Married Pakistani woman’s ultimate sex ride with father

Married Pakistani woman’s ultimate sex ride with father

Shabana hung up, disheartened, and lay on her bed. The reason was obvious. Her husband, Azam, once again gave excuses for not being able to visit home. They had been married for over two years, and Azam had left her at home in their village near Lahore to resume his job there. Since then, it hadn’t been more than three times that he had come home to meet his wife.

Shabana knew the motives behind Azam’s excuses. It was not that Azam didn’t like his wife or she was not pretty. But on their wedding night, Azam had confessed to Shabana that he was impotent. His father, Nadir Khan, was the Chaudhary (Lord) of the village and had forced Azam to marry Shabana. Besides, no one in Azam’s family was aware of his impotency. So at the age of just over thirty and married for a little over two years, Shabana was yet to be satisfied fully like a married woman. Azam had found a job in Lahore just before marriage and had a good excuse: that he could not get a leave from work. Azam had two other brothers and both were happily married and had a number of kids. But it was only in Shabana’s fate that she was still deprived of full marital pleasures. Despite his impotency, Azam had tried his best to keep Shabana happy by sending lots of money and gifts from Lahore. Perhaps it was because of the love expressed by Azam that Shabana had never told anyone about her husband’s impotency.

Her thoughts were disrupted from the knock on her door. Shabana opened the door and found her father-in-law, Nadir Khan, standing in front of her. After saying salaam (greetings) to him, she stood aside, and Nadir Khan entered the room, bolting the door behind him. This was strange, as he’d never entered her room when she was alone and today he’d not only entered but had also bolted the door. Shabana was prying about him as Nadir Khan sat on the sofa tapping it gently. This was the indication for Shabana to sit beside him. Reluctantly, she sat on the sofa with her father-in-law. Her mind was boggled, and she was thinking of a possible reason for Nadir Khan’s arrival and his peculiar set of actions when Nadir Khan uttered, “Surprised? You must be. But I have a reason for this.”

Shabana could only say in reply, “It’s not like that, abba jee (father).”

Nadir Khan smiled, then said, “So Azam’s again not coming? Hmm, I guess he’s timid about facing you. And I know the reason behind his coyness.”

Shabana was astounded. Does he know about Azam’s impotency? But how? she was asking herself. She eyed her father-in-law, who was grinning.

“Don’t be troubled by this. I’ve known this for years.” Nadir Khan said.

Shabana couldn’t help but wonder why in the world he had got his son married to her if he was aware of his incapability to have sex. But she could only utter, “Gee.”

“We were inducing him for marriage. He was aware of his condition and kept refusing, but he had to marry. Finding no way out, he came to me one day and owned up in front of me, pleading not to insist on his marrying. At first, I was shocked. But then I soothed him. I let him understand how important it was for him to marry, as we’re Chaudhries of this village and people would start speculating if he didn’t get married. I told him I was going to treat him with a very renowned hakeem (a doctor treating patients with herbal medicines) and that he would be potent in a few weeks. Finally, he succumbed to pressure and that’s how you two got married. But unfortunately, despite the best efforts put in by the hakeem, Azam’s condition could only improve fractionally.” Nadir Khan paused for a moment, then continued, “I’m still awaiting his first child to be born, but now it seems unlikely to happen. A few more months, and people of the village and in our family will start speculating, and the news of his illness will be on everyone’s tongue. The esteem and pride of our family will be hurt badly.”

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Though embarrassed, Shabana somehow mustered up some courage to look into her father in law’s eyes and murmur, “I thought I was the only one who knew Azam’s secret. Anyway, is there still something I can do about it? ”

The words that came out of her father-in-law’s tongue in reply jolted Shabana from head to toe. “I’m not used to playing games. Straightforwardly, I have to breed you to save the honor of my family and of my son as well.” There was conviction in Nadir Khan’s voice. Shabana couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

Nadir Khan stood up and started to leave the room. But before unbolting the door, he said, “I’ll be waiting for you tonight in my bedroom. Take your time, but I’ll want you to comply with what I want from you. This will not continue once you’re pregnant.” His tone was authoritative. The door was shut. Nadir Khan had gone, leaving Shabana still trying to believe her ears. At first, the thought of having sex with her father-in-law was disgusting. It was true that she’d been deprived of full sexual pleasures since her marriage and there were times when she simply wanted to cheat on her husband to fulfill her desires, though she had success in restraining herself from betraying. But she had never thought of having sex with her father in law.

