Lust For My Married Colleague Fulfilled

Lust For My Married Colleague Fulfilled

My name is Sujan. I am a healthy male with a very strong libido. I had a long standing wish of penning down my experience with my colleague which I have attempted to write. Please read and let me know your feedback.

It was a chilly night. The KSRTC bus stand at Hubli was buzzing with people. We were waiting for our bus which was scheduled at 11 pm to Bangalore. We were five of us – three women and two men who were heading back to Bangalore. We all worked for the same organization and were visiting Hubli as part of the recruitment team.

While waiting for the bus, we were busy shooting selfies and discussing the events of the past three days. Suhasini was sitting next to me and Rashi and Sakshi next to her. Tarun, my colleague and the youngest in the team, was taking selfies.

Suhasini and I were close to each other and shared a lot of things. I always had this affinity towards her and you could say, “the hots” for her.

Suhasini was a middle-aged woman with a college-going daughter. She was a little on the heftier side. The main attraction was her ass. They were wide and protruding. I always wondered how she managed to carry those heavy watermelons.

My colleague’s boobs were not big, I would say 32 and the waist was filled with a lot of fat. She was a typical middle-aged Indian woman.

I am not sure why I would always get a boner whenever I was with her. She always made sure my dick would stand up. She had this aura about her. She had a round face and those pair of glasses made her look very sexy and desirable.

Suhasini always carried herself well, kept a safe physical distance from men, and spoke only when required. I always thought she was a forbidden fruit until I was able to prove myself wrong.

The bus arrived and we slowly made our way to the door. It was an Airavatha and the conductor started checking the reservations. What surprised me was the thin attendance at the entrance. There were hardly ten people waiting to get tickets checked.

We put the luggage in the boot and headed to board the bus. I still had a boner and the reason for that was what had happened in the auto. We boarded the auto from the hotel and in one of the autos, Tarun and I sat. Surprisingly, Suhasini also boarded the same auto.

I was sandwiched between Tarun and Suhasini and being the naughty one I was, I wanted to try my luck.

I folded my hands across my chest and leaned slightly towards the left and was able to feel Suhasini’s right boob! I was delighted. Not only was I able to touch her boobs and feel the bra holding her tits but the pressure of my colleague’s humongous ass was also making me go nuts.

Our seats were on the left side of the bus. Suhasini occupied seat number 12 and I the seat behind her. Rashi and Sakshi occupied the seat behind me and Tarun behind them.

Since the bus was empty, Suhasini and I had the luxury of having the seats next to us empty. The bus started and for some strange reason, my heart was beating fast.

The lights were off and I was setting up the place to sleep well. Suhasini who was sitting in front of me was busy with her phone talking to her daughter. After she disconnected the phone, I sent a goodnight message on her Whatsapp and she replied with a smiley.

I immediately sent a message, “Please push your seat more and feel comfortable”. She replied, “No, I don’t want to”. I kept quiet and just slept with my head near the window and legs dangling outside in the aisle.

After 15 minutes, I tried my luck by keeping my hand on the front seat which was occupied by Suhasini. There was a huge gap between the seat and the window. I touched something but was not sure what it was. I realized it was her arms. She had fat arms. I could feel the material of her chudi.

I kept my hand there and when the bus took a right turn, her body was pushed towards the left and her arm pressed my fingers. And that was when she realized my hand was there. She neither said anything nor moved aside which was a green signal for me.

My target was not my co-worker’s arms but her boobs which I wanted to feel very badly. The temperature on the bus was becoming lower due to the AC but my body continued to heat up.

After some time, she put the blanket around her and for some time I could not feel her arms at all. I thought my dream would never get fulfilled.

The bus was moving at a nice speed and I was slowly drifting into sleep when I felt something touch my hand. I hoped it would be something I want and it was! I could feel the material of her chudi and then I could feel some softness. I guessed it was her boobs but I was not sure. I was able to confirm it only when I felt the bra.

The thick layer of the bra confirmed that I was indeed feeling Suhasini’s boobs. I was delighted. I kept feeling the sides with my fingers occasionally giving a push to feel it more. I was not sure if she would allow it but kept my hopes high.

My heart stopped when once, I felt her hand touching my hands. I thought I would be busted and she would shout at me or push my hand away but nothing like that happened. She just sat back as she was and I continued feeling her boobs.

I now became greedy and pushed my hand further. I was able to feel the softness of her boobs and also the bra covering the boob. I felt something thick and was wondering what it could be when I realized it was my colleague’s mangalsutra chain.

I kept my hand there for some time and then took some courage and pushed my hand even further. Now my left-hand hand entered the gap between the window and the seat till the wrist and her left boob was rested on my palms. I did not know how to react but slowly started pressing her boobs.

I could not believe what was a fantasy till a few hours ago was now a reality. I was holding the left boob of Suhasini in my left palm and not only holding but pumping it.

I started hovering my middle finger in search of the nipple and successfully found it. It was standing erect and even through the thickness of the chudi material, I could feel it. I was wondering how it would be to put my tongue on it.

I kept fondling Suhasini’s boobs and slowly moved my hand further down. Now I could feel the bra completely and then I felt the portion of her stomach just below the boobs. She had a lot of fat there and I enjoyed touching it.

I brought my hand further down and now I felt something like a hole which was nothing but her navel. I have always heard that women feel excited when their navel is pampered. I did that for some time and then brought my hand further down. I could feel the threads of her chudi bottom. I thought my dick would burst out of my pants.

I started putting some pressure on the area just above the vaginal region and after some time, I pushed my hand further down and I could feel the vagina covered with the pantie and the chudi bottom.

