Mom and the Prison Officer

Mom and the Prison Officer

The year is 1988…

Dad was a head of the local resitance against the invading army. Alas, as all resistances in the region, our city’s resistance was swiftly crushed by the invading army. The name of General Boulos was putting fear in the hearts of our citizens from coast to coast. No city was able to defend itself against his marching army. And not before long, our city fell under the attacks of one of his elite platoon.

The invading army arrested most men of the resistance, killing anyone who resisted arrest. In less than a week, our city’s homes were reduced to women and children under 18 years old.

All the men were crammed in the old hangar at the skirts of the city, that the army changed into a prison camp.

Every night, I heard mom crying at night, afraid of what might happen to dad in the prison camp. All day long, other wives would come to our house and exchange bits and stories they heard somewhere about who might have died, and who escaped and who is still alive.

One of our older neighbors, Mrs. Smith came one ay to mom, and I heard them speaking in the kitchen. Mrs. Smith told mom that she was able to see her husband in the camp. Mom pleaded Mrs. Smith to guide her there and tell her what she needs to do.

The next day, mom took all the money she had saved and went to the hangar camp to check on my dad and make sure he is still alive.

As I took mom by car and arrived there, we were told that only one person was allowed to enter at a time, after a lot of pleading.

As I watched mom enter the wired gates between the armed soldiers, I saw how they looked at her. Mom was a bombshell. Blond, 165 cm tall, hourglass shaped body, with a big tight ass and DD cup breasts that barely fit under her blouse. Mom was 37 years old, and she was considered a very conservative woman, even during her young days when she modeled and won many prestigious national beauty titles.

When dad proposed to her and she accepted, his friends made a big party for him, congratulating on scoring such a bombshell as a trophy wife. Dad was a very respected tradesman, religious, loves his family and sticks to his values. Mom argued with him, telling him she was afraid of his strict political ideas and his fierce opposition to our neighboring country.

As she walked toward the captain’s office, mom wished deeply that dad had accepted to move us to another country when we had the chance, before this war broke down. But now, all she wanted was to make sure he was alive and ok.

Entering the small office, mom saw Captain Mansour sitting on his chair in his military uniform, his boots up high on the desk, a cigarette in his mouth.
Seeing this beautiful woman, his eyes lighted up, and blood began to flow to his cock.

Mom approached him, seeing his hungry black eyes hovering over her juggling breasts. She put the money she had on her and asked him to let her see dad.
Chuckling and smiling mischievously at her, the evil captain accused her of trying to bribe him.

Mom began to shiver, apologizing and telling him she just wanted to see dad and make sure he’s ok.
The captain kicked back the chair and stood up. Standing at 185 cm, broad shoulders, jet black hair, bearded with piercing black eyes, the captain was a very handsome and intimidating man.

Approaching mom, who was crying, the captain put his hand under her chin and told her, if you want to see your husband, we can arrange something else.
Saying that, the captain lowered his hand and squuezed mom’s left breast.

Unconsciously, mom slapped him and tried getting away. The captain hheld her by her blouse and snapped it, tearing it in half as she as trying to run away.

Trying to scream, the evil captain told her dad will be dead in a minute if she doesn’t cooperate. Mom felt defeated, not knowing what to do.

Trying to cover her bra with her hand, mom broke down, crying more.
The captain didn’t care. He wated mom and he was gonna have her. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he made her take aff her black bra exposing her huge breasts. Her nipples were straight up from the cold.

As she tried to hold on to her bra and hide her exposed mammaries, the captain slapped her hands away.

Looking at my topless mom, the captain didn’t waste any time. With his big hands, he grabbed mom’s breasts and squeezed them, gritting his teeth and looking my squealig mom in the eye.

Mom felt a jolt of pain as this strange macho man squeezed her breasts. No man other than dad has ever touched her there. Even during her modeling days, she never did racy shots.

“Please, you are hurting me”

The captain laughed at mom’s pleas, turning his attention to her big brown nipples. Holding and tugging at them, mom squealed lightly, as a strange feeling passed through her body. She tried taking off his hands, but he kept his hairy forearms steady as his thick fingers played with mom’s fat nipples.

“Those are some big breasts, you have there, lady” said the captain as he grabbed her in his arms like a doll, making her sit on the desk.

At that moment, mom became helpless. She knew that any escape attempt will mean the death of dad like many other men of the city were executed before him.

Lost in her thoughts, mom felt the captain’s bearded face brushing against her D cups, his cigarette breath and his tongue lapping at her nipples, licking her breast flesh, biting at them, probably leaving marks.
The captain was in a frenzy, his cock was about to tear his military pants, his hands were mauling my poor mom’s breasts, his mouth devouring them. Never has mom been treated like that before. Dad was very repsectful to her and they were very bland in bed. They both believed that sex was just a duty to have children and a family.