She kept musing upon the dialogue with Nadir Khan and the command with which he’d asked her to bow before him. She could not escape. Nadir Khan was the head of the family, and a very strict and authoritative one. Even if she told someone about his proposal, no one would dare to believe her or to take any steps against Nadir Khan. Instead, Nadir Khan would defame her honor and accuse her of adultery. She won’t be able to find a place to hide and could not face even her own family.

But then there was something that was inciting her. So what if Nadir Khan was her father- in-law? So what if it was infidelity if she had sex with him? After all, she had her own sexual desires like every woman, although she had tried hard to keep those desires suppressed so far. If having sex with someone else meant cheating on her husband, then what did Azam and his family’s untruthfulness at the time of her marriage mean? They too had cheated her. And now she had every right to settle the score. This sudden and long-held-back thought of being deceived by her husband and his family was now starting to bring about rebellious feelings. She wanted to avenge herself, and this was the time. She wanted sexual satisfaction, and the time had come.

Then she started thinking about how it would feel to sleep with her father-in-law. She didn’t realize it, but there was a desire for taboo sex somewhere deep inside her heart. And that desire was now overpowering her senses and stimulating her.

Nadir Khan, though in his early seventies, still looked not older than 60. He had very well maintained his health and fitness and still possessed a solid bearing. He was tall and weighed around 160lbs. He was still as powerful as he would be around his forties. And he was a man who knew how to keep secrets. She knew that no one would ever know about her sexual affair with Nadir Khan. She could enjoy the intimate pleasure with him without any fear of being caught.

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Shabana drifted off shortly but not before making up her mind. She’d decided she wouldn’t let this opportunity of finally having sex slip away.

At just before midnight, dressed in tight blouse with a vivid sexy saree (dress), Shabana knocked the door of Nadir Khan’s bedroom. Everyone was asleep by then. Nadir Khan’s wife (Shabana’s mother-in-law) had expired years ago, so he lived and slept alone. Nadir Khan opened the door and, with a wicked smile on his face, nodded Shabana to step in.


The room was semidark. Nadir Khan locked the door behind her and, holding Shabana’s arm, he said, “I knew you would come. You’ve been burning in the flames of your sexual desire. It’s time you got satisfied.” Having made up her mind, Shabana had dispelled the fear, shyness and disgust, and was now fully prepared for what was going to be the most exciting experience of her life. She replied with a smile, “I hope you know how to satisfy a woman. I hope you’re a complete man in bed, unlike your son.”

“I can assure you won’t regret your decision to sleep with me,” Nadir Khan pledged with amusement. Saying that, he pulled Shabana into his arms, caressing her breasts and running his hand on her back and down to her hips.

Excitement overwhelmed Shabana’s senses. She wrapped her arms around Nadir Khan. Nadir Khan pressed his lips to Shabana’s, French-kissing her, moving her tongue in her mouth and sucking her tongue with his lips. They kissed passionately for several minutes.

“We shouldn’t waste time. Let’s get to business.” Nadir Khan signaled Shabana to move onto the bed.

“Yeah, I’ve already waited for this moment for too long.” Shabana’s voice was filled with elation. In no time, they were on bed undressing each other. Nadir Khan wasted no time in removing Shabana’s dress and unhooking her bra. Shabana too was quick to help him get rid of his clothes. She was amazed to witness her father-in-law’s slender, 8-inch-long dick. It looked slightly limp with layers of older flesh on it, but as soon as she held it in her hand, it stood almost vertically with full erection.

Nadir Khan was busy playing with her breasts, fondling and licking them. He was squeezing them with both hands. He took a mouthful of Shabana’s right breast, and then of her left one. He looked like a hungry baby who’d suddenly grown into a 74-year-old man. Wild suction on Shabana’s tits was tantalizing her, driving her crazier with every passing moment. She held her tits in her hands and fed them to Nadir Khan’s mouth, helping him take the maximum of her breasts in his mouth. Nadir Khan kept sucking and biting on her nipples. This wild sucking on her nipples for the first time was sending shockwaves though her spine.

