MMMFF fun and couple swapping

MMMFF fun and couple swapping

The three of us were sitting in comfortable silence on the large area rug in front of the fireplace. The orange flames were steady and low, warming our faces and bare feet against the colder air outside our intimate circle. Our Jack Daniels went down with a soothing anticipation of what was ahead and we all looked at each other knowing that we’d soon be wrapped in a heat stronger than the fire or alcohol. We sipped and swallowed and alternately gazed at our source of warmth and the dark scene outside the large picture window to our right. Moonlight was transforming falling raindrops into brilliant crystals swirling downward to where earlier we’d gathered wood and laughed at squirrels frantically chasing each other into the nearby pine trees. Inside, the summer clothing we were still wearing connected us to the outdoor experiences of playful friendship that we’d enjoyed earlier that day, as well as to the six years we’d all known each other since meeting. But the same clothes that now grounded us to our platonic friendship would soon be removed, taking us all to visual places of knowledge we’d experienced on previous occasions.

Indeed, countless times over the years I’ve stared when unnoticed while Gary would pour us drinks at his cabin with hands large and strong. He’d then hold the margarita stirrer and swirl with precision, indicating he may be well skilled manipulating things small and delicate. And Scott, with his business-like personality, would sometimes meet my eyes with a penetrating interest in knowing I would soon be sexually engaged with both. I believe we all suspected our relationship would turn this direction when our friend Gary told us we were free to use his cabin for the week. Gary, Scott and I discussed the possibility of it and decided the next day that we’d go, I’m sure somewhere we all began thinking this would be the perfect place for a renewal of our sexual friendship. Suddenly, and thankfully, Gary shifted positions and it reminded me that my legs, too, were getting stiff. I stretched my legs out in the direction of the fire and released a sigh, aware that anxiety was slowly creeping in. But just then, as if sensing this perfect setting and occasion could pass away if not soon acted upon, Gary got up from his position on my left and seated himself behind me.

He straddled my hips, with his legs fully outstretched alongside mine. He then whispered in my ear but not so quietly that Scott wouldn’t hear, “I’ve wanted this as soon as I first saw you again.” As I released a heavy sigh, betraying that his secret thoughts of me were arousing feelings between my legs, he began kissing and licking my ear. His breath was like a warm, fuzzy blanket that I melted into. I closed my eyes, still in disbelief this was actually happening, but anxious for what would happen next. While still attending to my ear, I felt his hands slide along my upper body until they stopped at my chest. I was breathing more heavily now and opened my eyes to look at his hands. They were so familiar to me; I’d seen them in a hundred different situations over the years but now they were squeezing my breasts through the layer of clothing I had on. Most friends’ hands don’t usually touch those, I thought. He then pulled the top’s zipper down and gently pushed my upper body forward so he could take it off. He tossed it behind us. I still had on a white lace bra under that.

I looked up to Scott but his eyes did not meet mine; his were looking downward, watching Gary’s hands begin to undress me. With my blouse off, my long blonde hair being gathered up in the action and tousled back down again. Gary stopped moving his lips and tongue on my ear and joined Scott in watching what his hands were doing. I remained fixed on Scott’s eyes, noticing that he hadn’t moved a muscle since Gary started. We were all mesmerized by the mere idea of seeing those places that other friends don’t get to see. The only thing now separating my tits from their eyes was my white bra. Our friend, with his tall and muscular frame, dark brown hair and well groomed mustache and all the confidence in the world, was very used to hearing my voice talk of current events, mutual friends, and plans for the weekend, but now wanted that same voice to tell him to be sexual with me. I found his idea highly erotic, as if I were a queen telling her long-time protector to enter her bedchamber while her king was away from court to do the dirty deeds of her desires.

So I directed him to remove my bra and pull my tits out of their cups. I knew this to offer a sexy presentation and was anxious to see his expression when he’d first see them looking voluptuously at him. But for now, just the sight of his thick fingers pulling the cups down until my large, round nipples poked out sent electrical waves through every inch of my body. He went further until both of my mounds were out. From his spot directly in front of me, Scott was now looking straight ahead at my tits with his mouth slightly open. Gary, still in his spot sitting behind me, grabbed each one in his hand and pushed them together, indicating to Scott that he was now going to reacquaint himself with my 36DD’s. I leaned my head back onto Gary’s right shoulder, looking up at the wood beams running along the ceiling, with all my senses heightened waiting for the next sensation. And it was Scott’s pointed tongue, only his tongue that I felt rather immediately, flicking my pebble on my left tit, around and around.

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The sensation made me think he’d sex my body while touching only its most relevant parts with those of his, as if being aroused by an invisible man. Then he stopped and I felt it again on my right tit, flicking its hardened nipple up and down while my breathing became more rapid. Gary was still making my two tits one for Scott’s nibbling pleasure when his moans subtly turned into words proclaiming they were bigger than he’d remembered and that, while horse back riding together the prior Fall, he’d tried imagining them bouncing naked up and down. I closed my eyes and absorbed what he said, slowly understanding that he’d been having lustful thoughts of me all this time since our last threesome. Gary continued whispering similar thoughts he’d secretly had about me while squeezing my firm and tanned boobs with his hands. Then Scott moved his mouth away to add in how beautiful they looked standing at full attention, and I replied before thinking, “And are you standing at full attention for me?”

