Married Indian woman starts affair with American White Boss

Married Indian woman starts affair with American White Boss

Lalita Deshpande was standing below shower as water poured over her naked body. She made sure that all her body was wet with water before turning off the water tap. Her hair was completely soaked and was spread across her back. She picked up the soap and started soaping her body. As she touched her breasts while soaping them, suddenly a strange feeling passed through her body. She opened her eyes and looked in the full length mirror in front of her. All her breasts were covered with soap bubbles and soap. She slowly took both her breasts in her hand and slowly started rubbing them. She loved the feeling playing with her breasts as her tits began to grow larger in her hands. She had lovely full 30 D breasts. Her body was slim, but her breasts were pretty big and full and she often got lots of glances from people.

But today she was very confused about her own beauty. The reason she was confused about her own feeling was Travis. She was 26, married to Avinash, her husband for 6 years now. She was working for an American MNC for last 4 years as a developer. She couldn’t have said that she was unhappy in her marriage. However, she also couldn’t positively say that she was happy either.

She had had an arranged marriage. When she had married Avinash, she was hoping to get settled in US. She had married Avinash because he was a green card holder in US. However, just after they had got married, Avinash lost his job in US in severe wave of recession. She clung on the hope that he would find another one quickly. However, jobs were scarce and he was not the only one who had lost job. Millions of resumes had flooded the US market and there was fierce competition for jobs on offer. As Avinash continued to stay in US, the costs associated with maintaining himself there mounted. Finally after 1 year, he came back to India and found a job in Mumbai. All the American dreams that Lalita had were shattered. Avinash and she rented a flat in Thane and soon settled there. Lalita also got a job in software and soon years passed by.

Two years back, she changed her job and started working for MNC. It was a food products company. It was here that she had met Travis.

Soon after she had joined it, she had started reporting to him. Travis was pretty rough and hard kind of guy. He was 30, divorced. There was a rude and mean nature streak in him. However, there was no doubt that he was very smart. He was efficient and smart. He knew how to get work done and his juniors feared him. However, he had a way with women. Soon after she started working for him, Lalita understood how to handle him. It helped that she was a woman, and quite beautiful one at that. Travis often held video conference calls with all his juniors and she noticed quickly that she was the one who often held his gaze. She was smart enough to understand this and get benefits from this. She developed good relationship with Travis.

So soon her salary increased very quickly. At a time when no other employee got more than 5 % of hike, she got almost 20 %. She got promoted twice in two years and was now directly reporting to Travis. Travis was still rude and unpleasant with others, but he was quite mellow and good nature with her. He often flirted with her outrageously and commented on her body.

But at the time she benefited from him, she understood that Travis was getting attracted towards her and didn’t mind a bit of flirting herself. It wasn’t that that was bothering her. What was bothering her was the fact that even she was feeling attracted towards him. Initially she had dismissed her attraction as nothing but a passing fancy. But she could not fool herself that she was not attracted towards him. And finally after lot of time, she had finally accepted his advances and accepted that she also was attracted towards him. And now he had come to India for 6 months visit.

So here she was getting ready for a date with Travis. Her husband had no inkling of what she was going to do.

As she slowly rubbed her breasts in the shower now, she was imagining how Travis’ hands would feel on her tits. And her cunt was soaking thinking about Travis’ hands between her thighs and slowly rubbing her cunt lips.

The doorbell brought her in reality and she quickly cleaned herself and wrapped her towel around her body. She quickly went out and checked through the key hole. It was her husband Avinash. She confirmed that there was no one outside and then opened the door slightly. Avinash pushed the door and came in quickly. Lalita closed the door behind him and walked back to the door. She had her towel wrapped around her body and her hair was soaking wet. She felt a pang of pity that her husband hadn’t even looked at her when he came in. She thought to herself what a poor wimp he was. She pulled out another towel from the cupboard and slowly started rubbing her hair with it.

