MILF’s submissive lesbian past comes back to haunt her

MILF’s submissive lesbian past comes back to haunt her

“Pantyhose Tales”: Blackmailed MILF

It was a normal Thursday when Rebecca’s life forever changed. Her only daughter had just left for school, her husband Jake was gone for the week to Los Angeles on business like he often was and she had another hour to kill before her yoga class.

It was a typical morning: Rebecca had breakfast, read the newspaper, cleaned up a bit and checked her e-mails. She had half a dozen new messages, most about next Friday’s school dance (as PTA chairperson she was in charge of organizing the refreshments). But the last e-mail was strange. It was from a strange name: MissA. Normally Rebecca would have deleted it without reading it as she figured it was spam or some other silliness but the subject line startled her: Becky a memory from your past!

Rebecca stared at the subject line a long time. Becky was her real name long, long ago when she was a different person. But once she left high school and her home town behind, she had created a new persona and changed her name to the more sophisticated Rebecca. She had cleverly and systematically erased any evidence of her past as she closed the door on the sinful past of her youth.

Curiosity and nervous trepidation got the better of her and she clicked on the e-mail. Suddenly, with the click of a button, she was taken back twenty years to a memory she had long erased from existence.

All the e-mail contained was a picture of her, eighteen years of age, looking cute in an old cheerleader’s outfit from a photo shoot years ago. Memories flooded back to her as she remembered her past and the submissive sins she had committed.

Staring at the image of herself twenty years ago, back when she was a brunette, brought back so many memories of a past she had locked away in her mind and thrown away the key.

One sentence below the picture sent chills up Rebecca’s back and fear in her heart.


The sentence was ominous and seemingly threatening in its bold capitalization.

Who would send this to her? How did they get it or know who she was? What did they want? These and many other thoughts ricocheted in Rebecca’s head as she tried to fathom the cryptic message in just six bolded words.

Rebecca stared at herself. She had tried so hard to avoid the past and now with one simple picture her whole house of cards could come crumbling down.

Suddenly angry, Rebecca responded back:

Who are you? What do you want?

Rebecca stared at the computer waiting for a response before realizing she had to get going. As she drove, she kept checking her e-mail, but no response came.

Thankfully, yoga always relaxed and brought the mother of two, a feeling of serenity. In this tranquil state, Rebecca realized she was over reacting. The photo was not inappropriate and if her husband found out about her past, twenty years of marriage should supersede a naughty teenage past.

After a great workout, the relaxed mother was just heading out of the building when she saw Alexis, one of her daughter’s cheerleader friends stretching.

Alexis smiled, “Hi, Mrs. Walsh.”

Rebecca had always thought Alexis was a bad influence on her daughter ever since she convinced Lacie to get a tattoo last summer while on a road trip. Alexis was very aggressive and seemed to be able to easily manipulate Lacie who was rather reserved otherwise. On the other hand, Alexis had befriended her when they first moved to the suburbs and was the one that got Lacie involved in cheer leading which had really opened up a new side of Lacie. As a parent it is hard to let go, but Rebecca knew from her own teenage years of rebellion that if a parent didn’t give their child enough freedom they could make some very bad choices…like she had.

“What are you doing here?” Rebecca asked.

“Gymnastics for physical education,” Alexis answered, before adding, “our gym isn’t big enough for two classes at once.”

“Really?” the PTA chair asked, surprised she did not know this.

“Yep, this is way better than our gorilla sweatshop,” Alexis shrugged stretching once again, attempting to allow her perky breasts to be noticed by the MILF mom she was trying to seduce.

Rebecca noticed Alexis’s erect nipples through the thin fabric and secretly sighed at the young girl’s lack of propriety. As she learned long ago, you are judged by the way you dress. “I will have to look into that,” she said, wondering how this had never been mentioned during her numerous meetings with Principal Jones.

Alexis complimented, “How do you stay in such good shape, Mrs. Walsh?”

Rebecca shrugged, enjoying the compliment, “Yoga, aerobics, and eating healthy.”

Alexis continued the sugary flattery, “I hope I look as good as you when I am your age.”

“I am sure you will,” Rebecca complimented back, just as she turned and was greeted by her daughter.

“Hi, mom,” Lacie greeted her mom with a big hug.

“Oh, hi dear,” Rebecca said, surprised to see her daughter and just as surprised by the skimpy outfit she was wearing.

“Coming or going?” Lacie asked.

“Just leaving,” Rebecca replied, giving her daughter the unspoken look that implied she wasn’t approving of her daughters’ attire.

“Ok, well we are about to start class and I haven’t stretched yet,” Lacie said, ignoring her mom’s disapproving look and going over to join Alexis.

