Lockdown Bangbang With Girlfriend’s Sister

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Lockdown Bangbang With Girlfriend’s Sister

Hey friends, Akki here, and I am back with my third story. I hope you enjoyed my other lockdown story with my school classmate. This is the other real incident during the lockdown with my girlfriend’s sister.

With the lockdown, I started being very Active on Facebook. Already I met sweetie and then we were busy with our plans. I have a girlfriend. Jaya, with whom we are regularly busy with our banging plans, became less due to lockdown.

She is a plump and short girl with huge 38d melons and an absolutely amazing ass. During the lockdown, we could not meet much due to the issues related to traveling in Mumbai.

I always had an eye on her elder sister, Nadi. She was married with 2 kids and though. I had never met her, but I had imagined fucking her while having sex with Jaya. My girlfriend knew I loved the imagination and also about fantasies. I had about her sister and was enjoying that as well.

Nadi was a bit tall around and seemed to had huge busts and a decent ass. All I had seen was in the pictures, and I could imagine her naked when I was banging Jaya.

One day, I messaged Nadi on her Facebook and sent her a friend request without telling Jaya. This was the same time when I have already met my classmate, sweetie. Nadi did not know me, but surprisingly she Accepted the request.

She replied to the message asking me who I was and why I was messaging her. Since she replied, I started chatting normally, asking her who she was and other simple things. She had checked my profile and saw that I was connected to her sister already.

She asked me if I know her sister, and I said yes, and we agreed that maybe due to that common link, it came on Facebook. Gradually, we started chatting a lot. Then I asked her for her number, which she gave the number which was less used.

We started chatting on WhatsApp and then started getting on daily calls a couple of times a day. I started discussing life and work. She started sharing that she was getting frustrated with the lockdown and managing kids and the kitchen all the time.

I already knew that they did not have a very happy marriage. I took the opportunity to get the discussion into married life. So she started sharing about her problems and how alone she felt with no friends to discuss. So I prompted her to share all her issues, and then we reached the topic of sex.

She shared that there was no action at all, and she was not much interested in that. Then we started discussing the topic of sex and how she keeps getting requests from friends. The other guys asking to meet and have fun, and she blocks them and all.

I had to be careful because she was my girlfriend’s sister, and any such mistake would mean a double loss. I ensured that she wouldn’t share anything between us or our connection with her sister and keep it a secret. Talking daily, we finally planned to catch up.

She could only meet on the weekends when her husband is at home to look after the kids, and she can step out. On Saturday, we plan to meet, and she was super excited to step out of the house after long. We planned to meet at thane in a mall and spend a few hours in the evening chatting up.

She was running late, and I was waiting for a couple of hours. Finally, she came in a tight t-shirt showing her the shape of her boobs and a small pout tummy and jeans. But the t-shirt was fully covered, and I could not see a cleavage that I wanted to see.

We went to McD, had a burger, and were finally chatting and laughing about how we met, how I wasn’t yet blocked on FB. After a couple of hours, we walked out to take a cab. I took the opportunity to kiss her on her forehead and a hug.

She was surprised and could not say anything when I did that. Then we booked a cab, and both went home. The next day, we discussed how she felt, and she was pleased about this and loved the time spent. I asked her that now she needs to feel the real good time.

It can only be planned indoors and not outdoors. She was interested, but she was very scared to think about having sex. She was ready to meet and plan but said that let’s not got physical. I convinced her that if we meet, let it flow as it goes and not stop anything.

She agreed, and we decided to meet the next Saturday for 3-4 hours in a good hotel room. I was more than happy finally thinking about how to get her naked without making her feel awkward. I started discussing what excites her and other things to know which I can try.

She told me how she likes to kiss slowly and for a long time, and that’s what gets her going. Once the plan was set, I planned to meet my girlfriend as we had a few days for Saturday. During our session, I was highly excited and had multiple rounds in the 3 hours we met.

I completely imagined her sister for the whole time. She didn’t even have a clue why I was so hard in each session that we had. Finally, after about 4 weeks of chatting and 1 meeting, we were ready to meet in a room. I was super excited, imagining that I will be fucking my girlfriend’s sister and that too secretly.

We met at another local hotel with a booking for 3 hours, which was enough for us. She came directly to the hotel, and I was already there, and we checked in. She came wearing another t-shirt and jeans. But this was loose, and I could put my hands inside without any issues.

I asked her if she was hungry and if we should eat first. She said she was ok and we can order later. We sat on the bed and chatted for a few minutes, and then I made my move. I took her face in my hands and started a bit romantic by kissing her forehead and eyes.

She was already giving up any resistance she had. Then I kissed her slowly and made her lie down on the bed. She was already in the mood and started responding to my kisses. Since she said she liked kissing, I continued kissing her for another 7-10 minutes.

I could feel that she hasn’t done that for a long time. She was enjoying kissing and climbed on top of me and kissing me. I started using my hands and started pressing her boobs. Wow, they were smooth and huge, bigger than my girlfriend’s.

I switched off the lights and made the room a bit dark with only one of the lights on and then pushed her t-shirt up to expose her bra and pressing her boobs while continuing kissing her. She started moaning and kissing at the same time. I took off her t-shirt and took off my shirt and pant too.

