Madiha meets a ‘strange’ copassenger in the bus journey – Indian Landlord vs The Tenant Girl

Madiha meets a ‘strange’ copassenger in the bus journey – Indian Landlord vs The Tenant Girl

“One ticket to Hyderabad, please.” I begged.

“Don’t worry, madam,” he said, “I’ll get the best ticket possible, especially for you.” He then scanned me from head to toe. I adjusted my shawl to cover myself better.

With mascara under my eyes, hoop earrings, ruby roo lips, shiny semi transparent saree with sleeveless blouse and slingback heels. I didn’t look like a regular person who waits for the bus, but like someone who is about to down a few shots and hit the dance floor.

Also, Shrek uncle had made me wear my saree low on my waist so it showed my navel. My newly stitched blouse gave a bit of cleavage and covered almost nothing at my back. The shawl just didn’t have enough surface area to cover myself.

Our project had won the best project in our quarter, and we had a party to celebrate it. I had already booked train tickets to my hometown at 8pm, so Neha and I decided to leave by 6pm. The party was just an excuse for these middle aged uncles to drink without their wife nagging them. They started their colorful stories over drinks and totally ignored the fact that there were three women amongst their midst.

Finally, after some begging, my team-mate Vipul agreed to take us at 7pm but he totally overestimated his alcohol tolerance. He stopped the car midway and vomited all over the seat barely missing Neha. He requested a timeout to try and recover.

With no option remaining, I decided to take an auto rickshaw to the station. Neha always had the habit of packing strange things in her bag and thankfully she had an expensive pashmina shawl which I borrowed.

With the late evening traffic I ended up missing my train and went to the private bus station. Now I was sitting in the waiting room while the agent was making frantic calls. I was already feeling uncomfortable with everyone staring at me because of my out of place clothing.

“Good news madam,” the agent enthusiastically said “One seat, AC bus, semi sleeper. Happened because of my special recommendation.”

I gave him the smile that helped me get discounts and special offers from strangers and paid for the ticket. This bus had a different point of origin and was already nearly full. Thankfully, they decided to make a stop here to fill the empty seats.

The bus came after half an hour and didn’t waste much time. My seat was the second last row of a 2×2 seater towards the window side. A middle aged man in his mid 40’s also boarded and sat next to me. I didn’t even notice him because I was updating Neha over phone that I had managed to get a seat. Shrek uncle then pulled the phone off her and started telling me how much he missed me and wanted another threesome soon.

They switched off the interior lights after they left the station. The tiredness caused by the party and the alcohol made me drift off to sleep immediately. About 2 or 3 hours later I woke up due to a nasty bump in the road. I decided to doze back but realized that there was something on my thigh.

It was that stranger’s hand. I thought he might have accidentally put it there while sleeping. I was in two minds whether to remove it and risk disturbing his sleep, but then decided that he might just remove it himself when he realized it where it was and I went back to sleep.

However, after a few minutes, his hands started moving. I realized that it was a deliberate move thinking that I was asleep, and he was caressing my thighs over my saree.

I was taken aback by this move and was in a dilemma how to deal with it. I didn’t want to confront him as it might end up with other passengers beating him. So I pretended to move in my sleep and he immediately stopped and took off his hand.

Just when I thought that he understood his limits, he once again surprised me by putting his hand on my thigh again. This time he was definitely copping a feel and gently pressing them.

Seeing no reaction from me, he got bolder and put his hands into the shawl and started moving my pallu of the saree. His hand touched my waist and it was the first skin to skin contact. I got a mini shock and had goose bumps over my body. The low waist saree gave him more surface area to feel.

His hands were now caressing my waist and his fingers were running over it. He put his index finger into my navel and tickled it. I was breathing heavily as I wanted this to stop but didn’t know how to do it. We were in a bus full of people and the more freedom I allowed him, the deeper the hole I dug for myself.

His hands moved up and then he cupped one breast over my blouse. He pressed my boob like it was a lorry horn, and waited for me to react. Sensing no resistance from me, he did the same to the other one.

