Lucy’s Tale (Part 3) by MissRachael

Lucy’s Tale (Part 3)
by MissRachael

Part Three

I didn’t sleep so good that night. The memories of our snogging session, the feel of Mike’s hands on my body, so tantalisingly close to my boobs, merely inches from my aching pussy, was almost too much to bear. I was awake at 6:30, taking an early shower and relieving my frustration, several times. As I left the bathroom, wrapped in my towel, I felt so much better and made my way quickly to the bedroom. Mike was snoring softly and I tiptoed to the side of his bed and leant over to kiss him softly on his cheek. He didn’t stir. I was about to drop my towel and climb in with him when I heard the slightest creak of the bedroom door and saw Mum pop her head round the door.

‘I see we both had the right idea of using the bathroom early then?’ she said cheerily. ‘Do you want to come with me to get some fresh bread to go with breakfast?’

I nodded my response, grabbed some panties, white shorts and a tight vest top. I dressed quickly, gave Mike another quick kiss and went downstairs to wait for Mum to get ready.

By the time we had walked into town, had a drink in a lovely little cafe, bought fresh bread and walked home, it was close to 10am. The guys were still fast asleep but they were soon roused by the smell of bacon and sausages cooking downstairs. The bleary eyed ones joined us on the terrace as we ate breakfast together and the conversation was light and everyone seemed really chilled. I tried to sit with Mike just out of my vision to prevent me from staring at him. He had come down without a top on and staring at his delicious body would probably be frowned upon by the parents!

Our breakfast and several coffees and fruit juices took us all the way through to 12:30 and the conversation moved to our plans for today. Mum and John were getting all giddy about a big food and wine event at the other side of the island which they had mentioned before we left the UK. I had kind of resigned myself to going to it but I hadn’t counted on a smart cookie like Mike on my team!

Mike made enough disgruntled noises to make his Dad ask if he would rather stay at the villa and explore. Of course he said yes and very ‘graciously’ offered to let me stay home with him. Mum and John were so delighted that we were getting on they agreed immediately. What’s more, they even said that there was a show on in the early evening so they probably wouldn’t be back until 11 or 12pm. My heart skipped a beat and it took all my concentration to keep cool and calm. Mike should have won an Oscar for his role and even offered to clean up the breakfast things with Mum so John could get himself ready.

It felt like a lifetime waiting for them to leave the villa and even worse, Mike said we should wait at least half an hour in case they forgot anything. Eventually Mike suggested that we should have a wander somewhere so we didn’t have to admit to waiting in the villa all day. He gave me a long sweet kiss and announced that he needed a shower and left the room. The kiss was all I needed to ignite my passion from the previous night and I snuck upstairs.

I heard the water running in the shower and I slowly tried the bathroom door. It was unlocked. I crept in slowly and lifted my vest top over my head. I lowered my shorts and panties in one smooth movement and stepped up to the shower curtain. As I was about to open it, Mike spoke.

‘I thought you weren’t bothering!’

I slowly peeked around the curtain and he had his back to me. Soapy water cascaded down his back and over his tight, perfect bum. I stepped in and moved straight in behind him, wrapping my arms around and up his chest, burying my face in his back and pushing my now wet boobs into his back. He stroked my hands as they explored his chest for a few moments and then he turned around. As he did, I took have a step back to feast my eyes on him at last. I had no shyness as his eyes took in my body, but that was probably because I was fascinated by his perfectly straight, completely shaved, thick, seven inch cock which was pointing straight at me. I felt a finger under my chin and I allowed him to lift my gaze to his eyes.

‘You are gorgeous!’ he whispered softly as he pulled me to him and we kissed under the warm flowing water. Mike’s hands, which seemed fixed to my belly last night, quickly descended to my bottom and caressed my small cheeks. I responded in kind and as we pulled closer together, his hard cock was pushing against the bottom of my left tit and I could feel his pulse through it as we mashed our bodies together. Suddenly, I felt mike lifting me by my bum and neither of us were straining for the kiss as we were now the same height. I wrapped my legs around him and his dick was now beneath me, resting between my bum cheeks and I wriggled on it, sending shock waves through my rear end and obviously making him feel pretty good too. I leant in for more kisses and felt Mike free up one of his hands which quickly moved up to massage one of my boobs. I groaned into his mouth and probed my tongue even deeper.

