then looking determined she pulled out his little cock and started jerking it for him. It was a great hand job technique was teasing the dick’s head then pulling the foreskin down and jerking fast. So far my hurried plan had worked. I leaned on the door with my back towards her and took out cock. I then made a very obvious show of jerking off, I even went as far, as moaning so that she would hear me. By now Joel had it face buried in those plump breasts, damn I wished I could trade places with him. Her expression kept changing as she worked the cock. From hesitation, to a smile to almost obvious expectation. In just a few minutes Joel came. He sprayed his cum all over her dress, on her pallu, her red blouse and even some as far as her neck. Being a mother she was understanding. “Anytime you want it come and find me ok, good boy, remember the promise. Go home now.” He left by the back running merrily with his tennis ball in hand.

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Like Mother Like Daughter Trisha

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