Meri Sexy Teacher Mrs. Gupta

Meri Sexy Teacher Mrs. Gupta

“Yes Mrs. Gupta.” Ravi said to his teacher. Mrs. Gupta looked over at him and smiled slightly.

“It?s ok Ravi, but if you have any further problems tell me before you get in over your head.” Mrs. Gupta said to her student. Mrs. Gupta or Meera Gupta, as she was known outside school was a twelfth grade Indian History teacher. She had been teaching all her adult life since college, the last seven years at this school and grade. Meera was happily married to her husband Jaydev and was the mother of three children. Leela, the eldest was in her third year of college and far from home now. Amit was her second oldest and her only son, he was in his first year of a local college and still lived at home. Meera often thought he stayed at home because he knew he couldn?t cook or clean worth a damn. And then there was her youngest, Jyoti. This was a bit of a problem these past few weeks since the start of this new school year. Jyoti was now in her mother?s class and Meera was having a time trying to forget she was her daughter during school time.

Meera had come to the decision when they learned they would be in the same class, that Jyoti would have to address her and act toward her like any teacher, while in school, except when totally alone. Jyoti found this hard, due mostly to the fact that, as Meera called it; she was a bit of a momma?s girl. Meera loved that she still called her mommy, but being in a school environment, Meera knew she would be teased badly if she let Jyoti refer to her as “Mommy”. Not to mention she herself would get ribbed by her fellow teachers. So for school she was “Mrs. Gupta” to all her students.

“Ok anyone else have anymore questions about the reasons how the India was dominated? If not please open your books to page 54 and read quietly to about page 60 or so till the end of class.” Meera told her class, her eyes scanning the room as she often did to try and find any looks of confusion. Meera was about to look into her class planner and check on possible homework when she noticed her daughter quietly talking to the boy across from her. His name was Javed and Meera had noticed her daughter had been talking a fair bit to him in the past few days. Meera had also noticed they had been “checking” each other out on several occasions. Meera sighed, she hated to jump onto Jyoti, but she would any other student in her class for talking as Jyoti was doing now.

“Jyoti, Javed; is there any thing you have to share with the class about Indian history since you both seem to want to talk?” Meera asked the two teenagers as they both swiftly looked up and turned beet red. Javed stammered then just shook his head. Meera glanced at her daughter.

“Mom?..I mean no Mrs. Gupta?.we?we were just talking.” Jyoti stammered out in embarrassment. Jyoti couldn?t believe her mom had just embarrassed her that way and her face showed it.

“Well in the future Jyoti please keep the talking to class subjects only, while in MY classroom. Is that understood? Both of you.” Meera said to both of them, but after she had uttered the words, knew she was talking almost entirely to her daughter. Meera felt a bit guilty now, especially seeing now her daughters eyes start to tear up as she hung her head down.

“Ye…yes…Mrs. Gupta, I understand.” Jyoti stammered quietly, looking at her desk. Some of the other students giggled softly, but stopped or hid it after Meera glance over the room. Meera?s eyes rested on the boy Javed, which caused him to again turn red and look at his desk. After resuming looking at her planner, Meera wondered if she had gone too far. She doubted she would have gone that far with any other student. Usually she wasn?t a tyrant, but something about her daughter nowadays had her worried.

Meera thought for a minute and guessed maybe she was afraid her “little” child was growing up. Hell Meera thought, she?s grown now. Meera was well aware Jyoti?s body was almost as developed as hers. And she wasn?t exactly unattractive. Meera had nice large breasts and the rest of her body was in good shape, with only a slight amount of fat on her waist and hips. But with her large breasts, Meera knew that together it all fit into place on herself. She also knew others liked the way she looked. Many of her fellow male teachers would often ogle her she had noticed. Not to mention the countless young men in the school she had caught sneaking peaks at her.

Meera had even gone and teased her male students on occasion by wearing blouses with lots of cleavage or short skirts. Meera smiled and almost laughed aloud when she thought back to last year when she had worn a mini skirt and made a point of bending over a lot then glancing over her shoulder to see which of the male students (and a few females, she had also noticed) were staring at her upper legs. She then called a few of them to the board to write answers to oral questions when she figured some of them had hard-ons. Meera also recalled how horny that had made her. Jaydev had been in for a marathon sex session that night.

