Mom continues affair with the young guy

After making out for the first time at Karan’s flat, mom loved spending time with this young guy. It was supposed to be a one night stand but had become something more for her and even Karan.

My mom was definitely a hot Milf. Her figure and personality, like Actress Tisca Chopra, would make any guy want more.  Even mom wanted to continue this one night stand with Karan.

After reaching home on Saturday morning, mom and Karan started to talk to each other on-call again. She told him that it was her first time with a guy almost 18 years younger than her.

When she told her age 43 to Karan, he was shocked as he said she looked much younger. Mom told him that if he doesn’t have any issues, they can continue their sessions with no conditions.

It was a weekend, and she had a lot of time, unlike yesterday where they had to make out in her car. She messaged him and invited him on Sunday morning. She asked him he would like to spend the whole day with her. He Accepted her invitation.

Mom told me about him coming to our place on Sunday to spend time with us. I was open to her. So I asked her if she likes him and is she planning to date him. She told me that he is a cute guy and she enjoyed spending time with him. She said she was happy that I am not upset with her getting close to a young guy.

On Sunday morning, mom was getting ready. She wore sexy denim shorts just over her thighs, which made her ass look more busty. Also, she wore a white color sleeveless top. She was looking stunning.

Karan came, and she invited him inside. She gave him a tight hug, and they both sat at the table. We were sipping our morning tea together. I could see mom was touching his legs with her foot beneath the table. She was seducing him and the same way he was caressing her nude thighs with his hands.

Both looked more comfortable with each other as compared to the other night. After a few minutes, I felt I should give them space. So I told them that I would like to go to my room and watch a movie. It was around 10 am in morning.

Mom said, “Ok, Raj, I will till then show our house to Karan and prepare brunch around 12.” I knew that the house tour was just an excuse. As soon as I went inside, mom took Karan to her room. They both sat on the bed and started chatting with each other.

Mom – So, Karan, how did you like my house?

Karan – It’s nice, Kavya ji, especially your bedroom.

Mom – By the way, you didn’t tell me how I am looking today.

Karan – As usual, you are looking hot.

Mom – Thanks, Karan

Karan – I was missing you badly after that night.

Mom – I, too, loved our session, Karan.

Karan – So what now?

Mom got up and kissed Karan on his cheeks. He, too, replied with a gentle kiss on her cheeks. She got on top of him and sat on his lap, and started kissing him on the lips. They both were kissing each other passionately.

I could see a romantic kiss between the two. Their lips were wet. He was hard down there. She told him, that let’s have a quick session before I cook brunch for us. He was ready for it. She closed the door and then pushed her on the bed. She wanted to take control.

She started undressing him, and slowly, she removed all his clothes. She got on top of him, slowly kissing him on the lips and slowly going down on his chest. Kissing his hairy chest and slowly kissing and going down on him. Then she took his half-erect cock in her hand.

She was slowly stroking it and making it hard. Then she started sucking his penis, making it wet with her saliva. Now he took charge and got her lying on the bed. He removed her top and unhooked her shorts.

She was left in her black color bra and g string panty, which he removed quickly and even unhooked her bra. She was completely naked now. He pressed her boobs and sucked her nipples, making her wet down. She now pulled him down towards her pussy.

He inserted his tongue inside and on the lips of her pussy, making it wet. Even making her move her ass up and down with pleasure. Now he got up, stood on the floor, and she kneeled. She started sucking his cock once again and this time spitting on it. They were doing slow and nice doing a lot of foreplay.

He inserted his fingers inside her cunt. Now she laid on the bed, and he took out a condom from his pocket and wore on it. She opened her legs and guided his cock inside her pussy in missionary position with her legs on his shoulder. He was stroking slowly.

The penetration was going smooth as both looked in pleasure. She had locked her legs over his butts. I could see his face buried on her neck while fucking my mom’s pussy. He now took his cock out and removed the condom. Mom got up and told him that she wants to try anal.

She got up and brought lubricant and applied little on his cock. He, too, inserted his fingers inside her butthole and fingered it till it opened a bit. Now he tried to enter his cock inside her butthole but could not enter as it was tight.

She asked him to apply some Vaseline. After that, he inserted his hard cock inside her butthole in the doggy style with a little pressure. She at first screamed in pain as it was quite tight. But within a few strokes, his cock got settled.

She liked it, and he too was now increasing his speed of fucking. For the next 10 minutes, he banged her ass non-stop before shooting his cum inside her butthole. After cumming they both looked tired. They kissed each other and wore their clothes.

Mom said she will cook some food, and after brunch, they can have a couple of more sessions.  Guys this way, they enjoyed their company and relieved their sexual needs by helping each other by fucking.

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Mom continues affair with the young guy

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