Lusty Landlady With Discounted Rent

It was July 2017 and scorching summer heat took its toll. But Priya a 32 years old beautiful lady with her one-year-old son had a new turn in her life, along with new challenges. Her marriage just broke up after the coordination of three years. It left Priya and her son helpless.

She had been living a very comfortable life with no worries of making money. But all of a sudden everything changed. Her husband dumped her because of her differences with her sister-in-law. And she became an unwanted person!

Priya is an attractive lady of 5’ 8” with a slim and well-shaped body with a figure of 34-24-34. The luxuries in her life let her concentrate on daily workout and gym to maintain her figure and diet. Her marriage was a love marriage with a software engineer Anil. They had dated for some time before marriage.

Anil belongs to a rich business family. He has 3 sisters who have a great influence on him. His two sisters were elder than Anil whereas the third one was younger. at two years younger than Anil, almost the same age as Priya. His elder sisters were married and had a good life. The youngest one was in college.

Anil wanted Priya to be Accepted and liked by all his sisters. And no doubt Priya did her best. She maintained good terms with all her sisters-in-law. Though the sisters had some attitude sometimes Priya handled it very well. Anil had to travel a lot almost every month due to his work.

He is out of town most of the time. But he always took care of his family with no financial problems. Priya and her son had all the luxuries. And then all of a sudden one day Anil’s eldest sister’s marriage fell apart. It got on the verge of a divorce. She lost custody of her 2 years old son.

Then one evening she halfheartedly moved into Anil’s place. Anil was out of town in those days. Priya tried to console her and gave a good company. Anil’s sisters were all good looking with good figures. But the eldest one was the best looking named Shilpa.

Priya established good family terms with her and she was doing her best. Anil was out of town as he travels most of the time. They did not have any extra room. So Priya was kind enough to let her share her bedroom. But Priya had no clue what would be the next which lead to break her marriage!

By good understanding with Shilpa, Priya was letting her share the same bed and the same blanket. Priya’s one-year-old son also sleeps on the same bed, as it was a gigantic queen size double bed. A couple of nights went by very smoothly and calmly. Both the ladies have some chit chat and then go to sleep.

Both the ladies take shower (not together) before coming to bed. On the third night, Priya noticed something different. Shilpa usually put her nightgown on after her shower and before coming to bed. But on the third night, Shilpa came out from the shower wrapped in a towel with a separate towel on her head!

Priya was expecting that she may put on her nightgown, but Shilpa did not. As soon the bedroom lights were turned off Shilpa quietly sneaked in the blanket with the towel on. Then she pulled out the towel once she got in. Inside the blanket, Shilpa was completely naked!

After some time Shilpa came close to Priya by putting her hand around her. Priya felt that her boobs are being grabbed by Shilpa. At the same time, she felt the touch on her leg and feet as Shilpa was rubbing one of her feet against Priya’s shin and the sole of her foot and heel.

Priya let this happen for good 10 minutes until a fire broke up between them. Shilpa pulled the pajama out of Priya’s bottom. Next, they were kissing passionately at first. Then Shilpa got on top of Priya and there came the meeting of two wet pussies to grind each other!

Shilpa ground Priya’s pussy by lying on top of her. After a good grinding, they reached their orgasms one after another. Several nights passed and they both got involved in some kind of lesbian relationship. But very soon Priya backed off.

She started thinking as something disgusting about what is going on between her and her sister in law! Priya stopped having sex with her sister-in-law and moved to a different bed. That made Shilpa turn into a bitch and it was way beyond the expectation of Priya!

Shilpa filled Anil’s ears and then finally their differences parted their relationship. Then at one point, their relationship reached the verge of divorce. Priya’s luxurious life was snatched away one day. Priya’s husband dumped her and left her alone!

Since marriage, Priya had not to worry about doing any job. But now the cash was running low. The accommodation problem and other bills plus her son’s school fee plus miscellaneous expenses were about to hit Priya very badly. She started to freak out!

Her life was about to turn into hell and the time was running out. She had time to vacate the apartment by the end of the month. Though she had a degree in accounting she never worked in her life. Now she started looking for a job, but no luck as of yet!

At the same time, she started looking for some cheap apartment or a room to share. She was filtering newspapers and the internet very seriously day by day. But the apartment rents were sky-high everywhere. She had some job interviews, but no luck as of yet!

Time was running out and she got only one week left now to vacate her apartment. So far she could not sort out any job, nor any accommodation for herself. It was a very freaky situation for her.  However, she had some cash in hand to make a down payment for any reasonable place.

Then one day, as usual, she was on the hunt for a rental apartment by reading off from the newspaper. She found out a rental place. She already had a very appealing personality with sexy looks at her tall frame. So she made herself ready and made an appointment with a landlady over the phone.

She dropped her son to his school and went for a couple of job interviews. Around noon she went to that address to meet the landlady who had some vacant places. Soon she was standing in front of a huge bungalow. She speculates that there may be some vacant rooms for rent.

She rang the bell. An attractive young girl around 27 in her maid uniform opened the door and escorted Priya to the landlady’s living room. Priya was sitting in a huge elegant living room waiting for the landlady. A little later Priya was informed that the landlady is on the backside by the swimming pool.

She wants to meet Priya by the pool and hence she went to the poolside. At the poolside Priya saw an attractive fashionable lady in her 40’s, lying on a pool chair in her bikini. On the next chair was an African lady in her bikini. She had a stunning personality and a sexy buxom body, and an eye-catching figure.