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Meera looked up, feeling very flushed and horny, again remembering the times she had been naughty to her students. She looked at her daughter, who was reading at the moment, and really looked at her. Meera came to the realization that her daughter was very beautiful and looked at her daughter?s breasts and caught herself wondering what Jyoti?s breasts would look like, or even feel like. Unlike herself Leela hadn?t inherited her “gifted” breasts, being very slim of build and small breasted. But Jyoti?s breasts were just as large as hers; Meera noticed and felt a rush pass through her, suddenly having a desire to see them. Meera almost gasped aloud catching herself as she thought this. What am I thinking about here, she asked herself? Meera shook her head and tried to think about homework for her students, but for some reason the image of her daughter?s body kept popping up in her head. When the bell rang, ending her class and also being the bell ending the school day, Meera jumped in her seat. As the students jumped up and started to move toward the door, she also stood up, feeling rather confused.

“Umm?well ok I guess?.just read the rest of the chapter for homework?.and we?ll discuss it in class tomorrow. Ok bye everyone.” Meera blurted out and looked over at her daughter, who seemed to be trying to avoid her and head for the door. Even though Meera figured her daughters feelings may be hurt, she also knew Jyoti rode to school with her in her car, and figured her daughter was acting a bit silly. Meera cleared her throat and when Jyoti raised her eyes to her, Meera motioned with her finger to follow into her office. Jyoti followed her and closed the door behind her.

“Jyoti, I?m sorry sweetie if I was too rough on you. I?m?I?m trying hard to balance the teacher ?mother bit in the class room.” Meera said in a soothing tone to her daughter. But Jyoti seemed to get mad at the apology.

“Mommy?you?you weren?t being fair. I was just answering something that Javed had asked me is all?and?and you chew my head off. You don?t do that to the other kids.” Jyoti stated to her mother as tears welled up into her eyes. Jyoti looked away as Meera walked over to hug her daughter, and Jyoti buried her head into her mothers shoulder. Meera felt bad that she had caused her daughter to cry. But after holding Jyoti for a few seconds she again noticed her daughters breast, which were pressed to her own, and Meera felt a rush pass through her again. Meera thrust the thought back as she broke the hug and used her hand to raise Jyoti?s head. She seemed to be almost through crying.

“You ok honey? If I could take back what I said?.at least some of it?I would. I?m sorry I was so harsh. Are you going to be ok?” Meera asked her daughter. Jyoti shook her head.

“Yeah?Ill be ok in a second. Arggh?I need to go back out there in a minute, Shweta was waiting for me outside the classroom. Do I look too bad from crying?” Jyoti asked her mother. Meera smiled grimly, it would take a bit before the puffiness around Jyoti?s eyes would subside Meera knew.

“Umm?better wait a minute honey. Have a seat, I have to check something?s before we can go. Give your eyes a minute before you go out.” Meera suggested as her daughter shook her head and sat in another chair in her mother office. Meera began checking papers and after a minute or so a knock came at her door.

“Come in.” Meera said, figuring that it was Shweta, and seeing that it was when the door opened. “Hello Shweta, come in.”

“Oh its ok?.I was just wondering if Jyoti?s ok to come out for a bit before you two leave.” Shweta said meekly, thinking maybe that her friend may have been getting fussed out more by her mom. Meera smiled half guessing Shweta?s thoughts.

“No she?s fine?Jyoti I should be finished in about 20 minutes?meet you near our car ok honey.” Meera said as Jyoti walked with her friend to the door to leave.

“Ok mommy?.uuhh Mrs. Gupta.” Jyoti stuttered out as Meera broke out laughing.

“Sweetie its ok?just not in front of the whole class, but Shweta?s your friend. You two run off, I?ll be finished in a bit.” Meera said as she watched them leave.

“Ok mom, meet you at the car then.” Jyoti said as she closed the door to her mother?s office. Meera smiled and continued her work. She caught herself thinking that Shweta seemed to be a good friend for her daughter, and Meera started thinking how attractive she looked as well. Shweta was African Indian, being petite but having a very nice figure. Meera started to wonder what Shweta?s body would look like nude, and felt her pussy getting wet again as it did earlier while thinking of Jyoti. Meera again caught herself, wondering why these thoughts were suddenly popping into her head. She clenched her fist and crumpled the paper she had been using to write down assignments on.

