Milky Suzy’s Fantasy – Sex Stories

Milky Suzy’s Fantasy – Sex Stories

Suzy had waited for this day for most of her entire life. At first she’d fantasized about it. Then she fell into the BDSM scene looking for partners that played the way she did. But, in the last few months, even that had grown stale. So she’d started preparing for the real thing by herself.

She’d started with nails, one each through the thickest part of her areolas just at the bases of her nipples. She hadn’t the nerve at the time to spear the nubs themselves. But the thrill had been so intense, she’d fingered herself to the best orgasm she’d ever had, all the while leaning back and making the two spikes pull at her screaming flesh.

The second time, she laid her breasts on the table. Thinking they looked like feasts on a platter, she’d started with one nail through the areola on each side of her nipples. She imagined their fangs doing the same thing, saving the best little bite for last.

Biting her lip through the pain, she watched in fascination as each slim steel spike dimpled the wrinkled skin and then skewered her flesh when she drove the hammer came down. The pain was so intense and wonderful she decided then to go the distance.

After masturbating herself until she was only moments from coming, she pinned her left nipple dead center with a two-penny’s sharp tip. After giving her clit one last, hard rub, she punched the nail through with a decisive hammer blow. It was all she could do to bite back the scream and fight off the orgasm long enough to drive a nail through the right side. She’d no sooner buried her fingers between her legs than the orgasm exploded through her. She had no doubt her neighbors had heard the wild cries of ecstasy, but she hadn’t cared.

Eventually she’d grown to simulating what she dreamed would be their feral attack by hammering a dozen nails each through her breasts’ tortured tips until there was more steel showing than flesh. As blood ran from the wounds and washed over the wood beneath them, she imagined what it would be like to have vampires taking her that way for real.

Once that thrill had grown pale, he faked their biting using steel hair clips, the ones with teeth like piranha, ripping mercilessly at herself until she’d come a half-dozen times and her nipples and areolas glistened crimson from a hundred tears while her breasts dripped with red.

Every time, the orgasms were better than the ones before them. Now, just the thought made her horny. Not only could she take the wicked self-torture, she delighted in it. In fact, it had come to the point she could almost started coming from the torment alone.

Intellectually, she knew she’d probably be better off seeking therapy. Even if that wasn’t the case, there was no way she could simulate being ravished by vampires. They moved too fast, and they would be far more callous and cruel. But she figured she’d make it through the finest parts, the orgasms and the best of the torment before the pain overwhelmed her.

Many people romanticized vampires, but Suzy knew there wasn’t anything romantic about it — at least not to them. They only used sex to make sure plenty of hormones flavored her blood, and they’d only ravage her pussy and breasts to satisfy their inhuman thirsts. None of that mattered to her. What mattered was, they’d fuck her raw while punishing her in ways she’d only dreamed of.

The fact that they might well keep her caged up for seconds or more didn’t bother her. She even entertained the possibility she might not make it through. Everyone died. Very few picked the way they wanted to go. Her last sight would be that of her own nipples and breasts, ravished from their hungry feeding. Her last sensations would be sweet agony and ecstasy. Her last breaths would be the gasps of an insane orgasm. How many people went out that way?

The hardest part had actually been getting the gig. Vampires could afford to be picky. Women and men far better looking than Sue flocked to them in droves. She had to find a way to make sure they chose her.

The way finally came thanks to a prominent New Orleans businessman with a taste for tits. She’d met him in a BDSM club. After drinking enough absinthe to dull the apprehension and numb her mind just enough, she’d let him tie her up and belt enough welts across her breasts to last half a month. She could still feel the burning agony from the leather strip biting into her flesh over and over again, making her tits bounce so hard it hurt. Even so, he’d been skilled enough to make her come, a bonus since that hadn’t been in her plan.

The bruises and bite marks had taken even longer to go away. There was still a faint semi-circular scar arching across the upper curve of her areola from the stitches that put her back together after she’d unexpectedly come, bucking in surprise while he was biting her particularly hard. Not that it mattered. When her areolas were cold or excited, you could hardly see the scar through the wrinkles — and they were excited most of the time.