I thought this was the maximum he would go, but then he started removing the hooks of my blouse. I was astounded by his bravery, which was actually stupidity because a single light would make me the slut of the season. He quickly removed all the hooks and parted my blouse wide.

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He pulled down my shawl leaving my bra exposed. He then tried to pull my breasts out of my bra. With much difficulty, he was able to pull the right one out and he realized that he couldn’t pull out the other. He ran his finger over my nipple and I gave a soft moan.

He bent down and kissed my breasts and ran his tongue over my nipple. I guessed he must have known by now that I was no longer asleep as only a coma patient wouldn’t wake to this. I could hear the sound of his zipper and some adjustment. He pulled my left hand down and made me hold something. It was his erect penis. I guessed it was around 5 to 6 inches, which is decent enough to satisfy a woman.

I started giving him a hand job while he was suckling my breasts. He pulled my body and put his hands behind my back and kept searching for my bra. He finally found it and removed the strap with his two fingers. He pulled my bra down even more and exposed both of my breasts. Now he had the delicious choice of alternating between my breasts.

This went on for some time until the bus reached the state border toll booth. Most people had closed their windows with curtains but there was a lot of bright light trying to peek through the gaps. I immediately pushed him away and pulled up the shawl over myself.

We waited silently as the driver was getting his permit verified. The bus finally moved on and once again started driving beyond the street lights.

Once we were in the dark, he immediately pulled my shawl off and threw it on the floor. With a bit of urgency and arrogance, he hastily removed my blouse and bra and also threw them on the floor. He grabbed my shoulders and made me turn towards him and started sucking my breasts.

I was now completely topless and my eyes kept moving across the bus to see if I could spot any movement from the other passengers, but they were all sound asleep and didn’t know a live porn movie was going on next to them.

He now started pulling my saree and petticoat up and bunched them on my waist. My panties, which were already wet, were now exposed. He put a hand inside and started rubbing my clit. I had to cover my mouth to stop moaning out loud.

He pulled down the panties until they were on the floor along with the shawl, blouse and bra. Now I was almost nude except for the saree bunched on my waist. He bent down and started sucking on my vagina. I took a piece of the pallu in my mouth and bit them hard to avoid making any sound.

He kept sucking while one of his hands played with my breasts. The other was rubbing my clit. He then fingered me vigorously as my body started convulsing. I finally had my orgasm and he kept drinking the juice, but most of it stained the seat.

He got up and kissed me on my lips. I don’t know why almost every man I’ve been with does this after cunnilingus. Then he turned me around and tried to bend me down. My breasts were now pressed against the windows of the bus. He pulled out his erect cock and tried to stick me from behind.

After a few attempts, we realized that it was impossible to do it here due to the lack of space. I could ride him cowgirl but that would grab the attention of others. So we decided to drop the plan altogether.

I felt sad for him so I made him sit on his seat and bent down and started giving him a blow job. Actually, average penises are good for a blowjob as you can swallow them fully without fearing damage to your vocal chords. He was holding my head to guide me better.

After around 10 minutes, he finally came. I tried to drink it all but it was too much. He took Neha’s pashmina shawl and cleaned it up. I guessed I would have to avoid mentioning that when I told her the story. While I was trying to put my bra and blouse back on, he swiftly took my panties off the floor and put them in his pocket. I realized that I wasn’t getting them back.

I was so tired that I immediately slept it off. I only woke up in the morning when the bus was already in the city. I immediately looked at the guy next to me. He wasn’t handsome but not bad looking either. He was scanning my body. It looked like he was disappointed that he was able to play with my boobs but didn’t get to see them.

He then started getting his things ready as his stop was coming up. He was very stoic as if I was some random passenger, but before he left he dropped a card on the seat.

I took it when he left, it had a 10 digit number scribbled on it,most probably his phone number. I realized that we didn’t even speak a single word all the time we were in the bus. I was in two minds whether to keep or throw the card.

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I made my decision. I immediately pulled my cell phone and dialed Neha.


