Mom, Dad, My Brother & I

Mom, Dad, My Brother & I

I awakened slowly, stretched luxuriously while flexing my toes and glanced at the clock radio on my bed table. Hmm, I thought, 7:47, Saturday, June 9, first thing in the morning on my first full day at home. I had just completed my freshman year at college, finals were all behind me and mom and my brother Jerry had driven the 110 miles to the school and returned me back home yesterday. After laying in bed a few minuets after awakening, I realized the need to relieve myself and swung my legs out of bed. I sleep in the buff and debated for a moment the need for donning some sort of robe to cover my nudity. I only let myself dawdle a moment before the pressure in my bladder asserted itself, then shrugged resignedly and hastily threw an old dress shirt of my fathers that I sometimes use for a short cover up and headed for the door and down the hallway toward the bathroom I share with Jerry. I was in a terrific hurry and did not bother to fasten even a single one of the buttons on the shirtfront. I never dreamed there was the remotest chance I would meet anyone of the other members of the family so was quite shocked to see dad just leaving his and mom’s room as I hurried on my way to pee. I didn’t even notice how dad was dressed but did look back over my shoulder to say, “Good morning Dad,” as I rushed by.

Once through the doorway into the bathroom, I nudged it, not caring much whether it closed or not, I really did need to pee badly. Without looking back at the door, I went to the commode, lowered the lid that Jerry had, carelessly, left in an upright position, sat and began to let the urine flow. Once that it was no longer necessary to concentrate on controlling my bladder, I glanced at the door and, to my horror, noticed that it had not closed but had bounced back until it was nearly wide open. I looked up just in time to see dad walk past and pause to look curiously at the open door and me sitting a few feet further away, peeing. I really do not believe that dad was embarrassed by what he could see, but he did look away quickly and continued along on his way down stairs. Strange, I thought, I would have guessed that seeing a half dressed girl, even if it were his own daughter, would elicit more interest than my dad had shown.

Aside from seeing his nineteen year-old-daughter sitting on the pot, I could not imagine what it was that had brought the fleeting smile to his face. Hell, the shirttail pretty much covered my lap and my knees were together so he really couldn’t see anything. Then I looked down at the shirtfront and, in horror, remembered that I had not bothered to button the thing and the entire front opening was gaping wide open exposing both of my 38 Cs for anyone who cared to look. Added to that, I also realized that the sound made by gushing pee hitting the stored water in the commode was deafening. At least it seemed so to my embarrassed ears.

Shrugging, I straightened up, dried myself with a tissue and stood to look intently in the mirror. I looked at the reflected view of my head and upper torso, grinned to myself and thought, Well girl, I guess you really have nothing to be ashamed of. If dad derived some enjoyment from viewing your exposed tits, then so be it. I grabbed up a hairbrush and tried to make myself as presentable as possible then I brushed the fuzz from my teeth before returning to my room to don an old pair of running shorts and sandals to complete my ensemble before going down to greet the rest of the family. I knew I would need to come back later and get into some dratted underwear and into some shorts that would be more presentable but, for the moment, I would enjoy the comfortable and somewhat naughty sensation of being naked under my simple attire.

Dad was at the table, reading the morning paper and sipping coffee as I entered the kitchen. I noticed right away that neither Jerry nor mom was present and asked dad if he knew where they were. Dad looked up absently, and, I guess, noted that I was at least a little better dressed than when he saw me upstairs, and said, “Oh there is a sale at the mall and your mom wanted to get Jerry a new swim suit and some other stuff.” “A new swim suit?” I asked, “What is wrong with his old one?”

Dad sat in silence for a moment and then said, “Well Sherrie, put simply, the thing was shot. Remember that baggy, knee length rag he wore last year? Well, it is even baggier this year. The fabric has been in so much chlorine so many times it just wouldn’t hold together any longer. We got the pool ready for use this year and I guess he really embarrassed your mother when his dick and balls fell through a gaping hole.” “Embarrassed, mom!” I exclaimed, what about him? Wasn’t he embarrassed as well?? Dad grinned and replied, “Oh, at eighteen, I doubt he is ever very much embarrassed with the knowledge that a female can see his ‘goods’. I expect that he is rather proud of the way he must appear in the eyes of a woman.” “Yeah but his own mother,” I asked.

