Love Of My Life – Part 1

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Love Of My Life – Part 1

Hi guys and girls, I am Chirag. A fake name but this is a real incident that I am going to share with you all today. Before beginning let me clear that this is a story of love and lust with no sex involved.

I am residing in Bangalore from the past few years but basically from Mysore. I am 5′ 11″ and average in looks and body proportion. When this story happened I was quite lean, can say athletic. I was the love guru in my Engineering degree. I had helped many to get the love of their lives(at least for that moment).

As I was from a second/third-tier city speaking to girls was like a big achievement. But somehow I knew how they would like the guys and could read them from far. I used to help my friends. Before this, I was never fell in love but was attrActed by many girls.

This incident happened when I was in college for a Master’s degree. Our college is situated in the heart of the city. It is one of the old and reputed Engineering college in Bangalore. The very first day when I just entered the college gate I happened to see her, a beautiful smile.

If anybody has seen RHTDM movie you can imagine the same thing happened to me like a hero sees heroine for the first time. But a little less dramatic way. I happened to see more beauties that day but this girl stuck me by her smile. Our college was considered as an ocean of sexy girls.

Every day you would see a new girl who’s sexier and would carry themselves just like celebrities does. Don’t dare to ask the dressing sense of any girl in this lovely college of mine.

My girl, let’s call her Nims, was 5′ 7″ inches in height, lean. Frankly speaking, wasn’t a girl who guys normally like. (I mean she wasn’t curvy and all, just a normal girl). She was just a skinny girl. But this skinny girl had stolen my heart by her prettiest smile.

Of course, she had a gang and there were a couple of beauties with her. But none attracted me as this girl did. I had a crush on many girls. The number of girls on whom I had crush grew day by day. But I never felt that connection with any except Nims. She was in the 1st Sem of Engineering degree.

Time passed and we finished 1st semester. In the sem break. I missed her too much. That’s when I found I have fallen in love. Once college started, I went to the canteen looking for her. There she was near the canteen and everything in this world seemed slow.

I knew where I was heading so I thought to give it some time. For a week or couple, I maintained a distance. I did not look out for her and it was just a difficult phase of my life. Just when you decide something, nature/god wouldn’t allow that I guess.

The more I wanted to be strict on myself she would appear before me out of nowhere, even though our classes were in different blocks. This went for another semester. I was good at studies. So I was trying for an internship in my 3rd semester. I got one in the reputed government Navaratna firm.

We had to start the project work once our college starts and that day came. During the holidays I had decided I would propose her and see what she says. I knew in my heart that it would be straight ‘No’ as she wouldn’t even recognize me. But I wanted to give it a try.

So one day after college I was headed to the bus stop and saw her close friend. Her close friend used to travel half my route on the bus. So I thought to talk to her once. She too was headed to the bus stop. So I kinda followed her but did not find a suitable time and place to talk to her.

At the bus stop, she turned at me and looked at me strangely. Believe me guys it was a weird look. Somehow I couldn’t talk to her. It was more difficult to approach this friend of hers than the girl whom I was in love with. After a week, I was out of patience and I was restless. I just decided to propose her at any cost.

I did not think about the result. But just thought to bury the burden by sharing my feelings to her. It was a Saturday, I bought a red rose and took a love letter which I wrote for a couple of days. (Yeah, went old school as I was afraid if I couldn’t express my feelings).

Believe me guys, I wrote 5 love letters with my feelings and all those were different. I couldn’t decide which one to give it to her so I took all and sealed inside an envelope. After following her for about 10-15 minutes I just went to her and gave her the Rose.

As expected I couldn’t utter a single word. I just took out the letter and asked her to take it.

Nims: What is this?
Me: Open it in private you will know.
Nims: What the hell! Why are you giving it to me? You know all my classmates are seeing here!
Me: (Was quite) I tried to avoid everyone but couldn’t say anything. Ok, I am leaving. Please open in private.

And I left.

After I left, my love letters were circulated to the whole class. People teased her a lot(That’s what I heard from her). I wanted my private affair to be private but destiny, it plays. After 2 days I tracked her down near the canteen. Her friend who is my bus stop mate spoke. But she did not let my love interest talk at all.

Bus stop girl: She’s not interested. Please leave her alone
Me: What?
BSG: You were behind me a few days back. Since you got to know I am in a relationship you are behind Nims now.

I was surprised and was thinking about what just happened.
BSG: Anyway, she’s not interested in love and so please do not bother her.
Me: Let me talk to her in private. I wanna ask her a few things.
BSG: She’s not into these things so please understand.