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“How was your day darling?”Avinash asked as he undressed himself. Lalita had put the towel on the chair and she was now sitting in front on the mirror. She pulled out a drawer and started drying her hair.

“It was ok. How was yours?”She asked as the drier buzzed in her hand.

“It was good. We had lot of work today.”Avinash said in a low tone. He normally didn’t like to work on Saturdays and today he had had a hard day.

“I am going out with my office friends tonight. I may be late. The dinner is on the table. You can just heat it and have dinner.” Avinash looked up at her surprised.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before? I could have had my dinner outside and you need not have to cook then. Where are you going anyway?” Lalita had now taken up a comb and she was brushing her hair neatly.

“It’s an office party. But I don’t know where it is. Actually it was planned just yesterday.”Lalita pulled out a chop from the drawer and tied her hair with it. Then she spread it on her back neatly.

“What time will you be back?”Avinash started to remove his clothes and get ready for a shower.

“I should be back around 1. It will be late so I am taking the latch key. You can sleep without worries.”She got up from the chair and went to the cupboard to draw out her makeup box.

“Lalita, 1 is not late, it’s very late.”He opened the cupboard and picked up his towel. She was not starting to feel angry with all his questioning.

“Avinash, when you go out for your office parties, I never asked you what time you will come. You often stay out whole night. Did I ever ask you? So please don’t ask me what time I will come.”She snapped at him. Avinash looked stunned at her response as she had never talked back to him in this manner.

“There is no need to be angry about it. I am just asking.”He opened the bathroom door and went in.

“Then don’t ask me about it.”Lalita shouted at him. She was probably overreacting as even she would have asked same questions if he had been staying late. But she was nervous as hell right now. She knew that she was cheating on her husband, but she couldn’t help it. She was feeling a strange attraction towards Travis. She opened the cupboard while Avinash was in bathroom. She pulled out a new set of bra and panties that she had bought some time back. She looked once more at the door. Avinash was still inside and she knew that he takes some time for shower. She didn’t want him to know that she was wearing this bra and panties. It was imported from France. Its material was satin and it was very thin and transparent. It was red colored and bra cups were very small so that over half of her breasts would be outside the cup.

She quickly removed her towel and slowly put her hands through the bra and adjusted the bra cups to fit on her breasts. The bra cups were horizontal rather than diagonal. She adjusted the cups so that her nipples would be naked and the line of the cup was just below the nipples. She then put on panties as well. Finally she put on a white sleeveless top and black short knee length skirt. She noticed that her nipples were clearly protruding through the soft material of the white top. Then she sat down in front of the full length mirror and started brushing her lovely shoulder length hair.

She brushed the hair neatly and then allowed it to flow on her back. She normally tied her hair with a chop or hair clip. But today she decided to keep it open. She pulled out her perfume and then sprayed it on her clothes. Also she sprayed some deodorant under her clean shaven arms. Finally she applied some light make up on her face and applied a dark red lip stick on her lips.

Just as Avinash got out of the bathroom, she picked up her purse and slung it on her shoulder.

“I am going out. I will be back by 1 at the most.”She kissed him on the cheek lightly and smiled up to him. Avinash visibly melted and kissed her back lightly.

“OK, take care of yourself and drive carefully.”He smiled at her again and walked towards the exit.

When she reached Travis’s hotel, she called him. She drove in the hotel’s parking lot and parked the car.

‘Hey baby, where are you? I am waiting for you.” Travis picked up the call almost immediately as if he was waiting for her call. She got out of the car and locked it and started walking towards the hotel lobby.

“I have just parked my car and coming to lobby. Where will you meet me?”Her high heels were making lot of noise on the floor as she walked.

“Why don’t you come directly to my bedroom? In fact I want you to come to my bedroom.”Lalita smiled as she had almost reached the hotel reception.

“All right, I will come. What is your room number?” She asked him as she stopped for a moment.

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“It’s 1208. It’s just to the left side of the lift.”She nodded to the receptionist.

