Living with the dreadful memories of past – Lost Innocence Continue

Living with the dreadful memories of past – Lost Innocence Continue

After the public ordeal through which we gone through last night I caught high fever and so Bushra. Today we left for our home by noon, but this trip had cost us our pride our innocence our dignity and most importantly our virginity which we had saved by then to be given to someone very special but never we thought about what we had gone through if we had a slight intuition about all this we would never came to this place.

“Are you two prepared we have to leave by two?” asked Zain.

Me and Bushra were packing our bags while lost in the memories of yesterday torture, suddenly there was a knock on the door we looked at the direction and wonder who could it be?

“Can I come in?” it was Aliya as we recognise by her voice.

Yeah! but are you alone? We asked fearing that Zuhair might also came to torture us more while we were leaving never to came again.

“I am all alone” she said almost in a whisper.

Okay you may come in. We were sitting on our bed when she secretly came in and closed the door after ensuring that no one had seen her while entering our room.

I came here to apologise for my silence and for what I did to both of you forcefully though. But you two would be happy to hear that I had managed to delete your videos from his phone memory this morning when I went to wake him up for breakfast.

What! Are you serious! We both asked shockingly.

Yeah! you can count on that and now you don’t need to follow his commands as he had nothing against you both to blackmail you further. She said while looking down searching for something. It was evident that she was hiding something as she looked concerned and somewhat terrified.

We asked her again that whatever she was saying is true or is this some kind of another trap for us.

She move her head in confirmation. Bushra asked her how she managed to seek his phone without his knowledge as he was very protective towards it.

She said she went for to wake him up it was when she noticed his phone on the stool besides his bed she had picked it up and searched for gallery and deleted all the videos from there and before he wake up she quickly left the room. But…

But! But what? We asked in unison. Though we know what she was afraid of.

If he found what I did for you he would surely take revenge from me for my betrayal.

But how would he come to know about all this when no one from us would tell him so. I said while assuring her. Instead what you have done for us shows that we were wrong about you and now if you need any assistance from us don’t hesitate to ask.

She got a bit relaxed and said though I know it’s hard to forgot what happened to you both but for to have a better future please try to forgot about this place it’s people and the things you two had gone through with. Okay I must leave before he finds me here with two of you.

She left even waiting for our response we looked at each other and with a sigh of relief hugged each other as if to say that finally God has shown some mercy on us.

“It was a great time kids the three days went by so easily, I already started missing you guys” said Faizan uncle out of dwelling emotions which was evident from the tears appearing in his eyes.

We board our car and took our respective seats but this time I was sitting in the middle having Bushra on my left and Amir on my right. I looked at everyone bidding good bye to us among them I saw Zuhair with a irritating face I know why he was irritated and to myself I felt relieved that now we are free to our will. Aliya was standing besides him staring at us as if to say happy independence to you both.

With that we set off for our way back to home. I was holding the arm of Bushra o one side and leaned on her shoulder for more comfort and closed my eyes to feel secure among my friends.

It was five when we reached home and out of no where I ran towards my mom to hug her as if I was desperate for her delicate touch which shows love and care.

Hey we need to go school early tomorrow as we have to cope up with the assignments given by our beloved teachers while we were on our trip to Lakhimpur said Zain.

Just by hearing the name itself all the memories flashed back before my eyes as if I was watching a reverse video and out of reflex I got tears in my eyes luckily Zain was standing behind me otherwise he surely asked series of questions over my unexpected tears.

I called Bushra to know how she was feeling and whether she would come school tomorrow or not?

Hey! How are you? Are you coming tomorrow as we need to cover up our syllabus left while we were away.

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Yeah but I am not feeling well Rimshu as my pussy lips were sore and there are many scratches at my boobs and waist. I am not feeling well as every time I closed my eyes all those horrible moments came right before my eyes and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

You are right I also had many biting marks on my boobs and scratches at my nether region my pussy lips are also sore and red from the last night torture and my ass is still paining like hell.

What’s your decision are you going tomorrow? She asked me instead.

Yeah I thought to give a try at least otherwise it will raise many quarries from mom and Zain particularly.

Yeah you are right okay I will come but stay with me all time please I don’t want to be alone for a while after all this you know.

Sure my love take care and have a good sleep. I was wondering how long it will take for us to forgot all those horrible things which we had faced while being on our worst vacations.

I was lying on my bed recalling the past events and while thinking those torments I don’t know when I drifted to sleep.

It was complete dark inside as I wouldn’t be able to see anything except the iron rod standing erect before me it looked like a poll as I was staring at it someone caught me from behind I was terrified and my eyes went wide in response.

As I started struggling against my intruder a tall figure came forward and held my waist with one hand and with other he started unzipping the front of my top and before I could realise my top went open down my front and in a moment it was pulled away leaving me naked above waist.

