Married woman feeds breast milk to young girl

Married woman feeds breast milk to young girl

Hello everyone, I would like to share an incident between me and a teenage girl. This is not a fictional story but is completely based on real incidents.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Sheela and I am 32 years old,  married with two kids. My stats are 36c-34-35 (Yes, I have big boobs because of my recent pregnancy). We live in a gated community in Hyderabad.

I am a happily married wife but am always thirsty for sex and I had many lesbian experiences during my college days.

My husband works as a software engineer. He always leaves home by 9 am and then I’ll be all alone at home with my two kids. He would be back by around 7 pm. I used to feel lonely all day, so I used to take my kids to the play area to spend some time there.

So this used to be my daily routine and one day evening like every day I took my kids to play area there, then I met a teen-aged girl. I saw her playing with my kids and we started talking to each other.

She then asked, “What do you do?” and I told her what I told you all in my introduction. I then asked her, “What do you do?”

She told me that her name was Riya, she was 19 years old and had recently moved to our community with her parents.

I was bit shocked to hear when she said 19 as she looked bigger  than her age. Her stats were like 30-26-28 and she had big round boobs. So we got closer and we used to talk every day.

I loved to spend time with her and she was also interested to spend time with me. One day, I invited her to my apartment to have some snacks and tea so she came. We discussed about many things like her boyfriends and I showed her my wardrobe etc. We had snacks and cold drinks.

She left home after a couple of hours but nothing happened that day. Then one day she walked into my apartment at 3 pm when my kids were sleeping. She said that she was bored and felt like talking to me.

I was just wearing a nighty with no bra but just panties. My nighty had two side zips near my boobs to open and feed milk to my kids. While we were talking, I realized that my left side zip was open and my boob was  completely visible to her.

She kept staring at my boobs,  then I closed my zip and said, “Sorry”. I told her that I had just fed my kid and forgot to close it. She said. “It’s okay, nothing to worry.”

Then she continued talking and asking me personal questions which make me curious.

Riya – Aunty how many times do you feed in a day?
Me- Whenever kids feel hungry, I have to feed.

Riya – Ohh, do you have enough milk to feed them?
Me – Yeah, I have excess amount of milk so I have to squeeze it out every night.

Riya – Ohh, that’s why you’re boobs are too big aunty?
Me – Yes, Riya. I always had big boobs but after having kids my boobs have become much bigger.

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While we’re talking, we heard baby crying. I asked Riya to get the baby from the bedroom and she did. While she was coming, I opened my left zip and pulled my left boob out to make it free to feed.

She handed the baby to me and while handing her eyes were stuck on my boobs and she was staring at my boob continuously. I asked her, “What happened Riya? Why are you staring at me?”

She said, “Nothing aunty, I was just looking at the baby.” While feeding, I was pressing my left boob and she asked me why I was pressing like that?

I said, “It will help baby as it becomes easy to suck and improves the milk flow.” Then we talked for a while and she left.

But this time, I was completely wet and began thinking about how to seduce her and badly wanted her to suck my pussy juices. I was making a plan to seduce her.

The next day, Riya came to my apartment at the same time (3 pm). I was wearing a nice deep cut blouse and a saree. She complimented me that I am looking so beautiful in saree and I said, “Thanks Riya.”

Riya – Aunty, how do you feed your kids now?
Me – What do you mean, Riya?

Riya – I mean you have zip for your nighty so you can feed him easily but I don’t see any zip to this blouse, so how do you feed?
Me – Haha Riya, I don’t have a zip but I can open my blouse to feed.

Riya – So I will be half-naked while feeding, aunty.
Me – No Riya, I just open one side and pull my boob outside so baby can suck my boob.

Riya – Ohh, it’s confusing to me, aunty. I didn’t understand.
Me – Ohh poor Riya, I can’t even help you out today.

Riya – Why aunty, are you not feeding babies today?

Me – No Riya, Now I am using bottle milk for them after every 1-2 days.
Riya – Why aunty, isn’t that unhealthy for kids?

Me – Yes, Riya that is true. But what to do? My kids have started to bite my nipples. Now they’re a little  sore and I am feeling pain.
Riya – Is it, aunty? Did he bite you that very hard?

Me – Yes, Riya (actually this was not true but I had just made up a story to seduce her).
Riya – Am sorry, aunty. Is there any way I can help you, aunty?

Me – No Riya. Thanks for asking though. You’re a sweetheart.
Riya – Aunty, can I look at your boobs to see how sore it is? (she asked with hesitation).

Me – Yeah Riya, I’ll show you but promise me you’ll not tell anyone.
Riya – I promise, aunty. I’ll not share with anyone.
Me – Okay, Riya.

Then I opened my blouse one by one and left my right boob out. My nipple was poking so hard with wetness of milk.