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Before her third orgasm — the one that came as a result of the near nipple removal — he’d dubbed her “Milky Suzy.” When he’d gone for her other nipple, the evil gleam in his eyes told her he wanted to finish the job. A part of her wanted to let him, to feel the sweet agony from deep inside her sub-space as he nipped it from her breast. It was a hard call, but if she’d let him finish she’d have never gotten here. She had to have her nipples to make it happen.

Disappointment aside, he’d stayed true to his word. After using the milky tits she planned to barter to the vampires for his personal enjoyment, he made the contact she needed.

The idea of making them milky came after she’d started following a couple of the vampire blogs that dealt primarily with how to best enjoy their meals. It was kind of like a recipe-sharing forum, only for vampires. It wasn’t long before she started seeing a lot of conversations about “strawberry milk shakes.” It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the ingredients — milk and blood from a lactating human breast. Unfortunately, even for vampires, taking pregnant humans without their consent was frowned upon, so strawberry milkshakes were a very rare commodity.

Since Suzy wasn’t pregnant, she’d turned to Google and learned out how to fake it with the right amount of hormone therapy and a hospital grade breast pump. It was easier to trick her tits into going into full-blown production than she’d thought it would be — and a lot more fun.

Looking down at them as she walked up the concrete drive toward the address she’d been given, she knew her hosts would be pleased. They had to be.

She stopped for a moment, tugged her white bikini’s the thin top down from the tips, and watched as they tightened. Her ruby-brown nipples themselves were hard and thick. Half again as big as the used to be, they were half-an-inch across and easily an inch long. Her areola had grown larger, too. Even tight and creviced, they were at least four inches across from one edge to the other. They were a deep rose-tinged tan, way darker than before she’d started her lactation regime.

As if anticipating what was about to come, the left dripped. The right actually squirted. Smiling to herself, she hefted her breasts. Thanks to the therapy, they were two cups larger than the C’s she started with. Her skin had thinned into an alabaster translucence that showed a prominent web of blue veins just beneath the surface. She’d read that the blood supply to the breasts more than doubled during lactation and, from the looks of her tits, she had no doubt her research was right. She was certain there would be no way the vampires could resist such a tempting meal.

She pulled the thin fabric back down, making certain the top quarter of her furrowed areolas peeked out above the top and her hard nipples looked as if they were about to poke through. Once she was satisfied with her breasts, she checked the matching thong bottoms. There really wasn’t much to them, but she glanced back just to make sure. From that angle, only the thin waistband was visible. The rest disappeared in the cleavage of her heart-shaped rear. The front just barely covered her pussy’s inner folds, but left plenty of plump, shaved labia for show.

Stopping at the door, Suzy took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. Her heart pounded so hard her heavy tits jiggled. Her fist shook as she raised it to knock on the door. Despite her nerves, both the top and bottom of her little bikini were already soaked — the first with milk and the second with juices from her sodden crotch. They day she’d waited on for years was finally here, and her body was obviously ready.

She’d hardly rapped on the door when two men threw it open. They looked her over as if she was nothing more than a side of beef. Not that that was any different than most guys, but these two…these two were serious about it. One of them centered his gaze on her full breasts, immediately catching the deliberate display of areola. The other licked his fangs when he spotted her bare, fat pussy lips, now gleaming from horny anticipation. She felt both areas start to get warm, tingling, as if her body were heating up in response to what it sensed was about to happen.

Together the vampires grinned wide, not bothering to hide their long, wet fangs. Together, they grabbed her arms and yanked her inside with such force that her breasts bounced wildly and popped completely out of the bikini. She stumbled on the black strap stilettos, only managing to stay up thanks to the vice-like grip of fingers around her upper arms.

One of them, a big bald vampire with spider-web tattoos covering his skull — the one that preferred her pussy — yelled back over his shoulder, “Kevin, your birthday present’s here!” The other actually hissed when he saw her granite-hard nipples now on display for everyone to see. He acted as if it was all he could do to keep from having them then and there.

In that moment, Suzy had never felt more desired, or more endangered. She realized that, before the day was done, her most prized parts would be their dinner and dessert. It would be the culmination of her dreams, and the last thing she ever did. There was no backing out now.

