Mature maid Sheela ki chudai

Mature maid Sheela ki chudai

Hello friends, my name is Hitesh and today I will be telling you the story of my hot and mature maid. Her name is Sheela and she must be around 55 years old. She is actually a grandmother but one can hardly make it out from her looks.

She is always well dressed despite being a maid. She wears nice chiffon sarees and I guess she has a good collection of them. Her hair is very long almost reaching her knees and is always tied in a well knit hair bun which makes it even more sexy. She is slim and her boobs are kinda small maybe around 32 but her overall figure and look is sexy and shes well maintained.

Now coming directly to the incident when I got a chance to fuck her for the first time. My wife had to be out of town to attend a seminar in another city and she was going to be out for almost a week. Since Sheela mausi had been cooking for us for almost a year now and we really trusted her as well.

Since it was the lockdown times and my office was in WFH mode, I was going to be home. Although Sheela mausi is almost my mothers age, however since she was sexy and well maintained I did have hots for her. Infact one day when I was just passing by the kitchen I had seen her untie her hair bun and letting her long hair loose. I had an instant hard on looking at that scene. She combed her hair quickly with her hands and then again tied them back in a juda. But that scene had really got me turned on and since then I used to sneak peak on her whenever possible.

I also used to get glimpses of her bra straps and bra since she used to wear blouses which were kinda revealing especially at the back. Once I observed that her back had some scratches which seemed to be of hand nails. Maybe her husband was making wild love to her even at this age or maybe was beating the hell out of her. Anyways now getting back to the incident.

Mature maid Sheela ki chudai

It was around 1 pm when the doorbell rang and Sheela mausi entered. She was wearing an orange colored saree today and her hair were well tied in a bun as always. Since it was a Saturday, I had no office that day and was relaxed and horny too. It had been 2 days since my wife had left for the trip and I thought maybe today is the day that I should take a chance.

She directly went to the kitchen and started getting the utensils etc. settled. She asked me what will I have to eat today. I told her anything that she likes. She was kinda taken aback by my answer. I said mausi aaj aapke mann ka banao. Aaj jyada tension na lo khane ka.

I then started having a small talk with her. She was standing with her back towards me and I was having a look at her mature body, her revealing blouse with a black colored bra strap and bra hooks completely visible from back. I just couldnt control my urge to touch her and came very close to her and asked her to give me a glass of water. She felt a little uncomfortable by this gesture of mine. Maybe she also sensed some sexual tension in the air.

Again with her back turned towards me and while she was busy cutting the vegetables, I touched her open part of the back with my wet finger which I had dipped in the glass of water. She turned around all of a sudden and said what are you doing sir? Are you feeling alright?

On this question of hers, I instantly said no Sheela. For the first time I didnt call her mausi but directly took her name. I told her that since Didi is no longer here, I am feeling very lonely. She said yes she can understand the situation but I told her its not that. I asked her if she can maybe for a while massage my forehead as I am feeling tensed and anxious. On this she said dont worry Sir and asked to me to go and sleep in the bedroom and she will get some oil to massage my head.

My plan was suddenly starting to materialise but there was still some way to go to her mature pussy. I was lying on my bed and then she entered our bedroom with coconut oil in a cup. She now sat very close to me and started massaging my head by taking some oil in her hands. I told her thank you Sheela, you are going out of the way today and doing this. She smiled and said you are like my son and I do the same to him as well when hes not feeling well.

I told her ya thats fine but tell me more about your husband. How is he and what does he do? She was sitting at the side of my bed massaging me and said hes a total waste. He has an autorickshaw which he hardly drives and most of the time is drinking and playing cards with his useless friends. I asked her how long has he been doing this and she said for more than 20 years now.

So I asked her how are your finances taken care of to which she said its a constant struggle but somehow we manage. I told her what if I say that you have an opportunity to earn some quick money. Her eyes kinda lit up hearing this and she said yes I would like to but I am not educated and where would I earn the money quickly.

Thats when I told her that its not about the education. Its about what you have and told her that the biggest asset that she has today is her body. She again was surprised to hear those words coming out my mouth and said she didnt understand. I told her to come forward and sit. I said just have a look at yourself. You maintain yourself real well. You wear nice sarees, you tie your hair properly, you even put nail polish on your nails.

Why is it that you do it. Its because you care about your appearance and you like it. Now if that appearance and your body can be used to satisfy certain needs of people and you could even make money from it then whats the harm. Maybe she sensed what I was talking about and said ki Sir what are you saying. Have you lost it? I am your mothers age. I have grandkids.

I said so what? You still look very young, your body is ripe and there will surely be a lot of people who will find you sexy. I grabbed her hand and told her that I will pay her an additional 1000 rs for this. She became very angry and said that shes not that type of woman. I told her that you dont even have to be that kind of woman. This would be our own secret.

She still refused and said that she will tell my wife about this. Also, she will bring her son and husband too to take care of me. Now hearing this, I also got a bit aggressive. I told her its very easy for me to just force her to do what I want. But that is not something which I want to do. I said come what may, today you are not leaving this bedroom till I get what I want.

Mature maid Sheela ki chudai

She now looked scared and said Sir mujhe please jaane do. Aap mere bete ki tarah ho. Yeh sab kya gandi baatein kar rahe ho..Aapki maa ke sath aisa koi kare toh kaise lagega. I said lets leave the emotions out of this and told her to consider this as an offer to solve her problems. I told her theres no point in creating unnecessary tension. I am ready to pay you money, I will treat your body well unlike her abusive husband and I will even be gentle and make her enjoy the process unlike her husband whom I know for sure would be just fucking her like a dog without any passion.

I could see tears rolling off from her eyes but somewhere I could sense that she was now agreeing to what I wanted. She said yeh paap hai but as she is in need for money, she will do it. Hearing this I was almost in the seventh heaven and my dick was almost touching the roof.


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Mature maid Sheela ki chudai