Mom always wanted her daughter to make it big

Mom always wanted her daughter to make it big

Suzie slowly pulled the robe aside, fully revealing her right breast. Her nipple was at attention. It was her eighteenth birthday. Her mother was in the outer room. Mom had signed Suzie up for some modeling pictures a few months before. Unable to sign with the better known studios, Mom had settled for “Starlights Career Modeling.”

Ted had promised to make her baby-girl a star. Suzie had her portfolio made at Starlights. It was full of both indoor and outdoor pics in various outfits. Suzie looked darling, her hair and makeup perfect, and the lighting effects made her look like a dream. Mom had footed the bill for the portfolio, knowing that soon her daughter would be making big bucks. Ted had absolute confidence that Suzie would make it big.

Ted had asked mom to wait outside for this shoot. Mom knew now that Suzie was eighteen, the pics would be more revealing. But it had to be done. Suzie had to make it. She was going to be a star. Mom smiled at the thought.

The photographer had Suzie slide the robe back and rest on her elbows, her breasts pushed out. Both nipples were now at full attention. Her creamy skin was beginning to get flushed. Her perky 34C breasts were every man’s dream.

She was now naked except for her lacy white panties. The outline of her sex was clear through her panties. The photographer made sure he got a closeup.

Suzie moved at the photographers request, posing as he wished. Suzie was instructed to “seduce with every shot”. She turned on her elbows and knees, her ass up in the air. She teased the camera, pulling at her panties, revealing more with each shot. Finally, with her back to the camera, she pulled her panties down to her knees, revealing her perfectly round firm globes.

On request, Suzie bent over, her head lay on the plush white sheet. The photographer snapped away, her pussy and ass were on perfect display.

Ted walked over and caressed Suzie. He moved his hand down her back to her ass and allowed it to rest there.

“What are you doing?” Suzie asked.

“Enjoying you,” Ted replied as he undid his pants and dropped them to his knees. He reached for Suzie’s hand and put it on his growing monster.

“But, my mom…”

“She’s outside.”


“She knows.”

“I’ve never.”

“Always a first time for everything.”

“I can’t. I shouldn’t,” Suzie pleaded.

“Do you want to be a star?”

“Yes.” Her mother wanted it so badly, she couldn’t disappoint.

Ted moved Suzie’s hand, still on his dick, closer to her mouth. “Open up.”

Suzie hesitated.

“First time for this too?”

Suzie nodded “yes”.

“I’ll take it easy. Now open up sweetie.”

Ted took Suzie’s hand from his dick and placed it on his naked ass. He pushed his dick into her mouth and stroked her honey-blonde perfectly fixed hair.

“Make it wet and suck on it. That’s it, you were born to do this. Now take it out and lick it down to my balls. Put it back in and see how far you can get it down. Look me in my eyes as you suck. You are going to be a big star!”

Suzie tried her best to please Ted. She sucked on his dick and it got a lot bigger and became extremely hard. She looked him in the eyes as had told her. Although she had trouble getting much of it down her throat, she tried. Just as Suzie began to taste some of his juices, Ted pulled out of her mouth.

“Spread you legs. Farther apart. Lay back.” Ted moved between Suzie’s legs. He admired her pussy, so small, so white and creamy with just a little light blonde “peach fuzz” around it.

Ted licked, tongued, and fingered Suzie’s sweet tasting tight virgin pussy. He then moved his hard dick to its entrance.

“Hold your pussy lips open with both hands,” Ted instructed Suzie. As she did, he began to push his engorged dick into her. Suzie’s hands fell to the bed as Ted reached under her shoulders and pulled her into his pounding dick.

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Suzie cried out a little and tears ran from her eyes as he broke her “cherry.” Ted continued to push as he penetrated Suzie ball deep. He had a good cock, average in circumference and seven and a half inches long. He knew, however, that she would be given even bigger ones soon.

Ted had Suzie move her legs over his as he continued to fuck her. The intensity of the fuck increased as Ted pounded the former virgin hard and fast. “Smile, this is your first big moment,” Ted announced as he emptied his balls into Suzie’s warm tight pussy. She held her arms flat on the sheet, her legs pulling them together as Ted shot his cum inside her.

Suzie had totally forgotten about the photographer, but as she focused, she saw that there were now two. One was taking still shots, and the other video. As Ted pulled out of her pussy, closeups were taken of the cum as it ran out.

