Mom Remarriage with her son

Mom Remarriage with her son

Hello everyone! I’m xyz from Mumbai. This story begins when I was XX and my parents had just divorced. After my parent’s divorce my Mom and I lived in a small house in Dahisar. She got a job in a private enterprise and I was doing my school struggling in Std 10. My mom Kavita, was then 34 years old but I must say she always looked much younger than her age. She is 5 feet 4 inch tall; slim with tight big juicy Boobs and a sexy round ass. She was voluptous…in a nutshell. She commanded an irresistible sex appeal and her fair complexion made her even more attractive.Sheela aunty was mom’s best friend those days. She used to frequent our house every day and used to encourage my mom. As you all know leading a life of a single parent is very tough. One day as I was studying in my room, Sheela aunty dropped by. I was not able to concentrate much and so decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. Sheela Aunty was saying: “Kavita, its been almost 6 months since you are alone. Common yaar, pull yourself and get married. Sandeep needs a father now more than ever. He needs a guiding force”. Mom nodded and said: “What you are saying is right, Sheela. But, if I marry again, will Sandeep not feel threatened with another man in the house?” “Also, what about jealousy and anger when Sandeep has a little brother or sister again?”I became red all over. For some time I felt as if mother did not love me enough and wanted to marry again. I sulked all night. That night we had a quiet dinner. I went to bed sad.Next day, I was in the market for doing the household chores when I ran into Sheela Aunty. “Arre Sandeep beta, how are you?” I mumbled: “M fine aunty, how are you and uncle?” She replied: “We are both good. Beta, can you come over to my house right now? I have something very important to discuss with you.” “Sure”, I said and went to aunty’s house.
“Look Sandeep, you are a grown up kid now. Ever since your parents divorced, your mother had been bringing you all up with full dedication and love. She has always kept you happy and cheerful, Right?”, she asked. “Yes, aunty”, I replied. Aunty continued: “Don’t you think that you mom needs a bit of happiness too?” “I dont understand, aunty”, I mumbled. “Look sonny, your mom is 34 years and she has her desires too: physical, emotional, psychological….She needs a man in her life. She might NOT be telling you but she is a rudderless boat in the stormy ocean of life. She needs a husband to satiate her. Also you need a father too.”, Sheela Aunty spoke. I turned all red and mumbled incoherently. “I have started looking for a man for her. Just wanted to tell you and keep you informed.”, Sheela aunty smiled.I went back home and told mom what Sheela aunty told me. She was silent for a moment. The she spoke: “Beta, Sheela should not have been so direct in her speech. Beta, you are my life. I will not do anything unless approved by you. Dont worry I am not thinking of marriage unless you approve of the same.” I hugged her.Days passed by and I was got busy in my studies.One evening mom asked to get dressed quickly as we had to go to Sheela Aunty’s house for a small get together to celebrate aunty’s and uncle’s 15th anniversary. We went to the party and I was keeping myself busy just like that. Mom was dressed in a light blue saree and matching blouse and she was looking gorgeous. Since she was slim, the saree she draped, exposed her contours even more. I was getting jealous seeing other men staring at her (and appreciating her assets). Suddently I saw her being introduced to a tall, wheatish looking guy in a suit by Sheela aunty. I turned back in anger (Sheela aunty was trying to play a matchmaker which I did not approve of). I heard my