Dad looked at me silently for a moment, “Well Hon, were you embarrassed when you discovered that I could see your tits and pussy earlier this morning?” After all, I am your own father, you know?” I forgot all about the reference to my tits and said, “My pussy. You couldn’t see my pussy. My knees were together when I was sitting on the pot.” Dad laughed and said, “Your knees certainly were not together when you were rushing down the hallway with your shirttails flying wide open.”

I looked at my father and said, “Oh my God, you weren’t really able to see my pussy were you?? Dad chuckled and said, “If it will make you feel any better, you went by me in such a hurry, I could only see that you have shaved your mound totally bald. No, I didn’t see any of the really good stuff and you have very carefully avoided telling me if you were embarrassed by any of that.” I looked at my father for a long time before I replied, “No, dad. I really was not embarrassed because you could see my tits. Since I didn’t know you had seen my shaved mound, I had no reason to be bothered by that. The thing I was embarrassed about, though, was the sound I was making pissing into the toilet.” Looking somewhat puzzled, dad asked, “What sound, I didn’t hear anything, or wasn’t conscious of it if I did.

I walked to the counter and poured each of us a cup of coffee. I refilled dad’s cup and filled one for myself. While my back was turned toward dad, he whistled softly and said, “Nice.” I whirled to face him and asked, “What’s nice?” Dad said, “Your butt is what’s nice.” Instantly my hand went around to feel of the backside of my shorts and slid into the seam that had opened when the old stitching gave way. Feeling the bare skin exposed by the tear, I remembered making the decision to not bother pulling on a pair of panties. Thoughtfully, I looked at dad and said, “Jesus Christ dad, seems as though this is the day I am destined to show you everything I have.

Dad opened his hands wide and, grinning, said, “You don’t hear me complaining do you? Hell it really brightens my morning having a half naked nineteen-year-old to share coffee with.”

I raised one eyebrow and looked at my father for a moment, grinned and said, “So, how would you feel sharing coffee with a naked young lady?” Thoughtfully and with a grin, my father said, “Oh I think my heart is still in pretty good shape. I would probably survive the torture.” We both glanced toward his lap where a growing bulge revealed that our erotic conversation was starting to get to him, grinned and asked, “So what about that, would it survive such an event?” Dad laughed aloud and said, “Long as we are talking in the abstract, I guess we will never know, now will we?”

“Abstract? Bullshit,” I said as I slowly and, I hope, tantalizingly loosened all the buttons on the shirt before slowly letting it drop from my shoulders to the floor. Then I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of the shorts and pushed them slowly down to my ankles so that I could kick them off to join the shirt on the floor. Then, I bent one knee, cocked one hip seductively, threw one arm in the air and said, “Tada, see anything you like?”

Dad was grinning when he asked, “So, what’s not to like?” I pulled a chair back from the table and sat facing my father with knees spread wide enough that there is no way he could not have seen the puffy outer lips of my pussy. Lips that, without even looking, I knew were starting to glisten with the juices that had begun to flow as a result of the conversation both of us knew was taboo for a father/daughter to be having.

Dad looked intently at the sight I presented for his viewing pleasure and surprised me by asking, “Sherrie, I know it probably is none of my business, but whatever prompted you to shave yourself totally bald that way?” Puzzled, I asked, “So why isn’t it your business to ask why your only daughter has done something with her body that is a bit different? Hell, I have bared my body for you to see haven’t I? No way I would let you see my pussy if I weren’t proud of the way I think it looks. Anyhow, to answer your question, I keep it shaved because Jack, my boyfriend, liked it that way.”

“Liked, past tense?” Asked dad. “Yeah,” I answered, “liked. Bastard went home to marry his high school sweetheart. I never even knew he had a girlfriend back home or that he was only leading me on for whatever he could get, and, yes, the son-of-a-bitch got plenty.” I grinned and added, “Course, I guess I got plenty as well, all seven and a half inches of him whenever I wanted it.” Dad was not even shocked when I revealed that I had been fucking my boyfriend all that first year of college. He only appeared to be thoughtful when he asked, “So Hon, is it something you want to talk about with your old dad. I’m a good listener you know. Shoot, I’ll even look the guy up and smack him alongside the head if you would like.” I giggled and said, “No need for that dad, besides I’m probably a lot better off without him. Just pisses me off that I let him use me that way.” I looked dad right in the eye and said, “And, I suppose I will have to find someone else who would like to fuck your daughter now.” Dad laughed and said, “Oh you probably will not have to look too far to find someone who would LIKE to screw you. Hell, even I would volunteer for that pleasure and I will even be willing to bet your brother would not mind getting into your panties although I have no idea whether or not he even thinks of you in that way or not.” Dad laughed again and added, “Bet if he could see you dressed, ‘er, undressed, the way you are now, he would start thinking of you that way in a hurry.”