Priya introduced herself to the landlady. The landlady took Priya’s hand in her hand with great enthusiasm and a smile on her face. The landlady was moving her eyes on Priya’s body from top to toe with great excitement and lust. It took only a few seconds for Priya to sense that.

Then the landlady introduced Priya with the African lady named Simone. But the very next part of that introduction shocked Priya. The landlady introduced that African woman as her ‘girlfriend’. That explained that they both are lesbian partners!

The landlady made Priya sit on a couch near to her. She was continuously watching Priya’s body by rolling her eyes from top to bottom. At the same time, she was listening to Priya very carefully. By the corner of the eyes, Priya was also guessing that Simone’s lusty eyes were glued on Priya’s sexy appearance!

It was a little weird situation for Priya. But he was forcing herself to be there to seek some reasonable accommodation. Right after hearing her story, the landlady realizes what financial situation Priya might have been going through. And then after a brief chat, the landlady expressed her desire to help Priya.

She offered her consent to let Priya stay in one of her rooms in the bungalow free of charge by the time she finds a job. But once she is employed then she will be having some discounted rent to pay. Priya accepted that offer right away as nothing could be better than that.

On top of it, the landlady offered meals and the drop off service to the school for her son. The landlady mentioned that there are four other rooms in the same house which are occupied by four lady tenants. Then the landlady told the condition of what Priya has to pay in the exchange of those kind offers.

The landlady mentioned very clearly that she is a lesbian. And typically all the ladies (tenants) who live in that house are lesbians. Priya should not be offended. The landlady also made it clear that if she is ok then she would love to have her company in the bedroom.

She winked at Priya with a meaningful smile. Priya nodded in acceptance with a smile in response, as she had no choice. Priya already sensed what landlady was expecting from her. Being with a woman was not a new thing for Priya as she already slept with her sister-in-law in the past.

Hence, the deal got final and the landlady called her office clerk to come by the swimming pool. In few moments a tall pretty lady appeared. The landlady gave her instructions and identified the room to be given to Priya. The landlady instructed Priya to hand over her ID card to the clerk so that the paperwork could be prepared.

As soon as the office clerk walked away with Priya’s ID card, the landlady stood up and wrapped her gown. But her partner (African lady ‘Simone’) continued staying on her couch to enjoy the sunbath. She was as tall as Priya with a buxom gym-toned body.

She started walking slowly with Priya alongside the pool inquiring more details. She offered Priya to have a drink with her while the paperwork gets ready. She held Priya’s hand in a friendly manner and took her inside the house. Priya followed her quietly.

The landlady was still holding Priya’s hand took her into her bedroom. A huge bedroom with all the luxuries and equipment, facing the ocean was something refreshed Priya’s good days. The bedroom had a large queen-size bed and a couple of comfortable sofas set on the side.

There was a small refrigerator, a huge TV screen attached with the projector equipped with the most advanced sound system The AC fully on, various types of lighting in the room, wall to wall carpet, and attached bathroom. The room was filled with erotic fragrance.

The landlady asked Priya to get herself comfortable by taking off her sandals and sit on the sofa. Then she grabbed the whiskey and ice from the side refrigerator. The landlady fixed two drinks and sat on the sofa just next to Priya. Well, they cheered and then started chatting to break the ice.

They finished the drink soon and the landlady fixed another round of drinks! From time to time, the landlady was adoring the beauty of Priya and her sex appeal. She was flirting and flattering Priya. The alcohol started taking its effect. Priya was about to finish her second drink, and so was the landlady.

Priya was trying her best to stay calm and composed. The drink started making her mind under the influence of alcohol to some extent. Her eyes started to close halfway! The landlady was watching the slightly drunk Priya very carefully. She made Priya finish her drink as she sipped her drink to finish.

And right at that time, the landlady’s African girlfriend ‘Simone’ made her entry into the bedroom. She joined them on the sofa by keeping Priya in between. Soon Simone was sitting on the sofa in a comfortable position. Priya noticed that she was in her gown now but with no bra and panties.

The landlady fixed 3 shots of Tequila for everyone so that Simone can enjoy the company as well. Next, the shot of Tequila started Priya to go drunk and high. However, Priya was still trying to keep herself composed. The landlady was making her efforts to seduce Priya slowly and effectively.

She was continuously making eye contact with Priya and then rolled over her eyes to her girlfriend with a smile. And then soon Priya felt the very first move. The landlady had stepped over her foot on Priya’s foot and she was rubbing slowly and seductively!

Next, the landlady sat next to Priya and put her hand around her neck by making her close. Her other hand was reaching to hold Priya’s breasts. In no time Priya felt the landlady’s mouth was being fused with her mouth. Then her lips are being kissed and sucked softly!

Priya made no resistance, rather submitting herself completely. The landlady started kissing Priya softly but soon got intense. Priya’s lips were sucked by the landlady through vigorous kissing. The other hand of the landlady already had penetrated Priya’s blouse. Her breasts were being pressed and grappled!

Priya was having the tongue of her landlady deep in her mouth now. Her lips were being sucked really hard time to time! The landlady was igniting the fire in Priya. One of her hand reached to Priya’s panties touching her private part slowly.

To be continued.

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Lusty Landlady With Discounted Rent

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