Loyal wife degradation – Sex Stories

Loyal wife degradation – Sex Stories

Sameer was very happy for getting admission for his higher studies in Hyderabad.Sameer was an ordinary student but his wish for getting admission in good college finally on the way.

Now his parents decided not to send him to hostel since they knew that he will try to make lot of friends circle around there and will not concentrate on studies.Luckily they have the option to send him to his sister home who is 5 years elder to Sameer .

Zoya was married and settled with her husband in Hyderabad,Sameer was actually interested to stay in hostel because he knew that once he stay with his sister,she will closely monitor him.

Sameer moved to her sisters place and was thrilled to find new friends and new place.
His sister Zoya was married 3 years ago, it was an arranged marriage & they are not having any children till now.Actually now his sister and brother-in-law eagerly awaiting a child with a lot of dreams and ambitions.They were now finacially well and Zoyas husband is a Bank manager.

Zoya is 27 years 5 f 6 inch tall and has a good body shape,she has really good face,bulky boombs and a perfect ass… every male will notice her curvy figure.

It has been 4 months since now Sameer has joined with his sister,his parents are also happy that now there son is concentrating on his academic career and they have given full credit to Zoya for showing him right direction, but on the other side Sameer was secretly enjoying with his girlfriend’s and he got lots of friends in his college and surroundings.Due to this bad character he already got a warning from his college and Sameer secretly keep it without informing his sister,However recently in an examination he was caught for copying and management has decided to suspend him considering all the issue he is making in the college.Now Sameer understood that he is in real trouble and he really needs to bring his parents to solve this issue.Sameer was afraid to inform his parents and he feels that his sister can help him.He know that Zoya will also feel bad if there parents need to come for solving this issue.

Next morning after his brother in law went for work Sameer went near Zoya and greeted her specially.

Hi Sameer how about your exams…Zoya asked.
Didi you look pretty today…Sameer try to praise Zoya so he knows he can present his issue to her.

Oh really.. zoha understand Sameer need something from her…. she was in feeling that he wants money.

Didi there is a problem in college Sameer replied cunningly…. Actually I am little trouble in college, college management asking you should come to college….Zoya was surprised to hear this…

What problems you have created in college and I cannot come to your college for solving your problem…. you are now an adult and still creating problems around you….Zoya was angry.

Didi actually i am very sorry and I promise that this is last time and hereafter I will not create any problems…. please help me in this so that our parents will be happy….Zoya also feel that will be good because if her parents know it’s bad for her too….so she decided to go his college and solve the issue.

Zoya drives through the streets to the college, the traffic was little high even though its 10.00 am, her mind was full of thoughts about her brother. She a wanted to solve this issue without knowing her husband so that her husband will not feel bad about Sameer.She know that she needs to convince the principal and help her brother.As she reaches the principal office, the HOD and principal explained all the issue.They were adamant that Sameer should be suspended due to his character and they explained Zoya all the issue.Actually Sameer was in connection with 2 security guards of the college and they were talking pictures of the girls and drinking alcohol, this was the main problem which principal was against Sameer.However after Zoya discussed and assured that further if any problems from Sameer part then she will take whole responsibility and she will change Sameer college as her own responsibility.Principal and other HODs also feel it’s ok and they were surprised that Sameer is having such a nice good looking sister and good mannerisms.They also informed that 2 security guards are terminated due to this.

She took a sigh of relief; she settled down thinking of what’s next…. while driving back she could not concentrate properly about her brother… During the day she was thinking whether she should inform her husband and parents…. but later she decided to keep silent and give her brother strict warning.

Zoya was very angry and shouted at Sameer….
Didi I am very sorry for what has happened but I am promising you that no further problems will come from my side and I will complete my studies in good score…Sameer promised his Zoya.

2 days have gone and Zoya found Sameer is still very sad.
Now what is the your problem….are you concentrating on your studies…Zoha asked.
Didi I am doing good and studying well and I will get good marks but…? Sameer replied

But what…Zoya understand he has some problems.

Didi actually now the terminated guards of the college are jobless… They are suffering lot and actually one of them is everyday crying me for some help ….if you can assist him,he will be always thankful to you.