Nadir Khan then held her hand and put it to his wrinkled but well-erected cock. “It’s all yours; suck it.” He offered his cock to her as a treat. Shabana, without wasting a second, held it in her hands and started jerking and playing with his balls. His pre-cum juice soaked her fingers, which she gladly licked, eyeing him wickedly. Then she bent to her knees, opened her mouth full, and took his cock deep into her oral cavity.

“Aaahh!” Nadir Khan exclaimed. “Suck it fast, bitiya (daughter)”.

Shabana quickened her movements. Her gestures were revealing her excitement. Of course, she was loving it. Then suddenly Nadir Khan stopped her. She eyed him curiously as if she had committed some mistake.

Nadir Khan motioned her to lie down. “I need to eat you,” he expressed.

“Oh, sure.” Shabana smiled.

She lay on her back, and Nadir Khan moved between her open legs. He began by caressing her thighs and then touching her clit. He then put his mouth to her clit and kissed it gently. Shabana couldn’t help but let out an ecstatic cry. Nadir Khan ate her pussy, sucking her clit as though he had been hungry for ages. Shabana’s salty juices were the most delicious drink he had ever had. He continued biting her clit.

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Shabana moaned,”Oooohhh God…I want you inside me. Please start fucking me now.”

Nadir Khan quit the job. He placed his dick at the opening of her wet pussy and slowly pushed it in. Shabana had never handled a fully erected cock so deep inside her. She cried with pain, but Nadir Khan didn’t stop. With a forceful thrust, he slid his cock fully inside her and started moving it in and out. Shabana closed her eyes in an effort to absorb the pain. Then, in a few seconds, the pain started to settle down. Now she was fully enjoying Nadir Khan’s thrusts. The father-in-law was deeply and fully inside his daughter-in-law, trying to impregnate her with his seed. Shabana’s wrapped her legs around Nadir Khan’s waist as he continued to fuck her. They locked lips and were busy moving their tongues into each other’s mouth.

“Ooooooohhh yeaass, fuck me hard, Abba jee …I’m your slut,” Shabana moaned loudly. Her moans were acting as a catalyst, bringing more speed and force in Nadir Khan’s movements.

“I’m coming, aaaa yeaaahh!” Groaning, she hit orgasm and came of a man’s cock for the first time in her life.

She closed her eyes, smiling, and lay numb for a few moments, exhaling deep breaths. Nadir Khan was still not even close to his first orgasm. Neither did he look tired. Instead, gaining momentum with every thrust, he rammed Shabana’s wet pussy with unbelievable power for a man over seventy years of age. Shabana was now feeling the heat again, and wanted to come more.

“You’re such a good fucker, my janu (darling)!” she exclaimed.

Nadir Khan kept fucking her. Shabana’s legs were dangling around his waist as he mercilessly fucked her.

“Ooohh…I want to come again, honey,” she grunted.

Nadir Khan fucked her with the full weight of his buttocks. Shabana felt a burning hot rod inside her pussy. Nadir Khan was now near to coming and moved frantically. But before he came, Shabana hit yet another orgasm.

“Yeeaaaaahhhhh…God!”she cried out loud and came once again.

At that very moment, Nadir Khan finally reached orgasm, releasing his hot cum deep inside Shabana’s pussy with a grunt as they both came together. Shabana felt Nadir Khan’s cock buried deep inside her pussy, discharging his sperm into her thirsty womb.

They both lay naked and numb, gasping heavily for air. Then Nadir Khan rolled off, taking his cum-soaked dick out of Shabana’s drenched pussy.

Shabana sat up instantly and took it into her mouth, tasting and lapping the salty cum off it. “It tastes wonderful.” She smiled at Nadir Khan who seemed to be enjoying the moment.

“I promise to make your every night full of excitement from now on”, Nadir Khan vowed.

“And I’m gonna kill you if you skip a night,” she mocked angrily, and they both laughed. After a month, Shabana broke the good news to her father-in-law that she was expecting his baby. Nadir Khan promised her he wouldn’t let anyone point a finger at Shabana asking about the father of the baby. And Shabana knew he would be true to his word.

They kept fucking after that, almost every night for as long as Nadir Khan lived. And Shabana gave birth to three more of Nadir Khan’s babies.

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Married Pakistani woman’s ultimate sex ride with father

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