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A few minutes after sucking and biting on mom’s red and mauled breasts, the captain began taking off his shirt. Mom couldn’t help but notice the rippling muscles on the hairy chest of this man, his big boulder biceps and wide shoulders and washboard abs. Lust in his eyes made her scared. She knew she wasn’t going to escape from there any time soon, before satisfying this man’s needs.

Taking off his boots and pants and underear, mom stiffled a scream as she saw the military leader’s cock. It was easily 9 inches long and thick as a bottle of coke. Mom’s mouth was open in surprise, her eyes flicking between this man’s hairy adonis body, his huge member and his evil piercing black eyes.

Attacking her like a beast, the captain grabbed mom by her blond hair and pushed her to the ground, breaking one of her heels and making her skirt go up to her thighs.

Mom began to plead and beg him to stop, but before she could continue, he grabbed her by the neck and inserted his huge c=member in her mouth down to the throat.

Mom began to suffocate, the air was cut from her by the captain’s cock. Her eyes swelled with tears, her mouth barely able to open wide enough to accomodate the invading dick. Flailing like a fish, mom was able to escape the attack, coughing and saliva dribbling down her face.

Tha captain laughed at her on her knees coughing and trying to regain breath as she looked him angrily with her beautiful big blue eyes.

“Come on slut, get back to work. The break is over…”Towering over her, his hairy mountain like thighs apart, his strong hand holding his big cock, he waved it menacingly while smirking.

Mom knew she had no choice. She was helpless. Crawling to him, putting her dainty hands on his manly thighs, she waited for her order. Pushing the bulbous red head of his deck to her soft lips, mom opened her jaw wide to make room for this cruel man’s thick member.

This time, mom made sure to take her time to get used to the captain’s girth and length. All the while, the captain fucked her face, his hairy ass flexing as he pumped his meat in her mouth, smearing saliva over her lips.

“That’s a good girl. Suck my big dick well and maybe you will see yur husband”, said Captain Mansour as he licked his lips in pleasure.

20 minutes later, mom was on her knees, the bruises on her soft white breasts beginning to redden, her jaw became numb, the cock hitting the back of her throat making her neck cramp, her eyes red from the tears, she looked like a slut. A slut on her knees, sucking the big cock of the strong muscle military man.

Suddenly, Captain Mansour grabbed her head, pushing her into his bushy crotch, her face jammed between his thighs, as he threw his head back and came in her throat.

His thick veiny cock expanded and exploded in mom’s mouth sending jets of hot cum directly to her stomach. Escaping his grip, mom was surprised as the mighty cock kept spurting its thick venom covering her face and breasts.

Finishing up, the captain turned around cleaning his cock with a cloth and putting on his underwear and pants. Sitting on his desk, flexing his boulder size biceps behid his head, showing his hairy armpits, he said:

“Go wash yourself slut and go meet your husband. You have 3 minutes”

Mom never felt more humiliated in her life, her belly full of this stud’s semen, her breasts bruised from the biting he gave her, and her jaw aching from the size of his pussy breaker, she went to a nearby toilet and cried until she felt she will faint.

Regaining her strength for dad, she washed herself, making sure no cum remains on her body, and she went to the detainment camp to see dad. If only he knew that mom’s stomach was full of the enemy captain’s spunk when he met her…I heard mom crying while she told Mrs. Smith about dad the next dad.
She told her that dad seemed weak, has lost weight, his face was pale, his eyes were distant. He didn’t want to tell her what was happening with him but she knew he was being tortured like all the other freedom men imprisoned by the enemy forces.

Mom loved dad too much. She decided she will do anything she can to get him out of there. Mrs. Smith told her in a cautious way that captain Mansour was the only officer in our town, other than General Boulos, who can free men from the prison camp.

That night, mom didn’t sleep. I heard her crying softly through my bedroom wall. She knew she had to give Captain Mansour everything she has.

The next day, I gave her a ride to the military offices as last time. She told me she will catch a ride later and to go home…

As mom entered the captain’s office, she saw him shirtless, and shaving his beard. She couldn’t deny this enemy’s manliness and virility, now that she knows the kind of cock he is packing.

Smiling mischiveously at her, he asked her:
“You come for milk, ma’am?”
Winking at her made her blush and she told him, “I know you have the power to get my husband out of here. I will do anything you want”

“Well we can work something out. Go to the bedroom. Take off all your clothes and wait for me”

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With a defeated look on her face, mom obeyed his orders

A few minutes later, the stud entered the bedroom with nothing on but his dirty underwear.

As he pulled down his underwear, his impressive cock jumped out, as if it had been freed from an unbearable confinement.

