Meeting stranger online and having sex in hotel

Meeting stranger online and having sex in hotel

Hi everyone, it was a Friday night. I was watching porn on my laptop and jerking off. I got a mail from a woman named Trupti. She was a regular reader of my stories on HumanDigest and wanted to meet me. I immediately video called her on Google hangouts as she was online. When she accepted the call, I saw a beautiful lady on my screen.

She was brown coloured and had long black hair. She was wearing a see through gown. She gave me her brief introduction and I described her about myself. She insisted on meeting me personally. She lived in Thane and I lived in Borivali. We had to decided to meet at a place where no one would recognize us.

We dropped the plan of meeting at the town side as anyone could easily meet us there. We finally decided on meeting at a café in Virar. The time was fixed to meet at 11 O’clock in the morning next day. She said she would be wearing a yellow Punjabi dress so that I recognize her easily. I said that I would wear a blue shirt and jeans.

We exchanged our contact details so that we stayed in touch. I went to sleep thinking if she had fooled me. Next day at 7 O’Clock I got a call from Trupti. She said, “Wake up dear. We have to meet at 11”. I said,” Thanks for waking me up Darling. Meet you at 11.” I immediately got ready for my date. I went to Virar on my Bike. On my way, I bought a pack of condoms from a pharmacy.

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On my way, Trupti called me and asked me to come to Virar station to pick her up. I went there and saw a beautiful woman standing in yellow dress. She recognized me immediately and sat behind me on the bike. I said, “Darling do you want to go on a long ride?” She said, “I would love to. But not now. Take us to a café where we can comfortably sit and talk.”

We reached the café in 15 minutes. We gave our order and sat comfortably talking to each other. Trupti: What is your age? What do you do? Me: I am 20 years old and I am studying engineering. What do you do? Trupti: I am a house wife. I am 30 years old. I get bored sitting at home whole day so thought of meeting you. Me: Do you have any children? What does your husband do?

Trupti: I have a 4 year old son. My husband is a photographer and stays out a lot of time. Do you have any girlfriend? Me: No, but I am engaged. Trupti: Engaged? Why so early? Me: My parents found a good girl for me and got me engaged to her. Trupti: Have you had sex with her? Me: Yes. Trupti: So if we have sex today, we both would be cheating on our partners. Are you ready to do it with me?

Me: Sure. But where will we find a place to do sex. Trupti: Sshhh. People are listening. I know of a motel nearby. Come with me. We sat on the bike and I rode it as Trupti instructed me to take. We finally reached the motel. It was a old building. I could see some prostitutes standing outside the motel and staring at us. We went inside and checked into a room.

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The rent was 700 rupees which we divided among us. The room given to us was a messy one. I told Trupti that I would go and exchange the room. She told that all the rooms are the same. They are all meant for sex. Now let us do it. She locked the door and came towards me with a naughty smile. She removed her yellow kurta and lehenga. She was wearing white bra and underwear.

She came near towards me and removed my shirt and jeans. She removed her hair from a bun and her long black beautiful hair were all exposed. She gave me a big kiss. We kissed for long enough until we had sufficient love for each other. She than took my cock in her hand and started sucking it. She later demanded me to lick her pussy. I did that with pleasure.

She had a clean shaven pussy. I than sucked her boobs which were big, round, dark and soft. By this time her pussy was sufficiently wet. She asked me to fuck her immediately. I wore a condom and entered into her. I slowly increased my pace and both of us enjoyed it. She later wanted to ride on my cock.

I changed my condom and she inserted my cock into her pussy and started riding on it. She was making funny sounds while doing it. We finally cummed together. I started licking each and every part of her body. I did not feel that we were strangers a few hours back. She asked me to fuck her once again. I happily inserted my cock into her body. She had a full orgasm this time.

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We did sex for more than 2 hours. We were very tired after so much of sex. We finally dressed ourselves. We kissed each other for the last time. She told she will contact me in future if she had an opportunity for sex. We promised to stay in contact and video chat regularly. I dropped her at the railway station and returned back to my home.

It was 5 in the evening when I returned home. Pooja aunty was waiting eagerly for me at my home. She inquired about where I was? I said I had went to the college as I did not want her to know that I had sex with a stranger. She took me to my room where she fucked me as usual.

Later in the night I called Trupti for a wonderful experience. She told me not to call her on her phone as her husband could get suspicious. She told me to mail her to stay in contact with her. I agreed.

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Meeting stranger online and having sex in hotel

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