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Hearing this Zoya got very angry….I don’t want to hear about that idiots…. let them suffer… Zoya was very angry and I don’t want you to have connection with them too…. Zoya advised.

Didi please actually there is a vacancy in our apartment for a security guard and if you can speak to the owner for hiring him further he will not come to meet me….I am feeling very bad of him….I am requesting you .
Sameer know that if he request to Zoya more sometimes she will agree.

Actually Sameer has a plan that once the guard appointed in there apartment,he can always meet him without knowing Zoya and can have connection with lot of girls through the contact of security guard.

Meanwhile Zoya was thinking that if the guard will be appointment in there apartment…he will not further disturb his brother….
Ok you asked him to meet me…Zoya reply casually to Sameer.

Next day when hearing calling bell Zoya opened to see a man in late 30 s.
Madam… I am Pradeep and your brother has asked me to meet you for helping me for a job as security guard in this apartment.

What,” she looked questioningly towards him….she feels uncomfortable while looking at his face.She feel that he is on hangover and he is unattractive man and couple of inches shorter than her.

Madam I will be always thankful for you if you help me…. Pradeep try to impress Zoya.

I don’t need your thanks but leave my brother and I don’t want to see you speak Sameer again… shouted Zoya… You can join your duty from tomorrow….. informed Zoya and she was also happy that now her brother can completely focus on his duty and she forcefully closed the door.

Ohh my God…she is such a fucking hot… Pradeep was very very happy to join there as a security guard for her apartment.I want to see her without clothes and it would be great and awesome…..He was very happy…

Ohh Sameer beta I never know your sister is such a beauty…. Pradeep know that if he plan well he can fuck her .

After leaving there Pradeep was very happy …He want to inform this great news to his friend Raghu…..

Hey today was a great day, you know sameers sister is really hot item…..her body is a great sight for everyone…. During drinking he described about Zoya to his friend Raghu.

Hey you are very lucky,…by the way how you will seduce her….it will be tough task for you, but if you succeed you can enjoy daily….

Raghu I will try my level best and Sameer will be a good option….we need to bring him more into our track….he never told me he has such a fuckable sister.

Hmmm you are better player & I know you will try maximum….I also want to see her? Raghu was also anxious to see Zoya.

Don’t worry,I will arrange all that…. Pradeep was in full of excitement about his new madam and he wants to get her at any cost.

Pradeep joined the duty from next day itself and Sameer was happy ,now he can meet and discuss with Pradeep oftenly since Pradeep will be staying in the guards room….

Hey how’s your new job?

It’s nice Sameer beta ….I thank you so much for giving me this great job……I think this will be the best job I am going to do…. Pradeep replied in double meaning thinking of Zoya.

but please don’t speak to me in front of Madam,she warned me not to meet you…..

Yes my sister warned me also, replied Sameer.

Ok Sameer beta by the way I have got some very new nice girls…. and we should be in touch with each other for that.

Yes Pradeep but now we should be very careful…no problems should happen like what happened in college……

Sameer Beta for that I should be able create very good impression here, specially your sister Zoya madam should be happy with me otherwise our plan will not work.Once Madam is happy with me….I can connect you very new good girl….. hearing this Sameer was also happy.

Ok Pradeep we will meet evening,Sameer replied and left to college.

Pradeep also understood that Zoya husband will usually leave early morning to his office….

Mornings were not always that tough for Zoya, after sending her husband and brother she will be free,Usually she took care of herself that includes running in treadmill for maintaining her shape.

Zoya was watching TV when door bell ring.

She opened the door and see Pradeep.

What you want? Zoya got irritated to see Pradeep

Good morning madam … sorry to disturb you, actually I want to say one thing about Sameer beta…

What you want to say now about him,you only put him in trouble…Zoya wanted to avoid Pradeep since she was wearing transparent nighty which will give a clear picture of her body.

Madam please trust me,I will be always loyal to you because you have given this job which helps me and my family,so I want to inform some secret about Sameer beta…..he is now connection with some drug agent…. which is very risky to him.