Name being called and saw mother beckoning me. I went up to her and she said: “Beta, this is Mr Sunil, Devang uncle’s boss” Devang uncle was Sheela Aunty’s husband, a very genial and friendly person. “Oh, sunil uncle, how are you?”, I said politely. (Mr) Sunil extended his hand and shook mine. Mom and Sunil (uncle) resumed their talks while I took their leaves. Out of a corner of my eye, I saw them laughing and smiling. It was ages since I saw my mother smile so much. She genuinely seemed to like the person. I must admit, I was getting all jealous seeing another man (apart from me) getting my mom’s attention.Days passed by and mom’s friendship with Sunil Uncle increased. He started visiting our house on a daily basis. He used to bring gifts for me and mom. I learnt from Mom and Sheela Aunty that Sunil uncle was a divorcee for a quite a long time. He was 40 and had no kids from his previous marriage. With a height of nearly 6 feet and a huge strong body, He was very rough and tough but was always very nice to me for my intelligence and honesty. Slowly I began to like him a lot. I wished I had a father like him. Over a period of 1 year we had become the best of friends. We took our lunch in my home together and he loved Mom’s cooking. Mom always packed extra lunch for him for his office. One day as usual we were having lunch and he asked me about my father and if my mother is going to remarry etc and then said that my Mother should not waste her life and she can get any well established person to marry her. I thanked him taking that as a compliment. Then I asked him why does not he get married? He replied maybe he will get married now. He had He told me that he had his share of flings and one night stands but now that he had met mom, he truly believed that women are more than what he thought of earlier. He asked me: “Sandeep, is it ok if I marry your mom and become your father? I had asked your mom earlier this question but she said that she will not say yes unless you approve.” I was touched by Mom’s gesture. I immediately said: “Yes Sunil uncle, I want you in my life as a father”. Saying so I hugged him. He also hugged me lovingly. Mom was in the doorway and she started crying. I hugged her too. Things started to happen quickly after that. Mom and Sunil uncle decided to marry quickly without any delay. The date of 12th March, 2005 was fixed for their marriage. Sheela aunty was also thrilled and all of us helped each other in the arrangements for the marriage. One day, 2 days before marriage on 10th March, I was on my way to school when I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten my Maths notebook and went back home.
The front door was locked from inside and I went to the backdoor. It was also locked but I managed to get inside the house. I went to my room inside. I heard moans from my Mom’s room. I was surprised and froze. I peeped into her room and saw Sunil uncle and mom making love. They were kissing wildly. Mom was in a yellow saree. Sunil uncle stood up and held her shoulder and they embraced each other very tightly. Both were looking very emotional with tears running down mom’s cheek. Uncle Sunilthen took mom’s face in his hands and planted a long French kiss. Mom responded accordingly and they were licking each others lips and tongues for about two minutes until uncle Sunil lifted mom in his arms, took her to her bedroom and locked it. I understood that my beautiful Mother is going to get fucked today. I was enjoying the fuck scene live. Mom really looked very sexy, Uncle Sunil sat beside her and kissed her cheek, she kept quite, then she noticed a huge monster raising beneath uncle Sunil’s payjama. The first thing mom said is oh my God it’s so Big!! I cant do this Sunil

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Please, its so big, he said don’t worry, nothing will happen, you will enjoy it, mom closed her eyes and was saying No please while Uncle Sunil put his hand through her hair ,kissing her all over her face trying to relax her. I could see uncle’s Lund getting harder and bigger. He looked into Mom’s eyes and by his eyes asked for permission to fuck her. She nodded negative and said please stop here, he said no way, we cannot go back from here, she said no and said your thing it very huge, I can never take it please, uncle said from today you have to take it every night . You have taken my heart and now you will have to tame this fire with your love. Then he planted a kiss on mother’s lips and said, I will not rape you, but I will not leave you until you give me your nectar. Since you have accepted me as your husband, I want you to give me my rights. Then he lifted her on his lap and started kissing her madly, it was really an erotic site to see such a huge rough Man making love to my soft and delicate mom. It was so erotic to see him just suck those lovely lips of hers and just kept kissing her and put his hand around her bare waist his fingers pushing into her navel and then cupping her ass globes and squeezing them. Then Uncle Sunil broke off the kiss in a whisker removed his kurta and slid down Mom’s anchal and moved on to her waist and held the saree where she had tucked it in near her navel, she caught his hand and would not allow him to remove it, she held on strongly to her saree and pleaded with him saying please’ I cant do this your thing is too big for me, but uncle Sunil just gave a final hard pull and her saree was loose he kissed her and in the process he pulled off her saree fully and threw it away and it landed on the floor! I have never seen mom in such a erotic half naked state and it was very exciting to see her this way, I was eagerly waiting to see what she was hiding behind the rest of her clothes, Then they kissed madly and uncle pulled her on him and from behind pulled her petticoat up and put his hand on her ass and pressed it and that was when I saw my beautiful moms juicy thighs and ass, mom started resisting and pulling her petticoat down, but uncle Sunil got his fingers in her panties and started finger fucking her chut. She stopped resisting and was moaning like anything, she was aahhh he pushed it in and out and she just kissed him and was shaking, she must have had an orgasm, Then he laid her on the bed and got on top of her, and opened her blouse to enjoy her juicy ripe breasts , they were kissing while he removed her blouse. She was wearing a yellow bra, it looked so beautiful and then Uncle put his had behind her back and unstrapped her bra and pulled it away, that was the treat of my life to see her tight but soft breasts spring out and with huge dark brown nipples, it looked so beautiful.
Uncle Sunil was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple mom moaned aaaah Sunil, ooooh no aau no please… And then this went on for some time after which they kissed again, this time more passionately and my mom was completely his, he sucked her again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her chut I guess, she just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from my mom really turned me on. I was eagerly waiting to see her chut when uncle Sunil put his hand underneath her petticoat and pushed it up to her knees and she did not resist one bit, instead she was moaning, he kissed her knees then he pushed it higher up and was kissing and licking and biting her thighs, that’s when mom did the most beautiful thing, she herself pinched her nipples and pushed her petticoat