I got up and went to get a sheet of paper towel, returned and tried to mop up some of the secretions that were leaking freely from my pussy, refilled both of our coffee cups, then sat back down with the tissue still in my hand. Dad reached for the wadded paper and said, “Here Hon, guess I need that myself. He unzipped the opening in his shorts, pulled the waistband of his bikini briefs down and freed his blood engorged dick so that he could wipe the large amount of precum that had leaked out.

He started to tuck himself back into his clothing when I said, “Shit dad, I’m sitting here showing you everything I have. Isn’t it only fair for you to let me see your goodies as well?” Dad shrugged and said, “You know we shouldn?t be doing this don’t you? A lot of people, your mother for one, would take a really dim view of a man, me, sitting at the kitchen table naked with his equally naked young daughter.” He shrugged and said, Oh well, like they say, you only live once, and I am not about to pass up the chance to chat with you this way.” He stood up, pulled his tee shirt off over his head, let his already loosened shorts fall around his knees and sat back down. His cock was so stiff, it pointed almost straight up and nearly rubbed against his navel, it was that long.

I looked my father over carefully before commenting, “Jeez dad, you have some terrific abs there. Been working out quite a bit” Can I feel?” Dad grinned and said proudly, “Yes Hon, your mother and I have been working out three times a week for months now. Glad you like and sure, I guess there would be no harm done if you feel.”

There probably is no way that dad could have known how horny I was getting sitting there naked with him, but it was no mistake that my hand slipped from his hard muscular abs to his lap where I could wrap my fist around his manhood. Dad sucked in his breath sharply as I began gently stroking my closed fist up and down the length of his erection. He leaned back, looked at the ceiling and said, “Ah Honey, that feels really wonderful, but you had better quit while I still have enough resistance to try to stop you.” “Stop?” I asked, “I was sort of hoping that you might like to feel me up a bit while I jack you off.” “Ah shit,” was about all dad could say as I increased the tempo a bit. Then he leaned toward me, reached a hand toward my dripping pussy and began a gentle rubbing motion on my labia that matched, stroke for stroke, the attention I was showering on his cock. At the same time he leaned close and began to kiss and suck on my right breast while caressing the left with his free hand.

In no time at all, I felt a finger, then two of them, slide up inside me before beginning the stroking I knew would ultimately result in a bog ‘O’. My dad then did something that asshole Jack never had done. He crooked both of his fingers that were well up inside me, found my ‘G’ spot and brought on an instant orgasm that left me shaking for a short time. Then I began to feel the tensing of the muscles in my father’s groin that I knew was the signal that he, too, was about to come so I quickly crouched down and took that wonderful symbol of manhood into my mouth and let his cum spurt well into the back of my mouth. I was proud that I had learned to love the taste of cum and rather than spit his seed out, I swallowed every drop, much, I think, to my father’s surprise and delight.

After getting him off, I continued to fondle and play with dad’s cock so that after initially starting to wilt, it soon began to rise back to it’s former magnificence. When fully hard, I leaned forward and again inserted him into my mouth for a moment. Then I arose, stepped close enough to sit on my dad’s jutting thighs and brought my still glistening pussy into contact with his, by now, very hard dick. Looking directly into dad’s upturned eyes, I slowly raised enough to bring his dick to my vagina then I slowly let myself descend until I had as much hard dick inside as would go. Doggy style would give greater penetration, but, hopefully, that might come later. For the moment, I had enough of my father’s cock in me to completely satisfy my carnal hunger.