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She tried to pull her hands together so she could cover her nipples and prolong the show. She’d thought there would be more of a build-up, but two more vampires came around the corner of a hallway. They stopped when they saw her. The one in the lead looked at her as if he wasn’t sure what he was seeing.


“A…girl. Guys, you really shouldn’t have.” The disappointment in his voice was as obvious as the disenchantment on his face.

Suzy felt as if she’d been gut punched, and then Spider-web snapped her bikini top off her as if it were tissue. She felt two thin lines burn across her back.

He tossed the ruined top to his frustrated friend. “No, dude, this isn’t just another human meat whore. Take a whiff!”

Kevin looked at the ruined cloth and then held the wet triangles up to his nose. His eyes widened as he took a longer, deeper whiff. This time, his voice sounded disbelieving, hopeful, and even a bit excited. She had no idea what he said, since it was in Latin, but the sick feeling in her stomach ebbed.

The big bald vampire grinned and repeated Kevin’s words. “…lac lactis infirmo… Damn straight, dude! She’s a real milk shake!”

Kevin rammed the bikini into a pocket and crossed the remaining distance in a blur. His right hand was around Suzy’s left breast before she even knew he was there. He crushed it brutally in his fingers. Milk sprayed from her nipple as if it was a shower head. Dull pain coursed through her chest as he squeezed even harder and opened his mouth wide, spraying his face with breast milk. He almost completely missed his mouth, but didn’t seem to care. He shook his head as if he was a dog enjoying a summer sprinkler and let go of her tit.

After running his hands up his cheeks and smoothing the milk back into his hair, he beamed. “A strawberry milkshake! This is awesome! Fucking awesome!”

The other vampire, the one that obviously wanted one of Suzy’s breasts for his own, laughed. “Yeah, we all pitched in.

Grinning, he looked her up and down the same way they had at the door. “So, you look surprisingly delicious for just having a monkey.”

Suzy could hardly find her voice. “A monkey? Oh, a baby… no. No, baby. Hormones… and a breast pump…”

Kevin traced one of the dark blue veins beneath her breast’s translucent skin with a clipped fingernail. “Really? So, you want this so bad you faked it. You think we’ll turn you into one of us if you give it up your tits and a little pussy?”

He snagged her left areola behind the nipple and squeezed cruelly. He watched the milk seep out and pool in the crevices then drip to the floor. Eventually, he caught a drop on the tip of a finger and brought it to his lips. “You think we’ll gang bang you, suck a little bloody milk out of your udders and then give you the gift, is that it?

She straightened her shoulders, forcing herself not to cry out as he ground his fingernails together with her thick flesh between them. “No, sir… I mean, yes, I want this. No, I don’t expect you to turn me.”

All their eyes widened except Kevin’s. He simply twisted her nipple and kept watching it drip. “Oh, you’re one of them. You probably hammered a nail or two through your nipples and thought it’d be like having us fang them. You heard we’d fuck you silly and help you get off on some sex torture fantasy.”

When he saw the red of embarrassment wash up her face from her neck, he laughed. The other three laughed on cue. “You know what we’re really going to do to you? We’re going to pound your bare pussy into a pulp while we rip these udders apart and suck them into dry, Swiss cheese-looking bags of mauled, human flesh and fat. And once we’ve sucked every drop of milk and blood from them, were gonna go for those little curves right there…”

He pinched her rear with his free hand, gouging his nails into the inner curve just above her thighs and behind her pussy. “And, while one of us chews every drop of blood from that hot little ass, another one’s gonna eat your snatch, clit and all, like an oyster…just because it’s fun. That what you want?”

Despite some sudden misgivings, all she had the courage to do was nod.

Kevin’s smile widened. “Well, boys, there is a God.” Without warning, he grabbed her by the neck and lifted her off the ground then tossed her like a rag doll to a friend. “Game room.”

The other vampire caught her by the waist in mid-air. She hadn’t even had time to gasp. After that, they moved so fast Suzy missed half of everything they did. The way they shifted from the easy, slow movement humans were comfortable with to vampire-time and back made her dizzy. When she tried to watch one, another would blur.