The man’s body was just breathtaking and gigantic. His immense and wide chest was covered in a forest of dark blonde hairs, which went around his shoulders. His hairy arms were huge and covered in muscle and he had a flat and well defined stomach to match. When mom’s eyes finally made it to his crotch, she couldn’t take her eyes off his gargantuan cock. It was nestled in a darker shade of blond hairs with the biggest set of balls that she has ever seen. He gave them a quick scratch, which made his cock come to life, it twitched and bobbed up and down for a second. He caught mom watching him and licking her lips. She felt very embarrased and blushed every shade of red but he just smiled and gave her a wink telling her “You will finally be fucked by a real man”

Mom’s cunt quivered as she realized what the captain intended on doing to her. She had to do her best at pleading to him, not to rape her, she had to give it her all!.

“Please, don’t do this!. I am a married woman. I love my husband. I will get you money. You are too big. You will kill me!”, and a tear fell from her right eye. The captain looked angry and slowly walked closer to her “There is no going back now bitch. Now spread those legs and let me see that delicious married pussy of yours”

Mom did as instructed and laid on the bed, she opened her legs and exposed the most private part of her body, the pussy that only dad saw before. She felt a current of electricity that ran over her entire body and by the look on Mansour’s ravenousness face, he was truly hungering for mom.
He licked his lips, grinned and said.

“Mmm mmm……tight pussy. There is nothing like eating a virgin!.”, and with that he dove down and attached her cunt with ferocity. The insinuation that mom was a virgin was a direct humiliation to my dad’s manhood. Mom soonly forgot this shameful remark as the captain began devouring her cunt

Mom’s first reaction, when she felt captain Mansour’s mouth, was that of a jump. No one had ever touched her there like that, not even my conservative dad. And then she heard, the captain laugh and say.

“Relax, slut. Close your eyes and enjoy!.”, Mom felt the strangest sensation as soon as his lips touched her tight hairless cunt.
The captain’s, sexy voice was soothing, soft and lulling, which was making her head spin.

“You’ve got a sweet, luscious and delicious cunt, ma’am. Mmmm… I love this!.”, he kept licking and lapping and shoving his tongue deep inside mom’s quivering pussy.

“OH GOD!.”, mom moaned, she really didn’t know that a woman could experience such a feeling.Mansour, then spread her pussy lips ass even further with both of his strongs hands and attacked her hole. He shoved his whole mouth, that she thought his head was going to penetrate her hole. Mom couldn’t control herself and yelled out loud.

“OH GOD!….Oh…Please stop, I can’t ….Take it anymore!.”, and then he would shove his tongue, even deeper into her insides. He was driving her completely crazy. Mom came at that moment shouting loudly. Surely the whole compound knew that the captain was fucking another woman from the village. This time, this woman is my mother, dad’s wife

When he removed his mouth from her love hole, mom looked at him with complete lust in her eyes, she stared at those radiant eyes and wanted more from him. He leaned closer to her face, and as they stared at each other… to hazel eyes, he planted her a long wet kiss.

As he stood up, his face was on fire. Mom was now truly captivated by this man and wanted him to do anything he wanted with her. He approached her, grabbed her hair and planted a wet kiss in her mouth and shoved his tongue into her. He withdrew, smiled and said.

“Allright ma’am. It’s time for you to take it in your cunt like a slut!”, he was to use spit, as the only source of lubrication. He then spat a large amount of saliva on his super-colossal cock, the size of that baby maker, made mom tremble and she nervously said.

“Captain, I don’t know if I can take that cock. It’s just too big…….really, I just can’t!.”, and looked at him with fear. He smiled and winked at her and said.

“Can’t is not in my vocabulary and from this day onwards, it won’t be on yours either.!”, He than got onto the bed and took his position.

His body towered over mom and his tremendous body was breathtaking. His huge and bulging pecs, rose and fell with his every movement. His powerful arms flexed and strained, the powerful and hairy chest was coated with sweat. His torso was truly awe-inspiring and magnificent, an attractive sculpture of lean, hard and strong muscles.

He grabbed the gigantic cock and took aim for mom’s cunt, the one that was dad’s property.
Mom awaited anxiously for the penetration and cast her eyes on the huge mushroom-shaped cockhead. The tip of Mansour’s cock, felt very hot, almost like a hot poker.

As he pushed gently, mom’s cunt lips were reluctant to admit such a barbaric attacker. Mom had difficulties breathing properly, as he started to shove inch by inch of enormous cock, she dug her nails into the bed and yelled.

“GOD NO!. It’s too big….Uhhhh, Mansour…..I can’t……..Urrgghh!.”, and clenched her teeth. She heard him say something, but with all the pain, she hardly heard him.

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“Breathe, woman!. You’ve barely have the head in you, …….you’ve got 9 more inches to go!……..BREATHE!.”, and when mom opened her eyes, she felt tears sliding down her face. The captain, on the other hand had a facial expression of pure joy and lust, taking another man’s wife, stealing mom from dad.