The mother refrained from saying anything even though she had a very powerful ‘young lady’ speech in mind that she would give once her daughter got home. She also noticed just as she was leaving that Alexis seemed to be scolding Lacie. Her daughter just kept nodding as if in complete agreement to whatever Alexis was saying.

During the drive home, Rebecca tried to figure out what Alexis and Lacie could have been talking about and decided she would add that to her discussion with her daughter later that night.

Once home, Rebecca took a long hot shower before she finally decided to check her e-mail again. She felt a nervous chill when another e-mail from MissA was sitting in her inbox and again with an attachment, the subject line this time: Just getting started PET Becky.

Before even clicking on the message, a sudden sickness hit Rebecca’s gut as she assumed it was another picture of her past as well the word ‘PET’ brought back a flood of memories from her teenage past. Scared to see what the click of a button would reveal, she went to the kitchen first and poured herself a glass of wine. She didn’t usually drink in the early afternoon, but a glass of wine always calmed her nerves and her nerves were a wreck.

The nervous mother returned to her computer, after downing half her wine, she clicked on the e-mail and was again staring at another picture of herself in the same cheerleader’s outfit but slightly more provocative.

Rebecca’s face went red as she remembered the photo shoot and how seemingly innocently her life changed.

It started as they took pictures for the city cheerleader’s calendar to raise money for charity. Two girls from each high school were chosen for the calendar. Tara, her best friend, and she were chosen from their school. Each girl would wear an outfit from a top college in the country.

She also remembered how Tara suggested for the two of them to go without panties underneath their pantyhose (Tara thought it would be a hilarious inside joke just the two of them knew). Things began to get out of hand when she and Tara got a little to touchy feely during the shoot. It all started innocently enough as they both flirted faux lesbian for the camera where there was lots of girly giggling and touching. It was the late eighties and although all the cheerleaders had fun being faux lesbians for the boys, Becky had never been with a girl or seriously considered it. She was more a fuck em’ and leave em’ kind of girl.

Rebecca’s pussy began to tingle as she continued to flash back to the aftermath of the photo shoot and how it changed the rest of her high school experience. Giving into her lust once led to a downward spiral that she couldn’t stop, like a roller coaster ride without breaks.

A phone call from her mother had Tara having to leave and that ended the photo shoot. The photographer left and Becky went quickly to the washroom to freshen up. When she returned to the locker room to grab her bag she was startled to find Jessica, her archenemy from the preppy rich school across the tracks was sitting on the bench with a smug smile on her face. Becky replicated the smile as she recalled fucking Jessica’s boyfriend last week at a party.

“Hi, Jessica,” Becky said, her tone not even remotely able to hide her disdain at seeing the stuck-up rich bitch.

“Hi, slut,” Jessica snapped back, her voice like venom.

Becky smiled back, “Still dating Jimmy?”

Jessica took out her phone and said, “Jimmy is good. He is an even better actor.”

Jessica tossed a photo to Becky and Becky was staring at a photo of herself on all fours as she got fucked from behind. Jessica clicked on a small cassette recorder and Becky also heard her voice as she begged, “That’s it fuck me harder.”

Becky’s face went white as she wondered what her arch rival planned to do with these incriminating photo and tape.

Trying to look calm, Becky quipped, “The camera really brings out my eyes.”

“And your complete sluttiness,” Jessica added.

“And that,” Becky shrugged, not letting the blonde bitch get to her.

“So I saw you and that other slut of your dive of a school dyking out during your photo shoot. I didn’t know besides being a cheap slut you were a cunt-muncher too,” she accused.

“P-p-pardon?” Becky stammered shocked by the accusation.

“Y-y-you are a lesbian,” Jessica mocked standing up, her smile suddenly deviously coy.

“I-I-I am not,” Becky protested, losing her composure.

“Really?” Jessica questioned with a laugh now standing directly in front of the suddenly rattled Becky. Her hand went under Becky’s skirt and directly to her damp pantyhose covered crotch. “Why are you so wet then?”

“I-I-um-I…” Becky struggled, her head spinning at both Jessica’s forbidden touch and her sudden conflicting desire of wanting to kiss Jessica.

Jessica said, “Touch yourself.”

“What? Here?” Becky asked, before realizing her response should have been a clear no instead of this wishy-washy response.

“No, outside in public,” Jessica sarcastically replied.

“But someone might see,” Becky countered, again not adamantly saying no like she should have.

“Look you dumb slut. Do as your fucking told or this picture will be plastered in your school, in boy’s bathrooms and at your mom’s work. Now touch yourself,” Jessica demanded, pushing Becky down onto a bench.