“All right, I will be there.”She disconnected the call and smiled at the receptionist.

“Hi, I am here to meet Travis. He is staying in 1208.”Receptionist smiled back at her and replied cordially.


“What is your name madam?”She picked up the phone in front of her and asked.

“It’s Lalita. He is expecting me.”She nodded and dialed the room number. She informed Travis and immediately nodded. Then she put the phone down and pointed towards the lift.

“You can use that lift madam. Have a nice day.”She smiled as Lalita turned back and walked towards the lift.

She entered the lift and pressed the button for the 12th floor. The lift was pretty quick and she reached the 12th floor almost immediately. She was nervous as hell. She knew what awaited her and she knew she was going to cheat on her husband with a white man. And she knew her reasons were not just for sex.

Travis opened the door to his suite almost immediately she knocked on the door. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at him. He towered over her looking exceedingly handsome in a black shirt and blue jeans. Black shirt looked great on his white skin.

“Wow baby, you look great in western clothes. I had never seen you before in western clothes though.”He moved aside to give her space to get in. Lalita smiled at him as she came inside.

“Well if you are meeting a western man, you should wear western, isn’t it? Or did you prefer me wearing Indian clothes?”Travis closed the door and turned around to face Lalita. She was looking around the room.

“Well you look beautiful in Indian clothes. But you look absolutely sexy in western.”Lalita blushed as she noticed his eyes dropped to lovely curve of her tits that was stretching fabric of her white top.

“So what do you like more? Do you like Beautiful or sexy?”Travis walked back towards her as she sat on the sofa.

“That depends on the time of the day baby. I guess I like you beautiful during the day, but sexy around night time.”Travis’ eyes roamed on her body from top to bottom as she felt a warm feeling in her body. She felt there was a strange lust in his eyes as his eyes stopped for a moment on her tits.

“So I guess I have dressed correctly, isn’t it?”She sat down on the sofa and put her purse down.

“Yes, I guess so. You look damn sexy right now. Would you like to have some drink? I know you drink vodka. I have some in the fridge. “Travis pointed to the fridge.

“Sure. I will have some as long as you accompany me. But don’t worry; I will get a drink for both of us. I think it’s a woman’s job.” It had never been her habit to drink alone. In fact she never even drank with her husband as he was a teetoller. She sometimes drank with her friends, but even then she never told her husband about it.

“Now that’s what I love about Indian women. I will have some whiskey for me though. I am not much into vodka. She walked towards the fridge as Travis watched her swaying ass. Her big ass looked even sexier as Lalita bent down to open the small fridge and she removed 2 bottles. One was of vodka and other whiskey as Travis wanted. She placed the bottles on a small table beside the fridge and then picked up 2 wine glasses from the fridge. She opened one bottle at a time and slowly poured each drink the one glass. Then she picked them up and slowly walked towards Travis who was sitting on the sofa.

She offered one glass to Travis and sat down beside him on the sofa. She turned towards Travis and then crossed her legs. Her skirt was riding high on her thighs as sat down. Travis’ eyes were riveted on her naked thighs now. She slowly drank from her glass as she noticed Travis looking at her thighs and blushed. Travis also drank from his glass as they both stared into each other’s eyes. Lalita was playing with her mangalsutra with her hand as she drank her wine.

“What is that?” Travis pointed towards her mangalsutra.

“It is called Mangalsutra. It’s a jewel that Indian women wear for their husband. It is like your wedding ring.” But even as Lalita explained, she felt odd about it. She was wearing a jewel for her husband and she was sitting with her boss in his hotel room and quite ready to cheat on her husband.

“It is nice and looks pretty expensive. Can I see it?” Travis extended his hand and took it and looked at it carefully.

“So does every woman wear this for her husband?” Travis slowly left it, but not before touching her cleavage. Lalita blushed and went red at his touch.

“Yes every Indian woman does this.” She noticed that his glass was empty.