Mom was breathing and trying to relax but with every inch, that she felt penetrate her tight pussy, she dug her manicured nails even deeper into the mattress.

“OH FUCK YEAH!…….You’re tight, baby………..Oh yeah….what a cunt!.”, he grabbed mom’s right leg and started to kiss it, then moved to engulf mom’s left breast in his hungry mouth, sucking and biting her erect nipple. His face was ecstatic, and he was sweating buckets, he kept looking at her and kissing her big jugs.

“OH, slut……you’re up to 3 inches now. We’re getting there!…..yeah….relax……breathe baby!.” Mom thought, what………6 more inches?, he is tearing me apart already!

Mom closed her eyes and prayed to all the saints in heaven!. “Arrghh, Mansour!………OHH…..Arrghh!.”

“Yeah, sweetie……c’on milk my cock. C’on……that’s it push back, you’ve got about 5 inches now……that’s it,
take it all in!.”, at least for now, he was being gentle, he was letting mom adjust to the size and girth of his monster cock. Mom’s cunt, felt like it was on fire, not even on her marriage night did she feel like that. She wondered if she was going to be able to walk the next day.

Mom was on the verge of fainting. With the captain stud’s trashing, I think that mom ripped the fucking mattress with her nails. She closed her eyes and let the military hunk, rape her cunt ass and tame it.

“Oh…sweet. Yeah ma’am, we’re almost there……you’ve got 6 inches now!.” and as soon as he finished saying that, he shoved the next 2 inches with such a force that mom saw different colours, spinning around the room.

“That’s it!…….you’ve got 8 inches in you. 1 more inch to go!”,
Mom breathed in and out, feeling similar to when she gave birth to me, but fthe other way around, she was getting stuffed with a large, thick, humongous piece of man meat.Mom was gasping for air and sobbing helplessy. She tossed my head and her whole body was shuddering, she became totally absorbed and possessed by the fuck that she received from the captain. She caught his gaze and the last words that she heard from him, were.

“OH YEAH, slut. Slide that cunt, you’re hungry for cock…..aren’t you?.”, and with that he rammed his cock and mischievously said.

“Honeymoon is over, honey. Now we FUCK!.”, and he then hammered her with his powerful cock. Mom rocked backwards and grinded against his crotch, eager to meet his pistoning rod. She was ready, willing and able to impale herself with his big, hard meat. Mom’s heart hammered, her breath whistled, her huge firm breasts jiggled wildly and her head felt ready to explode.

Mom inhaled slowly and her mind reeled as the captain’s smell, got more and more intense. Mom took the deepest breath, that she had ever taken in her whole life and pushed her cunt deeper and deeper against his groin. Mom wanted nothing more than to be completely impaled by his mighty and colossal cock.

Mom then heard herself groan and opened her mouth. She had a wanton desire for the captain’s mouth and wanted to feel and taste his delicious tongue. He saw the look of pure uninhibited pleasure in mom’s eyes and smiled, she held her mouth open and waited for his reaction. As he fucked mom’s pussy with fervor, he lay his tremendous weight on top of her and brought his mouth closer to mine.
He brought his savory lips close to hers and shoved his tongue all the way into my mother’s mouth, her head was now swirling and he rewarded her with a copious amount of his delicious saliva down her throat, to which she greedily swallowed.

He held mom down with both of his strong hands and she was now staring him, right in the face. His face was all flushed, covered in sweat and turning crimson red. Mom stuck out her tongue and enthusiastically, licked the sweat from his hairy muscular arms. He was covered in large amounts of sweat and drops were running down his chest and over his hairy stomach. Mom moved her head under his wet arm-pits and took a big wiff, inhaling the scent of his masculine body.

“OH YEAH!. You like that slut?…… like my smell, well from now on you’ll be coated in my scent!.”, and he started to kiss mom’s neck and take small, sweet bites.

His smell was fascinating, it was raw and powerful……strong and fucking masculine!. Mom felt like a bitch in heat and just kept grinding her pussy closer to get all of his cock in her. As he kept kissing her neck, she would lick and swallow as much of his sweat that gathered on his hairy, muscular chest.

“OH YEAH!…….Yeah!. AH…………Captain…..please make me yours!.”, he was fucking with such a force that the whole room vibrated, I’m sure that if everyone in the compound knew that he was fucking my mom like a stallion rides a mare.

Mom moaned, whimpered, and rotated her totally impaled asshole, deeper and deeper into Mansour’s giant, throbbing cock.
He slammed the hot poker, deeper into mom’s guts, until they both were writhing, squirming and thrashing. Mom felt his powerful body rise and fall, plunging and retreating with violent force, pulling it out to the tip of his broad, lube-oozing dickhead, them ramming it back again.

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Mom and the Prison Officer

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