She became a bit shy and asked me what I was planning. I just kissed her and continued pressing her boobs on top of her bra. Then I put my hand inside the bra. I started pressing her nipples from one hand and started giving deep kisses with my tongue inside her mouth.

I took out the boobs from the bra, and she had such huge nipples, and she was oozing a little milk. She said that her baby had just stopped drinking milk in the lockdown, and she was still producing milk. I just loved the idea and started licking her nipples and removed the bra.

She had huge nipples similar to my girlfriend, but her skin was very soft, and it was feeling like a cotton sponge. I started alternately, licking her nipples from left to right and kissing her in between. I was already hard and ready, and my cock hard-on was visible in my underwear.

I asked her to put her hands in, and she was shy. I got up and removed her pant, and she was in a dark pink panty. I continued playing with her boobs and put one hand inside the panty, and she was completely wet.

I took off my underwear, and now I was naked, and then took her panties out. She closed her eyes, so I took her and put it around my cock. Her soft hands started stroking my hard dick. My fingers were going in and out of her wet pussy.

I asked her if she will suck me, to which she said no. I knew that if not, now she will definitely do that later. I went down and kissed her pussy, and she started to moan even louder. She suddenly said, “I am already done.” I was surprised as I had not even started, and she said she is done.

I ignored her and said that now the action is just about to start. I spread out her legs and placed my cock on her pussy. The sexy and wet doorway was open in front of me. It was a bit big and loose compared to my unmarried girlfriend. But I was loving the visual treat of the open pussy and my hard cock rubbing on it.

I then placed the cock in the entrance and pushed it in one go. She shouted and said, go slow. I ignored her and continued stroking it deep inside. The wet smooth pussy was flowing with juices, and she was repeatedly saying, I am done. I started kissing her and sucking Nadi’s busty boobs.

Gradually she gave up resisting, and I continued. Then I asked her to turn around, to which she refused, saying that she was already tired. It was almost 40 minutes since we were started. I then took her legs on my shoulder and continued fucking her. Sometimes going slow and sometimes going faster.

After another 10 minutes, I was ready to shoot, took out my cock, and placed it on her tummy. My cum shot out directly on her boobs, and a few drops landed on her neck. She was dead tired, and I lied on her boobs after cleaning my cum with a towel.

Though I was done, my cock was still hard, and I wanted to go for another round. We lay that way for 10-15 minutes, talking about how she felt. She commended the stamina. She shared that the longest she had was hardly for 10 minutes, and this was too long.

I was continuously pressing her nipples and seeing the drops of milk coming out and licking them. After another 10 minutes, I took my limp cock, which had some dried cum, and placed it near her lips. I asked her to lick it and kiss it.

She held it and started stroking it and then slowly took it into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth and the wet feeling started making me hard again. She was surprised and said that she couldn’t go for another round. I told her, let’s see if that true, and I held her hairs and pushed my cock inside her mouth.

She was struggling to breathe but was also enjoying the rough sex. I left her hair, and she was in the rhythmic movement of her head and my cock. I adjusted my position and started fingering her. She was also wet again. I asked her to come on top of me, and she readily did that.

She positioned her pussy above my hard cock again. Within 20 minutes of our first session, a tired lady was already riding my hard cock again. She started moving her hips, and I could feel the softness deep inside. I was pressing her huge boobs all the time. After another 5 minutes, she was already done again.

I decided not to ask anything this time and put her down and turned her around. Her ass, which looked small otherwise, was looking huge once spread out in the doggy style. I licked her pussy in that position and then inserted my cock and started going in deep.

She felt the pain deep and asked me to go slow, and I was in no mood to slow down. I continued strokes and spread out her ass to see her asshole. I licked my thumb and pushed the thumb inside her ass. As she had a very soft, smooth, fluffy body, the thumb easily went inside.

She left out a loud shout and tried to wiggle out of my hold. But I knew that and held her tightly. Then I removed the thumb and told her not to worry and that their ass will be fucked later and not today. I continued fucking her in the doggy style. She was so tired that she slowly lay out flat and stopped any other action.

I did not care as long as my hard cock was inside and was still going in and out. We were fucking for about 30 minutes now, and I was ready to cum again. I did some deep strokes and then took out the cock. This time I sprayed it all over her back.

She was already flat and said that she never knew that someone could do it multiple times in such a short duration. I was least interested in what she was blabbering and was busy holding her smooth boobs and again licking the milk.

We finally decided to order food and take a nap. She thought it was done for the day. But not before we had one more round before leaving the place. We decided that we should atleast meet like this twice every month and have a good time.

The next Monday, I planned with my girlfriend and did the same way, imaging both girls from the family and my cock.

I hope you liked my lockdown experience with a mature woman. Any ladies interested in catching up from Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mumbai, please contact me at [email protected]

We have started discussing options to invite a girl for a threesome, and hopefully, the new year will have that real one done. In the meantime, look out for my other real experience with an office intern who I met through tinder last year in the next story.

Lockdown Bangbang With Girlfriend’s Sister

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