Dad, still looking intently into my eyes said, “Ah Honey, we shouldn?t be doing this. It is wrong, very wrong. I love your mother with all my heart. I don’t want to be having sex with anyone else least of all with my own daughter.” I returned dad’s penetrating stare and asked, “Dad, can you honestly say that you don’t enjoy the feel of your hard cock up inside my warm, wet pussy?” I had been flexing my thighs and hips from the moment I managed to get his cock up inside me and knew, from the way dad’s hips responded, he really did enjoy fucking his owly daughter.

Dad never had a chance to answer before the kitchen door opened and mom and Jerry entered the room. Mom took one look at our naked bodies and the way I was sitting on dad’s lap and knew instantly what we were doing.

“OK you two, just what in hell is going on here. Christ, I leave the house for an hour and find my husband and daughter screwing up a storm right in my own house.” While talking, mom had stepped up angrily beside dad’s chair where she stood with arms akimbo and with her hands on her hips. I looked up at my mother’s angry face and, defiantly, said, “Mom, I can not say that this is not what you think. Obviously we are fucking. Actually, I guess that I am fucking dad. I put the make on him and he never had a chance. Mom, dad has been trying to tell me this is wrong from the moment I started in on him and I don’t care who the man is, I think there are damn few that can resist a determined naked woman’s advances and, I think you should know, from the moment I started to put the make on him, dad has been trying to get me to stop because, as he says, “This is wrong. He loves you mom, this is just a morning fuck between a man and his loving daughter.”

Jerry had stepped up close behind mom as I talked. He reached around mom’s indignant, rigid torso and placed a large hand on each of her up thrust angry breasts and said, “Come on mom, please try to calm down. I am sure that it is you that dad really loves. Probably if you had not been out buying me a new swim suit, it would be your pussy being reamed instead of Sherrie’s.” I gave my brother a thankful look and said, “Yeah Jerry, most likely it would be your cock inside me if you and mom had been here when I got so horny I just had to fuck. Dad was just unfortunate enough to be in the way when I needed it.”

I could feel my father’s cock wilting inside my hot cunt but knew, somehow, that he really did not want to go soft inside me. There was something about the way that dad was holding his arms around me and the way that his hips continued to try to thrust his wilting manhood into me that gave him away. I tried to flex my vaginal muscles in an effort to restore dad’s erection. Then I felt a twitch from his cock as he attempted to return my signal. I glanced back up at mom’s still angry continence and saw that her attention was being divided between trying to maintain her anger at dad and me and to the obvious pleasure/annoyance she was beginning to experience as her son, my brother caressed her heaving breasts. Mom had gone shopping wearing a tee shirt and shorts and I knew that she favors bras that have front closures. While continuing to fondle his mother’s breasts through her shirt and bra, I saw that Jerry’s left hand had descended to the hem of mom’s shirt and was beginning to snake it’s way back up inside. About the time my brother began to release the clasp on her bra, mom looked back over her shoulder and said, “Jerry, just what in hell do you think you are doing, anyhow? The fact that your father and sister are screwing each other’s brains out is not a signal for the whole damn family to lose our minds.” I noticed that in spite of her angry words, mom had placed a hand on the outside of her shirt in such a way that it did not interfere with the hand unfastening the bra clasp but, instead, pressed the hand holding her right tit a little more closely against her breast. I glanced at dad and saw that he, too, was well aware of the moves Jerry was putting on his mother.

Once the bra clasp came undone, Jerry slid his hand up ’til he could cup mom’s bare flesh in his hot hand while mom placed her other hand atop my brother’s unseen hand that was inside her clothing. She turned her head until she could look her son in the eye and said, “Jerry, you know you shouldn?t be doing this, right?” Jerry nodded, grinned and continued to make his advances on mom. “Jerry, this is wrong, I can”t let you stand there playing with my breasts. Please don”t, oh heaven help us, please don’t do this.”

In spite of her admonishments to stop, mom continued to press his hands tightly against her breasts making it clear to dad and myself that she really did enjoy the attention my brother was showering on her tits. Clearly, she was being turned on by Jerry?s attentions. Her breathing was becoming more labored and rapid and she had, probably unconsciously, begun to thrust her upper torso against the youthful hands that were wrapped around her from behind. At last mom gave a mighty sigh and she said,?OK Jerry, damn it, now you know I like to have my tits played with. Oh, yes Jerry just like that. Oh crap, I’m being betrayed by my own body making me no better than my horny husband and daughter.”