In response to my question, I received two non-verbal answers at the same time. Gary pushed his pelvis into my lower back and I felt a rock hard bulge press against me from inside his jeans. At the same time, Scott got up to his knees, took my right hand and placed it on his chest, then guided it down to his equally hard bulge behind his grey sweat pants. At that I felt my pussy get wetter and hotter, for my favorite fantasy has always been exactly this, being the center of two men’s sexual attentions. With that thought, and wanting to move along faster, I went to tell Scott to strip off my jeans to at least get my pussy involved, but I forced myself to enjoy the seduction, which was maddeningly slow. But to my surprise, that was apparently their thought, as well. Gary lifted my hips up off the floor while Scott grabbed the ankles of my jeans and whisked them off in one quick movement. All that remained on my lower body was my red thong. With my knees bent in front of me, Scott put a hand on each knee and slowly spread them apart.

I groaned with intense pleasure. Gary remained behind me, but now rested his ankles on each of my knees so that if I wanted to close my legs, I’d have had his muscle strength to contend with. My instincts, in fact, required that I determine the extent of my limitation and found that he resisted my attempts. My legs were being held apart and I loved it. But one small thought occurred to me: my thong was still on. I wondered why Scott hadn’t removed them as well. Just then he lay down on his stomach with his face between my legs, looked up into my eyes and said, “Are you ready, Donna? After all this time, we’re finally going to play with your pussy.” By “all this time” I didn’t know if he meant the time that had passed since the evening began or our four-play, but in either case, I was fully ready for them to see the little pink folds and nub that I loved to play with in front of them. Again Scott looked up at me and our eyes met; he wanted me to tell him what to do. “Pull aside my underwear and…..” but as he did that, I lost the ability to speak in words.

I moaned loudly awaiting yet again the next sensation. I was now completely vulnerable before my husband. He’d now seen my secret spot and was about to taste my juices. I felt Gary lean forward into me, pressing his chin into my right shoulder. His interest in seeing was obviously piqued and it made me all the more excited. For what felt like a long minute, no one touched me but looked. I searched for Scott’s eyes to meet mine but his were fully engaged with his view. I turned to Gary, but his eyes were staring down toward my shaved pussy. Then they both looked into my eyes and I saw theirs were hot with passion. So I again let my head drop backward onto Gary’s shoulder and relished the moment of being on display. “You have the most beautiful pussy. I could look at it all night,” Gary said in a deep desirous voice. At that I felt sex juice well up deep inside my recesses. I forced my legs further apart and noticed that Gary’s ankles applied greater pressure as he pushed my knees even closer to the floor. Sensual stretching pains ran along my inner thighs.

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Lifting my knees even an inch was impossible and I felt if anyone touched my clitoris at this point that I’d shake into a powerful orgasm on the spot. Then I felt my internal fire exceed measurable temperatures as I became aware of his hot lips kissing mine down below. Gary’s chin pushed deeper into my shoulder as he was apparently becoming increasingly aroused by his view. I kept my eyes closed during the sensual kisses telling myself over and over that we had remained just friends for two long years when all the while we could have been doing this together instead of having barbeque and drinks and conversations with family and guests. Gary had been watching for a long time and apparently felt the need to become more actively involved, for he put a firm left hand behind my head and turned me to receive his full, sexy lips. I’ve always thought his mouth would look incredible kissing my pussy. But we didn’t touch lips at all. He offered his tongue to mine at some midway point between us and we swirled our tongues around each other in visible sight.

I had the distinct thought that Scott’s tongue was doing the same thing to my clit. At that I sucked on Gary’s tongue hoping that soon his would be tasting me too. But Scott’s tongue wasn’t stopping any time soon. I felt his persistent attention on my love bud and knew that if he continued for another few minutes I would have the best orgasm of my life right in his face and in Gary’s arms.

“I want to lick her too, so don’t send her over the edge yet,” Gary told my husband, but all I felt was the insistence of that pointed tongue flicking up and down over the tip of my clit.

I began rocking my hips side to side and that’s when Scott abruptly stopped. I almost spoke out in protest, but Scott got up to his knees, unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. He held his penis away from his hairy stomach at a ninety degree angle from his body, like a long doorknob protruding from its shaft, moving it closer and closer to my mouth. So I took his hand off at the same time as I grabbed it, and with my right hand reached for his nutty friends, which were taut. I took one into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue while stroking his shaft up and down, pressing firmly on the large vein that one of my ex-boyfriends told me was a crucial pressure point in his masturbation technique. I then moved to his other ball, rocking it forward and backward in the air with my tongue. He was moaning deeply with pleasure, but we both knew it could be even better. As I switched focus to his long erection and wrapped my lips around his width, Gary moved and repositioned himself as Scott was.