Before she could recognize the sensation of a hand tightening around an ankle or fingers crushing a handful of breast or bottom, another sensation, like the burning tear of her bikini bottom from her rear, would try to make itself felt — but her brain couldn’t keep up.

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By the time she could comprehend what was happening, they’d carried her into another room, torn her shoes off, and pinned spread-eagle across the maroon felt of a big pool table. Somewhere along the way, they’d all stripped. One of them had her by the wrists, pulling her arms back to the head of the table. Her shoulders felt as if they might dislocate. Her breasts were stretched into fat, wet, jiggling ovals. Milk leaked in waves down their curves.

Her hips were also stretched as far as they could stand, with a vampire holding each ankle firmly to the bottom corners of the table. While trying to catch her breath, Suzy looked around at the high, raftered ceiling. She hadn’t had time to do much more than see the wooden beams when Kevin leapt onto the table and crouched over her, kneeling between her legs.

His cock was huge. It stood straight up against his firm belly, veins bulging. She’d seen big, turgid cocks before. They’d all sort of bounced, moving in time to the heartbeat that made them hard. Kevin’s just stood. It didn’t bounce, didn’t move. She had no idea what kept it up, but there was no doubt it was up. When he grabbed it and started to shift toward her pussy, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“Wait! Not yet!”

This voice came from the vampire at her left ankle. Suzy opened her eyes, but he was already blurring away. Seconds later, he was back. He lifted a thin birthday candle from a box and held it out like a surprise. She couldn’t help but notice the three inch long hypodermic needle it was rammed into.

“Fifty of them…Just a sec.”

Suzy couldn’t believe what she’d heard. Kevin barely looked twenty. Before she could think much more about it, though, she felt a sharp pain stabbing through the left side of her chest. She looked down as he rammed the fifth needle into her left tit, burying it deep. She’d only just registered the first one. It canted slightly from the very tip of her throbbing nipple.

As fast as he jammed the needles into her breasts, her mind seemed to give up on recognizing each individual pain. Instead, her tits felt as if they’d been made into huge pin cushions. They burned with a single pain that swallowed them entirely. He was lighting the candles by the time she realized he was through poking them in place. At twenty-five per breast, some of them had only sunk through fat and glands. Others, the ones further from her nipples, were lodged more firmly. They all hurt. She’d never been so horny.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the wetness between her legs. When a drop of molten wax rolled onto the tip of her nipple, she gasped and opened her eyes yet again. Every candle was burning, and Kevin was about to blow them out.

“If you guys sing, I’ll gut you.” The others laughed as he blew, then they cheered as he slammed his huge cock into her hard enough to rock the sturdy table.

For the second time in seconds, Suzy gasped. She only just felt the dull pain of his dick head slamming into her cervix when he was fucking her in vampire-time. Six or seven thrusts a second slammed into her like a pile driver. Unable to keep up with the constant hammering, she tried to concentrate on her breasts. Pain consumed them as they bounced wildly, slapping up and down so hard that milk slung from them in a spray and half the needles tore free.

She was about to scream from the pain assailing her slamming tits and pounded pussy when the first orgasm attacked her. There was no slow build about it. It was suddenly just there, like an explosion, unlike any climax she’d ever had. It was as if her body suddenly realized she’d been stimulated enough to come and just threw its hands up and said, “Fuck it!”

It didn’t seem as if the first orgasm was over when the second one came. Suzy’s head swam as her body tried to keep up with everything it was experiencing. Neurons tried to send a message that her battered womb was crying for relief and her pussy lips were being pulverized by Kevin’s pounding pelvis.

Others synapses tried to convey the fact that her wrists and ankles were being crushed by the vampires that held her pinned to the pool table. Still others worked to remind her that the weight of her heavy tits slinging around hurt so bad things might be rupturing inside them. The constant orgasms were almost an afterthought.
She gasped for breath and had barely focused through the tears when Kevin paused, hovering over her, staring at her left breast as if were his last meal. The look of feral hunger in his eyes made everything that came before it even more worthwhile. And then the moment came.

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Milky Suzy’s Fantasy – Sex Stories

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