Higher up until I could see her yellow panty hiding her beautiful bushy chut, uncle Sunil simultaneously untied the petticoat and his pajama and both landed on the floor where the other clothes were piled up. Uncle now took a condom from the pyjama pocket and put it on his monster. “I dont want to make you pregnant darling right now”, said Uncle. Mother nodded appreciatively and said: “Oh Sunil, you are the most understanding husband a woman can get. Come and make me your own. Put your philly in my love tunnel and make me Mrs Sunil. Oh I cannot wait any moment longer…. Aaahh Sunil…. I love you….darling…..”, moaned my mom..He was completely naked now and his monster was getting harder and bigger. He gave a naughty smile To Mom who replied with a horny look which was interpreted as a go ahead and and Lo!! My Mom was lying completely naked on the bed waiting for her giant lover to fuck her. Uncle Sunil buried his face on her chut and she spread her legs and put it on uncle’s shoulders and caught his head and pushed it deeper into her and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words I love you! I love you Sunil!! Uncle was licking and sucking her chut and she was moaning like anything, pressing and pinching her breasts. This went on for a long time and, I was eagerly waiting to see him fuck Mom. Even my shy and reserved Mother was moaning, Sunil please… Uuh fuck me, fuck me please, I love you. Then uncle Sunil came up and I could see my Moms beautiful chut, it was reddish.. But her hole seemed so small. Uncle then took a tube and squeezed it. Lot of gel came to his hand and he put them in Mom’s vagina.
He got on top of her with his monster lund hanging and then he put moms legs on either side of his shoulders and kissed her, she kissed him back and then he positioned his monster lund on her wet chut and I could see tears in her eyes and she started crying and uncle pushed into her, what a beautiful site, I could see her chut open up to take him and it was really stretching, and mom cried out, aah Sunil noo ooh uuahh ohh, she was literally screaming and crying, he pushed more and she was crying and pleading like anything, uncle was very gentle, but mom was screaming aaahhh please!! No Sunil!! Pleaseee i’ll die, I heard him say don’t worry I will not let you die before me. I saw her cry and moan, she said no please slowly and was crying like anything and moaning too and pinching her breasts and touching her chut where he was entering, she put two fingers on either side of her chut and was pulling it apart, trying to take him in, then suddenly Uncle pushed more in nearly half way when she really screamed, with tears flowing and she bit her under lip and down it was a beautiful sight to see her little chut being invaded, it stretched out and was tightly holding against uncles huge lund, slowly uncle again started pushing it and she again said no, then I saw uncle pulling it out, he pulled it out and wow, mom’s chut was open, I could see inside a bit, but soon he put it back and it went half way and then to Moms surprise he gave a damn hard push and I could see his balls collide against her lovely chut, and my mom really screamed aahh Sunilllll! Its pushing against my womb, it was a terrific sight.A dark giant man on top of a very fair slim woman, pushing a huge monster size rod into a little juicy hole and the rod seems to go all the way to her navi from inside. Sunil was being very careful and smooth but the enormous mass of his flesh going into my sweet mother’s thin and delicate chut was a spectacle and I wondered how Mom was taking the huge lund in her. Then with another slow but firm thrust Uncle’s lund totally disappeared inside mom’s nectar hole. He said, its all in don’t worry, then he started pulling out slowly and pushing back in