I was now kneeling when Gary pushed his pants and underwear to his knees and took out his carnal lust. I enclosed it with my free left hand and squeezed and released it repeatedly to let him know I wanted it but wasn’t quite done with my husband. In fact, I was just now taking Scott’s full length in at every thrust. When I stopped, I heard Scott release a moan of disappointment, but it was now time to engage Gary. I let my tongue tease the slit on his throbbing head while caressing his balls. At no time did I not pay attention to both of their cocks, either to suck one while stroking the other or to lick one up and down while squeezing the other’s balls. But I wanted more, so I brought both of their cocks to my mouth and touched their heads together so I could lick them at the same time. Then I gave Gary a series of full thrusts into my mouth. I stopped and gave the same to Scott and then returned to Gary until they both felt ready to explode. I moved away from them and lay down on the rug. Scott determined the next position by putting a knee on either side of my stomach, straddling me, facing Gary and my pussy.

Gary knelt between my legs facing us and grabbed hard at my thong and took it off, throwing it to the side. Scott took hold of my ankles and spread them as far apart as they’d go, now for Gary’s viewing pleasure. From my view, I could see Scott’s firm, muscular ass and his head, which was angled down, again focused on the action. Again I realized I could have finished at the mere erotic quality of being held open and viewed by two men. The next thing I felt was Gary’s tongue licking at my inner lips for a few moments but getting quickly to the good part, my throbbing and swollen clit. Rhythmically and consistently his hot, wet point ran up and down over my tip, which at first felt almost painful but soon transformed into hot and persistent shocks of pleasure shooting throughout my naked body. Just then Scott released my legs and used his hands for other purposes. With his left hand, he took his middle and index fingers to spread open my soft, outer pussy lips. With his right hand, he used his index finger to rub up and down on my hot bud and he didn’t miss a movement while Gary inserted his finger about three inches into my vagina, crooking it up to stimulate my g-spot.

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Continuously both men worked my pussy while my thoughts became less and less coherent, nearing the point of imminent orgasm.

“She’s about there,” Gary announced. “Her muscles are squeezing faster and tighter.

“Her clit is so red and swollen,” Scott added.

While listening to them comment on my state of arousal, and while pressing my knees open further and further, their manipulations took my clit over the edge into the most amazing, out of body orgasm I’d ever had. My body shook and jolted violently while they continued on my pussy until I had to tell them to stop and to involve their cocks once again. They did stop, but they looked at me, waiting it seemed, for my direction. I was nearly too spent for words, but managed to utter, “Gary, fuck me in my pussy while Scott watches.” I decided the extreme pleasure I’d been given deserved a like reward. Gary let an appreciative smile cross his mouth and turned me over. As he held onto my round cheeks with both hands, firmly holding me in place, I arched my back inwards so my stomach almost touched the rug. I took in a deep breath then let it out as he gently slid his head into my slit. He pulled it out and pushed it back in with a little more pressure and continued pushing in and pulling out until his lower stomach was pressed against my ass.

He then pulled out completely and pushed his full length inside me once more and, hearing only moaning from me, began fucking with increasingly fast thrusts until I felt his swollen member engorge and throb just before shooting his semen into me. He started shrinking in size when Scott interjected that he’d had enough and needed my pussy now. Gary moved aside for my husband to enjoy my vagina from behind, but Scott had a slightly different idea. He lay on his back on the rug and beckoned me to straddle him, facing his feet. I did as he wanted. I climbed on and let his big cock find my pussy and then I slid down and began covering his shaft inch by inch. When I finally reached his root, sitting completely on his erection almost caused my stomach to cramp. So I pulled all the way back up again and began the descent once more. Because I had my face almost to his knees, I knew him as well as Gary had a view most men in my life loved best; seeing my back mounds jiggle with my pussy down below. I also knew he could see his full length going up into me and then coming back out with his hardness glistening from my juices. Now accustomed to his engulfing size, I moved furiously up and down his pole.

“Oh my God! Donna, fuck it, fuck it, oh yea, that’s it, yea, yea, yeaaa!” And he, too, shot into me the semen his body had built up over the last hour, and we remained just as we were positioned for several minutes because we were thoroughly depleted of the energy needed to move. Afterward, we all stretched out in front of the fire with nothing but the sounds of our breathing and the occasional crackling of the flames. No one said a word but I think I knew what we were all thinking. First, we were wondering what midnight snack we could put together in the kitchen. Next, we were probably wondering for how long we’d have to wait until we could do this again.

The next day we heard Art’s motorcycle pull up in the drive alongside the cabin and walked out onto the porch. Scott and I had invited Art and Brenda, an older couple, up to the cabin for the weekend to introduce them to Gary and engage Brenda into her first triple coupling of men. We had to laugh when Brenda dismounted the bike topless. She saw the excited look on Scott and Gary’s faces and related that Art had pulled over in a campground along the way and urged her to remove her halter top. She snuggled up against him on the way up, mashing her breasts against his back; but it was obvious to any onlookers that she was topless. She said when a passerby honked appreciatively, she would lean back and show-off her naked breast to their delight. Art was already excited that Gary would be introduced to his wife for the first time as her new sex partner and she was already topless.

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MMMFF fun and couple swapping

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