“You won’t believe what happened…”I was having ‘quality time at home’ which translates to eating my dinner while my father was watching the news channel and my mother working in the kitchen. We have developed this routine from childhood where we don’t talk much unless we need to. Nowadays I’m avoiding conversations even more as it’ll end up with them mentioning a ‘sweet’ guy I should meet so that they can discuss the marriage with his parents. I’m now praying for an onsite opportunity so that I can shut up this talk for a while.

“Shuruga blah blah something something in Japanese…” started blasting from my phone. It was the Death Note ringtone which Neha configured in my mobile as her personal caller ID. I know it sounds strange why she should set her tune in another’s phone, but that’s how Neha is.

I looked at my dad and his eyes moved slightly and one of his eyebrows was raised. He didn’t like anyone answering the phone while eating, although we used to do the same when he had a landline before the mobile revolution. He was daring me to answer it. I immediately cut the call and kept it on the table. He then turned his attention back to the TV.

“SHURUGA …” I immediately picked it up and cut it off. This time my dad turned his neck and gave a slight frown. But I knew Neha. Once she wants to call you, she will keep trying until you pick it up.

The third time I didn’t wait for it to ring and immediately picked it up. I barely said hello before Neha started babbling.

“OH MADIHA, YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!” shrieked Neha in her high pitched anime girl voice, which indicated that she was pretty excited.

“Can’t it wait?” I whispered.

“NO, THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT, I NEED YOUR HELP. I JUST HAVE TO TELL IT NOW!!” I turned and observed my dad looking at me with dead eyes, disgusted how half his DNA doesn’t have any characteristics of him.

“It’s my teammate Neha, there’s some issue at the office,” I explained half-heartedly, hoping he would buy it. I turned back to the phone.

“What? The batch process fetched the wrong employees. Did you check the parameters?” I started talking more IT jargon as I left the plate and washed my hands in the sink, then walked quickly to the safety of my bedroom.

“What are you even talking about?” exclaimed Neha, “We are not even in production support to work today.” I sighed. It was no use trying to explain that I had to make up a story to get away from my parents.

“Leave it, now tell me what’s so important to disturb me in the middle of my dinner?” I asked.

“Didn’t you call me in the middle of my sleep to tell about your bus adventure?” she retorted.

“Ok, fair point. Now tell me what happened?”

“You won’t believe what…” She started again.

“Are you pregnant?” I asked.

“NOOOO,” her anime voice came back “I’m on the pill, remember?”

“Did Fiona walk in on you?”

“She is in her native place, remember?” she said back. Yes, the Shrek mouse was having a party while the Fiona cat was away.

“Then there is nothing important. Bye.” I said.

“No no no!” she screamed “Don’t cut the call! I need to tell you what uncle did today.”

“What’s there to explain?” I said, “He has tried all poses of Kama sutra with us.”

‘Or the ones his fat body was capable of,’ I thought to myself.

“No, today was so different. We did it outdoors and almost got caught many times.” I could sense her blushing at the other end.

“What?” My eyes went as big as saucers. “Did you just say outdoors?”

“Yes!” she replied.

“What the hell do you mean by you almost got caught?” I interrogated her.

“Well, they walked in on us while we were doing it, but it’s no big deal,” she replied.

“No big deal?” I fumed in anger “Do you even realize how stupid you were? What if that bites you back in the future?”

“Don’t worry, that’s why uncle took us to a place 30 km away from the city.”

“Still, a single picture can screw your life. Don’t you know everyone has a mobile these days?”

“Arey baba, we aren’t that dumb!” Neha replied grumpily.

‘Oh girl, you are.’ I thought. “Ok, so tell me what happened.” This story was getting interesting.

“So after you left yesterday for the train station, I called Shrek uncle and he came to pick me up on his scooter. Your workmate Vipul was actually relieved. He was still vomiting from all the alcohol he drank at the party, and he couldn’t drive anywhere. But you know what uncle did when we got home?”