Startled by Jessica’s domineering tone, and suddenly believing the blackmail threat, Becky moved to her pantyhose covered crotch cursing Tara for the no panties dare.

“Good girl,” Jessica purred sarcastically, her authoritative tone gone as quick as it had come.

Becky’s face was blood red as she trembled at her own touch and at the chill that went up her spine at being called a good girl. The simple words were condescending on purpose, but having never heard those words from her alcoholic mother or overbearing step-father they brought a warmth and feeling of belonging that she had longed for her whole life.

Jessica pulled a camera out of her gym bag and ordered Becky to move her hand away. Jessica snapped, “Don’t you dare disobey me, slave.”

“I am not your slave,” Becky retorted, the situation getting ridiculous.

“Fuck you are stupid. Do as you are told or I mail the picture to every porno magazine and your mother and whoever else I find prudent,” Jessica snapped.

“Are you trying to blackmail me?” Becky asked.

“The light bulb flickers,” Jessica quipped. “Now get back to masturbating and think about all the things I have planned for you.”

“Please, let’s talk about this,” Becky replied trying to bargain with the devious bitch.

“Just fucking do as you are told. I don’t have all day,” Jessica ordered, as she snapped picture after picture of Becky.

Defeated, Becky returned her hand to her pussy touching herself through her pantyhose.

“Wow, only sluts go without panties,” Jessica criticized as she began taking off her skirt.

Becky watched her enemy undress and felt an undeniable gush in her pussy as she rubbed herself slowly over her pantyhose.

“You have had fantasizes about this before, haven’t you?” Jessica asked smugly.

Becky hadn’t truthfully as she said, “Not even in my worst nightmare.”

“Notice how a real woman with class wears panties underneath her uniform so her cunt isn’t exposed,” Jessica smirked as her skirt fell to the floor revealing a purple thong.

“I am not sure that dental floss you call underwear is much better,” Becky retorted.

Jessica grabbed her camera again and said, “I am not the one masturbating in a locker-room.”

“You are maaaaking me,” Becky argued, letting out a moan.

“I aaaaaaaaam,” Jessica mocked with a laughed.

“Fuck you,” Becky snarled.

“I am not going to be done with you until you come like the dirty little whore you are,” Jessica said, as she sat down beside Becky and began to untie her shoes.

Becky closed her eyes, distracted suddenly by Jessica’s intoxicating perfume.

“Are you thinking about eating my cunt as you pleasure yourself?” Jessica asked, her breath near my ear.

“What? God, no!” Becky protested.

“I think you are. I think you want to eat my cunt,” Jessica continued.

Becky had never considered eating pussy, yet suddenly it was the only thought in her head.

Silence lingered briefly as Jessica took off her shoes and moved away from Becky. Becky opened her eyes a moment later to see that Jessica had moved to the corner and sat down on the floor.

Jessica smiled and asked, “Are you looking forward to crawling over to me and licking my cunt, lezzie?”

“Never,” Becky replied, although nowhere near as defiant as it should have been.

“Oh, never say never, my pet,” Jessica smirked.

“I am not your peeeet,” Becky snapped, unable to hold in a moan as her orgasm began to build.

“You are obeying me like a good puppy, which makes you my pet,” Jessica explained.

“That is ridiculous,” Becky said, annoyed by Jessica’s pretentious attitude, yet unable to do anything about it, the picture her enemy’s ace in the hole.

Jessica opened her legs more and ordered, “I want you to come on the count of ten or you eat my cunt.”

Becky’s eyes went big, but instead of protesting, began rubbing herself frantically.

“Nine, you are mine,” Jessica said.

“Eight, my pet,” Jessica added.

“Seven, my plaything,” Jessica continued the countdown as Becky closed her eyes her orgasm building quickly.

“Open your eyes slave, I want you looking at me when you come” Jessica snapped, standing up.

Becky opened her eyes startled by Jessica’s firm authoritative tone.

“Six, five, my obedient little girl,” Jessica smiled at Becky’s quick obedience.

Becky could feel her orgasm on the brim and wasn’t sure she could hold out until Jessica finally reached one.

“Four, my cunt licker,” Jessica continued as she pulled down her pantyhose.

Becky’s breathing got heavier as her orgasm was imminent.

“Don’t you come without my permission my pet, I own that cunt of yours now,” Jessica ordered as she finished pulling her pantyhose off her right foot.

“I can’t hold it any longeeeeeeer,” Becky screamed, as she closed her eyes and came the most powerful orgasm of her young life, cascading through her like a dam broke after years of being held in check.

“You fucking slut,” Jessica yelled, “I didn’t give you permission to come yet.”