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Zoya was stunned to hear this…. Shut up!how can you say this…

Please memsaab believe me because I don’t want Sameer beta to be in trouble….. Actually Pradeep was having some old pictures in his phone where Sameer was using drugs and Pradeep was only the person who has given him…. During that time it was casually taken but now Pradeep was lucky to save it so that he is able to show this to Zoya.

See this picture madam….if you don’t believe

Zoya was shocked to see the pictures,she understand her brother in real trouble.

Pradeep now understand that the ball is in his court now,he was delighted to see Zoya situ ation.He move a little closer to her for to get a full view….. Everything about Zoya was special,she was a perfect figure,nice figure…..


Ohh God magnificent…. very nice ass, such a beautiful ass she have…. Pradeep got a clear view of her.

Madam Madam don’t worry,Zoha suddenly got back from her thoughts….. Sameer is your brother and you should be responsible for saving him and you don’t want to ignore it…do you?he said

No I am thinking only about it….. what will I do now, Zoya was feeling helpless….

Memsaab there is a way, don’t worry I am always there for you…I know an ayurvedic doctor who can help us….

How?Zoya was surprised.

Previously that doctor has given medicine for curing drug addiction and we can give this medicine to Sameer beta without his knowledge through food and I am sure that after some days of taking medicine Sameer beta will never use drugs again.

Oh really then who will help me…. Zoha was anxious.

Don’t worry madam…that’s what I am here for, only problem is this is little far so I can’t go alone….

Pradeep I will give you my car… can you bring that medicine for me….Zoya asked.

Memsaab I always want to work for you, but unfortunately I don’t have license….. Pradeep knows that Zoha knows driving and if he can travel with her to the village area….he will be able to achieve his dream.

Zoya was happy….I will drive to the place….how far is it from here.

It’s only 2 hours drive from here and we need to start immediately so that we can reach before Saab and Sameer beta will come…… Pradeep replied.

Oh ok that’s good ,I will get ready and will come now, you wait near car….

Pradeep was very happy to get his plan success….he knew now Zoya is in his trap .

Since she needs to get ready soon she wears sky blue jeans and t shirt which projects her boombs… Pradeep was really hard when he saw her in that dress.Zoha was not aware of the condition and his eyes was full in her breasts.
She started her car and moved to the direction as instructed by Pradeep.

After 1 hour they have entered a remote village, Now Pradeep was looking only Zoha only instead of road.Zoha got aware of the situation, she feels that she should not wear this dress while coming with this loss class person, but she decided to keep quiet for getting the medicine quickly.

Pradeep now got a naughty smile,Zoha madam you are very beautiful….. Nobody can take eyes from you, your husband very lucky person.

What do you mean?Zoya was angry.

Madam now I have changed my mind,I am going to inform to police regarding Sameer beta…. Why should I take risk and save him…..he is responsible for my termination as gaurd from college….. Pradeep decided to test Zoya.

Pradeep why you doing like this…we have reached the village… don’t worry about your job I will make your job permanent….I will also assist you with money…..Zoya don’t want to argue with Pradeep, she knows that if he show the pictures to police her brother will go to jail.

Madam now I don’t need money,I have changed my mind after I saw your sexy body….I need to fuck you….. Pradeep replied straightly…..

Zoya was now in real trouble,she soon started crying…. Pradeep you know I am married, please leave me…. please help me….I will give you lot of money,she wanted to get out from this situation, also she needs to save her brother.

Zoya madam after seeing you I can’t change my mind,…you are such a hot item.I need to check you properly if you want to save your brother…… Pradeep knows soon he is going to eat his pray.

He had a wicked smile on his face and he put his hands on her thighs.

What are you doing? Stay away from me… Zoha shouted..

Ok then you leave me here…I will go to the police…. Pradeep was adamant.

Zoya madam there is no one around us and if you cooperate with me….I will help you, otherwise you can see your brother with police.

Zoya was too stunned to reply and just stared at him,… Meanwhile Pradeep started to catch her breasts and caressing them firmly.Soon Pradeep started to kiss her lips.

Madam I am going to fuck you properly today, Pradeep was very excited.

He suddenly grabbed her hand and place it over his buldge.Zoya feel very strange sensation when she understood size of it.Zoya is not having now the courage to look his face….She can’t imagine such a low class guy enjoying her body.