“Can I get you another drink?” She extended her hand to get his glass. But Travis took her hand in his.

“You can give me another drink baby, but not from that bottle. I want another drink from those lovely honey pots down there.” His eyes wandered towards her big 36 D boobs. Lalita’s cheeks turned pink as she noticed his eyes on her boobs. She had always wanted this. She had always thought Travis was attractive and sexy. Travis was quite dominant and aggressive man. She admired that trait in him. And now as she imagined his big hands on her breasts, she felt wet.

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As she looked on him, she noticed that how big his hands were. He was a big man, almost 6 feet 3 inch tall compared to her small frame of 5 feet 3 inch. She looked in his eyes and blushed again.

“You are so direct and rude. Is that the way to talk to a woman?” But even as she said this, Travis wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him.

“I don’t like beating about the bush baby.” Travis grabbed her hair roughly and then pulled her face towards him and kissed her hard. Lalita was surprised by his roughness, but also delighted. This roughness, the feeling of just giving herself up to a powerful mane was what she had always wanted. This was something that her soft husband had never given her. For the first time her life, she just wanted to surrender herself to a powerful man. And she did just that. Her body went limp as she opened her mouth for Travis and let her body loose. Travis’s hands were rubbing all over Lalita’s body now as he kissed her mouth hard. Lalita was moaning in his mouth as she enjoyed Travis’s rough hands on her naked arms as caressed them.

Slowly Travis moved both his hands to Lalita’s breasts and squeezed them roughly. Lalita stiffened a bit, but recovered quickly. Travis broke the kiss as she was breathing heavily now.

But then Travis slowly pushed Lalita back on the sofa and she was reclining on the arm of sofa and Travis quickly came on top of her. She tucked her hair so that it was lying below sofa arm and then touched Travis’ face with her hands. Travis held her face with both hands and then started kissing her lips and face.

“You know darling, I always wanted to get an Indian woman.” Travis sighed as he kissed Lalita’s neck and moved his face towards her boobs. Travis moved both his hands and touched her boobs and slowly started squeezing them.

“And why is that? What is so special about Indian women?” She sighed as Travis kept kissing her neck. Lalita was getting wet and her creamy thighs were soaking with her own juices. Travis moved her hands on her naked arms started to caress them slowly.

“They have lovely dark skin and they don’t have this entire fad about being slim. You are not slim, but have nice full curvy body. And Indian women are pretty submissive and they are in a kind of awe of white men. I always enjoy that submissiveness in women.” At this point, Travis squeezed her tits harder and Lalita moaned in pain but also pleasure. Travis looked right into her eyes.

“So do you think I am submissive to you and I am in awe of white men?” She wrapped her arms around his waist and slowly kissed his lips. Travis also moved his hands under her body and slowly moved them lower on her body till he reached her lovely big ass.

“Of course you are in awe of me baby. And right from the first day I met you, I knew you would love to submit to a strong white man like me. Don’t you agree?” She didn’t know what to tell him. But in her mind she always knew that Travis was right. She had always liked strong powerful men. Her husband was too weak and sometimes she just hated his weakness. She would have liked her lover to be strong and dashing. She would have liked a bit of variety in her sex life rather than mundane sex she had with her husband in missionary position all the time. She would have liked someone who would tie her up to the bed and then fuck her mercilessly. With her husband, she didn’t even squeal in bed. She would have liked a strong man taking her from behind till she screamed with delight. She would have loved to submit to a strong man completely rather than being with her wimp husband. It didn’t really matter whether that man is white or Muslim. But she would have liked that. She touched Travis’ face and slowly rubbed her cheeks against his beard.

“Yes Travis, I would very much like to submit to a strong white man like you. I would like to writhe under you as you fuck me. I would like to be under your power and do whatever it takes to please you. Although I don’t know how that is possible. You are in US and I am stuck in Mumbai.” Travis moved his hand behind her neck and slowly kissed her lips.

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Married Indian woman starts affair with American White Boss

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