Suzie was instructed to try to push it out and hold her pussy lips open wide. Cum ran from her pussy down her thighs. The cameras got it all. Ted moved his semi-erect dick back to Suzie’s mouth. He had her suck it until the last of all the juices ran out. He then stuck two of his fingers in her pussy, gathering as much cum as he could.

Ted brought his fingers to her mouth. As Suzie sucked the cum off of his fingers, Ted remarked, “That’s a good little cum whore. Let’s see if we can’t get you some more.”

Ted had her turn over with her ass up and head down again. The photographer handed him a jar of baby oil. Ted poured some on her asshole and began to finger her ass. Suzie began to protest. Ted said to her, “Now be a good girl and take it like the other whores do.”

Suzie did her best not to cry. Ted had worked two fingers into her ass with the help of the baby oil when he began to oil up his dick. As he put the tip of his dick against her asshole, Suzie grimaced.

“I’m going to take two cherries from the same girl tonight!” Ted announced. He took his time and slowly with in and out penetrations, he allowed Suzie’s ass to adjust to the girth of his dick.

Ted picked up the pace and began to fuck her ass intensely as he held on to her tits. One of the camera men unzipped his pants and stuck his dick to Suzie’s mouth.

“You better suck it if you know what’s good for you,” Ted told her.

Suzie did her best to suck the man’s dick as Ted pounded her ass. Ted grabbed her hair and held her head up so she would take the camera man’s dick deeper into her mouth.

“I’m about to blow!” the camera man said.

Ted stopped his thrusts into Suzie’s ass as he told her, “Hold your lips tight and hold his cum in your mouth, bitch.”

“Aaaah,” the camera man said as he dumped his cum into Suzie’s pretty warm mouth.

“Open your mouth and show us,” Ted said.

Suzie held her mouth open wide as the other camera man took video and still shots of the cum in her mouth.

“Now close your mouth and swallow it,” Ted told her.

Suzie balked at the thought, so Ted held her mouth closed as the camera man pinched her nose. She gulped as she swallowed his cum.

“You want some of this?” Ted asked the other camera man. Ted pulled out of Suzie’s ass and took the camera as the other man dropped his pants and pushed his dick toward her mouth.

Ted slapped Suzie’s ass, leaving a red hand mark. “Better suck him like I taught you,” he told her as he had her get on her knees.

“You can have her cunt and her ass too, but be sure to cum in her ass. It’ll make a great shot.” Ted told the cameramen.

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The two camera men explored her every hole as Ted filmed. When the second camera man shot his cum in Suzie’s ass, Ted had her push it out as before and then had the men finger her and feed her the cum. She then cleaned the men’s cocks by licking and sucking.


“Ass to mouth, that’s what I like to see from my new whore,” Ted announced.

“Let me go get your mother, she will be so proud,” Ted said as he left.

The makeup lady came in and refreshed Suzie’s makeup and hair. She gave her a warm wash wrag to wipe off with and had Suzie wear the red CFM heels her mother had bought her to wear to the photo shoot. She then had Suzie put on the black silk robe she had worn at the start of the photo shoot. The robe came almost to the bottom of Suzie’s ass and had a sash tie.

Ted talked with Janice, Suzie’s mother. “She did great!” he said. “Suzie is a natural. I already have an offer for her services and if she signs, she will make more money than the two of you will know what to do with.”

“That’s fabulous!” Janice replied. Everything had worked out so well, she could hardly believe it. She embraced Ted, she was so elated.

Ted in turn, embraced Janice and kissed her. “Sorry,” he said. “I am just so happy for you.”

“That’s OK,” Janice replied. “It was nice.” Ted was a handsome man and she was flattered.

“Just one thing,” Ted said. “I need both Suzie and you to sign contracts.”

“Both of us?” Janice asked.

“Yes, I’m sure we can use both of you. In fact, we could do a photo shoot with you tonight,” Ted responded.

“Tonight! Everything is going so fast,” Janice replied.

“I really need both photo shoots and contracts tonight or the deal will fall through,” Ted told her.

Janice thought for a moment. “OK, I guess it’s now or never,” she said with glee.

Ted had the contracts brought out and Janice couldn’t wait to sign. Suzie then walked out. Her mother thought, “She’s so georgeous! And she has made it! I’m so happy for her.”

