Milk of Desire, Chapter 4 : The truth starts to add up. by Efon

Milk of Desire, Chapter 4 : The truth starts to add up.
by Efon

Milk of Desire

By EFon

Chapter 4 : The truth starts to add up.

So now I’m dating Katey O’Brian. Not only that but I hit a home run on my very first date. Actually it was more like a grand slam when I lost my virginity to her last night in the park, under the moon, by that little gurgling stream, on the grass. It was a dream come true. I’m not ashamed to say I woke up that Saturday with a raging woody from my good dream and I beat off reliving every glorious detail and could once again imagine, and my hand brought me off, that my grunting cum was being shot into her lovely tight snatch instead of my t-shirt I had worn to bed. I wiped it all up and threw the shirt in my dirty clothes bin, and snoozed again for spell.

I awoke to my older sister Jen entering my room. She said with a smile, “Just getting the laundry.” She grabbed my basket and left. I laid back down and wondered why she didn’t just yell for me to bring them to her, but I figured it must be part of the new leaf she had turned over. Then I realized my fresh sticky mess was in there. Normally I’d been doing my own laundry lately, so I didn’t think of it, but now…

I quickly tossed on some clothes and sprinted to the basement where I could already hear the water flowing into the washing machine. I was totally unprepared for what I found. Jen was sitting on the closed washer, naked from her waist down only wearing a tank-top shirt, with one hand frisking her hairy cunt and the other holding my incriminating shirt while she licked my still warm cum from it. She had her eyes closed and the washer water was loud enough she didn’t immediately notice I’d come in on her.

I was utterly speechless, but a second later she saw me standing there and said, “Come to watch me again?” I didn’t respond due to the shock, but she just smiled and kept frisking her juicy pussy. “Good. I came so hard when I saw you jerking off with me.” And she started wiggling her hand fiercely on her clit. Then she pointed a few fingers on the cum pool of my shirt and stuck the whole thing in her mouth as if it was a cock.

I knew I shouldn’t be turned on by this, but I was. The only reason I didn’t get a raging boner right off was I’d just cum a little bit ago, twice in the past twelve hours actually, but after only a minute or so of watching her lewd performance, in the daylight now, and with full knowledge of me watching, I stepped forward and pulled out my own genitals, now growing steadily from arousal. I gripped my shaft and while it was still tingly from cuming so recently I couldn’t help but join in masturbating with her.

The washer finished filling with water and began to churn as it agitated the clothes and that was enough for Jen, she pulled her hand from my shirt in her mouth, but kept the shirt clenched tight in her teeth, and drought her other hand to stick two fingers up her vagina and came with muffled groans and shakes atop the shimmying washing machine.

I wasn’t close and had only started to get hard, so while I enjoyed it, I put myself away for now and had to find out what was going on. “Jen, that was supper hot, but what the fuck are we doing?”

She removed my cum-soaked shirt from her mouth and dismounted the washer and picked up a pair of shorts. “I don’t know Russ. I’m sorry,” she apologized as she put on the shorts. “Ever since a few days ago I cannot seem to stop thinking about you and getting horny.” She zipped up her shorts and continued with a frown, “You don’t hate me do you?”

“What? No,” man I was so confused. “I love you, just… as a sister. You’re beautiful and sexy as hell, but…” I tried to explain.

“But it’s wrong, and I know that,” she sighed. “I know I didn’t love Chad, but he was a good boyfriend for high school, but now I cannot think of anyone but you Russ.” She said it sweetly and I hugged her, ultra-conscious of her being a bit taller than be and having her boobs close to my face. “I hope I’m not going crazy and becoming a pervert.”

“But if that were true, you’d have tried to keep me for yourself,” I tried to rationalize with her, “But you did everything short of put me in bed with Katey, right?”

“Yea…” she then laughed in my loose embrace and whispered, “I even cleaned up the cum stain in the back seat where she leaked.”

Now I was embarrassed, and still a little turned on, and getting uncomfortable still hugging my sister while my cock started growing again. I quickly laughed nervously and let her go. “Oh… Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” she said happily, “It got me horny, and I wanted to talk with you about it this morning, but I heard you… well…” and gestured to my soiled and sucked on shirt, “and that got me REALLY horny, so after you finished I decided to do laundry so I could have an excuse to come in and get it.” Then she went back to my words, “But I really do just want you to be happy, so when you asked about Katey, I wanted to show you I would help any way I could.” Then she smiled again, “I’m glad it went so well.”

“Yea… She was really great. Not just the… you know, but she was fun to hang out with too.”

“That’s great!” she said without hesitation, dismay, or almost any thought. I could see she was being totally honest. “I’m glad. I was worried you wouldn’t like her, and that would just crush her since she’s been totally crushing on you since last summer. I wonder…” then she got a far off look.

“What?” I asked.

“Well she never mentioned you in that way until after she lost that bet,” she said with a quirk on her face.

Now I was worried. Was this all just a game to these girls? “What bet?”

“Well last summer at my sleepover for my birthday, Lisa, Katey and I played truth or dare. We found out then that Katey had never tasted a guys cum, while both Lisa and I had, so Lisa dared me at one point to sneak into your room and steal a pair of your dirty underwear, which I did while you were asleep, then later dared Katey to lick it on the inside where your wiener touched it. She did and a few days later she started asking about you and if you were dating.” Then she looked at me apologetically again, “I’m sorry. I should have told you she liked you sooner, but I was always mad at you so I told her that I thought you were gay.”