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“Argghh?what?s wrong with me. I can?t get anything done today like this.” Meera spoke aloud quietly. She then rose up and filled her briefcase and got ready to go. “Might as well find Jyoti and try and leave a bit early.” She said to herself. She then left her classroom and started looking for her daughter. After a quick walk around the halls she went to her car and still could not locate Jyoti. Meera now felt very frustrated, after having those thoughts she now wanted to leave and just go home. She began searching again. After a few minutes Meera rounded a corner and heard soft voices. This portion of the school was now totally empty, the remaining students at the front near or at the parking lot. Meera walked on the carpet and got close to a slightly open janitors closet. For some reason she felt like being quiet and snuck up to the slight open door.


“Mmm?that?s good?I like that. I?m glad you talked me into kissing you?.its turned a really crappy day around. It sends tingles to my toes.” Meera heard a voice say.

“No problem girlfriend?mmmm?I?m defiantly glad I decided to ask you. I felt like kissing you the day I meet you in class for the first time. I can?t wait till you come over tomorrow night for the sleep over. We can kiss more?and?” Meera heard another voice say and went into shock think she knew who the voices were.

“And what??” Meera heard through the door.

“Well?let?s just see what happens girlfriend?mmmmm.” Meera heard through the door. She guessed that was Shweta and her Jyoti talking…and even now kissing. She knew Jyoti was supposed to stay over at Shweta?s tomorrow night and besides, Meera recognized her daughter?s voice after a few seconds. Meera wasn?t sure what to do, but quietly backed up and left the door, then turned and almost ran to her car. What was she to do she thought? Meera had no indication that Jyoti was gay. She knew her daughter had never been out dating, but also knew Jyoti was extremely shy. Meera slowed down when she got close to her car and tried to think about what to say to her child, or even should she. If Jyoti wanted to be a lesbian, it was her business?right? Meera almost was on the verge of crying?either that or screaming. How could Jyoti be gay? Meera opened her car door up and sat in the driver?s seat. Soon she looked up and saw Jyoti and Shweta walking her way, as they turned a corner and walked under the covered walk to the parking lot. Meera could see them smiling at each other and talking, though they avoided contact now. Before they arrived at the car Meera decided she would need to talk to Jyoti before Saturday night got here, or her daughter might wind up doing something she might regret.

“See you tomorrow in class Jyoti?.bye Mrs. Gupta.” Shweta said as she parted ways near the car and headed for her own vehicle.

“Hiya mommy…ready to go?” Jyoti said as she reached the car. Meera shook herself out of her thoughts to answer her daughter.

“Umm sure Jyoti?.umm yes?ready to go.” Meera said feeling a bit drained and stunned. Jyoti noticed her mother?s lack of emotion and wondered what was wrong.

“Mommy?.what?s wrong?” Jyoti said looking concerned. Meera tried to shake herself out of it and put on a slight smile for her daughter.

“Oh nothing honey?.just tired I think. Ill be fine in a bit after we get home.” Meera answered her daughter as Jyoti sat down and closed the door. Meera started the car and pulled out of the parking lot and started on the road home.

On the way home Meera began to wonder what Shweta and Jyoti looked like kissing. Or even how they would look if they got even more intimate. Meera had never had sex with a woman; in fact she only had sex with one man before her husband and none since. But she and her husband had watched porno?s over the years. In fact they had a few special movies they had bought and kept deep in their closet. So Meera had seen lesbian acts in some of those movies and knew women could be just as pleased by other women as men could do to them. She had wondered what a woman?s tongue or fingers would feel like stroking her private areas and now felt rather horny picturing her Jyoti with her legs spread and the pretty Shweta fingering or even licking her daughter. Again Meera felt reservations with such thoughts, but they were just thoughts. Besides she had to know what she was up against if she was going to talk to her daughter about?.what might happen. So Meera sighed a bit and tried to get a good picture in her head of how the two would look while they might be “experimenting.” Meanwhile, she failed to notice just how wet such thoughts were making her. As Meera was pulling up close to their house, Jyoti again noticed her mother wasn?t quite herself and wondered what was up.

“Mommy, are you ok?you usually aren?t so quiet on the way home?” Jyoti asked of her mother. Meera broke out of her thoughts, she was just wondering what it would feel like to have another woman (or girl) licking her pussy. Meera felt herself blushing as she looked quickly at her daughter and again noticed how pretty her daughter was. Meera pulled the car into the drive way and stopped the car.

