Mom disgraced in public in front of me

The first time I thought about my mom in a sexual light was when I caught my friend trying to sneak pics of my mom. It just amused me until I went through his phone. I was scrolling through his WhatsApp when I suddenly saw my mom’s face. Whaat? To my shock, there was group with a photo of my mom as the group pic. And the group was filled with my friends discussing how hot my mom is and how they want to fuck her and creepshots. It was freaking hot and I got an instant guilty boner! I was freaking angry with them but that kicked off my obsession with my mom.

So my mom is a cyclist with a tight athletic body. She always wears tight Tshirts and pants or jeans. Now that I think about it, my friends always seemed to hog around her at school events and stuff. She had really sexy shoulder length hair, usually in a bun but oh it never used to stay up so, she was always fussing with her hair, letting it down, putting it up and what not, it was always tantalizing to watch.

So, on that fateful day, we were traveling to some family thing in a rural town. Don’t ask my why. And also don’t ask me why of all possible options we were taking the bus. I hated it there. The townfolk always seemed to be ogling her and she never made any effort to cover up. My brain had a thing where whenever I was with my mom in public it jumped to scenarios of her getting fucked in random places. The same was going on at the station. She was as usual fidgety, stretching, playing with her hair, sighing in boredom. Did she even have any idea what a show she was putting on or did she just not care? Right from a group of teenagers to a couple of old men were busy taking glances at her.

But what was particularly disturbing me was a group of young guys who were being quite unabashed with their ogling. They looked like locals on their way back home and were being quiete ribald. They had wandered close to us and were passing thinly veiled comments about her. Oh what wouldn’t I give to see the lot of them having their way with her. Soon the bus arrived and people clamored to get in. When we finally got in, there was no seat for two left. The only two seats left were next to two of the earlier guys. We requested them to shift but they were quite adamant and rudely refused. My mom was forced to sit with one of them while I sat on the next set of seats.

They spent little time in starting to harass us. The one sitting with me struck a conversation with me talking about, guess what my mom. While the one in the lucky seat kept bending across her to talk to his mates. And of course looking down while doing so to stare at her cleavage. She was of course uncomfortable but what could she do? The bus was full of men and she didn’t want to create a scene. He kept crashing into her on bumps and grabbing her to steady himself. I was of course angry at what was going on but was also starting to get a hard on.

With no other option she curled to her side exposing as little of her as possible. Sadly the guy also seemed to settle down and she drifted to sleep. Soon though the guy next to me asked to shift seats and now my sleeping mom was between the two of them. I knew something was going down but scared and guiltily not wanting to miss anything, I pretended to sleep. The two of them took pics, posing with her. I had no idea whether they knew I was asleep or they simply didn’t care. Whatever it was, soon the guy slowly felt up her ass while the other took close ups of her cleavage. The others with them were enjoying it, peering up from their seats.

This continued for a while when it was announced that the we would be taking a restroom break soon. I didn’t know why he did that but the guy opened the window, letting the wind in. Grinning at his friends, he reached up and removed my mom’s hair clutcher. The wind caught her hair and it was flying all over the place. Startled she woke up, trying to figure out what was going on. She was frantically looking for her hair clutcher when the bus rolled into the stop. The guy calmly tossed it to her and got up and left.

The sight of my furious mom angrily putting her hair up was terrific. She got up and asked me to come with her to the restroom. As we got down I saw two of the guys talking to someone in a black SUV. We went past them, unfortunately there were already people waiting to use the facilities and she was last in the line. When she finally got to go in, almost everyone had gone back. As I waited for her I noticed the SUV roll in near the restroom. I had barely registered that when suddenly someone grabbed me from behind a put a knife to my throat. “Not a word, sonny boy. One word and I am slashing this across your throat”. Panicked and heart racing I barely nodded. Two people got down from the SUV and stood by the door. As soon as my mom came out, they grabbed her and pushed a hand on her mouth. Seeing me she quickly registered what was going on and stopped resisting.

They let her go and she started pleAding, offering money and jewelry. They laughed at her efforts and one of them grabbed her hair and pulling her face close to his, whispered, “we don’t want your money, lady. We have got what we wanted”. “Now listen up. Here’s what you are going to do, you are getting in the car with us, and you he pointed at me are going to go to the bus and tell them that your mom is getting sick and you will catch the next bus. Got it?”.

With no option in sight, my mom got into the SUV while the one holding me escorted me to the bus with a knife at my back. I was so scared, I could barely stutter what I was supposed to say. The bus left and their car rolled in. He pushed me in the back seat, taped my mouth shut and got in the middle one with my mom and another guy. They had gagged her with a cloth and tied her hands back. “So, if you ever want to go home in one piece, you are going to exActly what we tell you”. I was both scared and a bit turned on thinking about what would happen.

On the road, they guys next to her were having their way with her, agressively pawing at her tits, squeezing them, twisting her nipples and slapping her. The one driving could barely keep his eyes on the road, constantly looking into the mirror. The one in the front pushed down the back his seat and reaching down the front of her pants, started fingering her. Mom was still resisting but now also heaving and throbbing at the assault on her pussy. The sight of her writhing was hot as hell and I couldn’t stop my dick from pushing hard against my pant.

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Mom disgraced in public in front of me

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