Mom’s words acknowledging that she enjoyed the attention my brother was giving to her tits triggered another twitch from dad’s cock that by that time had been restored to full erection. I guess seeing his son putting the make on his wife was something of a turn on for my father. I know I was beginning to wonder just how far my brother was going to take his little seduction of our mother. Perhaps he would get her hot enough to want his hard cock in her hot, wet cunt?

My unspoken question was answered the moment I saw my brother’s hand start to snake its way down toward the waistline of mom’s shorts. I think she no longer cared that dad and I were fucking with enthusiasm and watching Jerry as he seduced her. Rather, she was starting to lose herself in the pleasure of Jerry?s advances. With his hand flat against mom’s tummy, Jerry began to slip his fingers under the waistband of her shorts and mom sucked in her stomach in an obvious effort to give her son greater access to her abdomen and pubic area.

Mom continued to mewl and plead with Jerry to please stop what he was doing, and at the same time, she continued to give little signals that encouraged further advances. Mom’s hand that had been holding my brother against her right tit soon descended to press against the outline of the hand that could be clearly seen roaming freely through mom’s pubic hair. I noticed suddenly, that all talk had ceased only to be replaced with warm murmurs of encouragement and love as each of the four of us gave oral expression of endearment and appreciation for the attentions being showered on us especially, In my case, where dad was doing a super job fondling my tits and plundering my vagina with his big cock. I looked deeply into dad’s eyes, smiled to let him know that I really loved what he was doing inside me, and glanced back in time to see the hand mom was using to press Jerry tight against her pussy mound move up to release the clasp that holds the fly opening to her shorts closed. Obviously, mom was becoming taken up in the lustful events as, slowly and sensuously, she grasped the zipper and lowered it enabling my brother to slide his hand even deeper inside her panties. Deliberately and while looking deep into dad’s eyes, mom hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and panties and slid them as far down off her hips as possible.

Thus released, mom’s clothing fell on down until her shorts and panties gathered around her ankles where it was a simple matter to kick them off and away from her feet. Mom then reached up, grasped the bottom hem of her tee shirt and pulled it up over her head. The already loosened bra soon followed the rest of mom’s clothing onto the floor.

Except for sandals, mom, dad and I were naked. My brother was still fully clothed but that situation did not last long. Once divested of encumbering clothing, mom turned within Jerry?s arms and began to strip off his clothing as well. She started by lifting his shirt off over his head. Then she reached for the belt buckle at Jerry?s waist and once it was released, proceeded to unfasten the clasp and zipper on his jeans so that she could pull both garments down around his ankles. After a quick shuffle of his feet, my brother stepped away from his discarded clothing. I was curious as to whether or not mom did oral, but the quick kiss she placed on the head of my brother’s cock as she was helping divest him of his clothing gave proof that, indeed, she does enjoy pleasing her lover orally.

Once naked, Jerry said, “Now mom, think you are ready for this?” Mom giggled nervously and said, “I can only guess at what I should be ready for, but hell yes, I’m ready. All the indications are that I am going to join my husband in incestuous fucking with our kids. Oh Jesus, this is so wrong. I certainly hope that you intend to fuck me good because I have been trying to deny to myself that I have been dreaming about the feel of your big cock rooting around deep inside my pussy ever since I saw it dangling from the hole in your swim suit the other day.” Mom had grasped Jerry’s cock and was holding it tightly in her hand by that time.

My brother turned to his mother and said, “Now mom, how would you feel about laying back on the table here beside your daughter and maybe you can teach your loving son a thing or two about the art of fucking. Mom laughed and said, “Oh come on now, don’t try to shit us into thinking this is your first time.” Jerry was serious as he said, “I kid you not, mom. This will be a first for me.” Mom laughed and said, “Getting laid on a kitchen table you mean.” “No mom,” said Jerry seriously, “First time getting laid anywhere with anyone. Hell, ’til now, I haven’t even seen a naked woman.’ Mom was silent for a long time before she went on, saying, “Then we probably should not be doing it on a table then. Wouldn’t you much rather do it the first time on a bed?” Jerry laughed and said, “No mom, I want to do it right here in plain view of Sherrie and dad.”