“Well his wife wasn’t home, you were dressed in that semi-transparent saree with noodle strap blouse and most of all, and he is a shameless horny bastard.” I said sarcastically “No shit Sherlock, I know exactly what happened when you got home. In fact, I would be surprised if he didn’t lay a hand on you. But that would mean the world will be coming to an end.”

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“Oh yeah, spaketh the lady who gave a blowjob to a stranger on a bus…” retorted Neha.

“Ok ok ok,” I tried to calm her “let’s not get into specifics.”

“The moment we got home, he hardly waited for me to lock the door. Immediately he pinned me against the wall. He pulled down the pallu of my saree. Then he tore down the straps of my blouse and pulled out my breasts. While he was suckling them, he began pulling up my saree and petticoat. With frenzy, he once again tore my panties. He pulled out his dick and then started fucking me in the standing position itself with me sandwiched between him and the wall.”

I could hear the disgust, but also excitement in her voice. Shrek looked like his movie namesake, but he knew he could do anything to us because he was our landlord. Unless his ogre wife found out.

“I could no longer handle it and hugged him tight and wrapped my legs around him. This went on until we both came. Then he pushed me on the bed and started removing my saree finally…”

“Wait wait wait,” I interrupted, “you said something about public sex and almost getting caught etc. But this is just the plain stuff he normally does.”

“Well Madiha,” she replied, “you should know that patience is a virtue and we will come to that.”

“But,” I replied “I left my dinner halfway and got the telltale Stare from my dad. I need to get back soon.”

“Don’t worry madam,” assured Neha “I’ll be crisp and finish it in five more minutes.”

I sighed as her “five minutes” meant a different time every time. And never just five minutes.

Neha continued, “So he fulfilled his desire of fucking me in the saree and he then stripped me nude. He made me blow him off and then some 69 and after that some doggie. Then you called and it was fun talking to you while he was pounding me. Then I rode him till we were tired and slept off.

The next morning you called me and it woke me up from a deep sleep, but uncle wasn’t there. On the chair, there was this Pikachu t-shirt and the knee-length skirt of mine which I understood was meant for me. I freshened up and took a bath.

Shrek then arrived with two packets of hot idly and sambhar. We ate them and he said we should go out and buy some vegetables. I knew it was a trap but that only made me excited. When I picked up my scooter key, he said doesn’t worry as he had better transport available. When I went outside, it was a mid-range hatchback SUV.”

“Since when did he buy an SUV?” I asked. Shrek was a miser and he found a way to eat at our expense many times.

“I too asked the same.” replied Neha, “He said a friend had loaned it to him. I saw that the backseat was folded to make a bigger space and knew he had something sinister in mind. He then drove the car and instead of going to the nearby market, he started heading outside the city limits. When I asked him why he said the vegetables are fresher outside the city.”

Indian cities might look modern, but if you move 50 km away you will be transported almost back in time to post-independence era.

“So we reached a small town.” continued Neha “and he stopped the car and said we will buy vegetables but first he wanted me to remove my bra and panties.”

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. These small towns would pass dirty looks if you don’t wear a duppata over churidar, let alone a woman wearing a t-shirt and skirt. The last thing you would want to do is to go braless. “Please tell me you didn’t.”

Neha kept quiet and I understood what might have happened. ” What the fuck Neha, how can you be so naive? I would have asked him to go fuck himself.”

“Oh you mean that girl who had her bra and panties on the floor in a crowded bus while giving blowjob to a stranger she just met?” countered Neha.

“That’s different,” I tried to reason but I knew I had no moral high ground. “Ok, continue.”

“So after thinking for a while, I finally removed my bra from under my t-shirt and slid down the panties and gave them to him. We went to the market and naturally everyone was staring at me. Shrek whispered in my ear ‘How does it feels about the fact that no one except me knows I’m not wearing any panties?’ I ended up feeling really excited over the staring more than being disgusted. I could feel myself getting moist and my nipples getting erect. I knew it wasn’t ideal but I had no control.

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Madiha meets a ‘strange’ copassenger in the bus journey – Indian Landlord vs The Tenant Girl

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