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And mom was still in pain, but she kissed him a lot and wrapped her arms around him, then he started doing it faster, and mom was moaning …Oooohh, deeev, sloww, please, I love you aaahh, mmm and then he started hammering her damn hard and her chut lips was damn red, but uncles lund also was shiny, guess its lubricated well, he pulled it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole lund inside, she was crying and moaning and kissing. I was so happy to see mom enjoy and get the fuck of her life from a man who loves her, she was moaning and screaming, Sunill!!!! Slow please noo, aaahh ooooh and kissing and kissing, Uncle Sunil used to bite her nipples from time to time and then when he was fucking her hard it was wonderful to see moms breasts bounce up and down so violently and she was moving her head side to side and moaning and opening her mouth and biting her lips and kissing Uncle Sunil and it was wonderful to see her chut lips tightly clench Uncle Sunil’s lund and milk it out, aaaahh ahhh ooohh went on for 30 minutes and mom tightly clenched uncle Sunil and bit herself, I guess she came many times, she said Sunil please stop or i’ll surely die. Uncle just kept on mercilessly ramming in and out of her and she was full with pleasure. Then he said I’m going to come and she wrapped her legs tightly around him and put her arms around him so tightly, finally I heard uncle grunt aaaahh, and mom was aaaaaaaah…Deeeev…and slowly uncles thrusts slowed down and I knew he must have come deep inside my mom and he kept coming for nearly half a minute, and the condom was full with uncle’s semen, they kept kissing and kissing and then I could see semen leak from the sides of her chut and then with a final kiss uncle Sunil got up and pulled out his lund, oh my God, my moms chut was stretched so wide.I was sweating profusely. I quickly went out of the house and went to my friend’s place to idle away time. I came back in the evening and acted as if nothing had happened. Mom was glowing and she was very happy. I asked her: “Ma, you look very happy today. What happened?”. Mom replied: “Nothing beta…you are going to have Sunil uncle as your father in just 2 days…I am so happy for that…” But I knew the real
My mother and Uncle Sunil got married on the annointed date. Mother changed the ownership of our small home in Dahisar from her name to joint ownership with My new Dad. This was her present to him. The next time I saw them making love was at the official suhaag raat when the entire bed was filled with red rose petals and they were lost in each other throughout the night. One thing I noticed that Uncle Sunil was very considerate towards me even after marriage. He was not the proverbial STEP-DAD. He was loving towards mom also and during their lovemaking I observed that he always used a condom. Mom’s birthday was on June and Dad presented her with a diamond ring on her b’day. They went for a short trip to Mauritus for a week. When they returned back, I saw Mom glowing with happiness. Clearly she was enjoying her conjugal life. As usual Dad had brought lots of gifts for me. My school exams were also over and the results which came astonished me. I had done very good in all subjects and was among the top five in my class. It was ages since I had achieved such a good result. Mom was very very happy. Dad was also appreciative of my results.One night, in August, while I was peeping (It had become regular now) I heard mom and dad in a very serious discussion. Dad (Sunil uncle previously) was saying: “Kavita, You are now 35 now. I guess we should be planning for a baby now. I know you would have wanted a year or 2