I was trembling with fear and my brain stopped thinking for a moment tears started dwelling inside my eyes and once more I was taken against my will. The person behind was desperate to caught the waistband of my pajama but my struggle had somehow prevented him from doing so.

As I was paralyzed from the shock of loosing my top this gave the opportunity for which he was waiting and in an instance he caught the waistband of my pajama and pushed it down and being elastic it went all the way down in one push along with my panty.

Before I could realise what had happened I was stark naked in an unknown place before two intruders of which I don’t have any clue. They started groping my nubile body and as I regained my senses but before I could offer any further resistance my body started betraying me.

As their groping had an immediate effect on my body and I felt strong arousal deep inside me. I have gosebumps all over my skin my nipples were hard like rubber and I closed my eyes out of lust growing with each passing second.

The person behind started groping my ass and the person at front started massaging my boobs he was playing with my erect nipples with his fingers and I heard a loud gasp escaped my lips as he engulfed them in his mouth.

He was sucking like maniac and started caressing my pussy which was by then burning with intense arousal it was all wet and soaked in my own juice and before I could realise he inserted one of his finger inside my lips and started pushing it deep inside.

I was on the verge of earth shattering orgasm as being roughly handled by two males from back and front it was then I sense a hot rod over my ass cheeks and one at my front over my mound.

I was all ready for to be fucked by them in a mysterious room while sandwiched between the two complete strangers. And as I was expected I sensed the cock at my lower entrance snuggling at my pussy lips the tip of the cock found my gaping hole and before I realised it went deep inside my pussy creating a burning sensation inside.

I was penetrated and while I was adjusting the cock of my front intruder the second was knocking at my rear and without any delay it started sneaking in slowly from behind and I felt a sharp pain at my lower abdomen along with a deep and sweet pleasure causing a loud moan escaping from my lips.

I was lifted from the ground and now being carried by them from the waist they had their hands at my hips and waist for to maintain my posture as their rods were fucking both my holes simultaneously.

I was aroused to the core with a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure from their rough and forceful fucking and then I had an earth shattering orgasm right then and there and my pussy was flooded with my cum. While I was recovering from the impact I heard, “I know you will love it whore.”

My eyes went open in shock and o found myself on my bed dressed in my night top and pajama. Ah! It was a dream I sighed and realised I was all wet down there because of the intense dream that I had about my group fucking.

What I had just dreamed of it was weird as I never had such dream before in my entire life. But I sensed it was because of the recent events which I had in past which had a deep impact on my body and my soul.

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I didn’t sleep after that and spend the night lying on my bed staring at ceiling for nothing. I was thinking that I would discuss it with Bushra tomorrow for sure.


“Rimsha come fast or you will be late for the bus,” said Zain on top of his voice while having his breakfast it was the third time he was shouting my name while I was getting ready for school.

“Mom don’t pack my lunch as Bushra is bringing my share of lunch with her,” I said as my mother was packing lunch for two of us. Let’s go otherwise we will be late.

“What happen sis you seems lost since we had returned from Lakhimpur.” Zain said while we were waiting for our bus to arrive.

“Nothing just not feeling well” I said avoiding any eye contact.

Hmm see here comes the bus let’s go along to meet our friends what say! Zain said while boarding the bus.

I was on the other hand thinking how am I going to tell Bushra about the weird dream I had last night.

Hey! How you been and how’s your vacations? Nitin asked while placing his arms on my shoulders. He was a stud of our school and a good friend of mine though he was in different section but we were closed.

Fine, how’s your studies going on Nitin? And by the way have you find anyone or still searching for your type of girl. I said casually to avoid any suspicion about my appearance or absence.

Nah! Still working on it Rimsha, anyway why don’t you join me for lunch I have brought pasta with milk shake, want to try?

No thanks anyway, I am looking for Bushra have you seen her?

Yeah! She was sitting downstairs she looked really worried don’t know why but she looked concerned do take care of her. Bye, with that he left to have his lunch with his friends waiting at the canteen.

I know the reason for her concern anyway thanks for the information, as I moved downstairs to meet her.

Why the hell are you sitting alone giving everyone doubt about your state and behaviour? You know people have eyes they observe and will raise doubts. I asked somehow irritatingly over her quite obvious behaviour and attitude.

Just don’t know what to do Rimshu! I am not feeling well last night I had vomited three times and seriously worried about the consequences. Is there any chance that I might got pregnant after what they did to us? I am getting nightmares seriously and I think I need to concern with doctor what do you say?

Seriously Bushra! doctor are you mad and what are you going to tell him how you got pregnant? If there is any possibility it will reveal everything to everyone you know so please don’t do anything stupid. The pill that I gave to you have another to get satisfied that’s what we can only do. No doctor understand.

Okay as you say, by the way you said that you want to discuss some thing important, what it was?

Yeah! Actually last night I had a weird dream and then I told her what I saw in every detail.