I just saw Nims once and I felt she wanted to say something but I was heartbroken. So I just left that place. I came out of college and went to the cigarette shop nearby with my classmates. I bought a cigarette for the first time in my life. Smoked for the first time as an act of revenge against myself.

Days passed but I couldn’t forget her. I had stopped roaming much during breaks. Used to spend time with my classmates after college or start early to home. This continued for 2 months. Her birthday was arriving and I wanted to wish her.

Somehow I managed to get her number but did not text her. I found her on Facebook and texted her. To my surprise she replied!

N: Hey
Me: How are you?
N: I am good. You?
Me: Good.

Me: How are the studies?
N: Studies are good.
Me: Hmmm, wanna ask you something.
N: What?

Me: Why did you reject me?
N: How can I accept you when you are a total stranger to me?
Me: Hmmm
N: We thought you are behind my friend. And it looked like you were.

Me: No way! Why will I be behind her? This explains why she was looking weirdly at me at the bus stop.

N: We knew you before you proposed me and we all thought you are behind her. You have no idea how much we pulled her leg. Actually, you both would look good together as you look cute.

Me: Hey, I was never behind her.
N: Now I know that. But before we thought so. And my friend even said since she wasn’t showing any interest in you, you turned your attention to me.

Me: What rubbish! As I remember she had this weird look only after I smiled at you unknowingly one day. I was coming behind you when you were going alone near the admin block leaving ‘your friend’ in the canteen.

This conversation continued almost for 4 hours that day.
Nims: Why did you propose to me? I mean why me?
Me: I have no idea and I hope you read my letters and you might be able to figure out from it.

N: It wasn’t a letter. It was a book! And a love letter? Oh god! I was so embarrassed!
Me: I am sorry, I did not anticipate that. I just wanted to share things in private.

Somehow I was able to convince her to be a friend for a few days. We didn’t text on Facebook for a few days. When we did I was successful to take her number from her. When she gave I told her I had already got her number. But wanted to contact her only when I get a number from her.

She was kinda impressed I believe. It was her birthday the next day and I wanted to gift her something. After thinking for a long time I decided what to give her as birthday gifts. I went to Jayanagar after college. I found a music shop.

I bought a mouth organ, a collection of most liked love songs and a few movies, a porcelain doll and a couple of chocolates.  At night sharp at midnight on her birthday, I called her and wished and asked her to meet the next day. She was getting calls from her friends.

So she did not answer if she would like to meet or not. She said she is getting a few calls. I had to disconnect the call before she asks me to do so. I couldn’t get sleep the whole night as I was too excited to meet her. I sent her a text saying her the same and wishing her a happy birthday again.

The next day, after morning classes I texted her to meet up but she said she can’t as she is with friends. I asked her to text me once she’s free to meet. Even after a couple of hours, she did not text so I texted her. And she said let’s meet near the auditorium. I went near the auditorium where she had asked me to come.

She was there alone as she did not want any of her friends to know that we met. I gave her the chocolates and wished. Then gave her the gifts for which she said she doesn’t wanna take it. I kept it aside and then a purple-colored rose(purple was her favorite color) which I had bought for her.

I gave her the rose and said, “I love you,” and proposed her again. She just looked at my face and said nothing. The way she was behaving was really weird and felt like she feels if she was seen by her friends with me will be an insult to her. Her words, her actions did make me feel embarrassed. But I did feel bad.

I told her I cannot take back the gifts which I bought for her. So I will leave it there itself. If she doesn’t want then she can leave it there and leave. After saying this I left the place. I was so furious that I left college and drank like hell. I drink very rarely and that too a beer. But that day I drank whiskey or brandy for the first time.

I texted her something and all but thankfully I did not abuse her in any way. She was so scared that I would harm myself. In the evening she had texted back saying she loved the gifts. (Mouth organ and a porcelain doll which was as cute as her) and thanked me.

Our conversation grew from that day. Finally, she said she will try to know me for a month and she will let me know her decision. It was the semester exam time for both of us. So we texted a lot and supported each other to study more and secure good marks in exams.

So one month went like this. Frankly speaking, we did well in studies and in exams. I asked what she decided. She said she couldn’t decide anything yet. I told her I cannot stay as a friend as I love her. She started crying and then I had to give her more time to think.

We started sharing everything and became closer day by day. My love for her started growing and she could sense it. I was her best friend in 4 months. She knew I loved her. But when I asked her again whether she wanna be my girlfriend she said she needs more time to decide.

I will let you know what happened in the next part. Mail me at [email protected] for your feedback.

Love Of My Life – Part 1

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