“Soooooooorry,” Becky apologized as she continued to feel surge after surge of pleasure tingle through every inch of her body.

“Oh you will be,” Jessica threatened as she took off her thong her plan to make this bitch pay for fucking her boyfriend.

Becky was scared by Jessica’s foreboding tone and opened her eyes to see that her arch enemy was naked from the waist down.

“Like?” Jessica smiled.

“Like what?” Becky asked, her tone implying impatience.

“The pussy you are about to please,” Jessica said rather matter-of-factly.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Becky said, her breathing slowly recovering.

“I allowed you an orgasm, it is time to return the favor,” Jessica said, before adding, “Plus, as I have said already, I own you.”

“Bullshit,” Becky called.

“On your knees, slut,” Jessica ordered.

“I will not….” Becky began but was cut off.

“Now!” Jessica roared.

Becky quickly obeyed, the aggressive tone similar to her evil stepfather’s.

“That is better,” Jessica said. “Now be a good puppy and crawl to your Mistress.”Becky cringed at the condescending tone and words, especially the word ‘Mistress’, yet obeyed the command. Reaching Jessica’s feet, she looked up to the shaved pussy and instantly wished hers was shaved. She had never even considered shaving herself completely until that moment.

“Go ahead my pet. Lick your Mistress’s pussy. Get used to it slut, you will be doing this a lot,” Jessica smiled down at her defeated nemesis.

Becky should have fought the order, yet the slight scent of Jessica’s pussy pulled her in and she felt her body moving on its own towards Jessica’s pussy. Reaching Jessica’s pussy, she hesitated briefly before extending her tongue and licking. Becky was stunned by how sweet the taste was. Sure she had tasted herself, but licking directly from the source was an experience unlike any other Becky ever had.

“That’s it, my pet, you will be a good pet, won’t you?” Jessica moaned, softly.

Becky hadn’t even thought of a response when she heard herself say, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” Jessica asked, putting her hands through Becky’s hair.

Becky was instantly addicted to the delicious taste of pussy, answered robotically, “Yes, Mistress, I will be a good pet.”

“Goood, girl,” Jessica purred, Becky’s tongue beginning to get her off as she plotted her next naughty blackmail of the submissive slut.

Becky sensing she was pleasing Jessica began to lick faster and knowing what got her off, she began flicking Jessica’s swollen clit with her tongue.

A minute or two later, Jessica grabbed Becky’s head and pulled her deep between her legs and began using the slut’s face to get off. Jessica’s breathing increased quickly and soon she screamed, “Take my cunt juice my sluuuuuut.”

Becky opened her mouth hungry to taste the full explosion after all the tantalizing appetizers she had been licking the past few minutes. The cum flowed freely like champagne out of Jessica’s pussy and into the first time pussy pleasing Becky’s mouth. She couldn’t believe how amazing the taste was and knew instantly that she was no longer straight, but bi.

Jessica eventually let Becky go and looking down at her pet’s shiny face said, “Don’t move.”

Becky obeyed and a moment later Jessica returned with her camera and snapped a picture. “This one is for my personal collection of the day I turned my pet.”

“Please don’t tell anyone,” Becky pleaded, no longer embarrassed by what she had done, but just not wanting anyone else to know.

“Obey unconditionally my pet,” Becky smiled, as she reached for her thong, “and this will be our fun little secret.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Becky obediently agreed, happy that the humiliating secret may stay just between the two of them and excited by the thought that she would be able to taste Jessica again.

Rebecca came hard as the memory of her first time came flooding back, both figuratively and literally, as her cum leaked out of her excessively. Opening her eyes and realizing where she was she shook her head at how real the memory just felt. Memories of her submissive lesbian exploits her last semester of high school, she shook her head and cursed at her weakness. She had locked away that dirty little secret, that brief glimpse of time where she was a lesbian pet to Jessica and Mrs. Heart.

Rebecca quickly responded to the e-mail:

Please leave me alone!

Rebecca shut down her computer and went to her bedroom to take a nap, exhausted by the stress of the day and the intense orgasm she had just given herself.


Lacie texted saying she wouldn’t be home until late as she was studying with Alexis for some chemistry test, although Rebecca wanted to say no, she couldn’t come up with a reasonable reason for such a reaction and instead texted her to be home by ten.

Usually, Rebecca enjoyed the alone time. Yet, tonight her nerves were on edge, she worried about what else this unknown person may have on her and what they may have in mind. She was quite well off financially her husband a VP of a fortune 500 company, so the most obvious reason was an attempt at blackmail. Rebecca considered how much she could pay to end this if it went that way without her husband Jack noticing.

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MILF’s submissive lesbian past comes back to haunt her