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“Oh?sorry honey?just thinking about stuff while I was driving. I didn?t mean to be so quiet.” Meera said as they got out of the car and entered the house. Meera looked over at her daughter and tried to gauge if the timing was right. “Did?you want to talk about anything sweetie?” Meera asked, wondering if Jyoti wanted to talk about anything that may have happened today. Jyoti looked over at her mother and figured she meant what happened in class.

“Well?mommy?I really hate addressing you at school as Mrs. Gupta. I know why and all?but I really hate it. And what you did today?that was mean mommy. You really embarrassed me in front of the class.” Jyoti said, hoping her mother wouldn?t get mad at her now. Meera looked at her daughter and frowned, partly because she knew she had embarrassed her daughter but partly because she had hoped Jyoti would talk about her and Shweta.

“Jyoti?you know we have to be teacher/student while in class. I would be remiss in my job to do otherwise then to try and treat you as any student. I?m sorry if maybe?and I mean maybe, I went overboard.” Meera said feeling a bit defensive. Jyoti?s nose wrinkled up, a sign she often did when she was getting mad.

“Maybe? Mommy you totally trashed me in front of my friends? and worse?not so friendly kids. JUST FOR TALKING!” Jyoti yelled at her mother, feeling quite mad now. Jyoti rarely argued with her mother and Meera was a bit shocked but came back quite mad herself.

“That?s right young lady?talking?in class, which you know is one of my rules! What were you talking to Javed about anyway Jyoti? It must have been good?you usually don?t brake the rules for small things.” Meera asked, now feeling more curious then upset after thinking about her daughters talking in class. Jyoti was taken aback. Javed had been asking her on a date when her mom had interrupted him, now Jyoti knew he probably wouldn?t go out with her after him being embarrassed like that. Jyoti fumed now at that thought and her face grew quite livid.

“No Mrs. Gupta?I have nothing to say about that!” Jyoti uttered to her mother, who looked as if her daughter had slapped her. Meera took a step back stunned, then a sudden rage hit Meera Gupta and she stepped back toward her daughter and slapped Jyoti hard on the cheek. Jyoti almost fell down, though more from surprise then the weight of the slap, though her cheek stung fiercely now.

“Well if you don?t want to discuss Javed?maybe you want to discuss little Shweta?and you two making out in the janitors broom closet, daughter of mine!” Meera said with an edge in her voice. Jyoti gasped in shock and horror, knowing her mother knew about her and Shweta. Jyoti erupted in tears and hid her face with her hands and sunk to her knees onto the living room floor. Meera?s anger quickly left her and she was aghast at striking, then humiliating her daughter like that. Meera quickly knelt with her daughter and fiercely hugged her to herself.

“Jyoti?Jyoti?I?m sooo sorry. My god what have I done?I?m sorry?sorry sweetie. Please forgive me?my god?I?m so sorry sweetie.” Meera chanted to her daughter as the tears also streamed down her face and onto her daughters hair. Meera grew frantic now; Jyoti wouldn?t acknowledge her attempts to comfort her. Meera didn?t know what to do, but had a strong urge to have her daughter look at her.

“Jyoti?Jyoti sweetie look at mommy?here?look at me?I?m sorry?I?m so sorry.” Meera said as she raised her still crying daughters face and tried to make eye contact. But Jyoti wouldn?t stop crying. Meera grew almost hectic and started kissing her daughters forehead.

“Jyoti I?m sorry?Mommy will make it better?please sweetie?forgive mommy.” Meera said as she now kissed over Jyoti?s cheeks and onto her daughter?s eyes to kiss away the tears which still fell. Meera continued to kiss her daughter, not noticing that she was growing quite excited, that her hands which had been embracing her daughter now started to roam onto other parts of her daughter?s body. So it was that slowly Jyoti cried less, almost stopping when her body felt her mothers hands start to massage the sides of her breasts. Meera kissed over Jyoti?s lips and Jyoti suddenly pressed back and threw her arms around her mother. They kissed for awhile before Jyoti had to breathe.

“Oh mommy?that feels so good!” Jyoti uttered to her mother. It was only then that Meera realized what she was doing and gasped and pulled away from her daughter.

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Meri Sexy Teacher Mrs. Gupta

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