Janice noticed that her daughter wasn’t wearing anything under the robe. “That’s alright,” Janice thought. “She’s an adult now and a little nudity won’t hurt. She has such a beautiful body.”

“Honey, we have a contract. You are going to be rich!” Janice said as she hugged Suzie. “I’m so proud of you!”

“You really want me to sign the contract?” Suzie asked her mother. ” Are you sure?”

“Of course!” Janice responded. “It’s wonderful. Here, hurry and sign it before we lose the deal!” Janice was so anxious to see her daughter be a star.

Suzie signed the contract and Janice was taken to makeup. As Janice was having her hair and makeup done, Suzie was shown the video of her “photo shoot.” She could hardly believe the girl in the video was her. As she was about to watch the part where the camera man shot his cum in her mouth, Ted came to get her.

Her mother was ready. Janice looked great! They had done a wonderful job on her hair and makeup, even giving her some body makeup. She was dressed in a black silk robe, just like Suzie’s. She had black heels and black lace panties, no bra.

Suzie and Janice were taken into a large photo shoot room. Several men and women had gathered there.

Ted introduced them. “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our newest star, Suzie Stephens, and her mother Janice who will also be joining our family!”

They all applauded and warmly welcomed Suzie and Janice. Ted continued, “I hate to break up this meeting, but we have to get Janice back to her first photo shoot. Enjoy getting to know Suzie, and remember, the cameras are always on!”

Janice sat on the stool and turned to face the camera as she was instructed. She was showing a lot of cleavage but she didn’t mind. When the photographer had her unite the robe she knew her breasts were in view. She looked to Ted who was smiling in approval. Janice smiled back, holding the robe open for the camera. Knowing that the three men were watching her every move excited her. Her nipples were hard as a rock and at full attention.

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When she moved to the bed Ted took the robe, lightly caressing her breast when Janice handed it to him. When she was asked to hold her “tits” in her hands and squeeze them, she did.

“Aren’t these shots a little risky?” she asked.

“Not at all,” Ted replied. “We need you to do as we ask or both contracts will be void. Don’t worry, I think you will like it.” He winked at her, she smiled and continued posing.

Soon Janice was totally naked and spreading her legs, holding her pussy open. The cameras filmed it all. She was so wet when Ted stuck his cock into her, she gasped when he began to thrust. Janice was obviously drunk with the excitement.

Ted pulled out and one of the cameraman took his place. The three men played tag team with Janice, using her pussy, ass, and mouth in that order. When one of the women came in and began sucking on her tits, Janice just went with the flow. When the cameraman pulled out of Janice’s pussy, the woman, a tall redhead with huge tits, went down on her. She was so accomplished that within a very few minutes, she had Janice cumming harder than she ever had.

In the next room Suzie was laying on her back on a bed as a large muscled black man was nailing her good. A line stretched behind him of both men and women. This welcoming committee would all have Suzie and Janice before the night would be over.

Janice had barely subsided from the best climax she had ever had when the men blindfolded her. The woman took her by the hand saying, “It’s my turn now.”

As Janice was lead to the other room, the black man had just emptied his huge load into Suzie’s fertile womb. Janice was brought to the front of the line. Still blindfolded, she was told to kneel and begin to lick and eat out the woman before her.

Her head was pushed into the woman’s pussy. There was certainly a lot of juices, but Janice was determined to give the woman as good of a climax as she had given her.

The woman moved from sitting on Suzie’s face just long enough for Suzie to see that it was her mother who was going down on her.

Suzie started to protest, but the woman quickly sat back down on her face. The woman’s juices flowed into Suzie’s mouth. As a man stuck his dick into Suzie’s empty mouth, the woman spoke into her ear, “Your mother planned this for you. Janice is a good pussy licker. She is a real whore and she wants you to be the best whore you can be. Cum for us as your mother eats you. It feels so good doesn’t it? Come on, cum for us.” The woman fingered Suzie’s clit the whole time her mother was eating her. Soon Suzie came hard, her juices flowing into her mother’s mouth.

The studio actors all fucked Suzie and Janice as a “welcome to the stable” function. Most of the men dumped their cum in Suzie’s pussy. It ran out onto the bed where she was lying. Around 2:00 am Ted managed to get them in the car as he drove them home and got them into their beds.

Janice’s husband, Suzie’s father was due to be back in the afternoon. Ted hoped they would be awake by then.

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Mom always wanted her daughter to make it big

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