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Pradeep unhooked her bra and removed it….oh Zoya you have nice pair of tits…..I love sucking this….he started to suck it very hard.Zoya also feel strange sensation when Pradeep continue to suck her nipples strongly.

A couple of minutes later he started to unhook her jeans.
As a final try Zoya catches his hand….. Pradeep please understand, if you leave me I am going to reward you with good money….

Zoya madam! You are the greatest reward for me….I want to enjoy your pussy.. ..Zoya feel irritated by his words…. she feels its better to keep quiet with him.

He grabbed the jeans at the waist of Zoya and soon completely removed the white panties and her jeans.

Ohh my God very nice pussy,,I haven’t seen such a nice pussy after fucking many girls… Pradeep started shouting.
I think your husband is the luckiest person, but now I am more lucky than him and I am going to fuck you.

Ohh your ass also perfect, Pradeep was not able to hide his luck.

Pradeep quickly unzipped his trouser and take his dick outside,… have you seen like this before….Zoha couldn’t believe her eyes enormous dick hanging outside…. the head of the dick is different from her husband…ohh God this is huge,she thinks to herself.

He guided her hand towards it and she completely feel different.He suddenly put fingers on her pussy and she started shivering.

Zoha resistance collapse and she was wet….soon he pushed his dick into her pussy….. ohhh God this is very tight and Pradeep started to fuck Zoya roughly.

What a tight pussy you have,are you enjoying Zoya tell me…. Pradeep was over joyed

I will fuck you all day Zoya madam…. Pradeep understand that her reluctance has gone away.
He kept fucking on her for 20 minutes….ahhh can I release it inside….Zoya madam

Please Pradeep please release it outside…. Zoya cried….. but very soon he ejaculate complete inside her pussy.

For a moment there was complete silence….. Madam you have a nice hole….Zoya didn’t care it and now she understood that it was his plan regarding the drug issue…..Soon they started to drive back to home….Zoya eyes were wet and she was full of guilt…she has allowed this pervert to fuck her&she was determined to remove him from the job once they reach home.

Lots of emotions was passing through Zoya mind… She felt for her husband and she feels she has lost something valuable,she was having a fantastic life with pretty good sex life.

Now a man who has joined as a gaurd in there apartment has done sex with her, that too very rough sex without her consent.

She wants to fire Pradeep at the earliest and don’t involve others and make them know what happened…. ultimately it will ruin her life,so she decided to close this chapter permanently by firing him from job.

2 days later after her husband & brother went to there duties,she walked to the guards room,as she entered the room she saw Pradeep drinking beer.This was an opportunity for her to remove him.

Idiot…. you are drinking alcohol during job hours and we don’t need you here again….you can leave at the earliest….Zoya was adamant.

Hi Zoya madam how are you today? Pradeep was cool..
No! Zoya raised her voice.I don’t want to hear anything from you.You can leave your job.

Madam if you want,I will not touch alcohol again,I have been hired recently, what will I say to my family and Sameer beta….I want to work here permanently by giving a very good service to you…. Pradeep laughing while replying to her.

Shut up! I don’t want to hear anything…Zoya feel uncomfortable by the guard words.

Zoya was wearing light yellow skirt upto her knees and a pretty top…She mostly wear Western dress when she plan to go outside.
She understood that the bloody guard eyes roaming through her body.

Madam please give me one more chance,I will work as per your instruction & will make sure you will get a better service… his eyes was stucked on her body.
Zoya noted that she should play tactically and avoid this idiot permanently from there place.

Come on now, this is not a big deal,I will give you some money and certificate,so that you will get a good opportunity ….Zoya tries calmly to convince him.

Zoya madam let me be frank with you,I don’t want to loose this golden opportunity.I am not a fool to leave here,If I leave here I will not be able to get between your legs…. Pradeep was very straight.

Oh my God! Shut up… what do you mean?Zoya face become red when she heard the guard strange comment towards her.

Pradeep suddenly take his phone and show a vedeo to her….

Look madam, how amazing is your body,…it was the vedeo which was taken secretly by Pradeep during village journey….Look our amazing sex,I am sure you don’t want others to watch this great clips.

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Loyal wife degradation – Sex Stories

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