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To plan but even I am growing old…I am 40+ now…Also once Sandeep leaves home for his graduation it will be difficult for us not to miss him.” Mom replied: “Yes Sunil, even I was thinking of this for a long time. I would like to have our first kid as soon as possible. I had been to Doctor Smita today to get my checkup done and she said that its better to have our kids as soon as possible. Pregnancy after 35 possesses a risk.” “Also I had my periods 10 days ago and these couple of days I am in my fertile period, I think. I guess we can try from today”, mom said smilingly. Dad lifter her up and smooched her. She responded back.He was completely naked now and his monster was getting harder and bigger. For the first time Dad did not put a condom on his monster. He gave a naughty smile To Mom who replied with a horny look which was interpreted as a go ahead and and Lo!! My Mom was lying completely naked on the bed waiting for her giant lover to fuck her. Uncle Sunil buried his face on her chut and she spread her legs and put it on uncle’s shoulders and caught his head and Dad pushed it deeper into her wet pussy and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words I love you! I love you Sunil!! Uncle was licking and sucking her chut and she was moaning like anything, pressing and pinching her breasts. This went on for a long time and, I was eagerly waiting to see him fuck Mom. Even Mother was moaning, Sunil please… Uuh fuck me, fuck me please, I love you. Please give me your baby. I want to have your baby Sunil, I want my womb to be fertilized with your seed. Dad began to thrust violently and with each thrust Mom jerked back and moaned louder….Slowly Dad’s thrusts slowed down and I knew he must have come deep inside my mom and he kept coming for nearly half a minute, and mom’s womb was full with uncle’s semen, they kept kissing and kissing and then I could see semen leak from the sides of her chut and then with a final kiss, dad got up and pulled out his lund, oh my God, my moms chut was stretched so wide and dad’s semen was flowing out of her chut.
For the next few days, the same story was repeated. I now knew that they had started to plan a kid and they were making sure that they had it quickly. Dad never used a condom and mom used to lie with her hips over 2 pillows.One day around 20 days later, I overheard Mom saying to Dad: “Sunil, I missed my periods this month. Its been 3 days overdue. I went to Smita today and she confirmed it. Your seed has finally taken the shape of a baby in my womb. I am pregnant with your child, our child. Sandeep will have a baby brother/sister. I am so happy.” saying this she hugged dad and both of them kissed each other in happiness. I was happy and sad. Happy because mom had fulfilled her dream of having a sibling for me and sad beacuse i would no longer be the centre of attraction.a few days later, one morning, it was sunday i remember. Mom was serving breakfast. Dad was reading paper and i was playing a video game. Suddenly there was a huge sound from the kitchen. Dad and i rushed to the kitchen. We found mom bending over the kitchen sink. She was vomiting. I asked her: “what happened, ma?”. She smiled and said “nothing beta”. Her vomiting continued every day for the next few days. One day mom and dad called me to their room. I went knowing fully well what they would tell. Mom started: “beta, i have a good news to share with you.” i asked, “what?”. She said: “you are going to be a big BROTHER SOON!!!” I said: “Wow….but how, when…..”Dad said: “Sandeep, when we married, we had decided that you would be our only child. Your mom was not interested in any more issue. But I

Knew that once you would go away from us to build your professional career, your mom and me would be terribly lonely. We went to a counselor and she advised us that it was better for us that we had a kid now. We wanted to tell you about our plans, you are a grown up kid now, but we did not know how you would take it. So we decided to try and let you know when we had succeeded.” I hugged my parents and tears of joy welled up in my eyes.As the months passed, mom started looking more beautiful and glowing. She grew big and her belly looked more and more rounded. Dad was extra caring towards her and me too. I used to feel her growing belly and used to listen to my bro/sis heartbeats. She used to get very emotional those days. Once she said: “What do you want? A baby brother or a baby sister?”. I said: “Anything is fine as long as you are ok and the baby is ok.” She hugged me. Sheela aunty and Devang Uncle were also overjoyed.It was around late April next year when Mom started having contractions and labour pains. We took her to hospital and there she delivered her first kid, A GIRL, after remarriage. The baby was a true result of their passionate lovemaking. She was beautiful and fair like my mom and she had a nose like my dad. As I held her in my arms, I felt good and satisfied. Making my mom remarry and seeing her a mother second time was NOT a bad idea at all.Folks, do let me know how was the story? Your feedback is very necessary for me. I am planning to make a second story about my dad and mom’s next baby.

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Mom Remarriage with her son

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