Seriously it has a deep impact on our mind and body Rimsha I also felt like you though not through dreams but yesterday my pussy was aching and when I started scratching it, I felt a sweat pain along with pleasure and I don’t know when I started massaging it furiously until I had soaked my bed sheet with my pussy juice.

We need to discuss more of it alone but now let’s have lunch as I was hungry and you know I can’t bear it.

A game of dare made me bare for public groping

Nearly after a month of the worst phase of my life, I somehow manage to came out of it with my friends around its become easy to forgot about the ordeals we had faced earlier.

Anyway the session was getting closer towards its completion and management was planning its annual outing with selective students. This time the college committee had decided to visit Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in MP.

We were highly excited for the upcoming trip and submitted our dues in advance for the trip we were going by the train up to Jabalpur and then will take a reserved bus to National Park and will stay at farm house reserved for our trip.

We were scheduled to depart on Wednesday and returned by upcoming Tuesday. We all were busy with our packing I have packed my stuff with great care as it was light winter I have stuffed woollen stoles and leather jacket along with thermal innerwear for night.

Finally the day had arrived and we all are lined up on the platform to board our train our seats were reserved in groups according to our roll numbers due to which I got separated from my circle Bushra and Amir were with the first group while I was in the third and Zain was with the last as per our roll numbers.

There were eight members in a group and I was grouped with my classmates and two students from different sections. The train arrived at its right time which was like a miracle as you all are aware about the Indian Railways and it’s punctuality. Anyway we boarded our coach and I got middle birth which was my favourite I was over excited by then and already having gosebumps all over my skin.

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We all have boarded our respective coaches and I have occupied my birth as it was already late night we all were lying on our births suddenly Amit one of my classmate said, ” I am not a mood to sleep let’s play something guys” we all looked at him in unison and it was true because of overexcitement and thrill we all had lost our sleep so we accepted him proposal.

We sat up on our respective birth, though sitting was quite uncomfortable on the middle birth so I just sat upright with my legs laid straight I was wearing a half sleeve shirt and an elastic trouser having button at the front I have taken a woollen shawl to cover me up.

After a long discussion it was decided that we would play truth or dare in our group I was the only girl and was easily voted out by the boys when I discarded the idea of playing the game all the boys called me by names and said girls are always coward and don’t have guts to match up with boys, this was something which provoked me and my sporting spirit though I was very adventurous by nature as I told before I was in the game against my will.

The game started and Nitin one of my fast friend asked Amit truth or dare? He said while grinning truth of course and Nitin asked a very scandalous question, ” have you ever seen a girl without cloths?” , I was surprised with his audacity as I was playing along with them and yet he asked such daring question. To our surprise Amit said yes with a devilish grin in his face.

Everyone started laughing at his straight answer and out of no where Amit asked Nitin truth or dare? To which he said dare , I don’t want to be embarrassed here in front of Rimsha as after my question I know you will ask me something similar. To which Amit said you judged me wrong buddy now face the consequence your dare is to remove your shirt and bring a bottle of water from pantry car for us in ten minutes otherwise you will have to sit bare chest through out the game.

Before we could hear anything more from Amit Nitin swiftly removed his shirt and ran towards pantry car which was three coaches back we all laughed along and it was time for to continue our game. Tabish one of our classmate asked me truth or dare? I was perplexed and looked at everyone for a way out but they all are waiting for my response. It was clear it was my turn to be embarrassed I said truth and before I could complete my response he asked do you have any tattoo?

Boo! Everyone said in frustration they were expecting something challenging but to their dismay he asked a very gentle question I immediately said yes I have a tattoo of delicate butterfly coloured in blue and red. I was relaxed but instantly I asked him why he made such quarry though he could asked me something more challenging.

He said I heard Varsha talking about your tattoo during the class to which I was curious that whether you actually had it or it was just a rumour as I know in our community having tattoo is something taboo and! he left his sentence incomplete and everyone said in unison what and! He said nothing leave it.

I had taken a sigh of relief as he end the conversation but his incomplete sentence raised questions in my mind what else he heard about my tattoo as Varsha exactly know what and where I had my butterfly as I was making her jealous about it and that gave a chill down my spine if he know where I had it.

It was a small butterfly resting on my side lower back near my waist adjacent to my right hip actually it was on the junction and could only be seen if I remove my panty beyond the curve of my hips. I was sure if I had my chance again to choose truth they would surely asked the location of my butterfly so I was already prepared for them.

It was my turn so I asked Tabish, ” why have you been scolded by Miss Sharma at the library on that day when we were having our games?” though I know the answer but just to tease him a bit I asked him instead. He glared at me as if surprised by my question and he know that I already know the reason yet I asked this just to make him embarrassed more he sheepishly replied I was kissing Alisha when Miss Sharma caught us and started scolding us and he lowered his gaze out of shame.

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Living with the dreadful memories of past – Lost Innocence Continue

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