I was apprehensive about what she would do so brought my hand back to the boobs and started pressing it. What mesmerized me was how could a woman who was so disciplined when it came to mingling with men allow herself to be fondled in a public bus.

The darkness was an added advantage and probably she also needed a man’s touch very badly. Who cared, I got what I wanted and continued doing it.

The whole night I played with my colleague’s boobs and squeezed it also many times.

We reached Bangalore by around 7 am and then when we got down, I could not dare look at her face. Her face did not show any signs of all the mauling she had undergone. We picked up the bags and she booked a cab and boarded it.

I took a cab too and started my journey towards home. I was wondering what her reaction would be and as I was thinking of it, I got a Whatsapp message which read, “No one has behaved with me like this till now”. I replied saying, “I am sorry but I could not control”. She did not reply and the matter ended there.

Since our job did not involve visiting the office very often but client locations were allotted to us we never met for some days. Our usual Whatsapp conversation regarding work continued but neither of us mentioned anything about what happened on the bus.

One day, she messaged me saying, “I cannot put the bus incident out of my mind”. I don’t know where I got the courage from and replied, “Shall we take it to its logical ending?”

Suhasini sent a shocking emoji and said, “I don’t think it is a good idea.”

I kept persisting about it and finally, she sent a message which read, “Daughter and hubby going to Hassan on the weekend. Do you want to come for lunch?”

I was delighted and in the weekend, I went to her house in my best attire. I was in two minds whether to carry a pack of condoms or not but finally decided against it.

When I reached her house, Suhasini welcomed me but showed no signs of horniness. I went and sat on the couch and asked her what was the special dish. She sarcastically replied “As if you care about the food. I know why you are here.”

I did not reply but went and sat next to her and held her hands and said, “Su, I really want you. I don’t know why but I can’t control.”

She simply said, “Mmm” and started moving towards the room.

I followed her and held her shoulders from the back and pushed myself towards her. My dick pressed my married colleague’s ass. Her ass was unique. I had never seen such an ass.

I moved my hands from her shoulders to her boobs and started pressing them to my heart’s content. She tried pushing my hands away but I was adamant. Suhasini simply started moving towards the bed.

She went and sat down and I sat next to her. Holding her face in my hand, I kissed her deeply on the lips. She was a woman of few words and even at that erotic moment, she hardly spoke anything.

I put my hand on the hem of her dress and started moving it up. I managed to pull the chudi top out and threw it on the floor.

I held her hand and moved it to my crotch. She pressed it once and looked at my eyes. I pushed her to make her sleep on the bed but instead of sleeping on her back, she chose to sleep on her stomach which meant I had the entire ass at my disposal!

The material of the chudi bottom was very thin and I could clearly see my married colleague’s pantie. No doubt it was very large.

I put both my hands on either ass cheeks and started mauling them. I bent forward and kissed her back and then I unclasped the bra. I tried pushing her over to make her sleep on her back but she was resisting me.

She simply said, “Nannage onthara aagathe” meaning, “I feel somewhat.”

I just held the sides of her stomach and rolled her over. I now had the beautiful boobs in front of my eyes with an unclasped bra covering them. I untied the chudi bottom and started pulling it down. I removed it completely and threw it beside the chudi top.

Now Suhasini was lying down on the cot in a blue designer bra and a light blue pantie with purple stripes on it. I went mad. I removed my shirt, pant, and my underwear. I was now naked and I put my mouth on her bra covered boobs and started kissing it.

I moved my right hand down and inserted it into her pantie and felt the mound with a few strands of pubic hair. I heard a soft moan escape her mouth.

I inserted a finger into my married co-worker’s cunt and started fingering her. She held my head in her hand and pushed it towards her boobs. I removed the bra and the piece of meat that I always yearned for was in front of my eyes.

I started sucking her nipples and intermittently biting it. I could no longer control. I started pushing her pantie down and in a few seconds, I had made her completely nude. I held my dick in my hand and slept on her. I started hovering my dick on her cunt teasing her.

Suhasini held my dick in her hand and put it on her hole and said, “Olage thalli, please” (Put it in please).

I pushed my hips forward and my dick was now in the warmth of her glorious hole. I started the rhythmic movement and my lips were on her neck kissing it. She wound her legs around my waist and her hand was on my back pressing it towards her.

I kept pumping for what looked like eternity. I was humping and humping my colleague. Then I took a break for some time and then again continued. I could see that she was sleeping closing her eyes and I could clearly make out that she had not yet had an orgasm and neither had I.

I again inserted my dick and fucked my colleague in furious motion. I finally reached the zenith and with a grunt unloaded my hot semen inside the married woman’s pussy. I just lay there for some time and then got up.

I rolled on to the side and holding her hand asked, “Nimmage ayitha?” (Did you have an orgasm?) She nodded and said, “Ayithu” (It happened).

I saw her face and could see a few drops of tears rolling down the left eye. I felt guilty and asked her what happened. She simply nodded her head left to right and said, “Tumbha dina aagithu”. (It had been many days since I had sex).

I was relieved and then just hugged her and slept.

We got up wore our clothes and had a silent lunch. I left her house by evening and we never did it again. It was a promise we made to each other but even today there is a lot of bonding between us. We keep a safe distance whenever we are together. Even on Whatsapp, we discuss everything except the incident of that afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. I asked Suhasini if I can write this story. She said she was okay as long as I don’t mention the real name. I love her a lot even today. I wish she continues to be in my life forever if not as a lover always as a friend.

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Lust For My Married Colleague Fulfilled