Now, despite my weighing very little, holding me by one hand could not have been comfortable for Mike so I got him to put me down, even though I could have stayed there all day. As my feet touched the shower tray, he told me to turn around and I heard him pumping the soap dispenser. He obviously crouched a little as he came behind me as I felt his cock slide between my legs as his soap filled hands began an assault on my chest. I gasped as his meet was tickling the underside of my pussy and his slippery hands pinched on my nipples. My hand instinctively went to touch the head of his cock and I stroked it gently as he rocked slowly to and fro. I then felt his hands move straight down to my pussy. First he pulled the lips apart and then he went straight for my button and began a furious rubbing, almost better than I have ever done myself. I had to throw my arms up behind my head and hold onto his neck as my legs were not able to support my trembling. My pent up frustration was manifesting itself into an incredible orgasm, approaching like a stampede. I yelped and groaned out loud as my body was wracked with such delicious pleasure and I couldn’t even hold onto his neck anymore and fell to my knees. Instantly though, I turned around to find his perfect cock in front of my face. Despite my shaking, I didn’t hesitate. I took a firm hold and plunged my first cock deep into my mouth. It was Mike’s turn to shriek like a girl as my tongue and lips began a frenzied attack on his meat. I was only taking the first two inches or so into my mouth and I was savouring this incredible experience. I glanced up occasionally to see his eyes closed tightly and his muscles straining to keep him upright. His delight filled me with confidence so I then tried my party trick which I had practiced so often with my latex friend. I opened my throat and slid him fully inside and buried my nose into his perfectly smooth pubic area.

Mike’s shock and surprise was complete and when I began to slide him, almost fully out and then plunge him totally in again, he quickly went over the edge and announced he was coming. I wasn’t going to miss my chance and as he started to groan louder, I felt his cock swell a little more and felt the first spurts of his salty but sweet man juice land on my tongue. Five or six blasts sprayed the inside of my mouth and I gulped it down hungrily. I continued to lick and suck at his perfect piece of meat until he begged me to stop because it was too sensitive to continue. Reluctantly, I let it plop from my mouth and he joined me, kneeling on the floor. We kissed passionately for a few minutes and then we agreed that we needed to lie down. We killed the shower, grabbed our towels and headed for the bedroom.

We dried off a little, laid the towels on my bed by the window and cuddled together. Mike was lay on his back and I was attached to his side like a limpet. My hand moved to caress his perfectly shaven balls and pubic area. After a few seconds, I rolled onto my back and asked him if I would look better without pubes. He looked me in the eye and said, ‘Wanna find out?’

I just giggled and asked if that meant he was going to shave me and rather than answer, he jumped off the bed, ran into the bathroom and moments later, returned with a bowl of water and his shaving gear. I watched intently as he applied a little foam to the little blonde mound of hair and then ever so gently began short shaving motions. He teased me as he worked by occasionally brushing past my clit with his fingers but in less than ten minutes, he declared his work done, wiped me clean with a towel and held my make up mirror so I could see his work. My little tuft of hair which I had been so proud of was gone, but the smooth pussy I now saw, with the neat slit and small lips, barely protruding looked really sexy.

‘Now we have to make sure I have done it properly!’ Mike announced and at first I wondered what he meant, but I quickly realised as he ducked his head down and plunged his tongue deep inside me. I screamed as his tongue began a frantic flicking, rolling and plunging assault and the feel of his nose and chin on the super sensitive shaved areas was incredible. I felt him push my legs further apart and further back, his tongue was making longer and longer strokes up the full length of my slit and when he had my legs as far back as he could get them, his tongue found a second hole to tease. I want panting hard as he went from hole to hole, tears of joy rolling down my face and as my second orgasm approached I grabbed his hair and pulled him hard onto my clit and screamed to the world that I was coming. My lags came down, wrapped around him and pulled him tighter to me as I thrashed on the bed in complete ecstasy. Quite simply, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. This was the ultimate pleasure. Surely it couldn’t get better than this.

While I was still panting, Mike began to move slowly up my body, kissing every inch of skin, paying special attention to my chest, which I loved and as he approached my face, I felt something special press against my mound. His revitalised dick was rocking on my denuded area and our eyes locked. Not a word was said, I merely nodded once.

Mike slid slowly down and I felt the head of his cock moving slowly to the place I wanted it most. In no time at all, it rested firmly against my entrance and he stayed there. I was aching to be filled but all he would do was kiss me. Desperation was filling my soul and I pleaded with him

‘Mike, please make love to me!’

Immediately he slid forward and my virgin hole was being taken by a real man. I lifted myself to watch him slide his full length inside me. My bald pussy eventually touching his own shaved area. No pain, just the wonderful full feeling and he held that position for the perfect time and then started a slow, delicious rhythm to give me my first proper fucking. After five minutes or so, our animal instincts took over and the pace began to increase and Mike read me perfectly, knowing I was ready for a fast and hard finale. He said how tight I was and that he wouldn’t last long, to which I screamed, ‘Just fuck me harder, I’m coming again now!’

He didn’t need any more invites. He was driving his full weight into me. The bed was banging hard against the wall and we both yelled out our climaxes and then I felt his hot seed painting my insides and we collapsed together. He rolled us over so I lay on top of him, still impaled on his manhood, both completely spent. Sleep quickly took over us!

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