Master and Slave – A New Beginning

Master and Slave – A New Beginning

How are you all? Which is the most interesting story that you came across recently? Did you finger or use your whole hand? Lol, let me not bore you. Is this a real or a fictional story? I won’t tell you now. You can contact me at the end of the story!

I am the Master. I love to be called “MASTER.” “YES MASTER” and “SORRY MASTER” are the words I love to hear. I have an average dick. But always remember a master doesn’t need a monster dick, he needs to know how to treat a slave and give him/her pleasure.

Ok, let’s get into the story.

I was too bored and was looking for a fuck buddy. I’m always choosy while selecting a person to get laid. I got onto a chat platform and was texting a few random people, who were open to chat. It was a chat platform for non-sex-related activities.

I was looking at a few girls to chat with but most of them were interested in friendship. I got a few friends too. But I was on the verge of having sex and my hormones were uncomfortable. I love talking so even if its only friendship, it didn’t bother me. That’s how I met her.

In the initial few days, there was no proper response from her. We were just having normal talks. As I said, I was too bored.

I texted, “Will you be my ‘S’ if I am your ‘M’?”

To be honest, I had texted this to a few people but most of them didn’t respond. A few asked what it means and when I told them the meaning, they blocked me. I respected their decision as not everyone is interested in a master-slave relationship.

Coming to the main story.

I asked her the same question. Her response was “No.” It was very different from others which meant she knew what it meant. I asked her, “Why?”

(I will be addressing her ‘slave’ from here as that is what she became later.)

Slave – What does it mean? I don’t know the meaning.

Me (Master) – Ha..ha. It means ‘Sunday’ and ‘Monday’.

Slave – Don’t act too smart. If you are not gonna tell, I will block you.

Me (Master) – I know that you are well aware of the meaning. It means ‘master’ and ‘slave’.

Slave – I know, but how did you know I am a slave?

Me (Master) – My intuition said you would be a slave. I texted a few more people as well but they blocked me and a few blocked because they don’t wanna take risks. Not all are ready to be a slave because the bondage needs strong will power and commitment. People who are not daring will run away.

Slave – How?

Me (Master) – I know, because you said “NO” whereas all the rest asked what it is or blocked me.

Slave – Ha!

Me (Master) – Tell me about you.

Slave – I am ***** from *****.

Me (Master) – Nice. We stay nearby, hardly one night’s travel and that’s all it takes.

Slave – Excuse me, I am never gonna meet you. I said “no” and it is ending here.

Me (Master) – Lol, such a nasty bitch. Do you dare to say ‘no’ to your Master?

Slave – Please don’t say that word. I am struggling a lot to forget my past. Also, I am married, happily married, and having a kid.

Me (Master) – I didn’t know that. How old are you?

Slave – I am sure you must be younger than me and single. I am 33. Please let me not get into this again.

Me (Master) – Yes, you are right, I am younger than you by 5 years. So how do you know about master and slave? With whom were you in a relationship and when was it?

Slave – I am not interested to talk to you about it, please leave me.

Me (Master) – Fucking bitch, I made a mistake by asking you as a request. Now I am ordering you a filthy whore to answer me. And you gonna kneel down for the next 3 minutes as a punishment.

Slave – Sorry master. Please no, I can’t go through it again, Master.

Me (Master) – Don’t you really wish to serve this master. If so, you can block me, MADAM. I intentionally wrote the word ‘MADAM’ in capitals.

Slave – Please don’t call me madam, Master.

Me (Master) – That’s my fucking whore. So tell me about it, my slave.

Slave – As you order it, master it was with my ex-lover. We were in a relationship for 5 years and tried a lot of kinky things. Master, am I allowed to ask if you had any slaves previously?

Me (Master) – You will get your chance to ask questions. Until then you are not supposed to ask me questions, whore. Did you guys have role play? Whose idea it was to have BDSM?

Slave – It was my idea, master. I love to be a dirty and kinky slave, master. I love dad-daughter bonding, master. We have had BDSM. I love to call him ‘dad’. And he loved the teacher-student. He was my teacher. We used to have classroom sex, he used to spank my ass.

Slave – Master, why did you make me think of it? I am wet and horny now.

Me (Master) -I know, once a bitch always a bitch.

Slave – Master, I love to be submissive to the core.

Me (Master) – I have come near you, tied your hands in rope and now I am choking you.

Slave – Aahh master. Master, I love choking. Scold me using bad words master. I love to be abused.

Me (Master) – Such a whore by birth. You must even have had a threesome. Slave – Just once master with my ex and his friend.

Me (Master) – Who took your virginity?

Slave – My ex, master.

Me (Master) – Are you fingering now? Stop it, whore. Did I ask you to finger?

Slave – Sorry master, you know how tempted I was.

Me (Master) – Now imagine you are sucking my dick. I am deep throating you. Randi, bitch whore, harlot.
Slave – Yes master, I am your slave, I am your whore. Fuck my mouth, master, please! I wanna taste your cum.

Slave – Master!

Me (Master) – Yes?

Slave – Master, let’s end it today. I don’t wanna cheat my husband, master. I feel it is a sin. Already I have done a lot. Master, you have made me so happy. I am really happy to serve you but understand, if I get into this, I’ll not be able to go out of this master. And it hurts. Please master, I beg of you.

Me (Master) – Don’t say you didn’t enjoy it?

Slave – I enjoyed it to the core master, that is why I am afraid to continue, master. Master, you are young, please find some other slave or some girl to fuck. Master, please, let’s end it today.

Me (Master) – You bitch, did I ask your suggestion? What I need to do or whom I want? If you are not interested in fucking get lost. You need to be punished for speaking too much, bitch. Spread your legs and keep your hands behind your ass.
Slave – Why, master?

Me (Master) Just do as I say. I know your hands are behind your ass already.
Slave – Yes, master.

Me (Master) – I have kissed you on your panty for being my slave but you are not a loyal slave. So I have pinched your clit and gave a few bites.
Slave – Master, it’s so much pleasure..Ahhh!

Me (Master) – Bitch, did I ask you to speak and it’s not your enjoyment time. I am not rewarding you.
Slave – Sorry, master.

Me (Master) – I gave a bite on your thighs and gave you my teeth marks.

(I could see her closing her eyes in pain with tears rolling down her cheeks but she was enjoying it).

Me (Master) – When did you have double penetration last?

Slave – With my ex, master. It was the only one-time, master.

Me (Master) – Ok.

I moved her legs wide and inserted both my hands in ass and pussy. She said, “Master, please I can’t take it anymore. I am sorry, master. You gave me enough pleasure but I can’t continue this.

That was the end of our sexting that particular night. Based on your response, I will continue further. Send your comments to [email protected]

Master and Slave – A New Beginning