Mom sighed, laid back on the table with her legs dangling over the edge and said, “OK Jerry Honey, lets do it then. You probably don’t know much about women’s sex organs Hon, but you certainly see how wet I am. That means I am about as ready as it is possible for a woman to be.” Jerry stepped close between mom’s widespread thighs, she took his big hard dick in hand and guided it up to and into her dripping vagina. It is very difficult to believe that my brother had never had a piece of ass nor that he had no idea about what he was doing because he was very loving and gentle as he slid slowly into mom’s cunt. He stopped for a moment before starting to thrust with a slowness that was amazing considering that the first time I had it with a first timer, he merely slammed into me and began fucking furiously and did not let up until his cum was shooting way up inside me. All of that took no more than three or four fast strokes.

Jerry really did not last long but he sure lasted a lot longer than that jerk that fucked me for his first time. I saw the tension building in my brother and told him he should be sure to advise his lady of his impending orgasm as some don’t want a guy to cum inside but mom said, “That’s OK Jerry. I’m safe. I want to feel your hot semen shoot way up inside me.” By that time Jerry was gasping, “Ah, ah, ah,” then with a series of short uncontrolled shudders, my brother began to fill his mother’s pussy with hot cum. I guess the excitement of fucking her son had got to mom as well because she climaxed immediately afterward.

I turned my attention back to my father and said, “Now that my brother has shot his first load into a woman’s hot pussy, how about shooting a little hot cum into your daughter’s even hotter cunt?” Dad grinned and said, “I’m game, lets do it,” and began bucking enthusiastically as I responded with every bit as much enthusiasm. Watching my brother and mom fuck had brought me so close to the edge that it only took another half dozen or so strokes until I could feel my father’s hot seed begin to fill me. I threw my head way back and cried out, “Oh God dad I’m cumming. I love you, I love you.”

That erotic morning in the kitchen was not the first of a profusion of wild sex filled encounters for our family. It did mark the beginning of a vast improvement in our interpersonal relationships. I know that I became much more attuned to the currents and moods of the others in my family. Clearly, everyone was much more sensitive to subtle differences in each other.

Sure, my father and I fucked one another whenever we felt like it, which was not often. Jerry and I became even closer than we had been in the past, but it was nearly a week before we finally had sex. I know for a fact that mom and dad’s bond became even closer but I have no idea how often they had sex with one another. A couple or three times a week, I suppose. Fucking my brother on the kitchen table that morning pretty much broke down whatever inhibitions mom may have had about sharing her body with her son. Neither she nor Jerry was blatant about it, but they did fuck every now and then. The thing is, not one of us ever even considered trying to hide from the others the fact that we were fucking whenever in the mood. Generally, we did not engage in group orgies but we did get it on as a family a couple of more times that summer. Shoot, mom and I even got together a couple of times. We didn’t hide it, dad and Jerry were present both times and seemed to get nearly as much pleasure from watching as mom and I did doing it. I really enjoyed licking and kissing mom’s shaved, yes she shaved all of her pubic hair off too, pussy and she says she loves to lick me as well. We both decided that we had no real interest in going down on each other at the same time. The sixty-nine thing just is not for either of us. When I do someone, be it a male or a female, I want to concentrate on giving as much pleasure as I possibly can. I don’t want my attention diverted by what is or is not happening to me. I know that mom feels the same way on that issue.

In September, since Jerry had been accepted at the same college I attend, we traveled together and managed to find a small, one-bedroom studio apartment that we share together. Since there is only one bedroom and since we have been intimate anyhow, we sleep in the same bed but our nights are not wild, sex filled orgies. We sleep together, often entwined in each other’s arms. Sometimes we have sex before drifting off to sleep but more often we wake at the same time and have a nice leisurely fuck before going off to classes. I daresay, a great many married couples have sex more frequently than my brother and I do.

Right now, Jerry and I are waiting expectantly for the arrival of mom and dad. They are going to spend the weekend in a hotel and dad made reservations for the four of us to share a single room with two large queen size beds. Dad and Jerry are going to go to a football game while mom and I go shopping. Tonight, tomorrow morning and tomorrow night are going to be spent in bed though. Dad did say that if any of the rest of us felt like eating, we would be free to go out for a meal but for other than that he really hoped that mom, Jerry and I would share his desire to get naked and just fuck one another.

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Mom, Dad, My Brother & I