Riya – I can’t see anything there aunty, it looks fine.
Me – No Riya it’s not. You can touch my nipple and feel how sore it is.
Riya – Okay, aunty.

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Then she slowly took her hand and placed it on my boob. When she placed her hand there, my whole body shivered and my nipple became harder and milk started dripping due to the pressure.

Me – Touch my nipple, Riya. Don’t you feel the soreness?
Riya – No aunty, it’s so soft and I don’t feel. (she kept on rubbing my nipple.)

Me – Okay Riya, I’ll open the left boob and touch that as well then you tell me.
Riya – Okay aunty.

Saying this, she opened my blouse hooks and pulled out my boob. Now my boobs are free and semi-naked.

Me – Sshhhh Riyaaa, don’t tell this to anyone.
Riya – No aunty, I’ll never tell anyone.

Me – Place your hand on my left boob and feel the soreness, Riya.
Riya – Yes, aunty.

Then she placed her hand on my right boob and started to rub my nipple. Now both her hands were on my boobs and she was squeezing them softly and rubbing my nipples gently. She said she can’t feel any soreness.

Me – Riya, you place your tongue on them then so you can feel better.
Riya – Yeah, aunty.

Then she started using her tongue to make circles on my nipple with her tongue and slowly started to suck my nipples. I was controlling myself very hard, as the teenage girl kept on sucking my boobs as the milk started to flow but she still kept on sucking.

I placed my hand on her head and pressed her head to my boob hard. Then slowly, I placed my hand on her thigh and started to rub her thighs. She kept on sucking vigorously and while sucking, she kept her other hand on my other boob and started squeezing. I was on cloud  9.

I slowly moved my hand to her pussy area and started to rub her pussy, while rubbing her pussy I realized there was no panty inside her shorts. She was only wearing cotton shorts that just covered her thighs.

I slowly pulled down her shorts and started to rub her pussy. To my surprise, her pussy was so wet and slippery. I took my hands out and sucked my fingers nicely and made them wet with my saliva. Then I placed by my fingers near her pussy.

I slowly started to finger her pussy as she started making moaning sounds that drove me crazy. Then I lifted her tee slowly. She was not wearing a bra and inside, her nipples was poking hard and had become erect.

I licked my fingers again and made them wet. Then I placed them on her nipple and started rubbing slowly. Riya was so mad that she began squeezing both my boobs so hard and pleading me to squeeze her boob as well.

Me – Riya baby, how are you feeling with my boob inside your mouth?
Riya – Mmm, it’s so nice aunty. Your boobs are so soft and your milk tastes so good.

Me – Ssshhh Riya, keep on sucking them, it’s all yours from now on.
Riya – Yes it’s all mine now and she asked me to go to the bedroom.

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Then we went inside and I took out my blouse completely and removed my saree. Now, I was just in undergarments (lenga). I slept on my bed with my legs opened wide. She slowly came on top of me and started to play with my boobs.

Slowly, the teenage girl moved down to my belly and started sucking all the way down. Then she reached down and opened the knots of my lenga and pulled it out. She started to rub my pussy with her thumb finger.

I was shivering and pressing my legs hard and asked her to suck my pussy. She was sucking my pussy from the top of my panties so I asked her to remove that as well.

She slowly removed my pantie and my pussy was dripping. She slowly started to rub my pussy with her fingers and started to kiss my pussy and she also started to lick my pussy.

“Sssshhhhhhhhh Mmmmm Riyaaa.. come on.. suckkk my pussy deep..” She was sucking vigorously and all of a sudden, my juices flowed out. She didn’t even waste a single drop and drank all my juices.

Then I became relaxed and was about to close my eyes, but by this time Riya was completely naked as well. She slowly come on top of me and sat on my face.

When I opened my eyes, her pussy was just above my lips and I understood what she wanted.

Her pussy was looking so tight and pink in colour. I started to lick her pussy slowly and she was making her moves. I kept on licking and then she started to move her pussy on my face to and fro. She was face fucking me and my tongue was deep inside her pussy.

She was fucking my face continuously and making huge moans, “Mmmmm aunty, moreee deeper moreee, Hmmm ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh..”

After a few minutes, she came on my face.

I started to suck all her juices the she slowly came to my face and started kissing my face and lips and I slowly responded to her. I took my tongue out and placed it inside her mouth and kissed her passionately.

We were sharing our own pussy juices. Then we both fell asleep but still kissing each other.

Me – Thanks Riya, you made my day.
Riya – No aunty, actually you made my day. I never I imagined sucking pussy other than my mom’s pussy.

Me (shocked) – What Riya, what are you saying???
Riya – Yes aunty, she’s my stepmother, so we’re physical with each other.

To be continued.

I’ll continue my story with your feedback. You can share your feedback or suggestions to my mail address [email protected]

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Married woman feeds breast milk to young girl

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