Making Out In The Open

Making Out In The Open

Hi, there again, Irfan here with a story about my gay life, where I was making out in the open. Though I am not gay and had my fair share of girlfriends and also had sex with them. I am bisexual.

Coming to the story. I got to know this guy through Facebook. Let’s call him AK, very genuine and a nice person. Initially, we chatted for many days, exchanged pics. We exchanged numbers, then we thought we were attracted to each other, then we finally decided to meet.

Our first few meetings were very casual, a coffee and long talks. We used to meet very frequently, almost like every weekend. As usual, we decided to meet but this time at Lower Parel station and that too on a Friday. As our shift timings had drastically changed, meetings were only for a few minutes.

We had decided to meet at around 9 pm as his shift would begin at 11 pm. I was there 10 minutes before 9. He also came in the next 5 minutes. It was around August, wherein monsoon was at its best in Mumbai. But thank god, the rain wasn’t pouring at that time.

We decided to take a walk around the nearby area. We motioned ourselves, talking to each other. We took a packet of chips and a cold drink to accompany us. We wandered around the industrial area beside the station, wherein small offices or small scale industries are situated.

As it was monsoon time, people had already left their offices. It was a very quiet place with very few people around. It was dark in most parts of the area as the street lights were not working.

To avoid any doubts, we kept walking around. We finally saw a spot where few bikes were parked. We decide to sit on the bikes and continue our talk.

Suddenly it started to drizzle. So we ran for a shelter under a building. A truck was parked beside the building. It was giving us the right amount of protection from the rain and making us invisible from others.

Taking advantage of that, AK suddenly just kissed me on my cheeks. I was totally shocked by his sudden actions, as he never kissed me before. I gave him a shy kind of smile, which he took as a green signal to continue. He started to pour in kisses on my cheeks and forehead.

I was liking it and equally reciprocating kissing him. For a moment, we completely forgot we were in the open, and someone might catch us. We came back to our senses. But both of us wanted to continue it. So we decided to be more careful and watch along while we continue our acts.

Now AK kissed me on the lips. Soon that kiss turned to a long smooch. We were exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. It was an awesome feeling smooching a guy after such a long time. We were kissing each other like anything. In the meanwhile, we were also keeping an eye on our surroundings.

While kissing, AK started to explore my body. He put his hand under my t-shirt and pressed my boobs, and pinching my nipples. I was moaning like a girl. Slowly he lifted my t-shirt to my chest and started to suck my nipples. It was making me feel like a girl.

Meanwhile, I got hold of his manhood over his pants, which were completely erect by now. I started massaging over it. He let go of my nipples and pulled down his zip, and I pulled out his cock. I was giving him a hand job, but he wanted something more from me.

He whispered to me to go down and give him a blowjob right there, too. I completely denied it as it was a bit risky. Because we will not get time to even adjust ourselves if anyone comes. But he was very adamant and wanted me to go down to give him a blowjob asap.

He assured me that he will keep an eye everywhere. So I thought, “Let’s do it!” Keeping my fingers crossed that no one should catch us, I went down. I took his dick in my mouth, and there I was, giving a blowjob to a guy, in the open, and it was still drizzling.

Though I was very nervous, I liked it, and the atmosphere was even making it more romantic and steamier. I continue to go back and forth on his dick, giving him a blowjob. He was truly enjoying that.

It had been 10 minutes, giving him a blowjob, and there were no signs of him cumming. I increased a bit of my speed. In the next couple of minutes, he came in my mouth, pouring a huge load inside my throat.

Though I am not a good cocksucker, AK had surely enjoyed it, which was clearly seen on his face. He asked me to lower my pants until my thighs and turned around. I thought he wanted to fuck me there. But no, he had some other plans.

He went down and started to lick my man pussy (ass hole). He was returning the favor for the blowjob. During our chats, I had already told him that I like it if someone licks my ass. It makes me feel like a girl and makes me cum without even touching my dick.

I was not still not believing it. Those things were happening in the open. While he was eating my ass, I was moaning like a girl. But I made sure my voice was not too loud for others to hear. His tongue was doing magic. In between, he was also finger fucking me, which made me hornier.

I felt like I was in seventh heaven. After a few shots, I couldn’t control and spurted a huge load on the ground. He got up, and we smooched again. He helped buckle my pants up, as I felt weak in my knees after such a huge orgasm.

He whispered in my ears, next time around, he wants to fuck my ass and make the best possible love to me. I kissed him on his lips and said we will surely plan it.

We checked the time. It was around 10:30 pm, and he had to report to work. And so we moved towards his office. It was a walking distance from Lower Parel station. We said bye to each other once we reach his office building with a promise to meet again.

It will be a pleasure to get your feedback on the above story about the erotic Mumbai tale of a bisexual. You can mail me on [email protected]

Making Out In The Open