Gay! I was momentarily mad, but then something struck me. “Um, did you… did you a few nights ago… come into my room and…” I wanted to say suck my cock, but I just couldn’t ask my sister that. I knew it had to have been her, but I just couldn’t say it.

“I’m sorry! Yes, I did,” she looked really embarrassed too. “One minute we were fighting and the next you said ‘suck my dick’ and suddenly I wanted to do that more than anything in the world.” She wasn’t looking at me, but at the floor. “I told myself that’s stupid, but just couldn’t get to sleep that night. So I waited until you were asleep and decided to just get it out of my system. But then once you were in my mouth I couldn’t stop. It was crazy and stupid, but I actually came fingering myself when you came in my mouth. It was so good…”

She cleared her throat and continued, “After that I couldn’t stop thinking about you and your cock. The next night, I just started masturbating over and over again. I must have cum three times before I heard the door open. I thought you were going to come in and see me, and I wanted you to fuck me so bad I came again just thinking about it.”

Oh my god! Was my sperm hypnotic? There might have been trace amounts in my underwear, and after tasting it Katey had a crush on me. And Jen had some in the milk that morning, diluted sure, but still, then after having a full dose was absolutely wild about me. I wondered if Katey would be more affectionate after I’d cum in her last night, but I suppose that alone would normally make some more affectionate, so had no way of knowing. Wait, this is crazy sci-fi. This can’t be true.

“It is probably just hormones in our systems driving us crazy,” I said scientifically. I’m sure that’s it, but I suppose we could always test that theory. “Jen, what does Lisa think of me?”

“She’s always thought you were a little dweeb just like I did until a few days ago.”

“And she still thinks that right?” I tried to confirm.

“As far as I know,” Jen answered, “I mean, Katey had been her best friend, and now that you’re dating her… Well, let’s just say she said some pretty unkind things about you and was mad at me for telling her to stop.”

Great, now, this last part might be tricky, but if Jen was as infatuated with me as it seemed, maybe she would help me again like she had with Katey. “I want to give her a present to apologize for stealing Katey from her, can you help me?”

Instantly Jen perked up and said, “That sounds like a great idea!” Then she started listing off gift ideas of clothes, music, flowers, and on and on.

“I want to do something personal, and that she can eat or drink…” I suggested.

“Oh! She LOVES this sweet butter at Bread Barrel.” That was one of the local bakery restaurants, they also sold their stuff in little take home containers.

“Perfect! Could you go get some for me?” I asked, “I’ll pay you back.”

She just jumped up and hugged me with a smile, “Don’t be silly. Anything to help my little brother!” Then she was gone up the stairs. I followed and heard her telling mom that she was going out for a bit and soon her car was driving off. Okay, this plan could work and prove once and for all I was attractive and studly, and not just a horny bio-terrorist date-rapist.

I sat and enjoyed some breakfast and figured what to do next. Mom asked about my date, since she’d heard about it from Jen. I told her it was great and that I was dating Katey now. She nodded and said then in a serious tone, “Then it’s time we had the talk.”

Oh crap. I didn’t want to talk to my mother about sex and girls. I mean, I’d already lost my virginity last night so I was all set right? I knew about STD’s and condoms and pregnancy. I mean schools teach us that from the fourth grade up now. I was dreading her next words until after I’d heard them, then I was riveted. “It’s about you father.”

“What about my father?” She had always deflected questions about him and said he didn’t matter at all.

Mom looked upset, but continued, “Well. He was a doctor at the hospital I worked at, and he was a real ladies man. I don’t know what it was, but he had every nurse, even the married ones, fawning all over him. Me included.” Then she sighed, “I was married to a good man and had a daughter already, just a newborn when I went back to work and he had just started working there. Suddenly, and I had no idea why, I fell in love with him and cheated on my husband with him, numerous times. I was totally head over heels for him, even though I knew he was still sleeping around with the other nurses, and even some of the patients.”

She paused to take a sip of her coffee and I was stunned to hear this from my very conservative mother. She’d always been strict and proper; now she was telling me she was a slut for a jerk who was my biological father? Wait, then that makes Jen only my half-sister? After I collected my thoughts and she finished her sip she kept going, “I got pregnant and my husband knew it wasn’t his. He wanted a divorce, and I agreed. He was the best man I’d ever known, and he just left me, and I couldn’t blame him, but I didn’t even care at the time.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“I told your father that I was pregnant and he demanded I get an abortion. And I almost did too, but then something happened. I’m not sure what, but it was like waking up from a bad dream. I think God smacked some sense into me. One minute I was saying goodbye to you as I filled out the paperwork to get an abortion, then I almost heard a voice saying ‘No’. Like you demanded to live and woke me up.” Then she reached up and stoked my cheer lovingly, “I could never kill my child and suddenly I saw your father for what he was; and evil bastard who seduced and used women as toys.”

“So I reported him for inappropriate medical practices and he was going to lose his job, and probably go to jail when he left town and disappeared. I never saw him again and hope I never do. But Jen’s father had moved on and wanted nothing to do with me. I know this must all seem like a crazy soap opera to you, but the point is this: I love you, and will never stop loving you, but I want to promise me one thing.”

I looked at her and she gave me a very serious look, “Sure, anything.”

“Promise me that you will always treat women as people and not toys,” she said with gravity and waited for me to respond.

“Absolutely Mom. I promise.”

“Good,” she relaxed a bit. “I told this to your sister when she started dating a few years ago, and I’m sorry she started treating you badly. I was worried that she was taking out her rage for not having a father on you, but I’m glad to see you two getting along again.”

“Yea…” I smiled nervously, “Were getting along great.” And I left to go to my room to think about what she had said.

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